America and West Indies: November 1631-1638

Pages 135-136

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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November 1631–1638

Nov 3. 28. Grant, by indenture, of the Council for New England to Sir Ferd. Gorges, Capt. John Mason, and their associates John Cotton, Henry Gardner, Geo. Griffith, Edwin Guy, Thos. Wannerton, Thos. Eyre, and Eliezer Eyre, of the house and plantations situate at Piscataqua, lately belonging to Capt. Walter Neale. [Copy.]
Nov. 3. Abstract and Minute of the above. [Colonial Corresp., 1620, Nov. 3.]
1631, Nov. 4 to 1638, Nov. 1. 29. Minutes of the Council for New England. The entries will be found calendared in their proper chronological order.
Nov. 4.
Warwick House [Holborn.]
Minutes of the Council for New England. Patents sealed for Sir Ferd. Gorges, Capt. John Mason, and their associates, containing a grant of Capt. Neale's plantation; for Capt. Thos. Cammock, of New England, of 1,500 acres of land on the east side of Blackpoint River; and for Richard Bradshaw, of New England, of 1,500 acres. The considerations are set forth for which these patents are granted. [See preceding No.]
Nov. 21.
Brooke House,
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. John Pym, Treasurer, reports upon the state of the accounts, and resolutions are passed that they be audited by the next General Court. Each adventurer desired to contribute his best advice for procuring some plants from the East India Company "for the enriching of the island." [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 38, 39.]
Nov. 22.
St. James's.
Proclamation forbidding any one to trade to Guinea, Binney, and Angola, except Sir Rich. Young, Sir Ken. Digby, Geo. Kirke, Hump. Slaney, Nich. Crispe, and Wil. Clobery, to whom the King has granted letters patent for the sole privilege of trading to those parts for thirty-one years, having annulled their former letters patent granted by King James. [Proclamations, Car. I., No. 148.]
Nov. 24.
Brooke House.
Minutes of a General Court for Providence Island. A resolution agreed to and a standing Committee appointed for perusal of the Secretary's notes, and to determine in what form they shall be recorded. Mr. Hart's accounts approved, and a legal acquittance from the Company ordered to be drawn up. The commissions, instructions, and letters sent to the Island of Association by the Little Hopewell read and confirmed. Resolutions passed concerning the return of the Seaflower, expected before this. Lord Say desired to treat with Sir John Wolstenholme about the payment by custom for the ordnance sent to Association. Debate concerning payments by the adventurers into the Company's stock. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 39–41.]
Nov.? 30. Representation and petition of the Virginia Commissioners to the King. Have had many serious consultations respecting the best form of government for that plantation, and by unanimous resolution present the following propositions, which they humbly beseech His Majesty will confirm under the Great Seal. That the government of Virginia be wholly reserved in His Majesty's immediate power, to be managed by a subordinate Council in London nominated by the King; that a Governor and Council be resident in Virginia, and likewise nominated by the King; that a new Charter be granted for re-incorporating a Company of Adventurers, whereof the adventurers and planters in Virginia to be members, all previous rights, liberties, and privileges being confirmed; and that annual pensions or rewards, out of the customs of Virginia, be allowed to such officers and ministers as conduct those affairs.
Nov. 25.
St. James's.
31. Edw. Earl of Dorset to [Chief Justice Heath?]. The Virginia Commissioners have thought fit to proceed upon the digest of a new patent for re-establishing a Company. The King desires that he will, as most able, give assistance in framing the same.
Nov.? 32. Considerations against renewing a Corporation for Virginia. At most of their assemblies instead of consulting the general good of the colony, the time has been spent in invectives one against the other; their patent was ultimately revoked by a quo warranto, and the King by proclamation took the government into his own hands. Some of the late Company are represented to have ever since continually importuned the King to renew their charter, which has been rejected as inconvenient to His Majesty's service. The evils considered likely to ensue if it be now renewed are set forth under six heads, and it is suggested that the Governor and Council of Virginia should previously certify the prejudice it will be to His Majesty's government and revenue there, and how it will conduce to the benefit or otherwise of the planters in the colony, who have often petitioned against it.
[Nov.] 33. [Serj. Berkeley, Sir W. Beecher, and Ed. Nicholas] to the Privy Council. Report upon the complaint of the adventurers to Canada. [See ante, p. 135, No. 27.] Have examined Jas Ricroft and the others complained of, and find they had notice that they ought not to trade in those parts, also that their carriage there did discourage the natives from trading with the adventurers. Inclose,
33. I. Examinations of Jas. Ricroft, pilot, Jo. Baker, master of the Eliz. of London, Capt. Eust. Man. one of the owners Capt. Vincent Harris, Capt. of the Thomas and others, by order of the Council of Oct. 14 last. 1631, Nov. 5. [Orig. draft by Nicholas.]
33. II. Copy of the above, with corrections by Nicholas.