America and West Indies: May 1651

Pages 355-356

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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May 1651

May 6. Similar Orders. Petition concerning Barbadoes is referred to further consideration. M. G. Skippon and Mr. Challoner to be added to the Committee for Plantations. Upon consideration of the present state of the Somers Islands, and of complaints to the Council, they are referred to a committee, and the Company of Adventurers ordered to forbear electing any officers for a month. [Ibid., Vol. XLVII., pp. 102, 105, 106.]
May 9. Similar Order. Petition of Merchants trading to Barbadoes to be further considered on the 12th inst. [Ibid., p. 115.]
May 12. Similar Order. Referring petition of Edward Winslow on behalf of New Plymouth, to the Committee for Plantations for their report. [Ibid., p. 126.]
May 13–14. Similar Orders. For petition of the merchants trading to Barbadoes to be taken into consideration on the following day, when the whole business of Barbadoes, both in reference to the fleet going thence, and the merchants trading thither, is directed to be considered on the 17th; all members of the Council about town to be summoned to attend. [Ibid., pp. 129, 132.]
May 17.
The Council of State to Major-General Disbrowe. Have referred his letter concerning the ship going to Barbadoes to Committee of the Admiralty, and in the meantime desire him to make stay of the ship till further order. [Ibid., Vol. CXVII., p. 184.]
May 17. Order of the Council of State. The business of Barbadoes to be considered on the 21st; it was then again deferred to the following day, when the petition was laid aside. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., pp. 141, 152, 155.]
May 24. Similar Order. Referring petition of John Bayes to the Committee for Barbadoes, and directing them to hear what he shall offer concerning that island. [Ibid., p. 157.]
May 28. Similar Order. Upon petition of Abraham Palaer and Thos. Webber, granting them liberty to trade to Virginia, upon giving security that they will not trade with the enemies of the State in that colony, nor give assistance to them; also letters of marque to enable them to do the Commonwealth service. Upon petition of Capt. Totty, can return no answer, orders having been given for revictualling the fleet bound to Barbadoes. [Ibid., pp. 167, 169.]
May 30. Similar Order. For a letter to be written to the Committee of the Navy, desiring them to give orders for making a new contract with the merchant ships, which were taken for the service of Barbadoes. Petition of Anthony Tierens concerning the voyage of the Star to the Caribbee Islands to be referred to Committee of the Admiralty, and answer to be given to the petitioner on the 3rd June. [Ibid., p. 173.]