America and West Indies: February 1685

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 12 1685-1688 and Addenda 1653-1687. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1899.

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February 1685

Feb. 6. 1. Circular. Lords of Trade and Plantations to the Governors of the Colonies. Reporting death of King Charles II., and directing the proclamation of King James II. Proclamations for that purpose, and for continuance of officers in their places, enclosed. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., p. 121.]
2. The circular as sent to Jamaica was signed—W. Cant., Beaufort, Huntingdon, Clarendon, Dartmouth, Guilford, Halifax, Bridgewater, Peterborough, Rochester, Chesterfield, Aylesbury, Middleton, J. Ernle, L. Jenkins. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXX., pp. 298– 299.]
Feb. 6. 3. Proclamation of King James the Second as King. Printed forms filled up for the following Colonies: — Jamaica, Barbados, St. Christopher's, Antigua, Nevis, Montserrat, Bermuda, Virginia, Maryland, New Plymouth, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, East and West New Jersey. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., Nos. 11– 25.]
Feb. 6. 4. Proclamation for the continuance of all officers in their places. Col. Entry Bk., Vol XCVII., pp. 123– 125.]
Feb. 7.
5. Order of the Privy Council. That no ship suspected to be bound for the Plantations, that shall not give good security not to sail thither, shall be permitted to leave the Downs on the river. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., p. 127.]
Feb. 9.
6. Order of the King in Council. That a ketch or advice-boat be made ready to carry the proclamation of King James II. to the Plantations. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., p. 128.]
Feb. 12. 7. Lord Baltimore's receipt for the Council's letter of 6th February and the Proclamation. Holograph. Signed, C. Baltemore. ¼ p. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 26.]
Feb. 12.
8. The Clerk of Assembly of Nevis to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Forwarding duplicates of the transactions to date. Signed, Tho. Thorne. ½ p. Endorsed. Recd. 9 May, `85. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 27, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., p. 185.]
Feb. 12. 9. Memorandum of the despatch of the letter of 6th February, with the proclamation of King James's Accession, to Connecticut, New Plymouth, Rhode Island, New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Massachussetts. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXI., pp. 219– 221.]
Feb. 13.
New York.
10. Governor Dongan to the Earl of Perth. I am mightily surprised to find by a letter from you and other proprietors of East Jersey that I am accused of acting to the disadvantage of your Colony and to the dishonour of my master. Did I know my crime and accusers I should be better able to answer. Believe me, I have acted nothing unjustly to your Agent or your people, so far from it that, when I thought they were taking wrong measures, I advised them for the best, as I thought, both of the proprietors and the people. What they complain of in me I know not, but I am sure that the people cry out very much against them. What I wrote to His Royal Highness I was obliged to write in the interest of the province. Were you in my place, you would understand the inconvenience of having two Governments on one river, yours having the advantage of being some leagues nearer the sea than ours. Your Agents have dispersed printed papers, to the disturbance of the inhabitants of Staten Island. It has been in the Duke's possession over twenty years (except the little time when the Dutch had it), having been purchased by Governor Lovelace from the Indians in the time of Sir George Carteret. No pretence was ever made till your Agents claimed it. It is peopled by above two hundred families. To convince you that I have done nothing amiss in writing that it would be convenient to regain New Jersey, I assure you that some of the proprietors themselves are of the same opinion, and have told me so. Again, under other Governors, ships that came to Amboy made entry at New York, but I have desired no such thing, nor will I till I am assured of the Duke's pleasure. It shall not be my fault if there be not an advantageous correspondence between us. Signed, Tho. Dongan. I had almost forgotten to tell you that, to preserve a good correspondence between the Governments, the Assembly had lately passed an Act allowing almost equal privileges with this province to East Jersey. 1½ pp. Endorsed. Reed. 1 April 85. Printed in New York Documents III., 353. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 28.]
Feb. 13. 11. Receipt for a packet addressed to William Penn. Signed, Wm. Markham. Scrap. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 29.]
Feb. 13. 12. Receipt for two letters to the Governors of East and West Jersey, enclosing proclamations. Signed, E. Byllynge. ½ p. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 30.]
Feb. 13. 13. Order of the King in Council. To take off the embargo laid on vessels bound to the Plantations (see No. 5). [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., p. 129.]
[Feb.] 14. Royal Warrant for the continuance of the existing seals in the Colonies, pending preparation of new seals. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., p. 129.]
Feb. 15. 15. The foregoing warrant as addressed to Lieutenant-Governor Molesworth, Jamaica. Countersigned, Sunderland. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXX., p. 299.]
Feb. 15. 16. The same to Governor Lord Howard of Effingham, Virginia. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., p. 317.]
Feb. 15.
17. Governor Sir William Stapleton to Lords of Trade and Plantations. I am just arrived from the Virgin Islands, where I met an English sloop taken by a Spanish barcoluengo, eight men in her and one killed. Both vessels were fitted to take our vessels and negroes at Tortola. I have sent to demand satisfaction from the Governors of Porto Rico and Hispaniola. In the latter there is a galley or bark fitting out for the like purpose by our friends and allies, while the King prohibits such practices to his subjects abroad. Having no reply from the Governors yet, I can tell you no more. Signed, Wm. Stapleton. Holograph. 1p. Endorsed. Recd. 22 April 1685. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 31, andCol. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., p. 183.]
Feb. 16.
18. Lords Proprietors of Carolina to Joseph West, Governor of Carolina. Reporting the death of King Charles II., and ordering King James II. to be proclaimed, and all officers to be confirmed in their places. Signed, Craven, Bath (for Lord Carteret), P. Colleton. A similar letter was sent to Albemarle. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXII., p. 41.]
Feb. 16. 19. The same to the same. Being convinced that Charlestown is, from its situation, unhealthy in the hot months, we order that the Courts there held be adjourned from the 10th June. If it be necessary to hold a court, you will convene it at London, or some place at the head of Ashley River, for it is unreasonable to summon men to a place where (as we hear) there is no wholesome water, and whence where they are sure to return sick. You will advise all new comers to settle far up from the sea, for so low and watery a situation as Charlestown and the coast of Carolina has never been proved healthy in any part of the world. Signed as the preseding. [Ibid., p. 42.]
Feb. 17. 20. Warrant to William Hilton, Provost Marshal, to buy in the estate of William Vaughan, for a debt decreed against him in Chancery. Signed, Richard Chamberlain. 26 September, 1684. Copy. ½ p. Endorsed, with the receipt for the sum to be levied. Signed, Thomas Thurton. 17 February, 1684– 5. Inscribed. Read 4 Dec. 86. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 32.]
Feb. 17. 21. Minutes of Council of Barbados. George Hannay's petition, that the authority under which he detains Sir John Witham in custody is insufficient to protect him against an action for false imprisonment. The Council decided that the authority was sufficient. £200 granted to Benjamin Dwight on account for expenses of last Sessions. Ordered that the information brought against Thomas Doxcey in Sir John Witham's time be proceeded with. Adjourned to 13 March. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., pp. 576– 578.]
Feb. 17. 22. List of writings received from Sir John Werden concerning New York. The Duke's charter of franchises and privileges, three Acts and nine Bills. Draft receipt unsigned. 1p. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 33, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVIII., pp. 61, 62.]
Feb. 18.
New York.
23. Governor Dongan to Sir John Werden. I send enclosed the Act of Assembly, which I hope will answer satisfactorily the first clause in your letter of 26 August. We went so far in the fishing as to subscribe 2,500l. and but 100l. in the name of the Duke. The project has been ruined by a report from Boston and Pennsylvania that this country was sold to a Colonel Thompson. The ship desired need have been no larger than of 70 or 80 tons burthen, being designed to run constantly between this and Ireland, and bring passengers hither. Their passages, being paid, would have cost the Duke nothing. You say I may set up a posthouse, but send me no power to do it. I never intended it to be expensive to the Duke. It was desired by some of the neighbouring Colonies, and is at present practised in some places by horse-and foot-messengers. I go to-morrow to Connecticut with the gentleman who adjusted the limits, to have them signed by the Governor and myself. Please send the articles of agreement which I sent for the approval of the King and the Duke. I shall do all I can to settle a Post-office there, and if I can shall go to Pemaquid this spring, and try to settle a post-house at Boston. As for the garden, I believe no Governor will make use of it, being remote from the post, and of no use except for tenements. The house is on the other side of the town, an alehouse, much out of repair. Since I am to have it I am well content; I hope the farm will not be refused, being but 10l. a year, and a long lease, granted to Sir Edmund Andros. I shall do my best to get a good tenant for the other two houses, though some mistrust the title. Billop's plantation is opposite to Amboy, and if vessels be allowed to come there, and not enter at New York, it will be impossible to prevent goods from being landed at Staten Island. It was reported that he intended to sell it to one of East Jersey. Please look into the last patent of East Jersey to see whether shipping coming into Sandy Hook be compelled to enter at New York. The continual pretences of the Quakers to Staten Island disturb the people, who are more than two hundred families. As for the mint, I submit it to your judgments. There is no way to prevent the Indians' trade with New Jersey, but by running the line from Hudson's River to the Delaware, and arranging that the Indians shall not cross the bounds of New Jersey, which are already settled on the Hudson. I expect a dispute with Boston about the lands between Connecticut and the Hudson. They claim all along to the South Sea, as Connectcut did. If any Colony will flourish, it is this; and I believe in ending disputes rather than delaying them. Pray further my request to Lord Rochester that I may pay my debts in London. My humble service to your good father. Signed, Tho. Dongan. Lord Perth has sent me an angry letter: please forward my answer to him. Holograph. 3 pp. Endorsed, Recd. 1 April. Read 1 May, 85. Printed in New York Documents, III., 355. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 34, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVIII., pp. 63– 67.]
Feb. 18. 24. Order for the attachment of the estate of Sir John Witham. Signed, Edwyn Stede. Copy. 1¼ pp. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 35.]
Feb. 20.
25. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of Walter Stephens and others to Lords of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed, John Nicholas. ½ p. Annexed.
25. I. Petition of Walter Stephens and others to the King. We are creditors of Ralph Moxon and James Holloway, who became bankrupts in June, 1683. The greater part of their effects are in Antigua and Barbados, where the factors decline to deliver them, or come to any account thereof, pleading that they are the King's by forfeiture, Holloway having been executed for treason. We beg your order to the Governors for assignment of the effects to us, pursuant to a commission of bankruptcy. Copy. 1¼ pp. The whole endorsed, Recd. and read, 23 Feb. 1684– 5. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 36, 36I., and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., pp. 167– 168.]
Feb. 20.
26. Governor Lord Howard of Effingham to the King. My own thanks for your gracious acceptance of my service, and the Colony's for the bestowal of the quit-rents on the inhabitants. I entreat that those under Lord Culpeper's proprietorship may share in this bounty. I beg also for consideration of the fact that my wife and family came out in a merchant-ship, saving you the expense of a man-of-war. Signed, Effingham. Holograph. 2 pp. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 37.]
Feb. 20. 27. Commission from Lords Proprietors of Carolina to Robert Quarry. To be Receiver General of the Province of Carolina, South and West of Cape Fear. Signed, Craven, Bath (for Lord Carteret), Albemarle. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXII., p. 43.]
Feb. 21.
St. Helene.
28. Caleb Westbrooke to [Deputy-Governor Godfrey ?] I fear it is too true that since I wrote at Amecaraw on the Westo River a thousand or more Yamasees are come down daily from the Cowetaws and Kusectaws, with whom they used to live. More are expected, and ten Cassiquas [caciques] with them. This day the Aratomahaw and other Indians are gone with canoes to bring them hither, besides three nations of the Spanish Indians that are Christians, Sapella, Soho, and Sapickays. Of the latter, some are already come to Arato- mahaw's house. I intend to go in a few days to Ameearaw to find out the truth, and will endeavour to stop them till I hear from you, but I fear they may be too many for us this time, for it may be a design of the Spaniards. It concerns me to know if evil is designed, for I am the first man that must feel it. I shall report to you on my return. Aratomahaw often told me that the Island on which they were would be full, and that they should want land to plant upon. I informed Lord Cardross of it, and advised that they might be put on Hilton's Island head, to be an outguard to us, and he was content. Aratomahaw told me that this would be full too, but little thought of this quantity. I have not heard from my lord whether the Indians have taken the Spaniards or not. I learn to-day that Aratomahaw and two Kussecaes [caciques] of the Yamasee tribe are gone to Amecaraw, stay three days, and then advance against their enemies, the Timechoes, who are the Spaniards' friends. Most of the Yamasees that came first are left behind with their wives and children, so I hope they have no correspondence with the Spaniards (see No. 83). [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXI., p. 142.]
Feb. 23. 29. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Petition of the creditors of James Holloway read (see No. 25). A copy sent to the Attorney-General.
Lord Sunderland delivered a copy of articles preferred against Governor Cony by William Milbourn and William Righton, also Colonel Cony's letter of 21 October to Lord Nottingham (see preceding volume). Agreed to represent the whole matter to the King.
Draft report touching Mr. Rousby's murder read.
Colonel Molesworth's letters of 15th and 18th November read (see preceding volume). The matter to be brought up when Captain Phipps returns to England.
The Lords recommend that the commissions to Governors of Plantations be renewed, with such alterations as have been agreed on. All Councillors in the Leeward Islands to be henceforth appointed by the King's Warrant. Memorandum of letters despatched. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVIII., pp. 93– 98.]
Feb. 25. 30. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Draft report respecting Bermuda read (see No. 35). Memorandum of letters sent. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVIII., pp. 98, 99.]
Feb. 25.
31. Order of the King in Council. Approving the report of the Lords of Trade and Plantations in the murder of Christopher Rousby (see preceding volume), and ordering the recommendations therein to be executed. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LII., p. 90– 93.]
Feb. 25. 32. Order of the King in Council. For Lord Treasurer Rochester to appoint a successor to Christopher Rousby as Collector in Maryland. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LII., p. 94.]
Feb. 25. 33. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Colonel Freeman sworn of the Council. Thomas Ryves, on producing his deputation and securities, was ordered to be admitted as Receiver General from 25 March next, when Charles Penhallow shall render full account of the profits of the office during his tenure. Order for the work in the prison to be carried forward with all convenient speed. Order for payment of salaries. Penhallow's accounts presented and entered in the minutes. The question of embezzlement of piratical goods was brought forward. Judge White deposed that he knew no more than appeared in the records of the Admiralty Court. Reginald Wilson presented the accounts of piratical goods. Roger Elletson deposed that if people would swear to what they had told him, he could prove considerable embezzlement by Sir Thomas Lynch. The Council granted him fourteen days to collect evidence, and gave him access to the records. Adjourned to 11 March. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXXVI., pp. 62– 68.]
[Feb. 26] 34. Petition of Nathaniel Weare to Lords of Trade and Plantations. For an early hearing of his charges against Governor Cranfield. 1p. Endorsed. Recd. 26 Feb. 84– 5. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 38, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVII., p. 137.]
Feb. 27.
35. Order of the King in Council. Report of Lords of Trade and Plantations. We have read Colonel Richard Cony's letter describing various disturbances and sundry articles drawn up by William Milbourn and William Righton against the said Colonel Cony. We recommend that a letter be sent to Colonel Cony with copies of the articles, directing him to answer them, and that all persons have liberty to give depositions on oath concerning him and the Government of Bermuda, that both parties have access to the records, and that they deliver their documents in evidence interchangeably to each other. We recommend further that a Commission and Instructions be sent to Colonel Cony, also that a man-of-war be directed to call at Bermuda and stay there to render assistance to the Government. Dated25 February, 1685. Ordered accordingly. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XVII., pp. 123– 129.]
[Feb. 27] 36. Petition of Sarah Bland, St. Leger Codd, and Thomas Povey to Lords of Trade and Plantations. We appealed from decisions in the Courts of Virginia, which appeal was referred to you by Order in Council of 19 November last. We have since agreed to refer our difficulties to arbitration, with a condition to lay the matter before the King if undecided. We beg orders to the Governor of Virginia accordingly. Signed, Sarah Bland, Tho. Povey, St. Leger Codd. 1 p. Inscribed. Recd. 27 Feb. 1684– 5. Read 10 Mar. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 39, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., pp. 321– 322.]
Feb. 28. 37. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. The laws of New York considered. The Charter to be compared with the Commissions by which the Government of other Colonies is settled. Members of the late Company of Bermuda ordered to attend respecting the appointment of a Council for the Islands. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVIII., p. 160.]
Feb. 28. 38. Journal of Assembly of Nevis. The Assembly proposed that the accounts be adjusted and presented by the Treasurer on 10 March. The Governor and Council Assented. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 40.]
Feb. 28. 39. Journal of Assembly of Nevis, from February 28 1685 to 27 June 1685. 6 pp. Duplicate. Endorsed. Recd. 2 Nov. 1685. Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 41.]
[Feb. after
40. Petition of the Creditors of the Bermuda Company, to Lords of Trade and Plantations. The Company is ready to execute the King's Order of January 14th (see preceding volume). We therefore beg that the necessary directions may be given to the Attorney-General. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. LV., No. 42.]