America and West Indies: October 1702, 6-10

Pages 650-653

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 20, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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October 1702

Oct. 6. 1022. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Barbados. Capt. John Sutton acquainted the Board that he had a sloop bound to Jamaica. Ordered that a letter be sent by her to acquaint the Governor of Jamaica that we have several Spanish prisoners here, and that if they'll bee of any service by way of exchange, they shall be sent thither for the future.
Stores ordered for fitting out the briganten Lark.
The Assembly attending acquainted H.E. that there were not Members enough in town to make a House. Ordered that they be summoned to meet on Friday next.
Joan Hunt, widow, and Thomas Merrick, executor of Major John Broom, granted compensation for three negroes executed for burning Ruth Armstrong and her three children.
25l. sterl. paid to Capt. John Kirton, guardian of Thomas and Peter Ward, and Isaac Ragg, for a negro executed for stealing a swine.
25l. sterl. granted to Mary Davis, widow, for a negro executed for killing another. [C.O. 31, 6. pp. 284–286.]
Oct. 6. 1023. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. There being but 9 members present, adjourned. [C.O. 31, 6. p. 494.]
Oct. 7. 1024. Agents of Barbados to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Upon the Order of Council, Aug. 24, we have discoursed with several of the Petitioners, and they have desired us to answer that in regard they could not obtaine that the money arising by the duty of 4½ per cent. should be applied for repairing the fortifications and erecting other necessary buildings in the Island according to their desires expressed in letters to your Lordships by us of April 4 and 27, they are now very desirous that the 3,500l. mentioned in H.M. Order in Council, Aug. 6, may be immediately applied for sending over a person fitly qualified to design, set out, and see performed such works and fortifications as shall be thought fit to be made and repaired, and also one Master-Gunner and 17 other Gunners, and that the residue of the 3,500l. be laid out in such Ordnance and Ordnance Stores as your Lordships shall think most convenient for defence of the Island. The Petitioners also pray your Lordships will represent to H.M. that they had no intention by their petition to obstruct the sending of Ordnance Stores to the Island according to the Order in Council of Aug. 6, but did humbly hope by such their application they might have obtained some small ships of war for security of their Trade, and some regular troops for defence of an Island of so great value and importance to England, especially when they observed that the same was granted to other Colonies of far less moment and benefit to this Kingdom. And also that your Lordships would be pleased to represent that not only the present weakness of their Militia (occasioned by the multitude of poor people and small Freeholders going off to the Northern Plantations in the last two years time of scarcity, by dry weather, for want of provisions), but also that their Militia consisting of servants, and there being above 2,000 that the country purchased at an excessive charge in the late war who will be free in January, and then as is customary will be going off to Pensilvania, Caralena and the other Northern Colonies, where provisions are more plenty and weather more temperate, did put the Petitioners upon sueing to H.M. for some small ships and regular troops, which they still hope to obtain. Signed, Wm. Bridges, Fran. Eyles, Robt. Heysham, Recd. 8, Read Oct. 9, 1702. 2 pp. [C.O. 28, 6. No. 82; and 29, 8. pp. 224–226.]
Oct. 8. 1025. Minutes of Council of New Hampshire. Upon Thomas Holland's complaint against his wife for adultery and embezzlement, ordered that he provide for their three children, and allow her 6s. a week for maintenance. Public notice to be given thereof. [C.O. 5, 789. pp. 110, 111.]
Oct. 9.
1026. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Order of Council, Sept. 27, about ships of war for Barbados, read. The answer of the Barbados Agents was read, and directions given for preparing a letter to the Board of Ordnance. [C.O. 391, 15. p. 225; and 391, 96. No. 160.]
Oct. 9. 1027. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Barbados. The Bill to prevent persons carrying white servants off this Island, and Supplemental Act to an Act for purchasing a vessel of war, were read twice and amended.
Petition of Charles Thomas for 1,300l. for the Madera, lost in the country's service, recommended to the Assembly.
Whereas the President at the last Assembly's meeting acquainted them that it was highly necessary to send away the Spanish prisoners, by occasion of a malignant distemper which rages amongst them, of which eleven died, and to prevent any infection which is very likely to fall upon the inhabitants of the town, but the House adjourned without returning an answer, whereupon they were summoned to meet on Tuesday, but did not then make a House, and again to-day for that purpose, but failed to meet, accordingly this Board doe order that a vessel be taken up to send away the Spanish prisoners, and that the Assembly be summoned again to meet on Tuesday next, and that very pressing letters be wrote to that purpose. [C.O. 31, 6. pp. 286, 287.]
Oct. 9. 1028. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. There not being Members enough to make a House, and several of the absent Members sick, adjourned. [C.O. 31, 6. pp. 494, 495.]
Oct. 9.
1029. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Letter from the Earl of Nottingham, May 7, 1702, with H.M. Declaration of War, read. Also letter from the Council of Trade, May 13.
Letter from the Council of New York read, desiring the care of this Government to apprehend William Attwood and Thomas Weaver. The President acquainted the Board that tho' dated July 27, this letter came to hand but the other day, for that it had lain a long time in the hands of the Sherrif of Baltemore County, who was called in and severely remanded, but acknowledging his fault, was cautioned to take care of the like neglect for the future, or he will be dismist.
Letter from William Blaythwait, May 9, desiring that the publick accounts may be regularly transmitted to be laid before the Lord High Treasurer, read. Whereupon it is observed that H.E. Governor Blakiston lately gave very strict orders to H.M. Receivers to transmit them.
Petition of Wm. Bates, master of the Shelburne of London, read. He gave Edward Randolph and some of his friends a passage to Virginia or Maryland, who during his passage occasioned great disturbance on board, and being dissatisfied with petitioner and others belonging to the ship, seized [her] in Lynhaven Bay and went on shore at Kiquotan about 10 days ago, yet hath not made any steps towards bringing her to trial, so that petitioner's voyage and trade is much impeded and dampnified. Prays that notwithstanding the seizure, for which there is no colour or pretence, he may be permitted to give good security to answer any information exhibited by Randolph, and to go on with his voyage and trade. Whereupon Mr. Attorney General was sent for, and George Plater, Naval Officer at Puttuxent, who said he had received a letter from Randolph alleging the ship had broken bulk. It being considered that it would be a loss to H.M. Revenue to stop the vessel in trading and loading tobacco, resolved that the Master have leave to trade on giving security in 3,000l., as aforesaid, which was done.
Elias Nuttwell's petition read. He was referred to the Common Law.
Letter read from Edmund Jennings, York River, Virginia, Sept. 23, 1 a.m. :—Yesterday was seen in Lynhaven Bay a very large ship wearing a flag or very broad pendant supposed to be an enemy. H.E. thinks it very much for H.M. service and desires with all expedition you will order Capt. Bostock down into this Government. Ordered that Capt. Bostock bring down from Turkey Point H.M. advice-boat Eagle to receive the further commands of this Province.
Ordered that the several vestries send their accounts to the Clerk of the Council. [C.O. 5, 745. pp. 4–6.]
Oct. 9. 1030. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. H.E. acquainted the Board that he had lately received H.M. direction to supply some companies of souldiers to send to Admiral Bembow at Jamaica, for some proper service for the Crown, which he intended to take up as Volunteers, and should appoint officers for that purpose; and that he expected their encouragement of the people to that service.
Advised, that a supply for trade with the Eastern Indians, not exceeding 200l., be sent in the Province galley, as far as Sagahock, by Capt. Cyprian Southack, he to trade with the Indians for the same; and that a supply for trade with the Pennicook Indians, not exceeding 60l., be sent to Col. Tyng at Dunstable, to be traded by him.
Account of expenses, H.E.'s journey to Bristol, Rhode Island and the Narraganset Country, amounting to 94l. 9s. 7d., paid. [C.O. 5, 789. pp. 459, 460.]
Oct. 10.
1031. Isaac Addington to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Enclosing the following public papers. Signed, Isc. Addington. Endorsed, Recd. 9th, Read Jan. 13, 1702/3. 1 p. Enclosed,
1031. i. Memorandum of Acts of Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay. May 27, 1702. ¼ p.
1031. ii. Memorandum of Act of Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay. May 27, 1702, for a present to Col. Dudley. ¼ p.
1031. iii. Memorandum of Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. May 28—July 8, 1702. ¼ p.
1031. iv. Memorandum of Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay, Aug. 3–27, 1702. ¼ p.
1031. v. Memorandum of Minutes of Council in Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay, May 28—Sept. 14, 1702. ¼ p. [C.O. 5, 862. Nos. 133, 133.i.–v.; and 5, 910. pp. 351, 352.]