America and West Indies: Miscellaneous, 1723

Pages 425-429

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 33, 1722-1723. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1934.

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Miscellaneous, 1723

[?1723.] 808. Correspondence of Commandants of Essequibo with the Directors of the Dutch West India Company. [C.O. 116, 23.]
[?1723.] 809. Petition of Daniel Smith and Elizabeth, widow of William Smith decd., sons of the late Lt. Governor of Nevis, Daniel Smith, to the King. Col. Daniel Smith in return for his services in helping to expel the French from St. Christophers, when he spent a great deal of moneys and received several wounds, was granted 109 acres of uncultivated woody lands in the French part of the Island. At a very great expence he cultivated and improved it and settled petitioners on it. But upon his death in England the last year, William Mathews prevailed with the Governor to grant the said plantation to him and possessed himself of it, on pretence that the interest of petitioners determined on Col. Smith's death. They came to England, to represent the matter to H.M., but William died, leaving a window and 3 children destitute. Pray to be restored to their plantations etc. No date, signature or endorsement. ¾ p. [C.O. 184, 1. No. 34.]
[1723.] 810. Petition of John Elliot of Topsham, Devon, to the King. Prays to be appointed Collector at Newbury, N.E., where, there being no Collector, several goods are run etc. Petitioner fitted out a ship and several vessels for the fishery of Canso in 1722. The attacks and barbarities of the Indians there rendering the Fishery impracticable there, Governor Philipps, upon advice that Indians were cruizeing upon the Banks with the vessels they had got possession off, invited volunteers to man two sloops to go against them. Petitioner received enclosed Commission, and, in command of a sloop with 26 hands, on 29th July, 1722, engaged for several hours an Indian King who commanded 7 sloops and scooners. These he took, killed the King and saved the lives of 18 prisoners who were designed by the Indians to be that day murdered as were 9 the night before. Petitioner received 9 shott in his body etc. 1 ¼ pp. Enclosed,
810. i. Governor Philipps' Commission to command a sloop against the Indians as in preceding. 25th July, 1722. Signed, R. Philips. Copy. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 752. Nos. 19, 19. i.]
[1723.] 811. The case of Mr. Spooner with regard to a grant of lands formerly belonging to Mr. Salanave in St. Christophers to Mr. Cunningham acting for Mrs. Salanave (v. 13th May, 1715). The patent wrongfully included lands belonging to Mr. Brisac and inherited from him by Spooner in 1720 etc. The Attorney General awaits Mr. Cunningham's proof that the lands granted were Mrs. Salanave's, which he has undertaken to produce. 2 ¾ large pp. [C.O. 152, 42. No. 117.]
[1723.] 812. List and abstracts of financial Acts of New York, 1691–1723. Of later date. [?By Mr. Delafaye.] 8 pp. [C.O. 5, 1085. No. 43.]
[1723.] 813. List of Acts of New York, 1667–1723., "that are not in the printed book." Of later date. 21 pp. [C.O. 5, 1085. No. 44.]
[1723.] 814. Extract from H.M. Instructions to Governor Burnet relating to passing of Acts, salary etc. 6 ½ pp. [C.O. 5, 1092. No. 25]
[1723.] 815. Extract from Governor the Duke of Portland's Instructions relating to passing of Acts and Governor's Salary etc. 5 pp. [C.O. 137, 52. ff. 25–28.]
[?1723.] 816. Memorandum of reasons offered why Governors of the Leeward Islands should be allowed to accept presents from the Assembly. Without date or signature. 2 ½ pp. [C.O. 152, 42. No. 151.]
[?1723.] 817. Memorial of Henry White, of Providence Island, to Lord Townshend. In behalf of himself and the inhabitants of Catt Island and Isle Elutheira. In June last a Spanish periago with two sloops plundered all the inhabitants of Catt Island and carried off two of them prisoners whom they cutt and used inhumanly. Soon after they made an attempt to land on Isle Elutheira but were repuls'd by the inhabitants, which obliged Governor Phenney to fitt out a sloop well armed to assist them etc. Some time ago a Spanish periago took a sloop belonging to Providence that was rakeing salt at Exuma after they had plundred her run her ashore wounded two of the men and then left her. White being Master of the Duck sloop of Providence declares that on a voyage from Jamaica to Providence about six months ago, two French men came aboard of him in a cannoo and desired to go with him to Providence, but he durst not trust them, fearing them to be pirates, they having declared to him and his men that a Spanish sloop fitted out of Baracoa on Cuba, on board of which was one Brown, an English renegado, had taken near Hispaniola an English ship with about 300 slaves bound from Guiny to Jamaica, after they had turned the master and most of his men adrift in a small vessell they carried said ship and negroes into Baracoa, where setting up an Englishman as a pretended master of the said ship (altho' only a common sayler on board, promissing him a share of the prize) the said ship and cargo was upon his evidence condemned and sold by the Alcadee of Baracoa. Signed, Hen. White. 1 p. [C.O. 23, 12. No. 84.]
St. James's.
818. Commission and Instructions from the Lords Proprietors to John Dunstan to be Naval Officer in N. Carolina. [C.O. 5, 290. pp. 186–190.]
[?1723.] 819. Memorial of Governor Hart to the Duke of Newcastle, Wavel Smith, under his patent as Secretary and Clerk of the Crown for the Leeward Islands, has claimed several other offices therein not particularly granted, Register of the Court of Chancery, Clerk to the Ordinary, and Register of the Court of Admiralty in the several islands. Petitioner believes them to be independent offices in the Governor's appointment, but has granted Smith a commission to enjoy the Office of Register in Chancery for Antego and the other offices he so insisted on until H.M. pleasure be known etc. Prays for H.M. instructions. 1 p. Without date or endorsement. 1 p. [C.O. 152, 40. No. 8.]
[1723?] 820. Account of the Duke of Montagu's intended settlement at Sta. Lucia; and of his being repulsed from thence by the French. H.M. by his letters patents, 20th June, 1722, having granted to the Duke the propriety and Government of the Islands of Sta. Lucia and St. Vincent, and ordered H.M.S. Winchelsea to be stationed and attend on the said island, etc., orders were given also for three others of H.M. ships of war, Feversham, Hector and Lynn, then stationed at Barbados and the Leeward Islands to assist in protecting the settlement of the said Island. The Duke thereupon provided several ships and officers, and hired a great number of servants consisting of all sorts of tradesmen, as well as labourers, furnished with great quantities of provisions, apparel and all manner of material for fortifying as well as cultivating Sta. Lucia. Before the said ships sailed out of the River of Thames (except the Elisabeth, who was then sailed for St. Christophers, loaded with stores) a memorial was presented by the French Minister to H.M., setting forth the right which the King of France pretended to the said Islands. Upon consideration of the said memorial in a Committee of Council it was resolved, that the said Duke's Colony should proceed forthwith to take possession of the said Islands, and that Mr. Pulteney should be sent to France to assert H.M. right and title to the same. Thereupon the said Duke hastned ye departure of his said ships vizt., the Charles and Freemason, the Little George and Griffin sloop (the Adventure and Hopewell not then having on board their complement of servants were ordered to joyn them at Barbados) to Portsmouth, where they joyned H.M.S. Winchelsea, sailed from thence the first fair wind, and arrived at Barbados 7th Dec., 1722, and at Sta. Lucia 17th, and took possession thereof etc. Five days after, a letter or summons was sent by Monsr. de Feuquiere to the Duke's Deputy Governor, Captn. Nathl. Uring, requiring him and the people with him to quit the said Island in 14 days from the time of their arrival etc. Upon receipt of his answer by letter, the French General immediately embarked people at Martinico and other the islands under his Government, and in a few days landed to the number of 2000 men on Sta. Lucia; notwithstanding the Winchelsea was then joyn'd by two other of H.M. ships, the Feversham and Hector, at the said Island. Whereupon the said Duke's Dep. Govr. and people not meeting with the encouragement they expected from H.M. ships, and ye remainder of the sd. Duke's ships not being then arrived, conceived themselves under a necessity to enter into certain Articles of capitulation or evacuation. In pursuance of such Articles the Depty. Govr. re-imbarked his people 15th Jan., and the next day sailed to St. Christophers, at which time he dispatched a sloop under convoy of H.M.S. Winchelsea, with Instructions to John Braithwait to proceed to the Island of St. Vincent, to endeavour a settlement there, if possible. About the middle of February following the remainder of the Duke's ships, vizt. the Adventure and Hopewell, and also the Leopard from Boston in New England, arrived at Barbados, from whence they sailed to the harbour of Petit Caranash of Sta. Lucia, to perform their respective Charter parties; which done they pursued the other of the sd. Duke's ships to St. Christophers. No date, signature or endorsement [? a Board of Trade copy]. 3 pp. [C.O. 253, 1. No. 30.]
[1723.] 821. Petition of John Duke of Montagu to the King. The expedition sent to Sta. Lucia and St. Vincent was obliged to retire to St. Christophers (v. preceding) where they have been upwards of four months and do still remain at the great charge of petitioner etc. Prays that, as the public would have received the benefit from the intended settlement undertaken at his sole charge, that satisfaction may be made to him for his great expense by H.M. grant to him "of some part of the lands formerly belonging to the French in St. Christophers, whereby he may provide for the people engaged by him" by settling them thereon etc. Otherwise those 500 persons must become a burthen to him to provide for, etc. Without date or endorsement. 1 large p. [C.O. 253, 1. No. 29.]
822. Proceedings of Courts of Chancery, Escheats and Grand Sessions, Barbados. [C.O. 33, 27.]
[1723.] 823. Note of income of Governor Worsley. £2000 paid at home, £6000 paid in Barbados; £2000 the computed profits of Government = £10,000 sterl. ¼ p. [C.O. 28, 39. No. 10.]