America and West Indies: September 1674

Pages 608-610

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 7, 1669-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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September 1674

Sept. 1. 1350. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. The Assembly attended, and Col. Codrington, Speaker, delivered an answer to a paper sent to them from this Board at the end of their last sessions (see ante No. 1329). [Col. Entry Bk., No. XI., 276.]
Sept. 9.
1351. Order of the King in Council. On reading petition of Martin Stamp [see No. 1178] that petitioner had obtained several orders from this Board to Sec. the Earl of Arlington to write effectually to his Majesty's Ambassador at the Court of Spain to represent his Majesty's just resentment of the barbarous murder of petitioner's brother and most of the men in the ship Humility, of London, committed by one Capt. Fitz-Gerrard, by authority from the Governor of the Havana, and the loss sustained by seizing and plundering said ship, to the value of 5,000l., whereof the Governor had his share, after he had given them license to go on their voyage with a protection against all Spanish ships; and to demand satisfaction and speedy reparation, notwithstanding which, he cannot obtain any answer, and therefore praying for letters of reprisal; ordered, that one of his Majesty's Secretaries of State write effectually to his Majesty's Ambassador in Spain to demand satisfaction and reparation amounting to near 5,000l., and to put this case into the same condition in all respects with the rest lately transmitted to him by an express; and if denied or unreasonably delayed above four months, his Majesty will grant Letters of Reprisal. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXI., No. 58.]
Sept. 16.
St. Jago
de la Vega.
1352. Minutes of the Council of Jamaica. Report of the committee appointed to examine the accounts of the Treasury, signed by Thos. Freeman, Thos. Ballard, Ant. Collier, Char. Whitfield, Hend. Molesworth, and Saml. Long. These accounts have reference to Theodore Cary's disbursements about Fort Charles, to Capt. Roger Pemberton's disbursements on Fort James, Col. Thos. Modyford's disbursements in the time of the late alarums, to the Provost Marshal's account for reparation of the prison, &c., to Capt. Thos. Matthews's accounts for ironwork for the forts, to the Receiver-General and the Collector's disbursements, and for the King's house at Port Royal, and to Mr. Atkinson's account, to the Collector's account of imports and tonnage, from 25th June 1671 to 25th June 1674, amounting to 6,810l. 13s. 7d., and to other minor accounts. Said report read, and ordered to be recorded. The Provost Marshal's account for repairs of the prison allowed. Resolved, that when no public officer lives at the King's house at Port Royal, the Governor should let it to some private person, that the rent might value the reparation, and the Governor promised to advise of some expedient to secure the house to the Government that it should not be alienated. Lieut.-Col. Freeman's and Robt. Hewit's accounts of the license money. The current price of powder of the remaining 45 barrels out of his Majesty's stores appearing to be 4l. per barrel, the Governor consented to give the Treasurer credit for so much. The Treasurer attended with the whole account adjusted and fairly drawn out, which was ordered to be recorded and filed with the clerk of the Council, as the Act directs, and herein appears, total 8,993l. 1s. 0d., leaving a balance due from the Treasury of 136l. 2s. 11d. 11 1/2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XXXV., 374–387.]
Sept. 21. 1353. Minutes of a Grand Assembly held at James City, Virginia. Requesting the Governor to issue forth his mandate for the appearance of Giles Bland before the Council of State to answer to an affront offered to this Grand Assembly in the person of Mr. Secretary, which is highly resented by the House of Burgesses. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXI., No. 59.] See also another copy with mem. that it was, with several other papers, presented by Mr. Ludwell [to the Committee for Trade and Plantations]. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXX., p. 65.]
Sept. 22. 1354. Minutes of the Council for Trade and Plantations. Sec. Sir Joseph Williamson desired to propose to his Majesty to resolve on what encouragement he will give Messrs. Gorges and Cranfield, appointed Commissioners for fetching the English from Surinam, and to give effectual order therein; also to acquaint his Majesty with their Lordships' advice that one of the vessels to be sent be forthwith made ready, in order to give his Majesty's subjects there speedy notice of their transportation; and that a passport for free passage of said vessel, and positive orders for free liberty to give such notice be forthwith required from the Dutch ministers. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXI., No. 60.]
Sept. 24.
Villiers House.
1355. The Council for Plantations to the King. Offer unto his Majesty, as their opinion, that a small vessel be dispatched to Surinam to give the English notice of the speedy sending of other shipping for their transportation to some of his Majesty's Plantations; and in the meantime that his Majesty's Ambassador in Holland may procure the necessary passports for the vessel and persons appointed for this service, together with orders to the Governor of Surinam to permit free and public notice to be given to his Majesty's subjects in Surinam of his intentions; to take care that the 5th article of the Treaty concluded at Westminster the 9/19 Feb. 167 3/4 be punctually observed in all things. Also to permit the vessel of advice to remain in Surinam without injury till the arrival of the other vessels. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXI, No. 61.] See also copy with mem. "This Address was đđ to Mr. Sec. Williamson, 26th Sept. 1674." [Col. Entry Bk., No. LXXVII., 65.]
Sept. 26.
St. Kitts.
1356. Minutes of the Council of St. Kitts. On information that John Baptist Gassan hath transported part of his estate from off his Majesty's part of this island contrary to law and to the great prejudice of his Majesty's subjects and breach of the articles between the two nations, and that Mr. Fynote had been guilty of the like misdemeanour. Ordered, that a warrant of stoppage be issued against both. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXVIII., No. 69.]
Sept. 29. 1357. The King to the Governor and Magistrates of Boston. Ordering them to send to England the Expectation, seized as a Dutch prize at New Plymouth, but claimed as the property of certain English subjects. 2 pp. [Col Entry Bk. XCIII., p. 112b.]
Sept. 30. 1358. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. The Assembly attended with a paper for continuing the excise for three months, and an answer to the Council's paper about fortifications. Voted that the Assembly's paper, entitled an Answer to the President and Council's paper about money bills, received 11th Sept., is not satisfactory, and that the President and two others prepare heads and an answer thereto. Ordered, that draft of a letter to the Council for Plantations, presented by the President, be fairly copied by the Deputy Secretary and sent to Lord Culpepper, President of said Council. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XI., 277.]