America and West Indies: Addenda 1618

Pages 55-57

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Addenda 1618

Feb. 4.
The Hague.
93. Sir Dudley Carleton to Secretary [Sir Thomas Lake?]. I had order lately by express letters from his Majesty to assist Sir Thomas Dale in procuring his allowance for his entertainment during the whole, time of his absence in Virginia, as a promise made by the States at the granting of his leave which was obtained by Prince Henry of happy memory; but herein it appears by their Registers the condition was otherwise, the words being these: "bien entendu que durant son absence le cours et payement de son traitement cessera;" yet, in contemplation of his Majesty's recommendation, and of Sir Thomas Dale's good service in Virginia (wherein there is common interest), the States have consented to the payment of his entertainment for the full time of his seven years' absence. [Extract, Correspondence, Holland.]
Feb. 12.
The Hague.
94. Sir Dudley Carleton to Lord Southampton. Sir Thomas Dale, by whom Carleton received his Lordship's letters, hath found better success and quicker expedition in his business than is ordinary with his Masters in affairs of that nature, especially at this time of division and distraction, when they can agree in nothing but in being close handed; and though good and due regard was had herein of his particular merit, yet he can assure his Lordship he was not a little assisted by those recommendations wherewith he came accompanied. Draft in Carleton's hand, who has indorsed it, "To my Ld Southampton by Sir Thos. Dale, to the like effect to my Ld Haye and my La. Savile. [Correspondence, Holland.]
March 3.
The Hague.
95. Sir Dudley Carleton to Secretary [Sir Thos. Lake?]. I advertised your Honor by a letter of the 4th Feb., how the States upon his Majesty's recommendation had dealt with Sir Thos. Dale in giving him his full entertainment for the whole time of his seven year's absence in Virginia, amounting to 1,000l. sterling; whereof I do not know whether he made due acknowledgment to his Majesty. So it is, that here being come news that he hath left the States service and is gone with charge towards the East Indies, sans dire adieu, it hath a very ill sound here, and there is some danger of cashiering his Company, which for consideration of money he hath transported over to his Lieutenant. The liberality which was used towards him being very extraordinary, and his departure so sudden, even the very day of the receipt of his money, deserves some civil excuse, such a one as your Honor can best devise, and I shall gladly receive from you; his Majesty's name being interested both in his good treatment by the States. and likewise in his ill manner of leaving their service, it being given out that he is employed into the East Indies by his Majesty's commandment. [Extract, Correspondence, Holland.]
June 12. 96. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Letter read from Henry Bacon [to the Governor], lately returned from Sir Walter Raleigh's voyage, stating that Don Diego de Molina, who was prisoner in Virginia, incites the King of Spain to send forces to suppress Virginia, by the hopes of a silver mine there, from which he shows a piece to justify the truth. [Court Min. Bk., Vol. 4, p. 177.]
June 13. 97. Certificate by Sir Richard Wigmore and other justices of Middlesex. That Ambrose Smithe, convicted of a felony on the goods of the Earl of Arundel and reprieved, is of able body to be employed in any service in Virginia, or in the East Indies. [Dom., Jas. I., Vol. 97, No. 106.]
July 21. 98. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Suit of Henry Bacon for employment, who had been in a voyage with Sir Walter Raleigh and gave advertisement of some things concerning Virginia. [Court Min. Bk., Vol. 4, p. 189.]
Nov. 28.
99. John Pory to Sir Dudley Carleton. No longer again than yesterday the Council of Virginia (my Lord of Southampton, my Lord Rich, my Lord Sheffield, and my Lord Paget being present) did at the instance of Sir George Yeardley, the new elected Governor, choose me for their Secretary in Virginia. This Sir George Yeardley hath married my cousin German, and infinitely desires my company. So having done this office for me without my seeking, I entreated him he would also demand what allowance they would give me for my setting forth and what maintenance at my coming thither. At this demand he finds them as dry as Pumystones, which is the cause that I mean not to adventure my carcase in so dangerous a business for nothing. The Governor of himself hath proffered to make my means worth 200l. a year at least which I purpose to accept so he will allow me 50l. to set me forth, and to-morrow night I am to receive my last answer. But (so my sufficiency were answerable) how happy should I be to be called into your Lordship's domestical service, in case I do not embrace this. [Dom. Jas. I., Vol. 103, No. 111.]