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Pages 660-667

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1635-6. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1866.

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Waad, Sir William, deceased
-, William, letter of

Waddington, Richard

Waddington, co. Lincoln, manor

Wade, William
-, Sir William, see Waad.

Wadland, George, letter of

Wadsworth, , messenger

Wainewright, Richard

Wake, Anna, Lady
-, letter of
-, Sir John

Wakefield, co. York
-, district

Wakeman, Edward

Waker, Richard, examination of

Wakes, Thomas

Walbankes, James, examination of

Walbrook, London, document dated from
-, ward

Walden, [Saffron ?], Essex

Wale, John

-, Lord President and Council of
-, Lord President of, see Egerton, John, Earl of Bridgewater.
-, Marches of, Council of
-, Court of
-, North
-, papers respecting ship-money
-, Vice-Admiral of, see Griffith, John.
-, South
-, papers respecting ship-money
-, Vice-Admiral of, see Herbert, Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.

Walesby, co. Lincoln

Walker, George

Walker, John, bailiff to the Bishop of Rochester
-, petition of
-, Mr., of Leicester
-, Mr., Clerk of Peace for Middlesex
-, , Sec. to Bishop Williams of Lincoln

Wall, John

Waller, John

Walley, Henry

Wallinger, Benjamin

Wallis, John
-, Thomas, petition of


Wallop, John, the younger, information of
-, Michael

Wallopit, co. Devon

Wallson, Richard. D.D.

Walmerod, , Secretary to the Emperor of Germany

Walmesley, Sir Thomas
-, Lady Juliana, wife of the above

Walsh, see Welsh, Peter.

Walsham, Norfolk, hundred
-, North, Norfolk

Walsingham, Sir Thomas, Vice-Admiral of Kent, letter to

Walsingham, Sir Francis, Secretary of State, (temp. Q. Elizabeth)

Walsingham, Norfolk


Walters, Gilbert, letter to

Waltham, Essex

Walthamstow, Essex

Walton, Andrew
-, Ann
-, Brian

Walton, co. Buckingham, document dated from

Walton, co. Lancaster

Wambrook, Dorset

Wanstead, Essex

Wanstead, Hants

Wapping, London
-, document dated from
-, chapel

Warblington, Hants

Warburton, George, Dean of Wells, letter of

Ward, variously spelt;
-, Dr.
-, Francis
-, George
-, Philip
-, Phillis
-, Samuel, clerk

Warden, Sir Edward, see Wardour.

Wardour, Sir Edward, Clerk of the Pells
-, certificate of
-, letter of
-, letters to

Wardrobe, the, London
-, document dated from
-, master of, warrants to, and see Fielding, William, Earl of Denbigh.
-, suggestions respecting

Wards and Liveries, Court of
-, Attorney of, see Calthrop, Henry.
-, Master of, see Cottington, Francis, Lord.
-, and council of, letter to
-, Receiver of, warrant to

Ware, co. Hertford

Wareham, Dorset

Waresley, co. Huntingdon

Warham Sconce

Warkworth, co. Northampton

Warley, co. York

Warner, Nowell, master of the King's barges
-, petition of
-, report on

Warner, Thomas, grant to

Warren, John

Warspite, the

Warwick, paper relating to ship-money
-, co.
-, Justices of Assize, letters to
-, Justices of Peace, letters of
-, papers relating to ship-money
-, Sheriff, the late
-, Sheriff of; and see Verney, Sir Greville.
-, certificate of

Warwick, Earl of, see Rich, Robert.

Warwick, Mr., Lord Goring's secretary
-, Philip, letter to
-, Thomas, letter of

Washer, John, letter of
-, William

Wasing, Berks

Wasteneys, Sir Hardolph, Sheriff of Notts, letter of
-, reference on petition to

Water Fulford, co. York, inhabitants of, petition of
-, paper relating to ship-money

Waterhouse, David, proposition of
-, Henry


Watermen, Company of
-, letter of

Watford, Herts

Watkins, William
-, commissions to

Watson, Thomas
-, William, clerk
-, William, deceased

Watton-at-Stone, co. Herts

Watts, Anthony
-, William, messenger, petition of


Weale, Samuel


Weates, Mary, petition of
-, her mother, uncle and aunt
-, Thomas, petition of

Webb, variously spelt;
-, Berrington
-, Mr., servant of Archbishop Laud
-, Mr., partner in the business of ballasting ships
-, Thomas, of Painswick

Webber, John, letter of

Webster, Maurice

Weckherlin, Mr.

Weddell, Capt.

Weekes, Aquila, keeper of the gatehouse
-, his wife
-, warrants to
-, , stage player

Weeley van, see Whely van.

Weild, John
-, pass to

Welby, co. Leicester

Weld, John, letter of

Weldon, Anthony

Well, co. Lincoln, wapentake

Wellingborough, co. Northampton
-, hundred

Wellingham, George, letters to

Wellow, Somerset

Wells, John, grant to

Wells, Ducis, or next the Sea, Norfolk, order for maintaining the quay
-, Somerset
-, document dated from
-, Cathedral, Dean of, see Warburton, George.
-, Dean and chapter
-, act of
-, letter to
-, Mayor, see Bull, George.
-, paper relating to ship-money

Welsh, Peter, alias Walsh, pardon to

Welsted, Leonard

Wem, co. Salop, fair

Wemme, Henry

Wentworth, Sir John, Sheriff of Norfolk in
-, certificate of
-, Sir Peter, Sheriff of co. Oxford
-, letter of

Wentworth, Thomas, Viscount, Lord Deputy of Ireland and ViceAdmiral of Munster
-, order of
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, his secretary, see Little, Mr.

West, Edith
-, Peter

West Country, the

West Fen, co. Lincoln
-, survey, &c. of

West Indies

Westminster, casual allusions and references to, passim.
-, documents dated from
-, courts at
-, Abbey
-, Dean
-, and chapter
-, Justices of Peace
-, letter to
-, old Palace
-, Palace, encroachments upon crown lands in precincts of
-, parish clerks of, grant to
-, prebends

Westmoreland, Countesses of, see Fane, Mary, and Neville [?], Jane.

Westmoreland, co.
-, papers relating to ship-money
-, Sheriff
-, Under Sheriff

Weston, Jerome, Second Earl of Port land
-, application of
-, letter of
-, minute of desires of
-, letter to

Weston, Richard, First Earl of Portland, late Lord Treasurer
-, petition to
-, report of

Weston, Sir Richard, Baron of the Exchequer, letter to

Weston, co. Huntingdon

Weston Birt, co. Gloucester, paper relating to ship-money

Weston-in-Zoyland, co. Somerset

Westover, Hants, documents dated from

Westrop, co. Northampton

Wethered, William

Wetter, see Wellow.

Wexford, Ireland

Weymouth, Dorset

Whaddon, co. Gloucester

Whalley, co. Lancaster

Whalley, Anthony

Wharton, John
-, his wife

Wheeler, variously spelt;
-, James, remonstrance of
-, John, the elder
-, John, the younger

Wheildon, Ralph

Whelps, the, see Lion's Whelps.

Whely, William, van


Whichwood Forest, co. Oxford

Whitaker, John
-, Lawrence
-, certificate and report of
-, letters of
-, letters and other papers to
-, reference on petition to

Whitby, co. York

Whitby, Mr. of Rushden
-, Edward, of Chichester

Whitbystrand, co. York

White, Andrew, affidavit of

White, Francis, Bishop of Ely
-, book written by
-, report of

White, John, of Dorchester
-, list of his papers seized
-, John, of Lyndhurst
-, John, of Carlton Curlieu
-, Mary, spinster
-, Mary, wife of George Searle
-, Mr.
-, Nathaniel
-, Peter
-, examination of
-, letter of
-, Richard, of Essex
-, Capt. Richard
-, Thomas

White, Thomas, examination of
-, , [saltpetremen ?]

Whiteaires, Joan

White Book of Canterbury, the

Whitechapel, Middlesex
-, inhabitants of, petition of

-, documents dated from, (1635 July and October) (1635-6, January) (February) (March) (1636, April) (May) (June)
-, Banqueting House, books and records burnt in

Whitehead, Peter
-, Richard, Sheriff of Hants, letter of

White Lion prison, Southwark
-, keeper of, see Bellin, Robert.

White's Alley [London]

White Swan Inn, Seething Lane, London

Whiting, Giles, pardon to

Whitley, Ann

Whitmore, co. Stafford

Whittlewood Forest, co. Northampton


Whytfourd, Dr.

Wicart, Dr. grant to

Wich, see Droitwich.

Wickham, Edward, petition of
-, Henry, D.D., Archdeacon of York, reference on petition to
-, William, petition of

Wickham, William of, Bishop of Winchester, (1637-1404)
-, descendant from one of his sisters

Wickrod, Vaese, grant to

-, dyers of, petition of
-, Mayor of, see Forth, William.

Wiggener, William

Wight, Isle of
-, off the, document dated from

Wightman, Humphrey
-, submission of

Wilbraham, Ralph

Wilby, co. Northampton

Wilcot, Wilts

Wilcox, Francis
-, Mr.

Wild and Rhinegrave, Frederic Magnus, pass for

Wildey, William

Wilford, Mr., project of

Wilk, Eleanor

Wilkes, John

Wilkinson, Edward
-, John, clothier, petition of
-, John, clerk
-, Mary alias Bright alias Smith

Willett, Michael
-, memorandum of
-, petition of

William, John ap

"William, Honest," letter of

William the Conqueror

William II., of England, termed the Atheist

William, the, of London

William and John, of Weymouth, the

William and Elizabeth, the, of London

Williams, Sir Abraham, agent for the Queen of Bohemia
-, warrant to
-, Anne
-, Anthony
-, Edward, deceased
-, Edward, of Langstone
-, Griffith, S.T.P.
-, Sir Henry
-, Jasper
-, John alias Skymington
-, John, examination of

Williams, John, Bishop of Lincoln
-, petition of
-, statement of
-, his chaplain, see Dalby, Mr.
-, his secretary, see Walker, .

Williams, Mary
-, Richard
-, Roger
-, Thomas

Williamson, Fitz Jeffrey
-, Francis, letter of
-, his uncle
-, Richard

Willing, Stephen

Willing Mind, the, of Weymouth

Willion, Thomas, information of

Willis, John

Willmott, Robert

Willoughby, Lord, see Bertie, Montague.

Willoughby, William
-, letters of

Willow Bridge, co. York

Wills, Joshua

Wilmot, Mrs.

Wilson, variously spelt;
-, Aaron
-, James
-, John
-, Mr., servant to Archbishop Laud
-, Mr., of Otham
-, Thomas, connected with the Navy, letter of
-, Thomas, B.D.
-, petition of

Wilton, Wilts, document dated from
-, paper relating to ship-money

Wilts, co.
-, Deputy lieutenants
-, Justices of Assize
-, Sheriff and see Goddard, Francis.
-, papers relating to ship-money

Wimbledon, Earl of, see Cecil, Edward.

Wimborne, co. Dorset, registrar and see Barnes, Thomas.

Win, Edmund

Wincanton, Somerset


Winchcombe, co. Gloucester

Winchelsea, Sussex, Mayor of, see Thorpe, William.
-, papers relating to ship-money

Winchelsea, Earl of, see Finch, Thomas.

-, Archdeacon, see Burby, Mr.
-, College
-, Dean and chapter of, letters to
-, paper relating to ship-money
-, prebends

Winchester, Bishops of, see Curle, Walter; Wickham, William of.

Winchester, Dowager Marchioness of, see Paulett, Lucy.

Winchester, Marquesses of, see Paulett, John; Paulett, William.
-, genealogy of

Wind, Mr.

Windebank, Anne

Windebank, Sir Francis, Secretary of State, allusions and references to, passim.
-, letters and warrants of, to
-, Lord Keeper Coventry
-, Keeper of the Gatehouse
-, the King
-, Sir John Lambe
-, Lord Mayor and others of London
-, Sir Thomas Merry and others
-, report and other papers of
-, letters to
-, commission to
-, reports, memorial, and petitions to
-, his notes of proceedings of Committee for Trade
-, the like of causes heard in the Star Chamber
-, miscellaneous notes and other papers of
-, references of petitions to

Windebank, Christopher, son of the Secretary
-, letter of
-, Francis, son of the Secretary, letters of
-, his little sisters
-, John, son of the Secretary, letter of
-, Thomas, son of the Secretary
-, account and letters of
-, Lady

Windham, Edmund
-, Mr.

Windsor, cathedral church of
-, Dean
-, and Chapter
-, petty canons at
-, Castle
-, honour
-, New
-, Old

Windsor, Thomas, Lord

Windsor and Wolverhampton, deaneries of

Wine licences

-, proclamation fixing prices of
-, warrant for free importation of two tuns by Sir John Lambe

Wingfield, South, co. Derby

Wingham, Kent

Winkfield, Capt.
-, his wife

Winter, Sir John, see Wintour.

Winterbourne, Dorset
-, Wilts

Wintour, Sir John
-, petition of
-, statement of

Winwick, co. Northampton

Winwood, Dame Elizabeth
-, Sir Ralph
-, Henry
-, Richard, grant to

Wire drawers

Wisbeach, co. Cambridge, castle
-, marshes

Wise, Mr.

Witham drain, the new, co. Lincoln
-, the river, co. Lincoln
-, Essex

Withens, Christopher
-, Magdalen

Wither, Anthony

Witherden, John, Mayor of Tenterden

Witherings, Thomas, postmaster for foreign services
-, petition of
-, money account concerning
-, letter to

Withers, Elizabeth, petition of
-, George, his hymns
-, Henry
-, William, petition of

Witherston, Dorset

Wittersham, Kent, level
-, propositions for sewering

Wixford, co. Warwick

Wolcott, John

Wolfe, William
-, petition of

Wolfe, de, John Johnson
-, petition of

Wolford Parva, co. Warwick

Wollaston, co. Northampton
-, paper relating to ship-money

Wolley, John, letter to

Wolnoe, see Woolner.

Wolseley, Robert
-, petition of

Wolsey, William, affidavit of

Wolstenholme, Sir John, the elder, commission to
-, letter to
-, Sir John, the younger

-, deanery

Wolverley, co. Worcester

Wolveton, Dorset, document dated from

Wolvin, Thomas

Wood, John, the King's servant
-, petition of
-, letters to
-, John, of co. York, warrant to

Wood, John, of co. Anglesea
-, Josias

Wood or Woodd, Basil, chancellor to the Bishop of Rochester

Woodall, John

Woodashes, scarcity of

Woodbridge, Suffolk

Woodchester, co. Gloucester, paper relating to ship-money

Woodcock, Edmund
-, Edward

Woodd, see Wood.

Wooddam, John, petition of

Woodgate, Joseph, bill of

Woodhall, Mary

Woodin, Edward, letter of

Woodrising, Norfolk

Woodstock, co. Oxford

Wood Street, London, compter

Woodward, George, petition of
-, Rowland, deceased

Woolhouse, John

Woolner, Benjamin, boatswain
-, petitions of

Woolters, John, petition of

-, documents dated from
-, dockyard
-, rope-yard
-, ships building at

Worcester, co.
-, Justices of Assize
-, papers relating to ship-money
-, Sheriffs, see Savage, John; Russell, Sir William.

Worcester, document dated from
-, Dean of, see Potter, Dr. Christopher.
-, Mayor, see Street, George.
-, and others, letter of
-, papers relating to ship-money

Worcester, Bishop of, see Thornborough, John.

Worfield, George

Workman, John

Worle, Somerset

Worlington, Suffolk

Worrall, Dr.

Worseter, William, petition of

Worsopp, John.


Wortham, Suffolk

Wortley, Sir Thomas

Wotton, Sir Henry

Wotton, Dame Mary, Baroness Dowager of Marley, petition of
-, her grandfather

Wotton-under-Edge, co. Gloucester

Wotton, Richard

Wragg, John, alias Bonnyrag, messenger
-, letters to

Wraggoe, co. Lincoln, hundred

Wrangdike, co. Rutland, hundred

Wray, Sir John

Wrecking and wrecks

Wren, Christopher, Dean of Free Chapel of Windsor and Wolverhampton
-, petition of

Wren, Matthew, Bishop of Norwich
-, letters of
-, notes concerning his translation

Wright, Anthony
-, Edward, letter to
-, Francis
-, John, petition of
-, Dr. Lawrence
-, letter of
-, Mr. parson
-, Richard

Wright, Robert, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry
-, account of his dispute with Canons of Coventry

Wright, Thomas, letter to

Wriothesley, Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Southampton

Wriothesley, Thomas, Earl of Southampton

Writer, Clement, petition of

Wroth, Lady
-, William

Wrotham, Kent

Wrought-iron ordnance

Wruggle, Susannah

Wyan, Richard, King's proctor in the Admiralty
-, letter and other papers of
-, letter to
-, Thomas, Deputy Registrar of the Admiralty
-, letter and other papers of

Wyat, Hugh

Wyches, the

Wycombe, co. Buckingham

Wye, the river

Wyes, Humphrey

Wyld, George, grant to

Wyndham, Edmund

Wynn, Edward, Sheriff of co. Anglesea
-, John, Sheriff of co. Carnarvon

Wynne, Sir Richard, Treasurer to the Queen
-, warrants to
-, Thomas, letter to
-, grant to

Wynyard, Grace, petition of
-, John, husband of above

Wyrardisbury, Bucks, courts leet and baron, fines paid at

Wyrley, Humphrey, Sheriff of co. Stafford, letter to


Yard, George

Yarm, co. York

Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Yarmouth, Great, Norfolk
-, documents dated from
-, Bailiffs
-, letters of
-, Gaol
-, minister of, see Brooke, Mr.
-, paper relating to ship-money

Yarrow, John

Yarwell, Robert

Yarwood, William

Yate, Job

Yates, Giles

Yeadon, co. York, document dated from

Yelverton, Sir Christopher

Yeomans, Mrs.

Yeovil, co. Somerset, paper relating to shipmoney

Yerworth, Samuel
-, petitions of

Yonge, Walter
-, letter of

-, documents dated from
-, Archbishop's report of state of his province
-, archdeaconries of
-, papers relating to ship-money
-, Castle, document dated from
-, Cathedral
-, Chancellor, of see Hodson, Dr. Phineas.

York Cathedral, Archdeacon, see Wickham, Henry, D.D.
-, Dean and Chapter
-, close
-, Council of, see North.
-, President of, see Wentworth, Thomas, Viscount.
-, Lord Mayor of, and see Thomson, Henry.
-, and others of
-, petition of
-, Merchant Adventurers of, petition of
-, High Commission of

York, Archbishops of, see Harsnet, Samuel; Neile, Richard.

York, Duke of, see James, Prince, Duke of.

York, co.
-, papers relating to ship-money
-, Admiralty Court of
-, Judges of Assize
-, letters to
-, Justices of Peace, letters and other papers of
-, Sheriff, and see Hotham, Sir John.
-, letter to
-, Deputy Lieutenant of, see Cholmeley Sir Hugh.

York, North Riding
-, East Riding
-, West Riding

York, Mr.

York Farm, co. Surrey

Young, Edward
-, Patrick, petition of
-, Sir Richard
-, Robert, master of the King's printing house
-, Capt. Thomas, petition of
-, , cousin to Edward



Zavadsky or Zawadsky, Baron of, Polish Ambassador Extraordinary to England
-, minute of pass to

-, churches of

Zouch, Dr. Richard
-, report of