Charles II - volume 5: June 25-30, 1660

Pages 65-83

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1660-1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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June 25-30, 1660

June 25.
1. Elizabeth Forster to Joseph Williamson, Queen's College, Oxford. Fears the rashness of her son will make him neglect his studies.
June 25.
The King to the Turkey Company. Signifies his recall of Sir Thos. Bendish, and his intended appointment of Heneage Earl of Winchelsea as Ambassador at Constantinople, being a person whose quality may raise the reputation of the office. [Levant Papers, Vol. I., No. 115.]
June 25. 2. Draft of the above.
June 25.
3. The King to Sir Wm. Compton, Master of the Ordnance. As the suspended officers of Ordnance are now returning to their employments, he is to pay them the customary allowances, and to employ trusty persons to take an account of all the Ordnance stores in the different storehouses, forts, castles, &c. Endorsed with notes for an account of the armory to be taken, that it may hereafter be under the regulation of the Master of Ordnance.
June 25. 4. P. W. [Sir Phil. Warwick] to [Chas. Whittaker ?] Asks him to present to Mr. Secretary the petition of a poor old man, favoured by the Bishop of London.
June 25. 5. Fra. Bu. . . to Jos. Williamson, Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. Apologizes for having detained his son from college.
June 25. 6. Examination of Phineas Payne, of the Mermaid, over against the Mews. Was a messenger under Lord Fairfax and Cromwell, one of the three doorkeepers in the court, when the late King was tried, and dined at Westminster College the day he was murdered, when Col. Humphreys came in and said the work was done. Does not know who was the executioner, but Major-Gen. Harrison and Col. Hacker, who had command of the scaffold, could tell. Was not on the scaffold till an hour and a half after the execution, when most of the boards were removed.
June 25.
7. Petition of George Cock, of Newcastle, to the King, for the office of Customer at Newcastle, being one of the first that rose for the late King; was twice wounded, twice imprisoned, and exiled 11 years for his loyalty. With reference thereon to the Lords of the Treasury.
June 25.
8. Petition of Henry and Cope Rich, sons of and administrators to the late Earl of Holland, to the King. Their late father bought of Sir Robert Killigrew his lease of the custody and profits of the seals in the King's Bench and Common Pleas, rent 1,653l. 14s., of which seven years are yet to expire. Their father ordered by will his debts to be paid from 20,000l. due to him from the late King; or failing that, from the profits of the said office, which profits— failing the above payment—have been employed therefor, and the petitioners have thus lost 500l. a year each, left to them from the said profits; beg renewal of the said lease in compensation. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs.
June 25.
The Weymouth, Portsmouth.
9. Capt. Henry Land to Lord Montague. Victualling of his ship. The baker will not give bread without money; has sent several times about it to the Admiralty Comrs., but received no reply. [Adm. Paper.]
June 25.
Victualling Office.
10. Victualling Comrs. to the Admiralty Comrs. Supplies needed for the ships in Plymouth. [Adm. Paper.]
June 25. 11. Capt. Henry Hatsell to the Same. There is due to people at Plymouth 4,000l. for stores for the use of the Navy. The poor people complain much; begs assignation for 1,000l. on the Excise of Cornwall and Devonshire. [Adm. Paper.]
June 25.
12. Mayor, &c., of Abingdon, Berkshire, to the King. Declare their infinite joy on his restoration, and their constant fidelity to the late King, the "barbarous and inhuman parricide" of whom they have ever abhorred, and request His Majesty's acceptance of their willing surrender of their fee-farm rents. Annexing,
Declaration by Wm. Weeks and 5 other gentlemen of Abingdon, Berkshire, of their surrender to the King of 102l. 16s. 7d., fee-farm rents belonging to the Crown, and all profits thereto belonging, which were by them purchased, in trust for the town, from the late pretended Parliament, September 17, 1650, for 925l. 9s. 3d. June 23, 1660. [Case A. Charles II, No. 2.]
June 25. Mayor, &c., of Gloucester to the Same. Congratulate his safe arrival, the blessed return of many prayers offered up by pious hearts in his behalf; detest and abhor the execrable murder of his late father, and laud his "singular patience" in his "long and disconsolate exilement." Implore pardon and confirmation of privileges for themselves, and cheerfully yield up the fee-farm rents due to the Crown, which they were forced to purchase "by the threatening violence of the times." [Case A. Charles II., No. 3.]
June 26. Mayor, &c., of Lincoln to the Same. Being involved in the late general defection, gratefully accept his pardon, and congratulate his escape from so many dangers and restoration to his subjects. Return to him the fee-farm rent of 81l., which from "inevitable necessity and self-preservation," they had purchased for 700l. [With the city seal, well preserved. Case A. Charles II. No. 4.]
June 26.
13. John Browne to the Admiralty Comrs. Particulars of the cleaning of vessels. [Adm. Paper.]
June 26.
The London, Downs.
14. Sir Jo. Lawson to [Lord Montague]. Has sent up for directions about the Satisfaction, and for sending ships to the coast of Flanders. [Adm. Paper.]
June 26.
The London, Downs.
15. The Same to the Admiralty Comrs. Begs orders for the Satisfaction. If she lose the present fair wind, the ships may be gone from the country before she arrives. [Adm. Paper.]
June 26. 16. Examination of Eliz. Parsons. Was in a chandler's shop in the Woolstaple, with Mrs. Sibley, both weeping because the King had been beheaded two or three hours before, when Phineas Payne, of St. Martin's parish, messenger, came in rejoicingly, said his hands had done the work, and asked a countrywoman to drink a quart of sack with him at a tavern.
June 26.
17. Petition of Sir Richard Bassett to the King, for the lease of the Tolls, Imposts, &c., of cos. Glamorgan, Pembroke, and Carmarthen, now collected by unauthorized persons, or for the Collectorship thereof. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs.
June 27. 18. Sir Phil. Warwick to Sec. Nicholas. Mr. Atkinson, who requests the place of Postmaster at Newark, is reputed an honest man, and will conform to the proposals of the present farmers [of posts].
June 27.
19. Isaac Tullie, Mayor of Carlisle, and Peter Norman to the Same. Will complete the account of the evidence against Cuthbert Studholme as soon as possible.
June 27.
20. Malcolm Smith, prisoner, to the Same. Entreats leave to see some of his friends, or to be speedily examined; is starving, and has not yet recovered his 32 weeks' imprisonment at the Gatehouse, by the Rump Parliament, on Sir George Booth's business.
June 27.
21. George Gwynn to Herbert Price. Requests him, on behalf of the gentlemen of the county for which he stands, to use his influence to prevent the stewardship of the lordship of Mel . . . from being given to Major Harley, under whom they have already smarted, and have re-purchased the lordship, and returned it to the Crown, in order to prevent encroachments of private persons.
June 27.
22. Petition of Thos. Terwhitt, B.D., Chaplain of His Majesty's Regiment of Guards, to the King, to confirm the grant made to him by the late King at Oxford, of the living of Great Munden, Hertfordshire, which he could not take possession of, on account of the times. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, their report in favour of the petition, and order thereon, July 4, for granting the said confirmation.
June 27.
23. Petition of George Charnock to the King, for restoration to the place from which he was dismissed for his loyalty, of King's Waiter in the Custom House, void by resignation of Edward Batty. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs., ordering them, if the above allegations are true, to admit him to the place.
[June 27.] 24. Petition of Rob. Armestead to the King, for the command of the Blockhouse at Gravesend; has lost an estate of 9,000l. for adhering to the late King, and refusing the Covenant, and has been 14 years in exile.
June 27.
25. Petition of Thos. Fawcett, B. D., to the King, for presentation to the Rectory of Sudborne, with Orford chapel, Suffolk, void by death of Dr Mat. Brooks. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, and their report, July 3, 1660, in favour of the petitioner. Annexing,
25. i. Certificate by Rich. Ball and two others to his orthodoxy and loyalty, and by Sir Rich. Fanshaw that he is brother to Sam. Fawcett, the King's engineer at Worcester, who was taken prisoner and died in the Fleet.
June 27.
26. Petition of John Whiteing, M. A., Rector of Hentlesham, co. Sussex, to the King, to confirm his title to the Rectory of Hentlesham, to which, when void in 1653 by death of Thos. Sherman, he was presented by the undoubted patron; but there being no bishops, Mr. Wall took advantage of him, got the living, and has kept it ever since. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, their report, June 29, and order thereon July 4, granting the petition.
June 27.
27. Petition of Willm. Porter, sen. and jun., to the King, for the office of Registrar of Seals and Pawns of Retailing Brokers in and within two miles of London, void by death of Fras. Williamson and two others, to whom it was granted by the late King. With reference thereon to the Attorney General, and his report, July 4, in favour of the petition.
July 27.
28. Petition of Thos. Blevin, M.A., to the King, for presentation to the parish church of Sudbury, with the chapel of Orford, co. Suffolk, void by decease of Dr. Mat. Brook. With reference thereon to Dr. Sheldon and others, their report in favour of the petition, and order thereon, granting in July 11.
June 27.
Victualling Office.
29. Victualling Comrs. to the Admiralty and Navy Comrs. Commend particularly the bearers, Addis, Bellamy, and Lucas, for assignments of 500l. each, on their several contracts for provisions for the Navy. [Adm. Paper.]
June 27.
30. James Johnson to Robert Blackborne. The burgesses of the town, Sir John Potts, and Sir William Doyly, intend to request a frigate to go to the Orkney Isles, to meet their fishers' fleet on its return, the northern seas being greatly infested by Ostenders. [Adm. Paper.]
June 27.
Forester, Grimsby Road.
31. Capt. Anthony Archer to the Admiralty and Navy Comrs. Has convoyed vessels from Hull to Amsterdam and back, but a Holland vessel ran athwart him and broke his bowsprit; has sent to Amsterdam for satisfaction. [Adm. Paper.]
June 28.
Nonsuch, Portsmouth.
32. Capt. Jonathan Waltham to the Admiralty Comrs. Has got his bread on board, and is ready to sail. [Adm. Paper.]
June 28.
33. Richard Hodges to Robert Blackborne. Will be ready to sail the middle of next week. [Adm. Paper.]
June 28.
34. John Browne to the Admiralty and Navy Comrs. Particulars of cleaning and repairing vessels. [Adm. Paper.]
June 28.
Providence, Harwich.
35. Capt. Giles Shelley to the Same. Accident to his keel, a little to the north of the Spurn. [Adm. Paper.]
June ? 36. Request by [Richard] Earl of Dorset. For a grant, on rental of 5l., of the office of Master of Ashdown Forest and Broyle Chace, part of the Duchy of Lancaster, with perquisites of courts, underwoods, and coppices, as formerly granted to his ancestors.
June ? 37. Note that the Earls of Dorset have for a century past held the custody of Ashdown Forest and Chace of the Broyle, parcels of the Duchy of Lancaster, as lying near their estates, and also the Stewardship of the Honour of Grafton and Saulcey Forest.
June 29.
38. Warrant for a grant to Richard, Earl of Dorset, of the office of Master of the Forest of Ashdown, Sussex, as formerly held by his ancestors.
June 29 ? 39. Petition and Address of the Mayor of Doncaster to the King, congratulating his restoration, and requesting his acceptance of their fee-farm rents. Annexing,
Declaration by the Mayor, &c., of Doncaster, of their surrender to the King of the fee-farm rent of 74l. 13s. 11½d., which under fear of coercion, they purchased nine years before, from persons pretending authority to dispose of it. June 29. [Seal of the town imperfect. Case A. Car. II., No. 5.]
June 29. 40. [Sec. Nicholas] to Sir Jas. Bridgman. The King needs large sums to lessen charges by making present payments, and wishes him, if possible, to borrow money at Amsterdam.
June 29. 41. Tom. Nevile to John Nicholas. To hasten the business of Dr. Jos. Gulston.
June 29. 42. Examination of John Heath. Capt. South wold said, if the King came in by fair means or foul, he would have his head off, and cut him as small as herbs in a pot, and that nothing would satisfy the knaves but a King. Also
Examination of William Whittle. Has forgotten what words were spoken, but will justify what he formerly set his hand to. With note [by Nicholas] that these examinations were brought to him by Capt. Hobby, July 10.
June 29 ? 43. Information about Rich. Cotteler, of Charter House Yard, whose house at Hackney was chiefly built out of the materials of Theobalds' house; also about Capt. Spencer, who is in possession of Theobalds, Dockter, who has engrossed the manor to the value of 10,000l., and similar offenders.
June 29.
44. Petition of Sir Henry Lee, Bart., to the King, for the office of Lieutenant of Whichwood Forest, co. Oxford, until the majority of the heir of the Earl of Danby, to whom the office of ranger and launder in the said forest was granted, as long as there were heirs male of Sir John Fortescue, many of whom are still living. With reference thereon to the Attorney General.
June 29.
45. Petition of Edmund Page, Searcher of the Port of London, to the King, to be allowed execution of his office; gave for it 1,300l., almost all his estate, and was admitted by fiat of Bishop Juxon, Lord Treasurer, in 1637; kept it till 1646, and afterwards by death or absence of other searchers, was commanded to manage it till 1655, when he was ordered to resign it to Sam. Whalley. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs. Annexing,
45. i. Certificate of the resignation of Edm. Page and appointment of Sam. Whalley, Feb. 10, 1655, with the oath then taken by Page, that he is to receive no gratuity nor reward from any person for his said resignation.
June 29.
Victualling Office.
46. Comrs. of Victualling to the Admiralty Comrs. Phil. Wilcox, who serves the victualling at Plymouth, requests an assignment for 400l. out of 600l. due to him. [Adm. Paper.] Encloses,
46. i. Petition of Phil. Wilcox to the Same, for an order for the said 400l. out of the Excise of Customs in Devonshire or Dorsetshire; has exhausted both stock and credit to supply the Navy.
June 29.
Victualling Office.
47. Victualling Comrs. to the Same. Entreat an assignment of 500l. or 600l. for the Bakers at Portsmouth, who were to be paid monthly, but have received nothing since October last; 2,200l. is due to them. [Adm. Paper.]
June 29.
Victualling Office.
48. The Same to the Same. Request an assignment on Derbyshire of 500l. for Mr. Robinson, on his contract for biscuit, flour and bread. [Adm. Paper.]
June 29.
The Elias, Erith.
49. Capt. Mark Harrison to the Same. Discontent is likely to arise amongst the men if he is absent, on account of their much pay due. Is ready to take in the stores for the frigate in the Forest of Dean; victualling and storing of his ship. [Adm. Paper.]
June 29. 50. Articles against Capt. John Bowery, commander of the Drake frigate, accusing him of taking goods on board and conveying them away unlawfully, or without paying custom, and of making false tickets for runaways; with names of the witnesses against him, who pray to be indemnified. [Adm. Paper.]
June 30.
51. Capt. William Brooke to Lord Montague. Begs to be remembered for employment, when this crowd of recommendations is past. Served the late King as shipmaster off the coast of Ireland 14 years. [Adm. Paper.]
June 30.
Merlin frigate, Lynn Depths.
52. Capt. Edward Grove to the Admiralty and Navy Comrs. Continues plying about Lynn Depths, for protection of trade; begs orders to the Mayor of Lynn to send him provisions on board. [Adm. Paper.]
[June 30.] 53, 54, 55. Weekly Accounts of moneys received from the Excise and paid out by order of the Navy Comrs., for the weeks ending June 9th, 16th, and 30th. Three papers. [Adm. Papers.]
June 30.
56. Order for a warrant, appointing Fras. Godolphin, of Godolphin, Commander and Governor of the Isles of Scilly.
June 30. 57. Reference to the Attorney and Solicitor General of Mr. Sherman's petition.
June 30. 58. Information of Eliz., wife of Andrew Mollett, that Wm. Bentley, of Richmond, Surrey, the late King's woodmonger, made havoc of timber and wood, to the value of 20,000l., and should be excepted from the general pardon; and that Hen. Carter, of Richmond, was the first puller down of the King's house there, sold stones to the value of 1,000l. and raised forces within the last three months to oppose the Restoration.
June 30.
59. Petition of Abraham, son of the late Lawrence Halsted, of London, merchant, to the King, for recommendation to the Treasury Comrs. as a Commissioner of Customs; lent His Majesty 100l. when beyond seas, and his father lent to the late King 5,000l. and 1,300l., paid 4,000l. for arms, &c. transported into England, lost 6,900l. due to him from the Exchequer, and by plunder, &c., 20,000l.; he was exempted by Parliament from composition for his estates, till the entreaties of his creditors prevailed; then had to sell land worth 2,000l. a year for his fine and debts. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs.
June ? 60. Similar petition, for the place of Commissioner of Customs, in reversion, or of one of the farmers of Customs, if they be let out to farm.
June 30.
61. Petition of John, eldest son of Sir John Lowther, Bart., of Westmoreland, to the King, for the place of Auditor of Rents and Revenues in the four northern counties. Endured perpetual imprisonments for his loyalty, and within four months, was sequestered and plundered of all he had. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs.
June 30.
62. Petition of Sir Gervase Lucas, Bart., to the King, to be admitted Tenant to lands in Grafton, value 42l. 12s. 11d. a year, of which three years have yet to expire in a lease granted by King James to Sir Robt. Osborne. Has served the Royal cause 22 years, was sent by the Committee of Safety to Dover Castle, to be transported for joining in Sir George Booth's rising, and is ruined by 18 months' imprisonment. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs.
June 30.
63. Petition of Henry Pinckney to the King, for the Controllership of Customs at Bridgewater. Was lieutenant of horse to the late King, and suffered much by imprisonment, &c. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs.
June. Grant to Thos. Leeke of the office of Baron of the Exchequer; fee, 100 marks a year. [Docquet Book, p. 1.]
June. Grant to Tobias Rustat of the office of Under-Housekeeper at Hampton Court. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Thos. Levingston of the office of one of the King's Counsel at Law. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Dr. Robt. Wiseman of the office of Advocate General; fee, 20l. a year. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Roger Whittle of the office of Master of St. John's Hospital, Chester. [Ibid.]
June. Grants to Geo. Charnock, Henry Bulstrode, Miles Bull, Rich. Thorne, and Samuel Toft, of the office of Serjeants-at-Arms; fee 1s. a day. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Wm. Dugdale of the office of Norroy King-at-Arms fee, 40l. a year. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to John Denham of the office of Surveyor of the Works. [Docquet Book, p. 2.]
June. Grant to Henry Lord Herbert, of Ragland, of the office of Constable of St. Bevill's Castle, in the forest of Dean; fee, 40l. a year. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Sir Charles Harbord of the office of Surveyor General; fee, 200l. a year. [Ibid.]
June. Suspension and discharge of the Earl of Newport from his office as Master of the Ordnance. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Wm. Tayleur, of the offices of Steward, Receiver, and Bailiff of the Manors, &c. of Windsor; also of Clerk to the Constable and of Supervisor of the Castle. [Ibid.]
June ? 64. Petition of John Reeve, jun., to the King, for a place as King's Waiter in the Customs. He and his father served his late and present Majesty 28 years as oval turners, and suffered much for loyalty.
June. Grants to John Reeve, Edw. Wingfield, and Thos. Allen, of the office of King's Waiters in the Port of London. [Docquet Book, p. 2.]
June. Grant to Thos. Astell of the office of Under Graver in Ordinary; fee, 40l. a year. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Hugh May of the office of Paymaster of the Works; fee 2s. a day, and 2s. a day for riding charges. [Docquet Book, p. 3.]
June. Grant to Sir John Grenville of the office of Steward of the Duchy of Cornwall and the borough, &c., of Bradninch, co. Devon; also of steward of all the castles and other offices belonging to the said duchy, and rider and master of Dartmoor. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Thos. Allen of the office of Captain of Sandgate Castle, co. Kent; fee, 40l. a year. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to John Booth of the office of Clerk Prothonotary of the County Palatine of Chester, and of Flintshire; also of keeper of the records there. [Ibid.]
June ? 65. Petition of Walter Brydall, master goldsmith, to the King, to be sworn in as Clerk of the Jewel House; has a warrant for the place, but the Lord Chamberlain rejected it, and wishes to expose the office to sale.
June ? 66. Petition of the Same to the Earl of Manchester, Lord Chamberlain of the Household, to be sworn into the above place. Annexing,
66. i. Certificate by G. Porter and others, that the petitioner forsook a good estate in St. Martin's-in-the-Fields to serve the late King, twice purchased his estate from the sequestrators, and has since several times engaged in the loyal cause. June 6, 1660.
June. Grant to Walter Brydall of the office of the King's Jewels; fee 20 marks a year. [Docquet Book, p. 3.]
June. Grant to Jeremiah Smith of the office of Keeper of Battles Walk, Windsor Forest. [Ibid.]
June 67. Petition of Col. Dud. Dudley to the King, for restoration to the place of Serjeant-at-Arms, Lieut. of Ordnance, or Surveyor of the Mews or Armory, all which he held under the late King; also for a grant of the house of Baldwin, a known traitor, at Worcester; that of Alderman Nash was granted him by the late King, because he gave up his own for the armory, but Nash has become a convert, so he cannot have it. Served the late King, and at length became major; furnished the artillery train at Coventry; furnished Worcester and Stafford with ordnance, &c.; was taken in Colchester, stripped, and carried prisoner to Worcester; escaped and was retaken and sent to the Gatehouse, and sentenced to be shot but escaped the day before.
June ? 68. Similar petition, but less detailed.
June. Grant to Dud. Dudley of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms in Ordinary. [Docquet Book, p. 3.]
June. Grant to Samuel Mearne of the office of Bookbinder to the King; fee, 6l. a year. [Docquet Book, p. 4.]
June. Grant to Henry St. George of the office of Herald-at-Arms; fee, 40 marks a year. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to James Hoare of the office of Comptroller of the Mint in the Tower; fee, 100 marks a year. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to George Lee of the office of Woollen Draper to the King and household. [Ibid.]
June. Appointment of Sir Wm. Compton to attend the office of Master of Ordnance, during the suspension of the Earl of Newport. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Sir George Downing, of the office of Teller of the Exchequer. [Ibid.]
June ? 69. Petition of Thos. Lee to the King, for the place of Heraldat-Arms, void by promotion of Wm. Dugdale. Was clerk of the Tower Records in the late war, and continued till the surrender of Oxford, and has divers testimonies to his faithfulness. Marked fiat.
June. Grant to Thos. Lee of the office of Chester Herald; fee, 40 marks a year. [Docquet Book, p. 4.]
June. Grant to Edw. Marshall of the office of Master Mason of all works in the Tower and the King's other residences; fee, 12d. a day. [Ibid.]
June ? 70. Petition of Wm. Rumbold to the King, for a grant with survivorship to himself and Thos. Townsend, jun., of the place of Clerk of the Great Wardrobe, which requires a person of experience in the practice thereof; served in the wardrobe from 1629 to 1642, and has preserved with great care the books and records thereof, which are still in his custody.
June. Grant to Wm. Rumbold for his own life, and that of Thos. Townsend, jun., of the office of Clerk of the Great Wardrobe. [Docquet Book, p. 4.]
June. Grant to Wm. Thursby, nominee of the Marquis of Ormond and John Ashburnham, in reversion after Wm. Chadwell, of the office of Custos Brevium in the Court of Common Pleas, during the life of Lord Rich. Butler and John Ashburnham, and a like grant of the same office to Acbort Sawyer, in reversion after the said Thursby. [Docquet Book, p. 4.]
June. Grant to Charles Evans for his skill in music and service to the King, of the fee of 20d. per day, and 16l. 2s. 8d. for livery. [Docquet Book, p. 5.]
June. Grant to Sir Wm. Batten of the office of Surveyor of the Navy; fee, 40l. a year, 8d. a day for two clerks, and travelling expenses. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Sir Wm. Morice of the office of Secretary of State; fee, 100l. yearly. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Aubrey Earl of Oxford of the office of Chief Warden and Justice in Eyre of all forests, &c., on this side the Trent; fee, 100l. a year. [Docquet Book, p. 6.]
June. Grant to Thos. Fanshaw of the office of Coroner and Attorney of the King's Bench, with reversion to Thos. Harris, and another reversion to John Keeling, jun. [Ibid.]
June ? 71. Petition of John Jeffs to the King, for a grant of the office of Master of the Tents, void by death of John Jones. Was at Oxford all the late war, and constantly faithful and loyal.
June ? 72. Similar petition to the same effect.
June ? 73. Petition of Thos. Jones and John Jeffs to the King, for the office of Master of Tents and Toils, held by Jones' grandfather for 50 years, under the two last kings, and void by his death, three months ago. Marked "These gentlemen are agreed."
June. Grant to John Jeffs and Thos. Jones of the office of Masters of the Tents and Toils; fee, 30l. for the tents, and 100 marks for the toils. [Docquet Book, p. 6.]
June. Grant to Wm. Legg of the office of Lieut.-General of the Ordnance; fee, 100 marks a year. [Docquet Book, pp. 6 and 9.]
June. Grant to Sir Wm. Compton of the office of Master of the Ordnance; fee, 200 marks a year, and allowances for four servants. [Docquet Book, p. 6.]
June. Grants to John Carey of the offices of Master of the Harthounds and of the Privy Buckhounds. [Ibid.]
June. Grants to Henry Brabant of the offices of Collector of the Customs and Subsidies of Tonnage and Poundage in Newcastle-on-Tyne; of the collectorship of several goods and merchandises there; and of the collectorship of customs on cloth, hides, &c. [Docquet Book, pp. 6 and 7.]
June. Blank grants of the office of Clerk of the Wardrobe and Beds. [Docquet Book, pp. 7 and 9.]
June ? 74. Petition of John Webb, architect, to the King, for the place of Surveyor of Works, designed for him by the late King, being brought up under Inigo Jones, in the study of architecture, and appointed his deputy, till thrust out for loyalty in 1643; is now, by instructions of Parliament, preparing a survey of His Majesty's houses for his reception, the cost of which will be 8,140l. 5s. 2d., for which he is engaged in credit, having received only 500l. Annexing,
74. i. Arguments in behalf of Mr. Webb; that under his uncle Inigo Jones, he not only studied architecture, but masques and triumphs; was his deputy and executor, and has 1,500l. due to him on Jones' board wages. He sent to the King at Oxford designs of all the fortifications in London, with instructions how they might be carried; prepared Whitehall in a fortnight for His Majesty on his own credit; and though Mr. Denham may, as most gentry, have some knowledge of the theory of architecture, he can have none of the practice, but must employ another, whereas Webb has spent 30 years in it, and worked for most of the nobility.
June. Grant to John Webb, in reversion after John Denham, of the office of Surveyor of the Works. [Docquet Book, p. 7.]
June. Grant to Thos. Elliott of the office of Master of the Privy Harriers. [Docquet Book, pp. 7 and 9.]
June. Grant to Thos. Sparke, in reversion after Sir Wm. Drake, of the office of Chirographer of the Court of Common Pleas; with a second reversion to Wm. Berott. [Docquet Book, p. 7.]
June. Grant to Sir Rob. Howard of the office of Clerk of the Patents in Chancery. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Edw. Pocock of the office of Professor of Hebrew to the University of Oxford. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to — Dawson, of the office of Head Searcher in the port of Sandwich. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Sir John Robinson, Bart., of the office of Lieutenant of the Tower. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Thos. Blaney of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms. [Docquet Book, p. 8.]
June ? 75. Petition of Sir Allan Apsley to the King, for reference to some of the counsel at law, of his claim to the place of Master of the Privy Hawks, granted him by His Majesty at the Hague, but with a saving of the rights of the Earl of Carnarvon, to whom the place of master of the hawks belongs by ancestral right.
June. Grant to Sir Allan Apsley of the office of Surveyor and Keeper of the King's Hawks; fee, 30l. a month, and 10s. a day for hawks' meat. [Docquet Book, p. 8.]
June. Grant to the Duke of Gloucester of the custody of Hyde Park, with all houses, &c., belonging thereto; fee, 8d. a day. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Wm. Skinner of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms. [Ibid.]
June ? 76. Petition of John Thurbarne, of Gray's Inn, to the King, for the place of Water Bailiff and Verger at Sandwich, where he resides.
June. Grant to John Thurbarne of the office of Water Bailiff and Verger of Sandwich. [Docquet Book, p. 8.]
June? 77. Petition of Rich. Downing and Abraham, his son, to the King, for the place of Skinner to His Majesty, the former being skinner to the Queen Mother, and the latter having a reversion of the place of skinner to the late King, after Thos. Langhorne, now deceased. Noted [by Nicholas], "the King had a coat for which is due 80l."
June ? 78. Similar petition to the same effect.
June. Grant, with survivorship, to Rich. Downing and his son Abraham, of the office of Serjeant Skinner. [Docquet Book, p. 8.]
June. Grant to Rob. Phillipps of the office of Keeper and Master of the Forests of Saulcey and Whittlewood, with the deer, co. Northampton; fee, 40l. a year. [Ibid.]
June ? 79. Petition of Roger Harsnett to the King, for the place of Serjeant-at-Arms, now void. Served him in domestic affairs since His Majesty was eight years old, and the late King as Serjeant Major; is the oldest military officer now living in England.
June. Grants to — Trist and Roger Harsnett of the office of Serjeantat-Arms in Ordinary; fee, 1s. a day. [Docquet Book, pp. 8 and 9.]
June ? 80. Petition of John Topham to the King, to confirm him in the place of Serjeant-at-Arms, to which he was sworn, as reward of his services to the late King. Annexing,
80. i. Certificate by Jo. Ayton, of his swearing in the petitioner to the above place. June 9, 1660.
June. Grant to [John] Topham of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms in Ordinary; fee, 1s. a day. [Docquet Book, p. 9.]
June. Grant to — Slingsby of the office of Clerk of the Privy Seal in reversion. [Docquet Book, p. 9.]
June. Grant to — Pegg of the office of King's Waiter in the Port of London. [Ibid.]
June. Grant to Edw. Lord Montague of the office of Master of the Great Wardrobe. [Ibid.]
81. Petition of Susanna, widow of Rich. Pool, to the King, for the Postmaster's place at Court for her son Richard, as held by his late father, who maintained a man and horse for the late King at Oxford. Was turned out of his place for delinquency, and forced to sell all they had for food. With reference thereon to the farmers of the post. Annexing,
81. i. Certificate by Jas. Andrews, of Clerkenwell, in favour of the petitioner. June 14, 1660.
82. Warrant to Sir Rich. Mauleverer, Bart., to search for the plate, jewels, &c., of Alderman Tichborne, said to be immured in his late dwelling house, Noble Street, London, and to take a particular catalogue thereof.
83. Warrant for a grant to Thomas Ellys, of Wyham, Lincolnshire, of the dignity of a baronet.
84. Warrant for a grant to Verney Noel, of Kirkby, co. Leicester, of the dignity of a baronet.
85. Warrant to Sir Wm. Parkhurst and Sir Ant. St. Leger, Wardens of the Mint, to have irons prepared for coining money at the Mint, and to cause Thos. Rawlins, chief graver, to grave the King's effigies, &c., thereon.
June ? 86. Note of warrants for which the King's signature is required for the County Palatine of Durham; viz.,
For the office of temporal chancellor to Sir Wm. Darcy, during the vacancy of the See.
For the judges and gentry of the county to hold a court of pleas as formerly.
For Sir Wm. Darcy, Dan. O'Neal, and Dr. Jas. Cradock, to secure all Crown and Church rents, profits, &c., and the estates of confiscated persons, the expenses to be defrayed from the casualties which are now in other hands.
For the Sheriff to recover 300l. supposed to be in the hands of Rob. Ledgard and others, of money paid as composition for delinquency in 1658.
For a grant to Sir Wm. Darcy of the bow-bearer's place in Teesdale.
June ? 87. Warrant for grants to Thos. Lisle and Ralph Folliard of the office of Barbers to the King, with a salary of 200l. a year to each. [Draft.]
June ?
88. Warrant for a grant to John Wincot of the office of Porter of the Mint. Annexing,
88. i. Certificate by Sir Wm. Parkhurst that the fee for the above office is 10l. a year, and a little house adjoining. June 25, 1660.
June ? 89. Minute of a letter to the Lieutenant of the Tower to remove, those wardens put in by the late usurped powers, and to continue none but such as he can trust. Endorsed with a reference of Mr. Maull's petition to the Earls of Sandwich and Middleton, and Sir George Hamilton.
June ? 90. Commission appointing the Duke of Albemarle to the office of Captain General of all His Majesty's forces, levied or to be levied, with authority over the militia.
June ? 91. Warrant to seize and stay all timber cut down or stacked, grass, or other products of Woodstock Park and Manor, as, in spite of the order in Parliament, of May 17, 1660, against spoils or cutting down of timber in the Royal woods, some persons, on pretext of orders from Sir Arthur Hasslerigg and Mr. Fleetwood, assume the liberty of despoiling the timber and grazing the meadows there.
June ? 92. Request for an order in Council that the records, petitions, reports, &c., of the Council of State and Committee of Safety of the times before the Restoration, may be brought in and kept with the rest of the Council records.
June. 93. George Margetts to the Admiralty and Navy Comrs. Will be utterly ruined without payment of some part of 1,798l. 0s. 1d. due to him for cordage supplied for the Navy during the last two years, on a ready money contract. [Adm. Paper.]
June ? 94. Earl of Lichfield to Sec. Nicholas. Requests him to remind the King to make him Governor of Guernsey.
June ? 95. The Dukes of Albemarle and Ormond, and Secs. Nicholas and Morice, to the King. Sir Wm. Courtney and Thos. Danyell, Lieut.Colonel of His Majesty's own troop, have requested the Receivership of the 7 western counties, but most are filled up except cos. Somerset and Dorset, which have only a fee of 50l., too small a favour for them. Suggest the granting the Receivership of Dorsetshire to John St. Loe, who has petitioned for that of several counties; and that of Wiltshire to John Bennet, whose father and six brothers have defended His Majesty's rights.
June ?
96. The King to the Mayor of Canterbury. Requires him to dismiss Thos. Mills, the present foot post between London and Canterbury, who is disaffected, and to admit thereto Rob. Gilbert and Hen. Landman.
[June.] 97. Thos. Shemond [Symonds] to Mr. Whittaker. Sent Mr. Secretary a paper about Major Jenkins and Capt. Southwood, who threatened to kill the King. Jenkins, and one in action with him, are taken; Southwood keeps close at home. Sends the names of Col. Desborough and seven others, living in Windsor Park or Moat Park, who are thought to be in the plot, and whose fingers are deeply dipped in innocent blood. If appointed Keeper of the Park, will try to clear it of such blood-sucking villains, and give a good account of the profits. Wishes to rectify abuses in Bagshot Park and Cranborne Wood, the wharfs near being filled with the King's timber.
[June.] 98. Abstract of part of the above.
June ? 99. Edw. Sutton to Lady Ludlow. Regrets not being able to serve her, as he is imprisoned for another's debt, and is seeking bail. Endorsed with memoranda relating to the Act of Oblivion, and the transactions between the Houses of Lords and Commons, as to the persons to be excepted therefrom.
June ? 100. Father Florentine Blommaert, Guardian of the Recollects, and two other priests to the King. Dunkirk rejoices in having formerly received him as its guest. Trusts their sacred privileges and Catholic religion with him. Jacobus Van Cruce, minister of Dunkirk church, dismissed by Cromwell, longs to return. Dunkirk now hopes for its former liberty. Latin.
June ? 101. Supplication of the widow of Jacques de Brauwer, the hostess of the King and the Dukes of York and Gloucester, during their abode at Dunkirk, for payment of 90,000 livres, arrears of a pension of 1,000, formerly granted her, which she should receive, since one condition of the capitulation was the performance of all previous orders. French.
June ? 102. Addresses of letters delivered by Mr. Scott to Ignatius White, June 27, 1660, to be brought from Brussels. With note that he showed them to Sir Hen. De Vic, and promised him to deliver them to Sec. Nicholas.
June ? 103. Names of the Receivers General for certain counties and cities specified, in 1641. With notes of such as are dead, &c.
June ? 104. Memorial requesting Mr. O'Neale to influence the King to declare the patent of Sir Edw. Sydenham as Knight Marshal, void, by non-attendance and other misdemeanours; and to confer with the Attorney General about granting the same to Sir Wm. Throckmorton.
June ? 105. Certificate by Drs. Earles and Morley that Wm. Clarke, M.A., is a person of worth in life and doctrine, and of constant loyalty.
June ? 106. Certificate by Na. Ward, D.D., and two others, in favour of John Sherman, M.A. of 18 years standing, who desires a D.D. degree; and Edm. Sherman, B.A. of 14 years standing, for one of B.D.
June ? 107. Note that John Sherman, B.D., and Fras. Wilford, M.A., request a mandamus for their doctor's degrees at Cambridge, which they could not take in the late times, as not approving the constitution of the University. [Granted, July 28, 1660.]
June ? 108. Note of request of the Countess of Dorset, for a warrant for a Baronet's Patent to Marmaduke Gresham, of Limpsfield, Surrey, a Parliament man, eminent in the King's service, and worth 1,200l. a year. [Created, July 31, 1660.] With note for Mr. Hippon and Mr. Wakefield to have Customers' places at the suit of Lady Ormond and Lord Suffolk.
June ? 109. List of 23 Privy Counsellors now sworn in.
June ? 110. List of Deputy Lieutenants for the County Palatine of Durham and North Riding of Yorkshire.
June. 111. Information by Charles Talbot against Rich. Bickley of Holloughton, co. Warwick, Corporal Thos. Fry, and Col. Bridges, Governor of Warwick Castle, for seizing the late King's carriages, about the time of the battles of Naseby and Edgehill.
June ? 112. Instructions from the King to the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge. To observe all the directions given by his father or grandfather, especially as concerning obedience to governors, and restraint of lecturers in Cambridge, without due order; also to call in all licences granted since 1643, and have the persons licensed put to the vote of the present University, and to choose others in the place of those rejected. Endorsed, "A copy of the injunctions we desire His Majestie would be pleased to send us."
June ? 113. List of Petitioners for places in the King's Household, or other appointments.
June ? 114. Considerations touching the nature of Crown Lands sold, being forests, manors, or fee-farm rents; of the purchasers; some being Parliament men, who bought them at low values; some soldiers of Monk's army to whom the money should be given instead, and others persons who deserve less kindly dealing.
June ? 115. Arguments why the public records of the Lord Chief Justice in Eyre, relating to Waltham and other forests, and carefully preserved from the spoil of the late times, should not be delivered out of the Tower into the hands of a Lord Chief Justice in Eyre and his servants; showing the importance of care of, and free access to the public records; the utility of copies, to obviate the necessity of removing the originals; and that Mr. Ryley did no disservice to the Crown in preserving those records, when, owing to the troublous times, the Earl of Holland, predecessor of the Earl of Oxford, omitted to place them amongst the King's records.
June ? 116. Note of Sir Abraham Shipman's request for the Armorer's place in the Tower, Anslee, the present possessor, being a fanatic.
June ? 117. — to [Sec. Nicholas ?]. Recommends several honest and suffering men for the respective post places that they sue for, especially Wm. Deane for the Postmaster's place of Staines.
June ? 118. Attested copy of the Third Article between the Baron de Nouveau, Grand Master of the French King's Couriers, and Col. Bishop, English Postmaster General, relative to the speedy transmission of letters to England, twice a week.
June ? 119. Note by Thos. Fry, that Wm. Lumber was Postmaster to the late King, and afterwards employed by Col. Whichcott, Governor of Windsor Castle in Cromwell's time, to take up the lead and pipes that conveyed the water to the castle, which, as he laid, he can best find; and that he was employed by Cromwell as a surveyor and measurer of lands.
June ? 120. Names of the Postmasters for the Western Road, who were turned out for their loyalty to the late King, and desire to be restored.
June ? 121. Certificate by Sir Courtenay Pole and Peter Prideaux, Members for Honiton, that Nat. Cleveland, postmaster of that place, is unfit for his office, being active against the late King; and recommending Wm. Lowman for the place.
June ? 122. Like certificate by Sir Courtenay Pole and Peter Prideaux, that Dan. (sic) Cleveland, postmaster there, served against the late King, and is an enemy of the Church, and recommending Wm. Lowman to take his place.
June ?
123. Warrant for James Hickes, of the Letter Office, London, to compound for and receive the debts due to the Letter Office from certain postmasters in 1642 and 1643, and to give an account of his proceedings therein to Sec. Nicholas.
June ? 124. List of the Posts, containing names of the stages or post towns on the Northern, Chester, Plymouth, and Bristol roads; of the postmasters in each town, and of the several persons by whom, or grounds on which, each is recommended for continuance.
June ? 125. Statement of the days of the week on which letters for England are dispatched from the principal continental towns, and of the number of days they take in coming, being from 3 to 37.
June ? 126. Account of the management of the Dover Packet Boats, under Jas. Housman, Master of the Letter Office and Surveyor of Customs there; showing that he has long been known as an exporter of wool; that, under colour of the mail, he brings in lace and other prohibited goods; that he detains the mail boats, sometimes several tides, to take in goods or passengers, and if one of his boats is not ready, will hire no other to carry over letters, so that three London mails are sometimes waiting at Dover; that he carries over persons without licence, so that criminals, &c., often escape. With marginal notes that the letter masters are sectaries, and refuse to take the oath; that the Customs officers have shares in vessels for transport of wool; that Housman would not allow the masters of the packets to give bond for obeying the King's instructions, &c.