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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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A.J., letters of

Abbyowny, parish of, barony of Clanwilliam, co. Limerick, warrant for grant of lands in

Aberdeen, the Provost, Bailies and Council of, grant to, of power to tax wines, brandy, &c., sold in the town
-, Bishop of. See Scougal, Patrick, Bishop of Aberdeen.

Abingdon, recordership of, caveat concerning
-, letter concerning

Aboyne, Earl of. See Gordon, Charles, Earl of Aboyne.

Ackland, Sir Hugh, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted

Acland, Hugh, letters of
-, letter to

Adams, Sir William, attending Lord Yarmouth on his visit to Yarmouth

Addergoole. See Athenry.

Adderly, Thomas, of Downderrow. mortgages to mentioned
-, Capt. Thomas, son of, services of, and arrears of
-, Edward, son of, deceased
-, Mary, relict of, petition of, recited
-, Thomas, son of, grant and release to, ordered.

Addison, Dr. Lancelot, letter of

Admiralty, the Court of, vessel condemned in
-, the Lords of the, warrant to
-, draft of
-, resolution of, requested
-, bill of Capt. Langley ordered by, to the Navy Commissioners
-, depositions sent to

Adrianson, Dominicus, grant of denization to.

Advices, inland

African Company, the Royal, or the Guinea Company, letter to
-, notices of meetings of the Committee of Correspondence of
-, notices of meetings of the Court of Assistants of
-, notice of meeting of General Court of
-, to entertain boys from the mathematical school of Christ's Hospital
-, the great restraint on trade by
-, suggestion that the joint stocks of, be dissolved
-, list of adventurers of, and of the Court of Assistants of
-, complaints of the clothiers against
-, interest of Lord Shaftesbury in

Agersly Park, Staffordshire, petition of the Countess of Northumberland concerning

Aglionby, Mr., appointment of, as justice objected to
-, order of Council concerning, mentioned
-, convicted of a riot

Ailesbury, Earl of. See Bruce, Robert, Earl of Ailesbury.

Aitzema, Leo ab, book of, asked for

Albemarle, Duke of. See Moncke, Christopher and George, Dukes of Albemarle.

Aldborough, Yorkshire, papers relating to the election at

Aldeburgh, letter dated from
-, (Albrouh), vessels plundered near

Alderson, Samuel, M.A., presented to Redriffe parish

Aldworth, Richard, letter of
-, warrants for grants to

Alesio, vessel from

Aleyn, Sir Thomas, letter of
-, leather patent of, in Ireland

Alford, , incumbent of Southweald, deceased

Algerines, the, Sallee men-of-war refused leave by, to victual in their harbours
-, adventures of an Englishman taken prisoner by

Algiers, or Argier, man-of-war of, off Scilly
-, men-of-war of, in Cadiz Bay
-, Dutch ship taken by
-, Ostender chased by
-, in the Channel
-, Dutch East India ship taken by
-, between Portland and the Isle of Wight
-, off Ushant
-, men taken out of English vessel by
-, about Mount's Bay
-, Yarmouth ships carried in by, on suspicion of having Dutch goods on board
-, vessel for
-, Englishmen late slaves in. brought home
-, Sir J. Narbrough at
-, packets of Williamson for
-, Dartmouth ship reported to be carried into
-, probability of a breach between England and
-, peace desired from, by the Dutch
-, the late peace with
-, proclamation against Englishmen serving in ships of foreigners at war with
-, the Dutch trying to make peace with, and to induce, to break with England
-, notes about passes required by
-, report that, has proclaimed war with England
-, denied
-, treaties with, mentioned

Alicante, vessels from, or for

Alington, William, Lord Alington, letter of
-, Diana, wife of, Lady Alington, to retain her precedency as daughter of the Earl of Bedford

Allardice, James, affidavit by

Alles, Scholte, grant of denization to

Allestree, Dr. Richard, Provost of Eton, letters of
-, caveat on behalf of
-, the king's pleasure signified by
-, favour of, engagd on behalf of a boy

Allin, , master of a vessel, plundered by French men-of-war

Alsace, loss of French regiments in

America, laws reserving the trade with the plantations in

Amfreville, Justice, information against

Amsterdam, vessels for, or from
-, vessels of
-, taken
-, men-of-war of
-, East Indiamen at
-, persons formerly residing at
-, goods of a Swede arrested at, by a London merchant
-, war against Sweden proclaimed at
-, floods in
-, inundation near
-, Mr. Skelton at

Amys, John, of Borden, Kent, felo de se, grant of the king's interest in the estate of

Ancram, Earl of. See Kerr, Charles, Earl of Ancram.

Anderson. Sir Francis, letter of
-, chosen Mayor of Newcastle
-, and William Christian, letter of
-, John, warrant for pardon to
-, Lady, a relation of Lord Aston

Anderton, Matthew, letters of

Andover carrier, the, flitches sent by

Andrews, Capt. John, bound for Algiers
-, Sir Matthew, high sheriff of Wiltshire, licence to

Andrewson, Peter, grant of denization to

Angle. Maximilian de l', caveat requested for
-, granted

Anglesey, Earl of. See Annesley, Arthur, Earl of Anglesey.

Annand, William, warrant for presentation of, to the Deanery of Edinburgh

Anne, Queen, Duchess of Brittany, demand by the Bretons of their privileges in the time of

Annesley, Arthur, Earl of Anglesey, Lord Privy Seal, letter of
-, petition of, referred
-, promise of the King signified by
-, precedents offered by, to prove the right of the House of Lords in judicature
-, desire of the Lord Lieutenant that nothing pass concerning the accounts of
-, and the Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant, references to
-, See also Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington; and Finch, Sir Heneage, Lord Finch, Lord Keeper.

Ansell, Judith, warrant for reprieve of

Antigua (Antego). vessel from
-, good condition of
-, See also Nevis.

Antoninus Pius, grant of Roman citizenship by

Antwerp, Dutch regiments at.
-, difficulty of the Spanish embassy to get money in
-, pictures at

Apnadull. See Athole.

Appeals, the Commissioners of, ships adjudged prize by
-, warrant for appointment of

Appleby, the Bishop of Carlisle at
-, question about holding quarter sessions for the whole of Westmorland at
-, intention of Sir P. Musgrave to go to
-, Sir P. Musgrave's contention made good before the judges at

Apsley, Sir Allen, letter to, mentioned.
-, and Sir Peter, surrender by

Aquila, the Honour of. See Lancaster Great Park.

Archangel, the English in Russia confined to

Archer, James and Francis, engineers, warrant for pension to

Archers in London, the, invitation to dinner of

Ardee, Lord. See Brabazon, William, Lord Ardee.

Ardglass, Lord. See Cromwell, Thomas, Earl of Ardglass.

Ardinboth and Portsoy, lands of, and other lands in the parochine of Fordyce and barony of Boyne, Banffshire, warrant for charter of

Ardrey, John, mandamus for conferring the degree of B.D. on
-, letters about prebend intended for

Ardroche, and other lands in the parochine of Logie Montrose, Forfarshire, and the fishing on the water of Northesk, warrant for charter of

Arentsensis, Lawrence, grant of denization to

Argyle, the bishopric of, warrant for gift of.
-, Bishop of. See Ross, Arthur, Bishop of Argyle.

Arlington, Lord. See Bennet, Henry, Earl of Arlington.

Armorer, Sir Nicholas, appointed a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, Sir William, J.P. for Berkshire, information given by

Armstrong, Sir Thomas, warrant for respite of
-, warrant for pardon to
-, and Thomas Wyndham, petition of, referred

Army, the, rules and directions concerning the precedency of the regiments of, and their officers
-, guards, forces, and garrisons, additional establishment of
-, the regiment of Horse Guards, commission in
-, the regiment of Horse commanded by the Earl of Oxford, commissions in
-, Prince Rupert's regiment of Dragoons, list of officers of, mentioned
-, the King's own regiment of Foot Guards, commanded by Col. John Russell, commissions in
-, commission in, requested
-, the Coldstream regiment, commanded by the Earl of Craven, commissions in
-, the Duke of York's regiment, commanded by Sir C. Lyttelton, commissions in
-, the Holland regiment, commissions in
-, the Earl of Mulgrave's late regiment, debts incurred by Col. Thomas Howard, of Suffolk, while lieut.-colonel of
-, the Duke of York's company at Portsmouth, commission in

Arundel, Sir John, passenger to Dieppe.

Arundel, Earl of. See Howard, Henry Frederick, Earl of Arundel.

Aundell, Richard, Lord Arundell of Trerice
-, request for canonry at Exeter brought by

Ash, Sir Joseph, grant to, of office in the Common Pleas, mentioned

Ashbury, John, watchman in Pall Mall, petition for pardon for manslaughter of. and deposition concerning

Ashdown Forest, See Lancaster Great Park.

Asheton, Dr. William, chaplain to the Duke of Ormonde, prebend promised to

Ashley, John, super-cargo of the Katherine of London

Ashley. Lord. See Cooper, Anthony Ashley, Lord Ashley

Ashmore, John, and Richard Short, convicts, petition for pardon of
-, warrant for pardon to

Ashton, Edward. See Banistre, Christopher.
-, Mr., receiver for the hearthmoney of Lancashire, petition of, referred
-, , servant of the Duke of York, sent with a letter to the Prince of Orange

Ashwell, vicarage of, held by Dr. Cudworth

Aslaby, Thomas, letters of

Aston, John, apprehended for clipping
-, brother of, linen draper at Covent Garden, caveat against grant to
-, Sebastian, burgess of Linlithgow, warrant for gift of bastardrie of
-, Walter, Lord Aston, letters of
-, letter to
-, persecuted as a Papist.
-, services of, to the late and present kings
-, Walter, Lord Aston, father of remark of Lord Conway to, about the penal statutes.
-, services of, to the late and present kings
-, William, killed in a duel

Aswerby, leter dated from

Atheism and profaneness, endeavours of the Parliament to suppress

Athenry, the parish and half barony of. and the parishes of Dunmore, Tuam. Addergoole, and Miltown in the barony of Dunmore. co. Galway, warrant for grant of lands in
-, Baron of. See Bermingham. Francis, Lord Bermingham. Baron of Athenry.

Atherton, Charles, appointed serjeant plumber in reversion

Athlone, the late commissioners at, decrees of, mentioned

Athole, Strathardle. Glenshie, Glen Ilay, Rannoch. Apnadull, Weymes, and Strowan, warrant for apprehension and trial of deerslayers within the bounds of
-, Earl of. See Murray, John, Earl of Athole.

Atkins, Sir Jonathan, Governor of Barbados, person who intended to go with
-, packets for
-, and others, commission to

Atterbury, Thomas, letters of

Aubrey, Herbert, letters of
-, threatened with Exchequer process

Auchairne. See Coldaires.

Aucher, Robert, M.A., presentation of

Auchmoutie, Patrick, commission to

Auchterforfar, town and lands of, and other lands in the parochine of Monyfuith, Forfarshire, warrant for charter of

Audley End, caveat concerning place of under-housekeeper at, requested
-, granted

Augusta in Sicily, retaken by the Spaniards
-, governor of, beheaded

Aulnage, the, quotations from law books concerning exactions of officers of

Aungier, Francis, Lord Aungier, letter of
-, going with the Duke of Ormonde to England

Autun, Bishop of. See Roquette. Gabriel de, Bishop of Autun.

Avalon, Burgundy, house of the secular fathers of the congregation of the Christian Doctrine at

Avon, the, work of making, navigable from Christchurch to Salisbury

Ayr, illegal orders issued by meeting of indulged and outed ministers at.

Ayton, Sir John, debt transferred by