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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Sackeverell, Mr.

Sackville, Richard, Earl of Dorset, pretended jurisdiction of, in Salisbury Court
-, and Charles, Earl of Middlesex, warrants for grants to
-, Charles, son of, Earl of Middlesex, and Thomas Felton, petition of, referred
-, report on
-, referred
-, warrant for grant to

St. Albans, Earl of. See Jermyn, Henry, Earl of St. Albans.
-, Viscount. See Bacon, Sir Francis, Viscount St. Albans.

St. Andrew's, rectory of, diocese of Llandaff, dispensation for holding in commendam

St. Andrews, meeting of the bishops at
-, the Provost, Dean of Guild and Bailies of, letter to
-, disclaimer by, of the concurrence of their commissioner in the letter to the king
-, the magistrates and council of, warrant for grant to, of taxation on ale, wine, &c.
-, St. Leonard's College at, revenue of the bishopric of the Isles granted for use of
-, Archbishop of, ratification of charters and infeftments by the
-, See also Sharp, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews.

St. Antonio, vessel for

St. Asaph, Bishop of. See Barrow, Dr. Isaac, Bishop of St. Asaph.

St. Bees school, gentleman from, preelected Fellow of Pembroke Hall, letter recommending

St. Brieuc, Brittany, vessel from

St. Christopher's, vessels from
-, See also Nevis.

St. Columb, Cornwall, church of, accidentally blown up

St. Domingo, vessel from

St. George, Sir Oliver. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Mr., king-at-arms for Ireland, letter recommending

St. Germain, M., a Jesuit
-, warrants for apprehending, and bringing before Williamson or the Privy Council
-, answer of, to paper presented to the king concerning M. de Luzancy
-, interview between, and de Luzancy at the French envoy's house at Windsor
-, threats and violence of, to de Luzancy
-, statement by, that the king is a Catholic in heart
-, statement probably relating to
-, to be searched for at the ports and apprehended
-, searched for at Dover
-, proclamation offering reward for apprehension of
-, person suspected as privy to concealment of
-, reported to have gone to France from Falmouth

St. Helena, good condition of, and death of captain of East Indiaman at

St. Helens or St. Helens Road, ships at
-, departure of
-, French ship carried off from, by Ostender

St. John, Sir Walter, and others, grants to, mentioned

St. Leger, Col. Hayward, and Capt. John. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

St. Lucar. See London.

St. Malo, vessels from
-, vessels at, for Canada
-, vessel arrived at
-, fleet for Newfoundland and the Bank from
-, rising at
-, little commerce at
-, quiet state of
-, exempted from having soldiers quartered
-, apprehensive of having soldiers quartered

St. Margaret's Stairs, near Dover, practice of packet-boats smuggling at

St. Martin's, vessels from

St. Michel, Balthasar, letter of

St. Nicholas Gatt, lighthouse projected at

St. Ninian's, the kirk of, warrant for presentation to

St. Peter's, Thanet, parish of persons arrested in

St. Remo, vessel from

St. Sebastian, vessels for, or from
-, English ship carried into

St. Sepulchre, parish of, Middlesex, alleged devise of lands in

St. Thomas, vessel from

St. Ubes, vessels for, or from
-, Dutch vessels from, taken or lost

St. Valery, vessels for, or from

Salcey. See Whittlewood.

Salcombe, refusal of French man-ofwar to strike near
-, Road, French ship, a prize, carried out of, by a French manof-war

Salem, vessel of

Salesbury, Capt. Hugh, clerk of the survey, Portsmouth, letters of

Salisbury or New Sarum, letters dated from
-, appointment to the deanery of
-, design of making the Avon navigable from Christchurch to
-, Bishop of. See Ward, Seth, Bishop of Salisbury.
-, Earl of. See Cecil, James, Earl of Salisbury.

Sallaway, Elizabeth, outhouse at Royston in possession of

Sallee, man-of-war of, in the Channel
-, beaten off, by an English merchantman
-, supposed man-of-war of, men taken out of English ship by
-, men-of-war of, English ships taken by
-, forbidden to victual in Algerine harbours
-, coming out of
-, on the Spanish coast
-, none seen for a long time on the coast near St. Ubes
-, said to be blocked up by English ships

Salter, Sir Edward, addresses of Hugh Morrell presented to

Sampson, St., the bishop, feast-day of

Sampson, Elizabeth, to be secured and brought before Williamson
-, bond for the appearance of

Samuel, Sir Thomas, created a baronet
-, grant of creation money of

Sanderson, Christopher, letter of
-, Dr. Randall, letter of

Sandford, Sir Richard, murder of
-, caveat against any pardon for
-, murderers of, to be executed in Fleet Street and hung in chains
-, Mr., son-in-law of Calcot Chambre, senior, agreement to lease to
-, set at variance with his brother-in-law

Sandiforth, Thomas, a justice in the Botham of Westmorland

Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight, the Duke of York anchored in

Sandown Castle, near Deal, vessel wrecked under

Sands, William, letter of

Sandwich, Danish vessel that had unladed at
-, vessel gone to
-, smallpox and measles prevalent at
-, false reports spread by two men of
-, the said two men arrested
-, names of. See Wootton, Stephen, and Venterman, Thomas.
-, haven, vessel at
-, vessel ashore at

Sandys, Capt. Edwin, troop of, commission in
-, quarter-master of
-, Edwin, M.A., to have the first canon residentiary's place at Wells
-, Henry, letters of
-, bad condition of, and illwill of Col. Russell to
-, father of
-, Col. Samuel, letter of
-, letter to
-, Williamson remembered by
-, Samuel, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Capt., commission in place of

Sanse Baes, Hubert, grant of denization to

Santander, vessels for

Sarsfield, Francis, servant of the Duke of Monmouth, letters of
-, Patrick, Anne, wife of, petition of, referred
-, William, uncle of services and sufferings of
-, William, restored to his father's estate and offer of, to settle his estate on his wife and children
-, death of
-, Mr., to be allowed the pay of a Capt.-lieutenant reformed

Saumur, letter dated from

Saunderson, Sarah, Viscountess Castleton, petition of, referred
-, husband and son of. See Fanshawe, Thomas and Evelyn, Viscounts Fanshawe.

Savile, Henry, letters of
-, coachman of

Savoy, the Duke of (Charles Emmanuel I), abolition by, in 1627, of customs and imposts
-, the Duchess of, envoy extraordinary to

Saxham, Lord Arlington gone to dinner at

Say, Mr., letter of, mentioned, and letter in favour of
-, disappointed in obtaining a living

Sayer, John, John Billingsley, Thomas Blagrave, Richard Kinsey, and Thomas Dyos, lenders with others of money on the security of the first Act for impositions on wines, case of

Sayers, Joseph, presentation of
-, Robert, to be sworn a corporal of the Yeomen of the Guard in reversion

Scarborough, certificate dated from
-, vessels put into
-, vessel of, lost
-, bailiffs and magistrates of, the, certificate by
-, Castle, warrant for sending culverin and demi-culverin to

Schwerin, Baron, the Brandenburg envoy, complaint to be made to

Scilly, vessel taken off
-, English merchantmen from
-, vessels put into
-, capsized vessel seen off
-, Algerine and Turkish men-ofwar off
-, vessels separated off
-, vessel with provisions for
-, vessel lost on

Sclater or Slater or Slaughter, Henry, of Lancashire, caveat against pardon to
-, Peter, manslaughter of
-, Sir Thomas, caveat on behalf of
-, signature of

Scot, Patrick, of Rossie. See Melvill, Robert.

Scotch horse, a, running at Newmarket
-, coal, ship laden with
-, prize, a
-, beasts brought into Cumberland by means of bribery
-, weights to be delivered to one of the generals of the Mint in Scotland
-, soldiers from Treves landed at Yarmouth
-, army, the, brought in by the Long Parliament
-, privateer, claim by, to a retaken French vessel

Scotchman, a, taken out of English vessel by Algerines

Scotland, vessel of
-, Privy Council of, the, letters of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, recited
-, warrants to
-, persons to be admitted to
-, members of, residing within 80 miles of Edinburgh to be summoned
-, Committee of, the, to meet frequently in time of vacance
-, petition transmitted by
-, fine imposed on Lord Cardross by
-, complaint of Hamburg of not being heard before, about the business of Col. Hayes' daughters
-, Commissioners of the Treasury in, the letters of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, warrants to
-, warrant to, recited
-, auditors of the accounts of, warrant for appointment of
-, appointment of
-, sum to be filled by, in a signature
-, Commissioners of the Treasury and Exchequer in, the, letter to
-, warrant to
-, letter to be communicated to
-, appointment of furnishers of pen, ink, &c., to
-, Court of Admiralty in, the, ships condemned or adjudged prize by
-, Acts of Parliament in, of 10 and 20 Aug., 1670, against conventicles, to be prorogated for 3 years further
-, Convention of Burrows in, the, at Edinburgh, insolent letter of, mentioned
-, the regiment of Guard in, commission in
-, order about the question touching command between the major of the Major-General's regiment, and the captain of the regiment of Guard in
-, newly levied troops in, to be disbanded, and pay to be provided for
-, wool rescued from customhouse officer carried off into
-, the outed advocates in, petitions of, mentioned
-, letters concerning
-, prohibition of levying men in, for foreign service
-, great storm in
-, measures to be taken against riotous assemblies in
-, warrant for appointment of commissioners and criminal judges in
-, defalcation to be allowed to the tacksmen of the customs in
-, levy money to be paid to the captains of the new companies in
-, bishops of, the, instructions to be communicated to
-, meeting of
-, popery and separation to be suppressed in
-, reported leave to the French king to raise men in
-, warrant for gift of keepership of the Council Chamber in

Scots staple in the Netherlands, the, power to treat for settlement of

Scott, Benjamin, merchant of Barbados, debt due from
-, George, late former of the rents of Orkney and Zetland
-, James, Duke of Monmouth and Buccleugh, Master of the Horse, letters of
-, mentioned
-, warrants from
-, certificates by
-, petition of
-, referred
-, petitions of, mentioned
-, request by
-, signification of the king's pleasure by
-, instructions from
-, certificate and declaration by, about Capt. Churchill's regiment
-, order of
-, orders of, mentioned
-, orders of, to be observed by Col. John Russell
-, memorandum of orders of, during the late riots about London
-, statement by
-, consents by, to king's letters to the University of Cambridge
-, letter to
-, orders to
-, paper to be given by, to the Lord Steward and the Board of Greencloth
-, commission to be cornet to
-, embarked at Gravesend with the king
-, arrival of, at Portsmouth
-, gone to sea again with the Duke of York
-, warrant for grant to
-, money ordered by, to be given to Monsieur Morel
-, request that paper be delivered by
-, caveat on behalf of
-, list of things in Ireland granted to
-, cavalry regiment of, in the French service, hope that, will re-establish itself
-, removal of, from Metz
-, foot regiment of, in the French service or the Royal English regiment, half-pay of
-, recruits for
-, accounts of the major of
-, Major Staniers dismissed for demanding the rights of
-, articles to be observed by
-, warrant for holding courts martial for trial of offenders in
-, officers of, in England to repair to their commands
-, officers of, payment to be made to
-, regiments of, soldiers of, wounded or taken by the Dutch come over in the Harwich packet-boats
-, company of, in garrison at Hull, muster of
-, and Anne, wife of, Duchess of Monmouth and Bucleuch, losses of, by impoverishment of their tenants by the great storm, and licence to, to import horses and cattle from Ireland
-, John, of Syntowne, warrant for charter to
-, Robert, of London, bookseller, petition of, and grant of copyright to
-, William, petition of
-, See also Marcum. Richard.
-, Col., col.-lieutenant of the Royal English regiment, letters to
-, instructions to
-, warrant to
-, , of Tushielaw, warrant for gift of the ward and non-entry of
-, Walter, son and apparent heir of, warrant for gift of marriage of

Scougal, Patrick, Bishop of Aberdeen. See Sharp. James, Archbishop of St. Andrews.

Scroope, Adrian, letter of
-, Apollonia, warrant for pardon to, and release on bail of
-, , manslaughter of

Scroup, Madam, letter of mentioned

Sendamore, Ambrose to be omitted in commission appointing commissioners for licensing hackney coaches
-, John, Viscount Scudamore, suggested as M.P. for Herefordshire

Sculthorpe, Edward, letter of
-, son of

Seabriefs, increase of Dutch ships with English
-, See alsoPasses.

Seaforth, Earl of. See Mackenzie. Kenneth, Earl of Seaforth.

Seager, Anthony, late messenger of the chamber

Seaman, Simon, son to the king's interpreter of Turkish, letters recommending

Seames, the, and West Penmarks, English ship boarded by Algerines off

Seas, men transporting themselves beyond, when taken to be released

Seawood forest or park near Musland, Lancashire, caveat about
-, petition for lease of

Secomb, Mr., son of, request for recommendation of, to the Charterhouse

Seddon, Dr., canon residentiary of Hereford, death of

Sefton, Lancashire, rectory of, caveat against dispensation for holding, with another living
-, warrant for corroboration of title to

Selby, Henry, advowson of Redriffe purchased by, from Cromwell

Selby, fen lands of the Marquis of Winchester belonging to the dissolved priory of

Selden, John, copyright in an intended edition of the works of, requested and granted

Selkirkshire, appointment of sheriff of, and warrant for gift of the ward and non-entry of lands in

Seller, John, hydrographer to the king, advertisement by

Sembale, Mr., note of grant of goods of

Seneca, quotation from

Seneca Indians, the

Senhouse, Elizabeth, letter of
-, Patritins, son of, letter in favour of

Serinchamp, M. de, envoy of the Duke of Lorraine, exceptions of, to the French passes

Sermon, William, hackney coachman, deceased

Seville. See London.

Seward, James, waiter in the port of Bristol

Sewster, Samuel, purser of the Speedwell, person employed for discovery of frauds of

Sexton, Mr., estate of, in co. Limerick, caveat concerning

Seyliard, John, merchant tailor and freeman of London, deceased, Elizabeth, daughter of, proceedings about the guardianship of
-, Thomas, brother of, letters of administration granted to

Seymour, Sir Edward, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant of Devon, requested
-, granted
-, Edward, son of, Speaker of the House of Commons, return of, to London from the Downs
-, arrival of, at Portsmouth
-, like to be questioned in the House
-, list of members of the House of Commons under the influence of
-, Edward, warrant for grant to
-, Henry, son of, warrant for grant for life of
-, Francis, Duke of Somerset, appointment to lord lieutenancy of Somerset during minority of
-, Henry, son of Sir Joseph, warrant for grant to
-, Henry, uncle of, Groom of the Bedchamber, and Edward, his nephew, grant in reversion after
-, H., caveat on behalf of

Shadwell, J., letters of
-, request by, to be remembered on the Irish establishment

Shaen, Sir James, surveyor-general of Ireland, to attend the referees about the Duke of York's deficiencies
-, Sir William Petty, William Hill, William Rider, Robert Gorges, Thomas Hoar, Francis Soane, William Muschamp, Edward Richbell, Stanhop Mill, Laurence Stannian, and William Hanway, the new farmers of the Irish revenue, warrant for acquittance to
-, demise to, of the Irish revenue mentioned

Shaftesbury, Earl of. See Cooper, Anthony Ashley, Earl of Shaftesbury

Shafto, Mr., complaints against

Shakerley, Sir Geoffrey, M.P., governor of Chester Castle, memorandum of letter to
-, going to London from Chester
-, dispute between, and the constable and surveyor of Chester Castle
-, chaplain to. See Higginbotom, John

Shalton, Staffordshire, coalmines in, petition concerning

Sharp, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews, letter to
-, instructions to
-, warrant for discharge to
-, ministers appointed on the recommendation of
-, and the Archbishop of Glasgow, letter to
-, warrant for gift of sum to be employed at the appointment of, for defraying the charges of the Church
-, and the Bishop of Edinburgh, case of the four removed ministers referred to
-, liberty granted to the four ministers to wait on
-, and some of the Scotch bishops, letter to
-, letter of, mentioned
-, and the Bishops of Edinburgh, Galloway, Aberdeen, Caithness, Brechin and Argyle, appointed commissioners to examine the case and conduct of the Bishop of Dunblane
-, Sir William, of Stoniehill, the king's cashkeeper, warrants to

Sharplaw and Linhouses and other lands in the parochine of Kuname, Roxburghshire, warrant for charter of

Shaw, Sir John, letter of
-, See also Duncombe, Sir John

Shawe, John, porter at Blossom's Inn
-, wife of

Sheen, Surrey, letter dated from
-, petition for lease of house at, referred

Sheene, John, gunner at Hurst Castle, warrant for reprieve of

Sheere, Surrey, rectory of, petition concerning
-, grant of

Sheerness, letter dated from
-, petition for appointment as commissioner of

Sheffield, John, Earl of Mulgrave, regiment of. See Army, the.

Sheldon, Augustine, commission to
-, Dr. Gilbert, Archbishop of Canterbury
-, warrants to
-, address of Hugh Morrell presented to
-, caveat for notice to be given to
-, Williamson's intercession with, requested
-, letters of administration granted by
-, Dr. Lloyd recommended by
-, person sent by, to Williamson
-, Alderman Sir Joseph, Lord Mayor, letter of, mentioned
-, to be entertained by Sir N. Herne
-, application of Edward Briscoe to
-, Capt. William, lient.-governor of Guernsey, company of, commission in
-, , commission to

Sheldrick, Mr., Nonconformist minister at Yarmouth, goods of, distrained on

Shepheard, Master, keeper of the Greyhound Inn, and of a coffeehouse in St. Mary's Lane, Oxford, newsletter requested for

Sherborne, Dorset, letters dated from

Sheridan, Patrick, D.D., Dean of Connor, note of letter in favour of

Sheriffs, list of, for the 3 years ending 1675, and list of the persons chosen in 1674 to be pricked for
-, list of persons nominated as

Sherley, Dr., appointed physician to the king in ordinary

Shields, proposal for allowing ships to take in provisions at

Shillelagh, half barony of, and Castle of Carnow, Wicklow, case of William Eyre concerning his right to

Shipman, John, horse of stolen

Shippen, William, caveat against presentation and dispensation being granted to

Ships, petition of owners of two, mentioned
-, orders and warrants for making free
-, inventions for buoying up, and for putting goods on board
-, patents for
-, tax for building, expected to have been granted

Ships, names of:
-, Abraham, of Dover
-, Abraham, of London
-, Adventure, king's ship
-, Adventure, of Lyme
-, Adventure, of Penryn
-, Adventure, pink
-, Advice, of London
-, Advice, of London, formerly the Lady Margaret
-, Advice (another)
-, African
-, Agnes, of Burrowstowneness
-, Alicante Merchant
-, America, letters dated from
-, Amity, of Falmouth
-, Amity, of Weymouth
-, Ann, of Ely
-, Ann, of London
-, Anna and Margaret
-, Anna and Mary
-, Anne, yacht
-, sentence of court martial held on board
-, Anne, of Dublin
-, Anne, of Lyme
-, Anne and Christopher, fireship
-, Anthony, of Helford
-, Arms of Bristol
-, Arms of Lyme
-, Arms of Rotterdam
-, Bachelor, of London
-, Baltimore, of London
-, Barbara Maria
-, Bell, of London
-, Benjamin, of London
-, Berkeley Castle
-, Biscay Merchant
-, Black Cock, of London
-, Blackmore, of Dartmouth
-, Blessing, of Barbados
-, Blessing, of Plymouth
-, Blossom
-, Bonadventure, of Topsham
-, Bonaventure
-, Brandewicke, Dutch man-ofwar
-, Breton
-, Bristol, king's ship
-, Bristol Merchant
-, Brownfish, Dutch man-of-war
-, Bunch of Grapes
-, Calmar
-, Cambridge, king's ship
-, Catherine. See Katherine
-, Charity
-, Charity, of Lyme
-, Charity, of Newhaven
-, Charles, yacht
-, letter dated from
-, Charles, of London
-, Chicheley frigate
-, City of Hamburg
-, City of Tangier
-, Cleveland, yacht
-, Concord, of London
-, Concord, of Lyme
-, Consent, of Bideford
-, Constant Endeavour
-, Constant Mary
-, Contant, of Falmouth
-, Cornelia
-, Costly Jewel, of Dover
-, Dartmouth, king's ship
-, Dartmouth frigate
-, Deptford, ketch
-, Desire, of Southampton
-, Desire, formerly the Young Tobias
-, Diligence
-, Dispatch, of Dover
-, Dispatch, of Leith
-, Dolphin, of Havre
-, Dolphin, of Weymouth
-, Dreadnought, king's ship
-, Dudley Tree, of Algiers
-, Eagle
-, Elizabeth, of Dover
-, Elizabeth, of Falmouth
-, Elizabeth, of London
-, Elizabeth, of Lyme
-, Elizabeth, of Yarmouth
-, Elizabeth and Mary
-, Endeavour, of Hull
-, English John.
-, Exchange, of London.
-, Expectation or Expedition
-, Falcon, king's ship
-, Falcon, East Indiaman
-, Fellowship, of Lyme
-, Five Rings, of Middelburg
-, Florentine
-, Flying Hart alias Friendship
-, Flying Hart, of Rotterdam
-, Foresight, king's ship
-, Fox, Ostend caper
-, Francis, of Lyme
-, Friends' Adventure, of Dover
-, Friends' Increase
-, Friendship, alias Flying Hart
-, Friendship. alias St. John
-, Galliard, French man-of-war
-, Garland, king's ship
-, George, of London
-, Giant, of Amsterdam
-, Gift, of Poole
-, Gilded Buck, alias Soil Fish or Lark
-, Golden Fleece
-, Golden Hind, of London
-, Gouda, Dutch man-of-war
-, Greenland Adventure, of Hull
-, Greyhound, frigate
-, letters dated from
-, Greyhound, of Bristol
-, Guernsey, king's ship
-, letter dated from
-, Guinea
-, letter dated from
-, Harwich, king's ship
-, Hester, of Neath
-, Hollandia
-, Holmes, fireship
-, Hope
-, Hope, of Amsterdam
-, Hope, of Hamburg
-, Hope, of Hull
-, Hope, of London
-, Hope, of Newcastle
-, Hope, of Weymouth
-, Hopeful, of London
-, Hopewell, letter dated from
-, Humility
-, Hunter, king's ship
-, James
-, James, of Penryn
-, James, of Waterford
-, Jane, of Lyme
-, Joan, of Lyme
-, Joan, of Falmouth
-, Johanna and Sarah
-, John, of Dartmouth
-, John, of London
-, John, of Lyme
-, John, formerly Young Emperor
-, John and Elizabeth, hoy
-, John and Elizabeth, ketch
-, John and Mary
-, John and Sarah
-, John's Adventure, of London
-, Joseph, of London
-, Joshua, East Indiaman
-, Judith of Lyme
-, Katherine, Old, yacht
-, Katherine, New, yacht
-, Katherine yacht (uncertain which)
-, Katherine, of London
-, Kitchen, yacht
-, Lancaster, East Indiaman
-, Lark, frigate
-, Lark, alias Soil Fish or Gilded Buck
-, Leander, of Bordeaux
-, Levant
-, Little Francis
-, Little Mary
-, Little Rose, of Lyme
-, London, East Indiaman
-, Looking-glass, of Flushing
-, Luce, of Falmouth
-, Margaret, of Stockton
-, Maria Jesus Anna, Ostend caper
-, Marigold, of Bristol
-, Mary, yacht
-, Mary, East Indiaman
-, Mary, of Dover
-, Mary, of London
-, Mary, of Malmo
-, Mary, of Weymouth
-, Mary, of Yarmouth
-, Mary, of Youghal
-, Mary Anne, of Lyme
-, Mary and Martha
-, Mary Rose, king's ship
-, Maryland Merchant
-, Matha and Millior, of Cork
-, Mayflower, of Lyme
-, Merchants' Adventure, of Stockton
-, Merchants' Consent
-, Merchants' Desire, of Hull
-, Merchants' Love, of Stockton
-, Mercury
-, Mercy, of Bantry
-, Merlin, yacht
-, Merlin Galley, the late
-, Mermaid, king's ship
-, Monmouth, yacht
-, Morlaix Merchant
-, Morning Star
-, New Exchange, of Limerick
-, Newcastle, king's ship
-, Nightingale, king's ship
-, Nightingale, of Bideford
-, Norwich, king's ship
-, Olive Branch, of Falmouth
-, Orange Tree, of Algiers
-, Osterweeke, Dutch man-of-war
-, Owen and David, of London
-, Owners' Delight, of London
-, Pearl, king's ship
-, Peter, of Dieppe
-, Peter, of London
-, Phoenix, king's ship
-, Phoenix, East Indiaman
-, Plymouth, king's ship
-, Port Morant Merchant
-, Portland, king's ship
-, Portsmouth, ketch
-, Portsmouth, king's ship
-, Portsmouth, yacht
-, Post, of Amsterdam
-, Postilion, of Dover
-, Postillon, of Cadiz
-, Prince, of Poole
-, Prince Rupert
-, Prosperous
-, Prosperous, of Falmouth
-, Prosperous, of London
-, Prosperous, of Lyme
-, Prosperous, of Weymouth
-, Providence, of Fowey
-, Providence, of Helford
-, Providence, of Southampton
-, Quaker, ketch
-, letter dated from
-, Queen of Poland, of Dantzic
-, Queen of Swedland, of Stockholm
-, Rebecca, of London
-, Rebecca, of London (another)
-, Recovery, of Fowey
-, Reserve, of London
-, Richard, of London
-, Richmond, yacht
-, Robert, of Kinsale
-, Roebuck, king's ship
-, Rose, of Belfast
-, Ross
-, Rosse, of Helford
-, Royal Defence, of London
-, Royal James, king's ship
-, Royal Merchant, East Indiaman
-, Royal Oak, king's ship
-, Ruby, king's ship
-, Ruth
-, St. Anne, of London
-, St. David, king's ship
-, St. John, alias Friendship
-, St. Joseph
-, St. Michael
-, St. Peter, of London
-, St. Peter, of London (another)
-, Salamander
-, Samaritan, Dutch man-of-war
-, Sampson, of London
-, Samuel, of Dover
-, Samuel, of Lyme
-, Sapphire, king's ship
-, Sara, of Lyme
-, Sara, of Weymouth
-, Serpent, French man-of-war
-, Shaftesbury, pink
-, Society, of Lyme
-, Soil Fish or Gilded Buck alias Lark
-, Sophia, yacht
-, Soudades or Soldate or the Queen's frigate
-, Speedwell, frigate
-, Speedwell, ketch, of Salem
-, Speedwell, merchantman
-, Spragg, frigate
-, Staple Dale
-, Star, of Havre
-, Stars of Spain
-, Success, king's ship
-, Success, of Falmouth
-, Swallow
-, Swan, king's ship
-, certificate of officers of
-, Swan (another)
-, Thomas and John, of London
-, Thomas and Mary, of Lyme
-, Tortoise, of Nantes
-, Trial, of London
-, Tunis Merchant
-, Turkey Merchant
-, Turkey Merchant, of London
-, Unity, of London
-, Unity, of Weymouth
-, Victory, of London
-, Vrede, Dutch privateer
-, Welcome, of Hull
-, William, of Plymouth
-, Willing Mind, of Bideford
-, Windsor, of Lyme
-, Wineberg
-, Wivenhoe, yacht
-, Yarmouth, king's ship
-, Young Emperor, now the John
-, Young Tobias, now the Desire
-, Zealandia
-, Zerick Zee, Dutch man-of-war

Shirley, Dr., speech of Lord Shaftesbury in debate of appointing a day to hear case of
-, votes of the House of Commons against appeal of
-, v. Fagg, case of

Shoe, the, the Buoy of, vessels aground on

Short, Richard. See Ashmore, John.
-, , keeper of coffee-house at Oxford

Shorter, Sir John, letter of
-, and others concerned in the ships destroyed in the Elbe, petition of for share in the compensation for

Shotsham, letter dated from

Sidney, Henry, son of the Earl of Leicester, going to Dieppe

Signet, the Clerk of the, letters to
-, warrant to
-, Office, the, caveat entered at

Silks, patent for a new art of tingeing

Silvius, Sir Gabriel, sum paid to, for release of prisoners in Holland
-, privy seal to, as envoy extraordinary to Holland
-, on the point of departure

Simmern, the Duchess of, the Prince of Orange attended in his illness by

Simon, Thomas, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Simson, Mr., and his officers, cattle rescued from
-, countenanced by Sir G. Fletcher

Sion, letter dated from

Sittingbourne, the minister at
-, the Swan inn at, the master of apprehended
-, words spoken at
-, examination about

Skelton, Capt. Bevil. Groom of the Bedchamber, envoy extraordinary to the Emperor, privy seal for equipage and entertainment of
-, warrant for mustering, in his absence
-, certificate of, taking leave of the king
-, to make all haste to Vienna
-, notes of letter of
-, at Amsterdam and Cologne
-, notes of letters to
-, request that, would interpose with the Emperor in favour of Hamburg
-, whether to be left to his former orders
-, arrived at Ratisbon
-, John, letter of
-, Mr., requests that, should not be turned out of the commission of the peace

Skerries, the, near Holyhead, vessel wrecked on
-, shipwrecked people on

Skerries near Dublin. See Dublin

Skibbereen alias New Stapleton, warrant for writ of ad quod damnum concerning request for grant of markets and fairs at

Skimington at Canterbury, a

Skinner, John, student of divinity, warrant for presentation of
-, Mr., at Mr. Latham's in Chancery Lane, statement by

Skipwith, Henry, cause between, and Lodowick Bray

Slater, William, D.D., warrant for pardon to

Slaughter, William, formerly of Queen's College, Williamson's health drunk
-, See also Sclater.

Slaymer, John, grant of denization to

Slett, Lawrence, grant of denization to

Slingesby, Col. Walter, deceased, interest of, in the Royal Oak lottery

Slingsby, Sir Thomas, M.P., governor of Scarborough Castle, memorandum of letter to
-, warrant for delivery of guns to

Smallpox, prevalence of, in Deal, Dover, and West Kent

Smallwood, Dr., Dean of Lichfield, Williamson toasted by

Smelholme, the kirk of, warrant for presentation to

Smith, Benjamin. See Parker, John.
-, Edward, former servant of Lord Arlington, letter of
-, Henry, D.D., given a canonry of Christ Church
-, Sir James, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Exeter, requested
-, granted
-, John, of Flamstead, Hertfordshire, warrant for pardon to
-, Richard, clerk of the cheque to the Yeomen of the Guard, warrant for delivery of liveries and money to
-, Symon, to be omitted in commission appointing commissioners for licensing hackney coaches.
-, appointed a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches.
-, Dr. Thomas, Dean of Carlisle, letter to
-, letter of, mentioned
-, money paid to
-, person to wait as chaplain instead of
-, Thomas, Fellow of Magdalen College, letter to
-, letter of
-, discourse of, sent by his brother to Williamson, and intended account of the Greek Church by
-, Thomas, messenger, warrants to
-, William, messenger, warrants to
-, William, elected mayor of Lyme
-, , agent (?) of the English merchants in Sweden

Smithers, John, commission to

Smithfield, , late of Shepton Mallet, Somerset, estate of, caveat concerning
-, petition concerning

Smyrna, vessel for
-, fleet for
-, fleet, the Dutch, encountered by French men-of-war

Smyrtoun. See Craigcaffie.

Smyth, Jacob, bond of
-, Nathan, usher and crier of the King's Bench
-, Symon, not to be charged with interest on sum lent to him
-, Thomas, brother of Sir Hugh, death of, at Ashton
-, , presented by King James to the rectory of Shere
-, , principal in a robbery

Smythson, Col. George, and Capt. Francis Wilkinson, petition of, referred

Snep, Frans Janson, grant of denization to

Snow, Jeremiah. See Backwell, Edward

Soane, Francis. See Shaen, Sir James.

Sole, Andrew, a Quaker, printer

Sombref, two leagues from Charleroi, the French army about

Somerset, Henry, Marquis of Worcester

Somerset, appointment of Lord Lieutenant of
-, Duke of. See Seymour, Francis, Duke of Somerset.

Somervell, James, usher in the Exchequer in Scotland and James, his son, warrant for gift to

Somerwell, David and John, memorials of protection to

Sopton, Robert, bill for thread, &c., bought from

Sound, the, vessels from
-, Dutch fleet fitting out for
-, Swedish ships and goods seized in

Sourceau, Claude, tailor in ordinary to the king, deceased

South Foreland, the, vessels off
-, De Ruyter passing by

Southampton, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, vessels for, or from.
-, horses transported from, to France
-, passenger to
-, mayor of. See Farr, Thomas.
-, Earl or Duke of. See Fitzroy, Charles, Earl, afterwards Duke of Southampton; Wriothesley, Thomas, Earl of Southampton.
-, River, the, vessels bound for

Southesk, Countess of. See Carnegie, Anne, Countess of Southesk.

Southwark, want of activity in the militia of
-, the militia and trained bands to march into
-, persons condemned at the Admiralty Sessions at
-, fire at
-, two women in, said to be authors of the reports about the king and the Duke of York

Southweald by Brentwood, living of, gift of, requested
-, presentation to

Southwell, Robert, proviso to be inserted in new charter of Kinsale in favour of
-, houses erected by, on the Common Hill or Drowndering at Kinsale
-, Sir Robert, son of, clerk of the Privy Council
-, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, receipt by

Southwold, mail and passengers landed at

Sowton, Stephen, M.A., presentation of, warrant for
-, request for withdrawal of caveat against

Spain, contract of King James with, before his accession
-, prohibition of importation of Barbary goods into, unless they paid customs at Ceuta
-, landing in, of English goods from Tangier prohibited
-, insolency of, to the King of England, and the only way of dealing with
-, restoration of Limburg to, proposed by the mediators
-, fustians formerly worn in, succeeded by Exeter stuffs
-, extracts from treaties between, and England, France and Holland
-, the coast of, English ship forced ashore on, by Sallee manof-war
-, King of (Charles II.), proclamation against assisting revolted subjects of
-, dogs for
-, present of horses from, to the King of England
-, Don John of Austria said to have been sent for by
-, the Queen Dowager of, averse to Don John being sent for

Spain, New, Indian prisoners sold at

Spaniards, the, neutral ships taken by, and carried into Ostend
-, disgusted at the outrages of the Dutch army
-, force of, and Dutch near Calais
-, towns taken from, by the French, reported surrender of, to the Prince of Orange
-, attempts of, to hinder the growth of Tangier
-, Bayonne said to be revolted to
-, French ships from Newfoundland taken by
-, English ship and cargo taken by

Spanish ambassador in England, the, case to be recommended to
-, See also Ronquillo. Don Pedro de.
-, fleet, the, engaged with the French off Messina
-, forces, the, Dutch regiments sent to strengthen
-, the French resolved to see, in garrison before themselves
-, encamped between Diest, Louvain and Thienen
-, man-of-war, behaviour of a, to an English ship
-, English ship taken by
-, merchants, several, petition of
-, Netherlands, the, vessels for.
-, the French king about to leave for his army in
-, preparations to reinforce the garrisons in
-, plate fleet, the, more money from, goes to France than anywere else
-, privateers, complaints against
-, Englishmen plundered by
-, territories, the, rudeness of the Dutch army in
-, wool, conveyed to Holland by means of the English composition trade
-, too short for stuffs

Sparre. Baron, Swedish ambassador to England
-, letter of, read to the King
-, note of
-, letter to, requested
-, express to
-, warrant at the desire of
-, goods of, to be transferred from Swedish galliot to English ships
-, to be reminded about the capers
-, memorial of, mentioned

Sparrow, Dr. Anthony, Bishop of Exeter, letters to

Spelman, Henry, to be continued clerk to the commissioners for licensing hackney coaches

Spencer, Robert, Earl of Sunderland, letter of, mentioned
-, Robert, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, William, prisoner in Newgate, warrant for reprieve of
-, warrant for release of
-, Col., company of

Spicer alias Goodman, John, deceased, grant of estate of, prayed

Spithead, vessels at
-, the King to embark at

Spragg, Sir Edward, and Thomas Papillon, case of, about election at Dover

Spry, Arthur, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Spurn Point, the, new lighthouses erected on.

Spurway, Capt. Humphrey, late of Taunton, pardon for, requested
-, granted

Staffordshire, prosecution of Papists in
-, approbation of deputy lieutenant of, requested
-, granted
-, reasons why person should be excused serving as high sheriff of

Staggins, Nicholas, Master of the Music, and musician in ordinary, warrant for payment to
-, warrant for liveries to
-, memorandum and note concerning
-, payment to, ordered
-, pass to, to go to Italy

Staley, , goldsmith, money borrowed from, by the Spanish ambassador

Stampe, Martin, affidavit of, mentioned
-, Timothy, brother of, taken with his ship, and carried into the Havana
-, afterwards retaken and tortured and murdered by Don Philip Hellen

Standish, rectory of, Lancashire, dispensation for holding, in commendam

Stanesby, Richard, recommended to be bailiff of Martin Hill fair
-, Richard, and James, father and brother of, deceased, former bailiffs of said fair

Stanfard, J., Resident of the Duke of Neuburg, letter of

Stanhope, Michael. warrant for dispensation to

Staniers or Stanihurst, Henry, major of the Duke of Monmouth's foot regiment in France
-, letter concerning
-, petitions of
-, dismissal of

Stanley, Richard. See Colston, Edward.
-, William, Earl of Derby, Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal and William Bankes of Winstanley, trustees of the royal bounty for clergy and schools in the Isle of Man, letter to
-, Major, company of, commission in

Stannian, Laurence. See Shaen, Sir James.

Stanstead Abbots, Hertfordshire, vicarage of, dispensation for holding

Stanwix, Cumberland, petition of the vicar of, mentioned

Starkey, John, servant of Richard Barker, of Nantwich
-, examination of

Starman, Jacob, grant of denization to

Start Point, the, Dutch ship carried off from cove near, by a French man-of-war
-, vessels off

Steed, Henry, scholar of Westminster, letter in favour of

Steele, William, late Lord Chancellor of Ireland, decree by

Stell, the, removal of shoal called, from Sunderland harbour

Stephens, Sir John, lease to, recited
-, Dr. T., letter of

Sterne, Dr. Richard, Archbishop of York, letter of
-, right of, to have the Dean of Ripon presented to him

Stevens, John, wiredrawer. near Spitalfields, warrant for arresting and bringing before the Council

Stevinston, Dr. Archibald, appointed one of the King's physicians in Scotland

Steward, John, advocate, warrant for pardon for striking, in the new session house of Edinburgh
-, William, of the lifeguard of horse, warrant for gift to
-, Col. William, or his daughter Elizabeth, both deceased, lands formerly pertaining to

Stewart, Sir William. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Stier, or Steare, , execution against

Stillingfleet, Dr.

Stirling, Sir John, of Keir, warrant for inserting the taxt duties in the signature in favour of

Stirling, duties of the lands and lordship of, tacks of
-, Castle, Sir Patrick Home to remain prisoner in

Stint, Mr., of the Middle Temple, caveat on behalf of

Stirt, , vintner at Oxford, letters about a suit between, and the University

Stisted or Stysted, Edward, letter of
-, charge of seditious and treasonable language against
-, warrant for apprehending and bringing before Williamson
-, examination of
-, statement of, about Mrs. Bourne denied by her
-, committed to the Gatehouse

Stock, Abraham, of Dover, order in Council on petition of

Stockholm, vessel of, wrecked
-, vessels from, or for
-, increase of English shipping from
-, pass to

Stockman, Joseph, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire

Stockton, letters dated from
-, vessels at
-, vessel of, plundered by Dunkirk privateer
-, vessels of
-, vessel for
-, vessels arrived at
-, election of mayor of

Stoke Court, extension of lease of, recommended

Stoke Newington, letter dated from

Stokes, John, letter of, and order for payment to

Stokes Bay, ships at

Stone. John, grant of letters of administration of estate of
-, Elizabeth, Pretiosa, John, and Charity, infant children of

Stonechest, John, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Stonhouse, Jo., letter of

Stoodley, George, incumbent of Redriffe parish, alleged to be illegally presented

Stoughton v. Onslow, case of
-, day appointed for hearing of

Stoupe, , in France, pension to

Strachan, John, commission to

Strachan, Forest of, erection of lands into
-, See also Durris.

Stradling, Sir Edward, caveat concerning grant of estate of
-, Thomas, commission to

Strafford, Earl of. See Wentworth, Thomas and William, Earls of Stafford.

Strahanagh. See Killnecurra.

Straith and Slaite in Skye, warrant for presentation to kirk of

Straits, the, vessels for
-, vessels from
-, Sallee men-of-war in
-, vessel to be fitted for
-, French men-of-war fitting for
-, caviare to be transported to, from Russia
-, the Dutch fleet for
-, Ostend saluted by
-, French fleet at the mouth of
-, the English said to have all the trade in
-, reported engagement between De Ruyter and the French in
-, fight between two Englishmen and a Sallee man-of-war at the mouth of

Strangewayes, Col. Giles, M.P., death of
-, election of member in place of
-, appointment of deputy lieutenant in place of, requested
-, John, M.P., son of, memorandum of letter to
-, at the Mayor's feast at Lyme
-, and Thomas, sons of, appointment of, as deputy lieutenants for Dorset, requested
-, approbation of

Strangh, William, merchant, of London, order in Council on petition of
-, goods of Danish bankrupt arrested by, at Amsterdam
-, unjust imprisonment and treatment of, at Copenhagen

Strassburg, person from
-, the Bishop of, pass for envoys of
-, condition to be put in
-, letter to be sent to
-, promise of the king to

Stratford, Richard, payment to, ordered by the Act of Explanation
-, request for signature of letter in favour of
-, draft letter for payment to

Stratford, near Bow, assembly of riotous weavers at

Strathardle. See Athole.

Streater, John, printer

Street, Thomas, M.P., memorandum of letters to

Strensham, letter dated from

Strickland, Sir Thomas, justice of Westmorland

Striking, disputes about

Stringer, , M.P., memorandum of letter to

Strode, Col. John, governor of Dover Castle, letters of
-, mentioned
-, letters to
-, orders of, mentioned
-, warrant from, mentioned
-, Court of Loadsmanage held before
-, Capt. John, company of, commission in
-, Sir John, a supporter of Lord Digby
-, at the mayor's feast at Lyme

Stronge, John, town clerk of Salisbury, letter of

Strowane. See Athole.

Stuart, Alexander, Earl of Moray, warrants for appointment of, as Justice General and for pension to
-, warrant for a commission appointing, Sir Thomas Wallace, of Craigie, and five other senators of the College of Justice Commissioners and criminal judges in Scotland
-, warrant for payment to
-, James, Duke of York and Albany
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, letters to, mentioned
-, letters or papers read or shown to
-, commands of, requested
-, at Newmarket
-, gone to Culford
-, at dinner with Lord Arlington, and in excellent health and humour
-, Lord Inchiquin said to have been sent to Tangier at request of
-, as High Admiral of Scotland, letters of marque granted by
-, pass from, mentioned
-, embarked at Gravesend with the King
-, report of intended visit of, to Pendennis
-, anchored in Sandown Bay
-, arrived at Portsmouth
-, gone to sea to meet the King
-, at the Isle of Wight and return of, to Portsmouth
-, gracious intentions of, to Sir C. Musgrave
-, caveat against anything passing to prejudice of interest of, in New York, and request for entering same
-, conversation of Lord Culpeper with
-, of opinion that Sir C. Musgrave ought to be sent to Carlisle
-, claims of, under the Acts of Settlement and Explanation references concerning
-, memorandum concerning
-, living promised at the instance of
-, moved about the condition of Carlisle
-, as Lord High Admiral, passes issued by, mentioned
-, report that, had murdered or wounded the King and had fled to France
-, authors of
-, reported intention of, to reconcile his kinswoman, the Duchess of Mazarin, with her husband
-, observations by, on the defalcations allowed the farmers of the Irish revenue
-, called James Chiffen, and said to be illegitimate
-, apprehension that, might join the Country party
-, commissioners of, the
-, trustees of, the, lease made by
-, chaplain of. See Lake, Edward.
-, regiment of. See Army, the.
-, Mary Beatrice, wife of, Duchess of York and Albany, letter to, mentioned
-, money ordered by, to be given to Monsieur Morel
-, lady landed at Southwold said to be related to

Stuarts, the, statement that, if the English were wise, they would free themselves from

Stysted. See Stisted.

Suckley, rectory of, Worcestershire, warrant for presentation to

Suffolk, Dutch forces landed in, in 1667
-, clothiers of, the, complaints of, against the Guinea Company
-, Earl and Countess of. See Howard. James and Barbara, Earl and Countess of Suffolk.

Sugar merchants, the, petition of

Sugar mills, iron work for, prohibition of exportation of, requested

Suits and delays, bill to make perpetual an act for avoiding unnecessary

Sumpter, John, prisoner in the gaol for Berkshire, petition of
-, warrant for pardon to

Sunderland, Samuel, of Harding in the West Riding, persons convicted for breaking into the house of

Sunderland, letters dated from
-, vessel of, lost
-, vessels for, or from
-, design of deepening entrance of harbour at
-, storm at
-, visit of the Bishop of Durham to
-, Earl of. See Spencer, Robert, Earl of Sunderland.

Surat, vessel from

Surekle, the, petition for grant of waste ground in the Humber called

Surinam, vessels for, or from
-, papers relating to the dispatch for
-, good agreement between the English and Dutch at
-, matters concerning, well executed

Surrey, appointment of Lord Lieutenant of
-, the high sheriff of, warrant to
-, proclamation against riotous weavers published in

Sussex, Earl of. See Lennard, Thomas, Earl of Sussex.

Sutherland, James, treasurer of Edinburgh, to be discharged from officiating as member of the town council.

Sutton. Sir Edward, non obstante requested for
-, caveat concerning intended writ of error against
-, Edward, outhouse at Royston in possession of

Sutton Marsh, Lincolnshire, grant of arrears of rent of

Sutton's Hospital. See Charterhouse, the.

Swale, the, vessel gone to

Swan, Sir William, Resident at Hamburg
-, letters of, mentioned
-, notes of letters of
-, long absence of, in England
-, to be instructed to make interest with the Senate of Hamburg
-, arbitrary proceedings against
-, offers made to, by Hamburg for settlement of claims of Col. Hayes' daughters

Swanley, Capt. Robert, execution of the murderers of
-, accounts of the murder of

Swansea, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, vessels arrived at
-, vessel from
-, vessels lost near
-, epidemic of colds at

Swanton, John, executed for housebreaking

Sweatland, Richard, forfeited estate of

Sweden, vessel of, carried into Holland by a Brandenburger
-, memorial concerning
-, arrested at Queenbrough
-, vessels of, taken by Zealand capers with Brandenburg commissions
-, capers of Flushing with Brandenburg commissions against
-, in Hollesley Bay
-, in the Rolling Grounds
-, taken by the Spaniards
-, gone for London
-, leave to remove salt from, to English vessels, requested
-, warrant for granting
-, galliot of, goods of the ambassador in, to be transferred to English vessels
-, privateer of, English ship taken by
-, men-of-war of, Scotch ships seized by
-, reported arrival of envoy from
-, declared by the King of France his open ally in the war
-, slowness of treaty making from the necessity of obtaining consent of
-, war declared against, by the Elector of Brandenburg
-, rupture with, not apprehended by Denmark
-, report of the intention of the King of Denmark to declare war against
-, war against, proclaimed, at the Brill and Amsterdam
-, at Rotterdam
-, report of proclamation of war against, confirmed
-, report that war was proclaimed between, and Denmark
-, war broken out between, and Denmark
-, pressing the English ambassadors to depart for the treaty
-, the Chancellor in, the minister
-, war between, and Holland proclaimed at Riga, and effects of the Dutch seized there
-, increased duty on copper in
-, extracts from treaties between, and England and France
-, ambassador of. See Sparre, Baron.
-, and Holland, commerce between
-, King of (Charles XI.), letters to be prepared to
-, war declared on the Dutch by
-, letter of, to the States General mentioned
-, reported to be poisoned

Swedes, the, men-of-war fitting at Rochefort and Brest to join
-, routed by the Brandenburgers
-, damage suffered by Capt. Langley from
-, the bounds of neutrality passed by

Swedish war, the, continuing
-, shipping and goods seized in the Sound
-, matter of fact, the, before Sir L. Jenkins

Swerford, living of, near Oxford

Swift, William, high sheriff of Worcestershire, licence to

Swinfen, Mr.

Sydenham, Mr., one of the three on the list for high sheriff of Dorset

Symons, widow, printer

Synge, Edward, Bishop of Cork. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Syntowne, North, lands of, in the barony of Dawick, Roxburghshire, warrant for charter of