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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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For Streets, &c., in London and Westminster, see London and Westminster, streets, &c. of.

For names of Ships, see Ships, names of.

For titles of Books, see Books, titles of.


Abbott, Rob.
-, contract by

Aberdeen, University of

Abergavenny, or Abergany, Lady, see Neville.

Abergavenny, burgesses of, list of
-, charter of, alluded to

Abokelps, ship bringing

Abraham, Laurence

Abrahams, Jacob

Abrin, Gasper de

Acaster Selby, co. York

Accounts, Committee of Parliament for taking, at Brooke House
-, books, &c., for or from
-, letter of
-, Public, proceedings concerning

Achonry, see Killala.

Achtalow Wood, Scotland

Acklam, Ald., Hull

Acland, Hugh, letter of

Acton, Middlesex, letter dated from
-, resident at

Acts of the Apostles, arras illustrating

Acworth, Wm., storekeeper at Woolwich
-, letters of

Adams, Ant.
-, family of
-, John
-, Paul
-, Rich., letter of
-, wife of
-, Sir Wm., Bart., petition of
-, Mr.

Adamson, Jas.

Adderbury, co. Oxon, resident at

Addis, Valentine


Adington, Alex.

Admiralty, the, affairs of
-, Commissioners, letter and reference to
-, order of
-, order to
-, petitions to
-, Court
-, judges of
-, marshal of


Advance of Money, Commonwealth Committee for, at Haberdashers' Hall

Advices received

Aeth, plague at

Africa, Adventurers of
-, Dutch in, see Dutch in Africa.
-, trade with

African, Guinea, or Royal Company, Court of
-, letter of
-, notice of
-, petition of
-, Company, French, ship of
-, House, letter dated from

Agard, Dionise
-, information by

Agarsley Park [co. Stafford?]

Age, Haytie

Ager, or Agar, Thos.

Agges, Lolle

Agnew, Jean, see Blair, Jean

Aguvar, resident at

Aid, Additional, Act for, alluded to
-, Royal, see Royal Aid.

Aikman, And

Ailesbury, or Aylesbury, see Bruce.

Aiscue, Sir George

Albemarle, Duke of, see Monk.

Albrici, Lenora, letter and petition of
-, brother of

Alcester, co. Warwick, place near

Alden, Philip

Alderley, Sir Chas.

Alderney, island of

Aldington, Kent, manor of

Aldridge, George
-, father and sister of
-, Mr.
-, son of
-, felon

Aldsey, co. Warwick, resident at

Aldus, Rob., petition of

Aldworth, Aud. Rich., letters to
-, Rob.
-, news-letters to
-, Squire, letter to

-, chaplain or minister at
-, consul at, see Lannoy, Benj.
-, treasurer at, and see Hunt, Thos.

Alexander, George
-, Eliz. widow of
-, letters, &c., of
-, Thos., senr. and junr
-, (Williamson's servant ?)
-, (courier ?)

Aleyn, Thos.

Alford, Sibilla, petition of

-, articles with
-, Bashaw of
-, Captain and Lieutenant-General of
-, Duan of
-, English consul at
-, English slaves or prisoners at
-, relatives of, petition of
-, French in connection with
-, fort or castles at
-, mole at
-, people of, or Algerines
-, pirates of
-, ships of, or Algerines
-, destroyed or captured
-, English ships taken by
-, ships to or from

Alguacils (bailiffs) of Spain

Alibes, Mons. de

-, letter dated from
-, Road, letter dated from
-, ships to or from

Alice Holt forest, timber in or from
-, keepers of
-, lieutenant of

Alienation Office, clerk in

Aliens or foreigners
-, denization of, see Denization.
-, mariners, see Mariners, alien.
-, order concerning

Alington, Capt. Argenton
-, letter of

Allegiance, oath of
-, alluded to

Allen, John, petition of
-, Lewzy, petition of
-, Ald. Sir Thos.
-, alias Blood, William, see Blood.
-, Mr., Rochester

Allestree, Dr. Rich., Provost of Eton, letter of

Alleyn, Elias
-, John, Dulwich
-, Capt. John, Chatham, letter of
-, Capt. Thos., petition of
-, Thos., son of

Allin, Sir Thos., Commander of the Straits fleet
-, fleet under, or ships of
-, journal of
-, letters of
-, (plotter), see Ayliffe.

Allington, William, Lord Allington

Allington, George

Allison, see Scott, Thos.

Allott, Col. Wm.

Almora, M. de

Alnwick, Northumberland, letter dated from

Alresford, Hants

Alsop, George, information by
-, petition of

Alston, Edw., B.A.

Altea Road, Spain, ships to

Altieri, Cardinal, election of, as Pope, and see Pope Clement X.
-, Paluzzi, Cardinal, or Cardinal Nepote

Alured, Col.

Alvarenga, Joseph Da Costa

Alvelde, Don Francisco

Alwaine, Edw.

Ambassadors, residents, or envoys, English, and see the various countries, ambassadors to.
-, list of
-, foreign, and see the various countries, ambassadors from.
-, letter concerning
-, presents to, lists of
-, secretaries of

Amherst, or Amhurst, Chas.
-, contract with
-, letter of

Amice, Capt.

Ampton [Suffolk ?], letter dated from

-, bank of
-, Gazette
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

Anabaptists, or Baptists

Ancona, Italy

Anderson, Sir Fras.
-, Wm.

Anderton, Ald. Mat.
-, letters of

Andrews, Chris.
-, Garret
-, Michael and Mary
-, daughter of
-, Thos., London
-, Lieut. Thos., letter of
-, Justice
-, Major
-, Mr.

Andros, Amice
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, C., certificate by

Angediva, troops from

Angiers, Dukes of

Angle, Mons. De l'

Anglesey, Earl of, see Annesley.

Anglesey, county of, attorney for
-, prothonotary of

Anley, John

Anne, the Lady, daughter of James, Duke of York

Annesley, Arthur, Earl of Anglesey
-, as late Navy Treasurer
-, letters of
-, reference to

Annesley, Mr.

Anonymous letters,
-, alluded to
-, persons, grant to
-, letters to
-, statements by
-, verses

Ansley, Capt. Abr., master of attendance at Portsmouth
-, contract with
-, letters of

Anslow, Dr.

Antigua, West Indies, ships at or from

Appeal, Lords or Commissioners of, see Prizes.

Appleby, Westmoreland, castle of
-, sessions at
-, Mayor and corporation of, petition of

Apsley, Sir Allan, Master of the Hawks
-, letter of
-, letter to

Apsom, ships of

Apulia, ship to

Arbilleur, Laurence, letter of
-, wife and child of


Archer, Cuthbert
-, contract with, or tender by
-, George
-, Capt. Jas.
-, Sir John
-, Patrick, petition of

Arderne, John

Argives, the, Kings of

Argyleshire, traveller to

Aries, Thos.

Arkinstall, Mr.

Arlington, Lord, see Bennet.

Armenian Bishop,
-, mariner (?)

Armorer, Sir Nich.

Armoury, Master of, see Legg, Col.

Arms, and see Army, Guards of, arms, &c., for; and Ordnance stores.
-, legacy for purchase of

Army, the
-, Commander-in-Chief of
-, disbanding of
-, Act for, alluded to
-, Lord General of
-, late, see Monk, Duke of Albemarle.
-, officers, lists of
-, loyal, reduced, disbanded, or indigent
-, committee or trustees for
-, lottery for, see Lotteries, plate.
-, petitions of
-, precedence of
-, reformed, list of
-, petitions of
-, Paymaster of, see Fox, Sir Stephen.
-, payments for
-, regiments or forces of, raising of
-, chapels, schools, &c., for
-, precedence of
-, Secretary of
-, Surgeon-General for
-, surgeons for
-, Guards, regiments or companies of
-, arms, &c., for
-, clerk of the cheque of
-, officers of
-, Life
-, in Scotland, see Scotland, Life Guards in.
-, Admiral's or Duke of York's regiment or troop
-, Coldstream
-, Duke of Monmouth's troop
-, Foot regiments of
-, Holland regiment
-, King's regiment, or Royal troop
-, Lord General's or Duke of Albemarle's troop
-, Queen's troop
-, guards and garrisons, order concerning
-, commissions in, applications for
-, forms of
-, lists of
-, grants of, viz.:
-, Adjutants
-, Captains
-, Chaplain
-, Colonels
-, Cornets
-, Ensigns
-, Lieutenants
-, Lieutenant Majors
-, Marshal
-, Quartermaster
-, to command the Militia
-, the old
-, officers of
-, soldiers of
-, officers and soldiers to leave London, proclamation ordering
-, alluded to, and see London, licence to remain in or come to; and London, persons ordered to leave.
-, Commissioners
-, the old
-, lists, English

Armyne, Sir Wm.

Arnot, Alex.

Arnott, Mr.

Arras, cannon to

Arrears, Committee of, clerk of, see Marsh, John.

Arthur, Daniel
-, letter of (?)

Artillery Company,
-, president of
-, yearly entertainment of
-, Ground

Arts, Bachelors of
-, Masters of

Arundel, Earls of, see Howard.
-, Henry, third Baron Arundel of Wardour
-, Richard, Lord Arundel of Trerise

Arundel, John
-, Sir John

Ash, Kent, resident at

Ashburnham, John
-, Sir John
-, Wm., Cofferer of the Household
-, payments to
-, Jane, Countess of Marlborough, wife of, petition of
-, Col. Wm., letter of

Ashburton, Devon, market for

Ashby, Col. Godfrey
-, petitions of

Ashby, co. Lincoln, resident at

Ashenhurst, Humble

Asheton, Mr.

Ashley, Lord, see Cooper, Anthony Ashley.

Ashley, John, and his wife

Ashmole, Elias, Windsor Herald
-, letter, &c., of

Ashted, Surrey, lordship of

Ashton manor, co. Northampton

Ashwell, George
-, petition of

Ashworth, Rob.
-, letter of

Assessments, see Taxes.

Assize, judges and justices of, see Judges.

Assizes, see various towns, assizes in.

Astley, Dr. Herbert, Dean of Norwich

Aston, Walter, Lord Aston

Aston, Elias, signature of
-, John

Aston, co. Oxon, resident at

Astrakan, King of

Astry, Mr.

Aswarby, co. Lincoln, traveller to

Atherton, John, Bishop of Waterford

Athlington, Suffolk, rectory of

Athlone, Ireland, leases in

Atholl, Earl of, see Murray, John

Atkins, Col. or Sir Jonathan, Commissary or Governor of Guernsey
-, commission to
-, letters of
-, letters, &c., to
-, warrants to
-, wife and family of
-, Sir Rob., K.B.
-, Sam.
-, Thos., see Atkinson.

Atkinson, Ben
-, or Atkins, Thos.
-, servant of
-, [nonconformist ?]

Attewell, John, letter of

Attorney-General, see Herbert, Sir Edw.; Palmer, Sir G.; Finch, Sir Heneage; and Banks, Sir John.

Aubenas, France

Aucher, Sir Ant.

Auckland, co. Durham, prebends of

Audley End, or Audley Inn, the Queen to
-, traveller to

Audrey, Edm.

Augsburgh, earthquake at

Augusto, Jacobo Ben Rabbi Samuel, petition of

Aungier, Francis, Lord Aungier

Aurindo (character in play),

Ausbenge, Prince

Austria, Don Juan of
-, family of

Avelin's Grove, Berks

Avery, Mr., town clerk of London

Axon, John, petition of

Axton, Thos., contract with

Aylesbury, or Ailesbury, Earl of, see Bruce.

Aylesford, Kent, engagement at

Ayliffe, or Allin,

Ayr, sheriffdom of

Ayres, Col. Wm.

Ayton, Sir John