James I: Volume 47, July, August, 1609

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 47, July, August, 1609', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp524-540.

"James I: Volume 47, July, August, 1609". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp524-540.


July, August, 1609.

July 1. 1. Sir Wm. Waad to Sir Thos. Lake. For a reversion of the office of Gentleman Porter of the Tower for -- Carew, who has long supplied the imperfect services of Sir Wm. Worthington.
July 1. 2. Petition of Maxn. Colt, Carver on wood and stone of all his Majesty's works, to Salisbury. Prays for allowance for his attendance on the officers of the works. With reference thereon to the officers of the works.
July 1. 3. Petition of Sir Rich. Ashton, late Sheriff of Lancaster, to the Same. For warrant to demand repayment from the Exchequer of 8£. levied by him on the goods of Messrs. Brockholes and Carus, and now demanded by the officer of first fruits. With reference and order thereon.
July 2. 4. Henry Earl of Southampton to the Same. Sandham Castle, Isle of Wight, needs repairs. 1,000£. will restore it; but it may be repaired materially for 300£. Yarmouth Castle is also in need of repair. Applies for a warrant for re-delivery of some pieces of artillery, sent to the Ordnance for repair.
July 2. Grant to Lord Chandos of the office of Keeper of Ditton park and messuage, co. Bucks, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
July 3. 5. List of assignments of money for the following week, signed by Sir Julius Cæsar.
July 3.
Warrant to advance to Sir Willm. Ryder and Sir Thomas Lake, Farmers of the impost on sugars for the Queen, 442£. 16s., her half-year's allowance from the customs, to be by them paid over to the Queen; and also to pay to John Dacombe 600£., the same as to Sir Hen. Lee, for redemption of his estate in Eltham Park. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 101.]
July. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, July 4.]
July 3.
Warrant dormant to pay to Thos. Norton 3s. 4d. per diem, for repairs of the highways between London, Royston, and Newmarket, during pleasure; also to repay 18£. disbursed by him. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 102.]
July. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, July 4.]
July 3. Letter to the Foresters and Keepers of the four wards in the forest of Needwood, to deliver to Chas. Chambers, Groom of the Queen's Privy Chamber, four bucks of the season. [Docquet, July 4.]
July 3. Grant to Sir Jas. Douglas, of the benefit of the recusancy of Wm. Naylor of Reading, co. Berks. [Docquet, July 4.]
July 3. Like grant for Sir John Andrew of the recusancy of Jane Andrew, of Ilmington, co. Warwick. [Docquet, July 4.]
July 3. Letter to the Lord Mayor, &c. of London, for collections to be made for repair of the Church of St. Olave, in Silver Street. [Docquet, July 4.]
July 3. Warrant to the Duke of Lenox, Keeper of the Honor of Grafton, not to admit any warrant to be served for three years within the honor, except under sign manual. [Docquet, July 4.]
July 3. 6. John Thornborough, Bishop of Bristol, to Mr. Chichester, of Turner's-Piddle. Is sorry he applied so late for the vicarage of that place for Mr. Genge; cannot now grant it, having promised it to his own son. Cannot excuse payment of the arrears of tithes, nor consent that Chichester shall share the presentation. Dearly loves Robin Willoughby, and will do his best for him. Annexed is,
6. I. Eliza Thornborough to the Same. Relative to the same presentation, and the health of Robin Willoughby, a note from whom is affixed. York, June 23.
July 3.
7. Earl of Nottingham to Salisbury. Commendations of the bearer, Sir Wm. St. John, who has taken Harris, the pirate, on the Irish coast, and done good service off the West islands of Scotland.
July 4.
8. Paul De la Hay to the Same. Proceedings of Justices of the Peace at Madley, Hereford, for licensing alehouses, &c. Complains of Hen. Vaughan, one of the Justices.
July 4. 9. Ann Lady Glenham to the Same. Begs him to desire Lord William Howard and Lord Rivers not to sell the lease of Cecil House, her father's intentions being to assure the same to herself and her daughter.
July 4. Grant to Robt. Brandling and his heirs, in fee-simple, of the late monastery of Newminster, Northumberland, and lands thereto belonging. [Docquet.]
July 4. License to the Bailiffs, &c., of the City of Worcester, to purchase lands in mortmain for relief of the poor; also the like to the Master and Commonalty of Weavers, Fullers, and Clothiers of Worcester. [Docquet.]
July 4. Grant to Edith Wade of pardon for receiving seminary priests, and for adultery. [Docquet.]
July 4. Grant to Edward Fitton of a pension of 12d. per diem, on surrender of a like pension by John Hope. [Docquet.]
July 4. Letter to the Chief Justices, Judges, and others, directing them to take order with the creditors of John Lepton, the King's servant, for his enlargement from the King's Bench. [Docquet.]
July 5. 10. William Lord Monteagle to Salisbury. Solicits continuance of his favour. Proffers service.
July 5.
11. Grant to Sir Robert Brett, Sir James Sempill, and Thos. Hetley, Esq., of all coat and conduct money since 10 Eliz., due and not paid into the Exchequer, and of all fines for nonpayment of the same.
July 5. Grant to Sir Robt. Brett and his heirs, of the prebends of Sutton, Buck[land ?], Horton, and Horley, cos. Lincoln, Bucks, Oxford, and Northampton, and City of Lincoln, at suit of the contractors for rectories. [Docquet.]
July 5. Grant to Ric. Footyet of pardon, for life only, for horse-stealing. [Docquet.]
July 5. Commission for Robt. Rayne, Serjeant of the Buckhounds, to hunt in any grounds, parks, forests, and chaces belonging to the King or his subjects, in order to train the hounds. [Docquet.]
July 5. Grant to John Gravenor of an alms-room in the hospital of Sherburn, Durham. [Docquet.]
July 6.
Gray's Inn.
12. Sir Fras. Bacon to Salisbury. The assurance of Potter's Park, Chertsey, to Rich. Forbench, is perfected; the purchase money may therefore be paid.
July 6.
Gonville and Caius College.
13. Dr. Wm. Branthwaite to Thos. Wilson. Has spoken with Dr. Clayton, who said he had met him (Wilson) at the Bishop of Rochester's, and would give him satisfaction. Offers Wilson a scholarship for a good scholar born in London.
July 6.
14. Patrick Lord Gray to Lord Salisbury. His brother, the Earl of Orkney, has been committed, through malice of his own servants, for informalities in the government of his state; begs that his oversight may be attributed rather to simplicity than to malice.
July 6. 15. Abstract of the account of the Treasurer of the Navy for the year 1608.
July 6. 16. Petition of John Smith to Salisbury. Prays that an execution against him, at the suit of Lewis and Henry Eynon, may be stayed. With reference and report thereon.
July 7. 17. Petition of Wm. Ellwald, of Middleton, co. York, to the Same. For confirmation of a yearly grant of faggots, cut in the woods of Eppleworth, Pratt, and Southwoods, in Cottingham, co. York, detained from him by Geo. Smith and others, the King's farmers of the lands. With reference thereon.
July 7. 18. Account of John Coston, Registrar of the Archbishop of Canterbury, of receipts for collations and institutions of benefices in the province of Canterbury, for one year past.
July 7. Grant to Robt. Angel and John Walker, and their heirs, in fee-simple, of certain manors &c., value 125£. 12s. per annum, at the suit of Sir Baptist Hicks and others, contractors for Crown lands. [Docquet.]
July 7. Grant to Ric. Roberts and Chris. Babham, of the moiety of 12,000£., debts due to the Crown, after completion of some former grants, and on surrender by the Duke of Lenox of a similar grant for 18,000£. [Docquet.]
July 7. Like grant to the same of the moiety of 6,000£., with like provisoes. [Docquet.]
July 7. Like grant to Willm. and Walter Alexander, of the moiety of 1,200£., on surrender of a former similar grant. [Docquet.]
July 7. Like grant to Sir John Drummond, of the moiety of 5,000£., with like proviso of surrender. [Docquet.]
July 7. Like grant to Jas. Buddough, the King's footman, of the moiety of 2,000£., with like proviso. [Docquet.]
July 7. Like grant to Wm. Beeke and Wm. Barber, of the moiety of 4,000£., with like proviso. [Docquet.]
July 7. Dispensation to Isaac Marrow, Chaplain to the Earl of Suffolk, to hold another benefice with that of Withersfield, diocese Norwich. [Docquet.]
July 7. Grant to Sir John Dutton of two recognizances, amounting to 1,500£., forfeited by John Partridge, for incontinency. [Docquet.]
July 7. Discharge to the now Marquis of Winchester and the Earl of Dorset, of 4,000£., received of Sir Thos. Gresham by the late Marquis and others, and by them paid to Sir Henry Sydney, Lord Deputy of Ireland. [Docquet.]
July 7. Grant to Sir James and Sir George Douglas, of 2,000£., part of the King's moiety of a grant made to John Elphinstone and John Gay. [Docquet.]
July 7. Grant to Thomas Drury of an alms-room in Peterborough. [Docquet.]
July 8.
Warrant to pay to John Killigrew 232£. 10s., compensation for damages and expenses of his late father, in the building of Pendennis Fort, co. Cornwall. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 102.]
July 8.
Warrant to pay to the Earl of Salisbury 1,200£. per ann. to be disbursed by him for private services and rewards, with arrears. [Ibid., p. 103.]
July 8.
Warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Berwick, 1,000£. for a house at Thetford, for the King's recreation. [Ibid., p. 103.]
July 8.
Warrant to pay to the Lady Carey, having charge of the Duke of York, 143£. 13s. 9d., in addition to 600£. already paid for money disbursed for him. [Ibid., p. 104.]
July 8.
Warrant to pay to Thomas Larkin, the King's locksmith, 553£. 5s. 6d. due to him. [Ibid., p. 104.]
July 8.
19. Archbishop Bancroft to the Vice-Chancellor, &c. of the Convocation House, Oxford. Renews the appointment of Dr. King, Dean of Christchurch, as his Vice-Chancellor for the ensuing year.
July 8.
20. Sir Oliver Manners to Salisbury. Regrets that his illness prevents his returning home, but the physicians forbid his using any exertion, even that of writing.
July 9. 21. Earl of Salisbury and Sir Jul. Cæsar to the Receiver of Hampshire. Order him to pay 300£. to the Earl of Southampton, for repairs of Sandham and Yarmouth Castles.
July ? 22. Earl of Southampton to Salisbury. Having received no money from the Receiver of Hampshire, has advanced 300£. for repair of the Castles of Sandham and Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Desires that it may be allowed him out of his half-year's rent for the farm of sweet wines.
July 9.
23. Ralph Lord Eure, Lord President of Wales, to the Same Concerning decays of the house and park of Tickenhill, co. Worcester; necessity of coppicing the woods.
July 9. Grant to Edm. Thorold of the office of Marshal of the Exchequer, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
July 10. 24. Sentence of deprivation of Robt. Baker, Vicar of Crishall, diocese London. Signed by Bishop Ravis, and other Commissioners.
July 10. 25. Petition of Hen. Fleetwood to Salisbury, for redress against Sir Geo. Gifford, who breaks the terms of an agreement, to allow him to enter on the manor and parsonage of Weston, co. Gloucester. With reference and report thereon.
July 10. 26. Account of the receipts of certain first fruits and tenths paid to [Thos.] Watson, Teller of the Exchequer, for the half year ending June 30, 1609.
July 12.
27. Bishop and Dean of Salisbury to Salisbury. Request him to prevent the grant of a new incorporation, solicited by the Mayor and Commonality of Salisbury, which will prejudice the ancient rights of the church.
July 12.
28. Edw. Reynoldes to Sir John Rawlins. Is hindered from visiting him at Wakering. Lord Zouch's coming there uncertain.
July 12.
The Sea.
29. Capt. George Taylor to Salisbury. Has escaped from prison in the Canary Islands. Is willing to leave his present course of life; desires pardon; has shed his blood in the public service, in Ireland and the Low Countries. Indorsed, "A pirate's letter to my Lord."
July 12.
The Sea.
30. Same to the Same. Similar but not duplicate. His only offence is transgression of the articles of peace between England and Spain. Requests his favour with the Admiralty for his pardon.
July 12. Grant to Sir Wm. Paston, Sir Thos. Knyvet, Sir John Hemingham, Thos. le Gros, Edw. Paston, and John Jermyn, of the King's claim to the lands or rents of Sir Wm. Paston, by reason of the idiocy of his son Christopher. [Grant Bk., p. 52.]
July 12. Warrant dormant to pay 30£. per ann. to Sir James Sempill, as Gentleman Usher. [Docquet, July 14.]
July 13.
31. Sir Julius Cæsar to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw a bill for payment to John Berwick, dangerously hurt by the misdemeanours of Sir Edw. Littleton, Sir Walter Leveson, and others, of 100£. out of fines imposed on them.
July 13. Warrant to pay sums, not exceeding 1,500£. per annum in the whole, to such persons as the Lord Treasurer, Lord Chamberlain, and Chancellor of the Exchequer shall signify, for services to the King. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 106.]
[July 13 ?] The same, with an addition. [Ibid., p. 108.]
July 14. Docquets of the above. [Docquet, July 14 and July 31.]
July 14.
32. Archbp. Bancroft to Salisbury. Begs him to peruse the inclosed letter to the King, and to alter it where he thinks fit. Desires access to the records of judgments and precedents in the Common Pleas.
July 14.
33. Sir Edw. Coke to the Same. Sends him a "Norfolk tumbler" to play in Salisbury warren.
July 14. Lease to the Earl of Worcester, Henry Lord Herbert, and Edw. Somerset, son of the latter, of lands in the manor of Wondy, co. Monmouth, "and of the fishing or river of Uske and Carlion," for their lives. [Docquet.]
July 14. Lease to Luce Hobman, Edw. Salewood, Matt. Harman, and John Tenny, of lands, &c. of the manor of Hempholme, co. York. [Docquet.]
July 14. Lease to Leonard Welsted of the messuage of Baltesford, co. Wilts, and demesne lands of the same. [Docquet.]
July 14. Grant to John Bennet of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms. [Docquet.]
July 14. Grant to Hen. Collins of a pension of 12d. per diem, for life, on surrender of a like pension by Roger Evans. [Docquet.]
July 14. Grant to Rich. Langford, and his heirs, in fee-farm, of lands in Brinkeredick in the Comote of Collion, co. Denbigh. [Docquet.]
July 14. Grant to Tho. White of the goods of Rich. Poore, a recusant, and also a demise of his lands for 41 years. [Docquet.]
July 15.
34. Warrant for a grant to John Carse of the benefit of the recusancy of Edm. Coles of Lye, and Anth. Burche, co. Worcester, of Thos. Appletree and Fras. Lovett, co. Warwick, of Fras. Elletts of Aveley, co. Salop, and of Drew Lovett, co. Middlesex.
July 15.
35. Warrant for a grant to Ralph Baldwin, of the benefit of the recusancy of Jas. Tankard, Marmaduke Bowes, Fras. Berwick, John Watkinson, and Eliz. Grimston, all co. York.
July ? 36. Names of such Lords, spiritual and temporal, as have contributed to the aid since June 23, with the sums paid by each.
July 15. 37. Names of all the Lords, spiritual and temporal, who have hitherto paid their aid money.
[July 15.]
Warrant to pay to John Berwick, of Shareshull, co. Stafford, 100£. out of fines imposed in the Star Chamber on Sir Edw. Littleton of Merevel, Sir Walter Leveson, of Ashmore, Willm. Cumberford, and others, of Wednesbury, all co. Stafford, for misdemeanours, in which Berwick was dangerously hurt. [Sign Man., Vol. I., No. 3.]
July 15. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 105.]
July 15. 38. Note of the debts of collectors of the fifth and sixth subsidies of the clergy, granted 3 Jac. I.
July 16. Commission to Charles Earl of Nottingham, Edw. Lord Zouch, and others, to inquire after the injuries done to English subjects by pirates. [Grant Bk., p. 61.]
July 17. Grant to Wm. Uvedale, jun., and Humphrey May, in reversion after Sir Fras. Bacon, of the office of Clerk of the Council of the Star Chamber; with reversion after Wm. Uvedale to Wm. Worley. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
July 17. 39. Sum total of the two payments of the second subsidy of the laity, of the fourth and fifth payments of the clergy, and of the third and fourth fifteenths; with notes on the expected amount of the third subsidy.
July 18. 40. Edw. Wardour to [Salisbury.] Respecting interest to be allowed [to John] Eldred and [Arthur] Ingram on 9,250£., paid in before the time.
July 18. 41. Sir Roger Aston's account, for works in Eltham Park, Kent.
July 18. Grant to John Hepborn, in reversion after Sir Rich. Cox, of the office of Porter of the outer gate of Windsor Castle. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
July 18.
Warrant to pay to Arthur Ingram 673£. 15s. 8d., in abatement of 1,876£. 7s. 1d. advanced by him for purchase of the King's manor of Bishop's Castle, Salop. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 106.]
July 18.
Warrant to pay to John Murray 100£. towards repairs of an old priory near Guildford Park. [Ibid., p. 107.]
July 20.
Pewsham Forest.
42. Robt. Baynard and Rich. Wastfield to Philip Earl of Montgomery. They have surveyed and certify the decays of the lodges in Pewsham Forest and Bowood Forest, Wilts. Estimate for repairs of the same.
July 20. Release to Sir Fras. Woolley, Lionel Rawlings, and the heirs of Sir Fras. Woolley, at the suit of Sir Chris. Hatton, and in part recompence of Holdenby Park purchased from him, of rents reserved upon several patents heretofore granted to them. [Docquet.]
July 20. Grant to Thos. Marbury and Rich. Cartwright and their heirs, in fee-simple, of the manor of Watford, co. Hertford. [Docquet.]
July 20. Letter to the President and Fellows of Magdalen College, Oxford, to elect John West a Fellow. [Docquet.]
July 20. Grant to John Davies of an alms-room in Ely Cathedral. [Docquet.]
July 20. Grant to Sir Alex. Stratton of the goods and two-thirds of the lands of recusants by him convicted. [Grant Bk., p. 65.]
July 20.
43. Earl of Salisbury to John Osborne, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer. Directs him to make out commissions to inquire as to the goods, &c., of Ric. Ashton, of Croston, and Hen. Sherborne, of Stonihurst, co. Lancaster; Edwd. Poyntz, of Thockington, co. Gloucester; Edwd. Keynes jun., co. Norfolk; Anth. Brewning, of Compton-Pauncefoot, co. Somerset; Anne Turberville, co. Dorset; and -- Pagrave, of Norton, co. Hants, recusants, the benefit of whom is granted to Sir John Cowper.
July 21. Commission to Edmund Lord Sheffield, Tobias, Archbp. of York Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury, and others, to examine and determine all controversies in the North. [Grant Bk., p. 57.]
July 21. 44. Sir Julius Cæsar to the Clerks of the Signet. To draw up warrants for payment to Wm. Cookesbury, haberdasher, of his account of 1,184£. 3s. 8d.: half at once, and the remainder in June 1610.
July 22. 45. Same to the Same. To engross a warrant dormant prefixed that allowance for payments for victualling ships detained at sea and forced to put in to distant ports for provisions, be made in the accounts of Sir Marmaduke Darell and Sir Thos. Bludder, Victuallers to the Navy. [See July 25.]
July 22.
46. Earl of Salisbury to John Osborne, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer. Directs him to make out commissions for a grant to John Kinloch of the goods of Roger Smith of Withcock, Geo. Shirley of Ragdale, and John Needham of Gradsby, co. Leicester; of Fras. Wilford, of Quendon, and John Joynour of Dunmow, co. Essex; and Rob. Roper of Mountfield, co. Sussex, recusants.
July 22.
47. Edmund Lord Sheffield to Salisbury. His government is in good quietness. The Judges' prohibitions [of jurisdiction before the Council of the North] prevent him from affording justice to all those who complain. Requests greater efficiency for his Court.
July 22 ? 48. Note of certain things desired by Lord Sheffield to be inserted in the new instructions for the Council in the North, relative to the Judges' prohibitions, &c.
July 24. Grant to Sir Hen. Guildford of the offices of Governor of Broyle Park, co. Sussex, and Ranger of all woods in the manor of Ringmer. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
July 24.
49. Lionel Sharpe to Salisbury. Requests the return of a treatise which he sent him by Sir Wm. Godolphin, and hopes he has corrected it. Begs a quarter of an hour of his time, during the progress.
July 25.
Co. Dorset.
50. Two petitions of And. Buckler, of Wyke-Regis, to the Same, to be admitted to tenements in the manor of Wyke-Regis, parcel of the Queen's jointure, which had descended to him whilst he was absent in Virginia. With reference and report thereon.
July 25. Lease to Lord Knollys, for 13 years, of all fines, pro licencia conoordandi, to be levied in the Common Pleas, under certain covenants. [Docquet.]
July 25. Warrant to pay money for victualling ships in the King's service in remote parts, not mentioned in the contract made with the surveyor of victuals. [Docquet.]
July 25. License to Sir John Wentworth to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
July 25. Release to the Earl of Lincoln, of all debts, arrears, forfeitures, &c., with which he stands charged in respect of himself or his father, on surrender of lands in Royston to the King. [Docquet.]
July 26.
51. Grant to David Kennedy of the benefit of the recusancy of Isabel Taylor, of Sillihut, and Thomas Browne, of Tanworth, both in co. [Warwick ?] Imperfect.
July 27. Letter to the Lord Treasurer for license for Sir Edw. Holmeden to export and sell 18 unserviceable dakers and 4 demi-culverins. [Docquet, July 28.]
July 27.
52. Writ of scire facias, calling upon the heirs of John Lord Russell, and on James Biss, John Bampfield, and Fras. Buckland, holding the manors of Inglescomb, Widcombe, Laverton, and West Harptree, co. Somerset, to show cause why the grant thereof by Henry VIII. to the said Lord Russell should not be revoked, these manors being annexed to the Duchy of Cornwall, in lieu of the manor of Isleworth, thus annexed by Edw. III., but granted by Hen. V. to the abbey of Syon. Latin.
July 28. 53. Memorandum [by Thos. Wilson] of work appointed by Salisbury to be done at Hatfield House.
July 28. 54. Memorandum of money taken out of the revenue of the Court of Wards and Liveries, and employed by Sir Wm. Fleetwood, late Receiver General of the said Court, since Oct. 10, 1605.
July 28. Grant to Rich. Stockdale of 1,000£. of old debts due to the Crown, on surrender of a like grant to Walter Toderick and John Hitton, with a proviso. [Docquet.]
July 28. Grant of denization to John Syme, Scotsman. [Docquet.]
July 28. Grant to Sir Robert Carey, in reversion after Sir John Ferne and Sir William Gee, of the office of the King's Secretary and Keeper of the Signet in the North parts, for life. [Docquet.]
July 28. Grant to Sir Willm. Maynard, Heny Fleetwood, and Willm. Pitt, of a debt of 3,100£., part of a debt of Wm. Gardener, Teller of the Exchequer, deceased, in consideration of 900£. paid into the Exchequer by Sir Wm. Bowyer. [Docquet.]
July 30. Grant to Rowland Robinson of an alms-room in Carlisle Cathedral. [Docquet.]
July 30. Like grant to Rob. Croft in the hospital of Peterborough. [Docquet.]
July 30.
55. Warrant to pay to Humph. Flint sums not exceeding 40£., for empaling the park of Cheshunt, belonging to the house of Theobalds.
July 30. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 150.]
July 31. Docquet of the above.
July 31.
56. Grant to Thos. Buck and John Clifton, of the moiety of all forfeitures, &c. incurred by officers of the Navy, for frauds against the Crown; with additional articles.
July 31. Grant to Hugh Jones and John Shepherd and their heirs, of purchase of the manor of Lowthorpe, and all lands belonging to the Collegiate Church there. [Docquet.]
July ? 57. Propositions for a grant to Sir Stephen Proctor for collecting fines and forfeitures [on penal statutes] accruing to the Crown.
July 31. Grant to Sir Stephen Proctor of the office of Collector and Receiver of Fines on penal statutes. [Docquet.]
July 31. Grant to Rich. Humfrey of pardon, for life only, for manslaughter of Rich. Humfrey the elder, by casual discharge of a gun. [Docquet.]
July 31. Warrant to deliver ordnance and stores to Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Captain of the forts at Plymouth and Island. [Docquet.]
July ? 58. Sir James Sempill to the Earl of Salisbury. Had hopes of some favour from the King, by means of the Earl of Dunbar. Beseeches his Lordship's permission to dispose of his pension, to relieve his urgent necessities.
July ? 59. Petition of Sir James Sempill to the King for a grant of 3,000£. from recusants' lands.
July 31. Warrant for commissions, leases, grants, &c., for raising and levying 4,000£. out of lands and goods of recusants, to be convicted at the charges of Sir Jas. Sempill and Tho. Leigh. [Docquet.]
July ? Grant to Gwenhoyvar Lloyd, of Llanwddyn, co. Montgomery, of pardon for arson, she having been found guilty of burning the mansion-house of David Vachan, at Garthbullch, same county. [Sign. Man., Vol. I., No. 4.]
July. 60. Sir Edward Cecil to Sir Walter Cope. Begs him to recommend the repair of Putney Park to the Earl of Salisbury. Incloses,
60. I. Estimate of repairs necessary in Putney Park.
July ? 61. Note of the value of lands to be passed, in fee-farm, to certain contractors; of the amount of those already so demised; and the amounts which still remain unpassed. Annotated [by Salisbury.]
July ? 62. Note of payments made on grants of moieties of old debts of the Crown, from March 1608.
Aug. 1. 63. Sir Wm. Waad to Salisbury. Hen. Parry, fisherman, and his son, confess that two young men came over with the packets of books brought from St. Omer, and were thought to go to Lord Monteagle's, the disorders in whose house are an offence to the country. Sends a copy of the two averments of Strange.
Aug. 1. 64. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Lake. Commissions him to subscribe a grant from the King of transfer from John Murray, servant to the Queen, to Thos. Hampton, of annuity of 200 marks, during the life of Anthony Dodswell, although Hampton is younger than Murray.
Aug. 2. Grant to Wal. Lythe, alias Leigh, of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms to attend on the Lord Chancellor, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 83.]
Aug. 3.
65. John Lord Harrington to Salisbury. Has been at Nonsuch with the Duke of York and the Princess. Has bought 1,500 trees at Combe, and desires to have the sole purchase of timber in Laundo woods.
Aug. 3. 66. Sir Wm. Sedley to the Council. Reports proceedings in Kent as to the aid.
Aug. 4. 67. Sir Julius Cæsar to the Clerks of the Signet. To prepare a warrant to pay 300£. to Hans Niloe, a Dutchman, for a clock with music and motions.
Aug. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Aug. 13.]
Aug. 6.
Lincoln's Inn.
68. Sir Henry Hobart, Attorney-General, to Salisbury. His opinion as to where the trial of Strange, the Jesuit, must take place.
Aug. 6.
69. Mayor of Lyme-Regis to Sir Daniel Dunn. The merchants of the town still refuse to join the new company trading into France. They were unjustly charged with the new imposition, because it was incurred by the false and defective cloth sent to Rouen by the Londoners, and think its revocation only just. They cannot afford the fee of 5£. for entrance into the new corporation, and think it will injure them and only benefit the Londoners.
Aug. 7. 70. Charges of the King's works for the month of July, with particulars of sums expended at various places by And. Kerwyn.
Aug. 8. 71. Lord Admiral Nottingham to Salisbury. Has received the King's letter. Mr. Wood shall have the charge of Capt. Button's ship. Defends himself against a charge of too great lenity to offenders. Particulars of the pirates Bishop, Sakell, and Jennings, the archpirate Waid, and the fly-boat they took near Spain. Hopes he shall not have cause to wish he had been put in his grave when his old mistress [Queen Elizabeth] was.
Aug. 9.
Middle Temple.
72. Edw. Smythe to [Dudley] Norton. Forwards the "constat and quietus" for Lord Sheffield's debts, which the Earl of Salisbury desired to see, before writing certain letters in his behalf. Sends a new note of instructions, lest the old one be lost. Incloses,
72. I. Two notes of remembrance for Mr. Norton, of requests to be made to the Lord Treasurer in behalf of Lord Sheffield,- to pay his yearly pension of 1,000£. for six quarters, notwithstanding his debt to the King; to stay process on his lands therefor; to pass his grant of 500 marks per ann.; and to have the King's house at York and Sheriff Hutton Castle repaired. [See Sept. 3.]
Aug. 9.
73. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Details his occupations. His wife is working a carpet in Irish stitch, an ominous matter if they should winter in Ireland.
Aug. 10.
Gray's Inn.
74. Sir Fras. Bacon to Salisbury. Sends the draft of a new proclamation relative to transportation of gold and silver. The Frenchman did not attend as appointed, so a copy of his answer could not be given to Sir Hen. Nevill.
Aug. 12. 75. Survey of the manor of Walberton, Sussex, by Thos. Marshall; with the names of the tenantry, and the nature of their tenures.
Aug. 13.
76. Mayor of Chard to Sir Daniel Dunn and other Commissioners. Reasons of the merchants for refusing to join the proposed French Company.
Aug. 13. Grant to Sir Lewis Lewkenor of leases, goods, &c., forfeit to his Majesty by Ralph Bathurst, indicted for murder of John Savage, who "refusing to take his trial for the same offence, according to the lawe, stood mute, and thereupon was pressed to death." [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Wm. Shaw, Esquire of the Body, and Thos. Murray, Tutor to the Duke of York, of 10,000£., debts due to the late Duke of Somerset, to Lord Hussey, and to Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury, attainted. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Gilbert Primrose, the King's surgeon, of the one-half of 4,000£., old debts due to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Like grant to Henry Beswick, of the one-half of 8,000£. of similar debts. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Gift to Ric. Brass and Tho. Atkins of 500£., being the King's moiety of 1,000£. of old debts granted to John Richardson. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Lease to Visct. Haddington of the castle and two parks of Farnham, and the royalties of the chace of Hambleden, for 21 years, if the present Bishop of Winchester retain the see so long. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Pat. Ramsay of the office of Constable of Farnham Castle and Master of the game there. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Ric. Richards of pardon for scaling money. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Thos. Lock of pension of 30£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Clement Edmondes of the office of Clerk of the Privy Council, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. License to Ric. Lumley and -- Hodson, his tutor, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Sir Ralph Winwood, Master [of Requests], of 50£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Sir Chris. Hatton and Fras. Needham, and their heirs, of fee-farm rents, value 310£. 17s. 9d., in part recompence for Holdenby house and park, &c. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Warrant signifying the King's pleasure as to the nature of the preceding grant to Sir Chris. Hatton. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Dr. Roger Fenton of the office of Penitentiary of St. Paul's, London, with the prebend of St. Pancras annexed. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Presentation of Dr. Roger Andrews to the prebend of North Muskham, in the church of St. Mary, Southwell, co. Notts. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Letter to the Wardens of St. Mary's College, near Winchester, and New College, Oxford, to elect William Oldis, a poor scholar, to the latter College. [Docquet.]
Aug. 14. Commission to Sir Wm. Waad, Sir Hen. Montague, and others, to see due execution of a proclamation concerning starch. [Grant Bk., p. 62.]
Aug. ? 77. Statement by Wm. Crashaw, detailing what he knows concerning "the discovery of yt damnable libell, ye Puritanus."
Aug. 14.
78. Same to Salisbury. Sends a collection of examples of the abuse of Scripture by Popes and popish Doctors, in support of popish doctrines; with which abuse the author of the above libel charges Protestants.
Aug. 15.
St. Stephen's.
79. John Bingley to the Same. Has sent a grant for [Rob.] Seymer, of the reversion of a Teller's place, after Sir Wm. Herrick and young Mr. Bowyer. Certain digests of accounts are required by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Aug. 15. 80. Edward Lord Wotton to the Same. Requests 1,000£. to be assigned to the King's Cofferer, for purchase of wax at Sturbridge fair for the King's household.
Aug. 15.
Warrant to pay 2,000£. to Adam Newton, in lieu of his grant of privilege of letting certain tenements in the Tower. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 110.]
Aug. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Aug. 13.]
Aug. 16.
81. Sir Francis Vere to Salisbury. Has communicated his Lordship's pleasure to those who are to wait on him. The defects of Portsmouth are known to him.
Aug. 16.
82. Commissioners of Sewers, Isle of Ely, to the Same. Opposition of some of the lower sort in Cambridgeshire to the charges for drawing the level of the Ouse and Grant. Pray for protection.
Aug. 17.
83. Sir Julius Cæsar to the Same. Has received the Privy Seal for Stallenge. Is pressed by Hans Niloe for his 300£. for his clock. Strange's trial postponed. Business with the Attorney General, &c.
Aug. 17. 84. Account of extraordinary payments made since Michaelmas last.
Aug. 17. 85. Weekly report of burials and christenings in London, made by the parish clerks, since Aug. 10.
Aug. 17. 86. Like report from the nine parishes without the liberties of the City.
Aug. 18. Grant to Sir John Carill of trees in the manors of Chesworth, Sedgwick, and other places, co. Sussex. [Grant Bk., p. 62.]
Aug. 19.
87. Thos. Martin to Sir Daniel Dunn, &c. Begs that the charter of the merchants of Exeter trading to France may not be impaired by the proposed general charter for French trade.
Aug. 20.
88. Grant to Oliver and Leynay [Leonard] Muncaster, and Geffrey Eaton, of the benefit of the recusancy of Lawrence Price of Washingley, co. Northampton; Rog. Astell of Bassildon, co. Berks; -- Thompson of Goring, co. Oxford; Wm. Fenwick of the Sheld Wyll, co. Northumberland; Ric. Sackeld of Wensendell, co. York; and Geo. Skelton of Wetheral Abbey, co. Cumberland.
Aug. 20. Docquet of the above. [Thompson omitted.] [Docquet.]
Aug. 20.
89. Sir Rob. Johnson to Sir Julius Cæsar. Reports proceedings as a Commissioner to enquire into waste committed in the King's forests. Difficulties of the task; needs more clerks. Waste in Whittlewood and Barnwood Forests. Meeting appointed at Towcester.
Aug. 20.
90. Sir Mich. Stanhope to Salisbury. Pleads against the erection, by the King's order, of a gunpowder mill and workmens' houses, on his manor of East Bedfont, Middlesex.
Aug. 20. Congé d'élire for the Dean and Chapter of Ely to choose a Bishop. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Letter to the Same to elect the new Bishop of Chichester (Launcelot Andrews) as Bishop of Ely. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Sir Geo. Beeston of pardon for manslaughter of Tim. Typpen. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Protection to John Hunt, Wm. Poynter, and Wm. Nevill for a year. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Sir Robert Carey, in reversion after Sir Wm. Gee, of the office of Secretary and Clerk of the Signet in the North parts, with contingent reversion to Sir John Trevor and Thos. [or John] Trevor. [Docquet. Aug. 20 and Aug. 30.]
Aug. 20. Letter to the Warden of St. Mary's College, near Winchester, for Thos. Child to be admitted a Scholar there. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Sir Fras. Freeman of pardon for receiving Nich. Mee, his servant, after murdering Thos. Allibone. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Thos. Snow, Adam Naylor, and Edm. Kelly, of the benefit of the recusancy of Rowland Ayre, Geo. Bagshaw, Gentleman, and Geo. Bagshaw, Esqmire. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Warrant for the Officers of Customs to receive for the King specified duties on certain kinds of sugars imported. [Docquet.]
Aug. 22.
Long Bennington.
91. Alex. Thorold to Salisbury. The King's tenants of Long Bennington sue for release from payment for timber for the repair of their houses. They are brought to great poverty by the plague, &c.
Aug. 22.
92. Commissioners of Aid, co. Rutland, to the Same. Have compounded with the clergy, very few of whom opposed the aid, and 80£. has been paid into the Exchequer. The Dean, &c., of Peterborough, have not yet responded to it.
Aug. 23. 93. Sir Dan. Norton to the Same. Has a suit in the Exchequer between the College of Winchester and himself, for the title to some abbey lands. Begs to purchase the title of the King, if it be decided to be vested in him. Is related to Salisbury through his wife.
Aug. 24.
94. Sir Rich. Ogle to the Same. Solicits to be appointed his Deputy, in the stewardships of Spalding, Gedney, and Holbeach in Holland, co. Lincoln, vacant by death of Sir Robert Wingfield.
[August.] 95. Robert Wingfield to the Same. Requests to be appointed to the bailiwick of Torpell, vacant by his father's death.
Aug. 26.
Sheffield Lodge.
96. Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury to the Same. Sends information of an accusation brought against Rutland Molyneux, by Lady Markham, the most "pragmatical-headed lady in these parts of England." She, Sir John Hollis, and his Chaplain, Chapman, have all a grudge against Molyneux. Questions whether this information be not a plot to drive him from this part of the country. Incloses,
96. I. Statement of Fras. Chapman, that on Aug. 4, 1609, Lady Markham told him that the Council once promised her the pardon and restoration of her husband, if she could apprehend a most dangerous person, whom she had inveigled to come to her house, when Molyneux met and warned him of his danger. Chapman reported these speeches to Sir John Hollis and Lord Shrewsbury. Lady Markham offers to depose to Molyneux's conversing with the most notorious recusants, but will bring no special charge against him.
Aug. 26.
97. Ralph Lord Eure, President of Wales, to the Same. Prays his furtherance of the joint petition of himself and Lord Morley for 600£. per ann.; his ordinary allowance will not discharge the expenses of the place he holds. Is compelled to sell his lands.
Aug. 26.
Salisbury House.
98. Roger Houghton to the Same. Has ordered some beer to be sent from London to Theobalds and Hatfield. The Countess of Derby left Theobalds on Saturday. Lady Frances [Clifford], Lady Cranborne, and the little ones are well. Has agreed with Mrs. Seymour for her son's ground to be taken into the park.
Aug. 29. 99. Certificate of all Crown lands, &c., sold, from 5 July, 13 Eliz., to 6 July, 16 Eliz.; and of land sold to Christopher Hatton by warrant, 4 July, 14 Eliz.
Aug. 29. 100. Six certificates, dated from June 17 to Aug. 29. 1609, of Crown lands sold in general sales, at various periods, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Aug. 29. 101. Report of the rates, values, and prices of lands, &c., sold by the Crown, under commission granted 43 Eliz.
Aug. 29. 102. Certificate of lands given away by Queen Elizabeth, in the first 5 years of her reign. [This and most of the foregoing certificates are indorsed by Sir Jul. Cæsar.]
Aug. 30. Grant to Sir John Jolles, John Lawrence. and Jas. Collymore, creditors of Robt. Bromley, of all goods and chattels forfeited by his outlawry. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Warrant to pay to Nath. Matthew, the King's Cutler, various sums for wares delivered into the Great Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Like warrant for payments to George Wynne, for wares delivered by him. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Commission of review for Sir John Croke and others, to examine a pretended contract of marriage between Lionel Morley and Joan daughter of William Bereblock, of London. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Grant to John Smith of an alms-room in Winchester. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Grant to John Tucker of an alms-room in Ewelme, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Grant to Nich. Crompton of an alms-room in Durham. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Letter to the Lord Chief Justice and Judges of the King's Bench to take order with the creditors and debtors of John Parry. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Grant to Rob. Seymer of the office of a Teller in the Exchequer. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 85.]
Aug. 31. 103. Thos. Earl of Exeter to the Same. Several offices have become vacant by the death of Sir Fras. Vere; solicits one of them for Sir Edward Cecil, his son, and desires the stewardship of the manor of Spalding for himself.
Aug. 31. 104. Sir Steph. Proctor to the Same. Complains that although he was appointed Steward by Salisbury and Lady Derby, Sir John Mallory, with 40 or 50 men, in the open fair at Thirsk, proclaimed himself his Lordship's High Steward, and put out his (Proctor's) deputy.
Aug. 31. 105. Same to the Same. Relates his proceedings with respect to his receivership of the King's fines and duties upon penal statutes. Will forbear for the present to exercise it, except where it be acceptable to the Court.
Aug. 31.
106. Thos. Murray to Salisbury. Incloses a summary of the points concerning his youngest master (Prince Charles's) lordships in the North. Recommends the appointment of competent Commissioners to settle his claims; and, among them, of Hen. Dethick, Hen. Ewbanks, Edw. Hutton, and Sir John Claxton. Incloses,
106. I. "The most regardable considerations" relating to the evidences, liberties, houses, parks, &c., and lands of the lordships of Raby, Br[ancepeth] and Bar[nard-Castle]. See Sept. 8.
106. II. Liberties claimed by the Prince within the manors of Barnard-Castle, Raby, and Brancepeth, co. Durham.
Aug. 31.
107. John Murray to the Same. Has delivered his Lordship's packet and his letter to the King, which latter is returned.
Aug. 108. Lady Arbella Stuart to the Earl of Salisbury. Thanks for his services in effecting her suit.
Aug. ? 109. Francis de Verton, Sieur de la Forest, to the Same. Journal of his travels in many of the midland and eastern counties, for the sale of mulberry trees. Has passed over 1,100 miles and distributed 100,000 trees. French. [See Stow's Annals, by Howe, p. 894.]
Aug. ? 110. Remonstrance on the part of the Sieur de la Forest to the Same, against a suspicion of his inability to fulfil his contract for supply of mulberry trees. He has in France a nursery of 500,000 trees. Details the pains he has taken in sending for them, and in inducing the people to buy, by shewing them spinners of silk at work. Slanders against him by Julien Place, a spinner. French.
Aug. 111. Reasons used by the Hollanders for continuing to fish on the English coasts, contrary to the proclamation on the subject. With a list of the Commissioners, Privy Councillors, and others, before whom the matter was debated.
Aug. ? 112. "Demonstration [by Sir Wm. Monson] of the Hollanders' increase in shipping and our decay therein," through means of their fisheries on the English coast; with suggestions for restoring the trade to the English.
Aug. ? 113. Copy of the above.
Aug. ? 114. Particulars [by Sir Wm. Monson] of the laws observed by other nations touching fishing, and the advantages that would accrue from establishing an English fishing fleet. [In part to the same purport as the above.]