James I: Volume 48, September-October, 1609

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 48, September-October, 1609', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp540-555 [accessed 20 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 48, September-October, 1609', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp540-555.

"James I: Volume 48, September-October, 1609". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp540-555.


September-October, 1609.

Sept. 1.
1. John Murray to the Earl of Salisbury. Has shewn his letter to the King, who desires him to come no nearer London than Kensington, in his way to Hampton Court, for fear of the plague. The King has been hunting all day, and has killed a stag with his own hand.
Sept. 1.
2. Richard Earl of Dorset to Salisbury. Will, at his request, forbear felling any more timber in the Broyle Park.
Sept. 2. 3. Charles Earl of Nottingham to the Same. Necessity of suppressing the pirates at Ballytemour. Has written to Sir Wm. Monson to take Captain Wood and his ship with him, which will make three good ships for that purpose. The Lord Deputy of Ireland should help with mariners.
Sept. 2. 4. Sir Edw. Coke to the Council. Proceedings in his commission towards reforming depopulation, converting tillage into pasture, and preventing decay of husbandry. Notice of offenders in these points.
Sept. 3. 5. Edw. Smythe to Dud. Norton. Requests warrants for the grant to Wm. Turner, of 500 marks per ann., for repairs of York House and Sheriff Hutton Castle, on behalf of Lord Sheffield.
Sept. 4.
6. Dud. Carleton to Sir Wal. Cope. Thanks for his appointment in Ireland, but hopes it will only be as the road, and not as the terminus, to future favours.
Sept. 4. 7. Sir Arthur Gorges to Salisbury. Lady Kennedy came to his gates "bare legged, in her petticoat, old cloak, and night geer," in a great fright, being violently driven out of her house by Sir John Kennedy; would not interfere between man and wife, but could not refuse to receive her, she being cousin to his wife.
Sept. 4. 8. Emanuel Lord Scrope to the Same. Solicits the stewardship of Richmondshire, held by his late father.
Sept. 4.
9. Same to Lord --. On the same subject.
Sept. 4. 10. Recapitulation of a grant to Jas. Ross, of the place of ordinary Footman to the Duke of York, dated 13th July, 1605, and now transferred, mutatis mutandis, to Humphrey Rogers.
Sept. 6. 11. The King to the Lord Treasurer. To authorize the Woodwards of the New Forest, Hampshire, to grant 100 timber trees for repairs of the house of Blandford-Forum, Dorsetshire, lately injured by fire, and also 50 trees for repairs of Hurst Castle.
Sept. 6. 12. Alex. Serle to George Calvert. Has been with Mr. Chancellor [Sir Jul. Cæsar], to favour his suit. Begs him to deliver the inclosed, with a warrant for the money, to the Lord Treasurer for signature, some time when the Chancellor is with him. Incloses,
12. I. Same to Salisbury. Solicits his warrant for reservation of the 4th part of the fines and forfeitures in all causes, ecclesiastical and civil, and also his riding charges, according to the patent of his office. Sept. 6, 1609.
12. II. Draft of a warrant to the above effect.
Sept. 6. 13. Will of John Wiseman, of Bozeat, co. Northampton.
Sept. 7.
Hampton Court.
14. Grant to John Carse of the benefit of the recusancy of Thos. Laycon of Kynlake, Salop; Dan. Pyning, Rog. Palmer, and John Bolt of King's-norton; Wm. Taylor, alias Atwood, of Codbarrow Hall, Tamworth, John Whitmore, and Hen. Summerfield of Byley, and Thos. Westcott, of Tamworth, co. Warwick.
Sept. 7. 15. Title page of the tract called "Scala Coli," or nineteen sermons on Prayer, by Nath. Carmichael, with an attestation by Gabriel Powel, Ric. Field, and Humph. Downes, that it is orthodox and fit to be printed.
Sept. 8. Grant to Edwd. Carew of the office of porter or overseer in the Tower, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 49.]
Sept. 8.
Sheffield Lodge.
16. Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. Writes at Lady Arabella Stuart's request, to thank him for his care in her suit touching wines in Ireland. She wishes also to have the licensing of brewing and sale of beer and ale in Ireland.
Sept. 8.
17. Thomas Lord Arundel to the Same. Death of Sir Francis Vere. Solicits the captaincy of Portsmouth or the Brill. Has lost 18,000£. in the service of the King and his mother, and was promised recompence.
Sept. 8.
Brancepeth Castle.
18. Hen. Sanderson to the Same. Necessity for appointment of fresh Commissioners of enquiry into the decays, &c. of the castles and woods of Brancepeth, Raby, Gainford, &c., the present Commission being frustrated by the death of Sir Rich. Thekeston. Recommends that the lordship of Barnard-Castle be included. Hopes the issue will be profitable to his Majesty and the young Duke of York. [See Aug. 31.]
Sept. ? 19. Petition of John Bradell, Receiver of Westmoreland, to the Same. Complains of Rob. Blakey and Wm. Seisson, the present bailiffs, who have failed to pay in their moneys. Requests that others be appointed instead.
Sept. 8.
20. John Bradell to the Same. Nominates John Bradell and Ric. Southend, as bailiffs or collectors of the Richmond and marques fees in Westmoreland. [See 1610, May 14.]
Sept. 8. 21. Petition of Ann, wife of Sir Griffin Markham, to the King, that her banished husband may come over to England, to enable her to pass a fine on her jointure lands, for discharge of his debts. With order thereon, that if there be no other device in this petition, it may be granted, with certain precautions.
Sept. 9. 22. Avis Lady Cooke to Salisbury. Desires him to favour an offer of marriage made by Mr. Fotherby, eldest son of the Archdeacon of Canterbury, for her eldest daughter, to which the Archdeacon objects.
Sept. 9.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation against hunters, stealers, and killers of deer, within any of the King's forests, chaces, or parks. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 211.]
Sept. ? 23. [The Council] to [the Justices of Peace] of Essex and Hertfordshire. They are to collect the arrears of the rate levied weekly for charitable uses; and to take bonds of poulterers, &c., not to offer for sale pheasants, partridges, hares, or stolen conies, in order to the better preservation of the game.
Sept. ? 24. Copy of the above.
Sept. 10.
25. Sir Edw. Phelips to Salisbury. Proceedings on the Northern circuit. Quiet state of Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, where only thirteen persons have been executed, and recusants decrease. Yorkshire and Durham are not so quiet, nor so free from recusants.
Sept. 10.
26. John Hercey and Hen. Avis to the Same. Survey of the castle and manor of Kenilworth, with Leeke-Wootton, and Hill, members thereof, and the manor of Rudfen.
Sept. ? 27. Memorandum of trees standing in Kenilworth Park and Chace.
Sept. 10.
St. John's.
28. Sir Simon Weston to Salisbury. To intercede with Dr. Andrews, now Bishop of Ely, to be merciful as to the estate of the widow of the late Bishop, his (Weston's) sister.
Sept. 12. 29. List of heads of various papers of accounts, indicated by alphabetical references.
Sept. 12. 30. Similar list, with some alterations.
Sept. 12. 31. Similar list, with alterations, and with sums specified to several of the items.
Sept. 12. 32. Account of such portion of subsidies granted to the late Queen as have been paid since the King's accession.
Sept. 12. 33. Account of lands sold since the King's accession.
Sept. 12. 34. List of extraordinary debts yet unsatisfied.
Sept. 12. 35. List of extraordinary payments made since Michaelmas, 1608.
Sept. 13. 36. Sir Lewis Lewkenor to Salisbury. Is making arrangements for presentation of the Ambassador of Florence to the Queen and Prince. The Ambassador has heard that the Court of Oldenburg and Count Palatine dined with the King, and desires the like honour.
Sept. 13.
Gray's Inn.
37. Sir Fras. Bacon to the Same. Sends abstracts of bonds and conditions touching depopulation, &c.
Sept. 15. 38. List of heads of papers of accounts, similar to that of Sept. 12.
Sept. 16. 39. The Council to the Clerk of Assize and Clerk of the Peace, co. Salop. No proceedings are to be taken against Robt. Townsend, of Ludlow, for recusancy, he being 77 years old and not of ill carriage.
Sept. 18.
Corse Court.
40. Mary Lady Scudamore to Salisbury. Has been turned out of house by Sir John Scudamore, her father-in-law, maltreated by her husband, Sir James Scudamore, and refused justice by the Bishop of London; imprisoned, reduced to penury, &c. Prays his Lordship's protection.
Sept. 18. 41. Account of the expenditure of the Prince's household above his income, for the last year.
Sept. 20. 42. List of ordinary annual receipts and issues of the Crown, with the inequality thereof.
[Sept. 20.] 43. Copy of the above.
Sept. 20. 44. Similar list, with note of increase in receipts and issues since the King's accession.
[Sept. 20.] 45. Copy of the above, with notes of deductions to be made for assignments and defalcations.
Sept. 21. 46. John Norden to the Same. Has surveyed the decays of Porchester Castle. Gives particulars, and a drawing, showing the buildings erected by Sir Thos. Cornwallis. Annexed is,
46. I. Statement of the rental of Porchester Castle, and of the lands belonging to it.
Sept. 22.
47. Col. Stewart, of Eaglesay, to Salisbury. Attested complaint of the contemptuous conduct of the constable of Stone, co. Stafford, who refused to honour his commission for post horses for the King's service in Ireland.
Sept. 22.
Hampton Court.
48. Grant to Wm. Shaw of the benefit of the recusancy of Jas. Thatcher, of Sussex, Wm. Thatcher, his son, and of the wife of the said son.
Sept. 22.
49. Commissioners for Aid, in Cheshire, to Salisbury. Report their proceedings in that service. Almost the whole county has compounded, without legal proceedings.
Sept. 22.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation for adjournment of part of Michaelmas term. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 214.]
Sept. 22.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay to John Williams 762£. 2s. 6d., for a basin and ewer of gold, given to M. de la Boderie, the French Ambassador, at his departure. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 110.]
Sept. 23.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay to Thos. Pott 100£., for providing hunting horses for the King's use. [Ibid., p. 111.]
Sept. 23.
Hampton Court.
Grant to the Same of 100£., of the King's free gift. [Ibid., p. 111.]
Sept. 23. 50. Lawrence Kemys to Salisbury. Excuses his desire to retain power to surrender certain copyholds purchased from Sir Walter Raleigh, till Sir Rob. Carr should redeem them, they being entailed on Sir Walter Raleigh's youngest son. Defectiveness of the survey of Sir Walter's lands.
Sept. 23. 51. Account of moneys laid out by Visct. Haddington, at his lodgings in Farnham Castle.
Sept. 24. Grant to Anne Lady Berwick and John Berwick, of the custody of the King's house at Thetford, co. Norfolk, for their lives. [Grant Book, p. 49.]
Sept. 25.
Bishop's Auckland.
52. Wm. James Bp. of Durham to Thos. Wilson. Thanks Salisbury for causing stables to be built for him [at Durham House]. Requests delivery of the key to his servant, that hay and straw may be provided there, against his coming up to Parliament.
Sept. 25. 53. Account by Matthew de Quester of despatches received and sent for his Majesty's service, since June 27.
Sept. 26. 54. Notes of the meeting, prorogation, and dissolution of divers Parliaments, since Oct. 15, 1586.
Sept. 26.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation for proroguing Parliament. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 216.]
Sept. 27. Grant to Sir Alex. Hay, Secretary of Scotland, of the office of Keeper of Henley Park, co. Surrey. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 84.]
Sept. 28. Grant to Rob. Moore of the office of Gamekeeper at the King's manor of Working, co. Surrey, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 52.]
Sept. 28.
Salisbury House.
55. Rich. Percival to Salisbury. Requests him to fill up and return the draft of the Commission for examination of Sir Wm. Fleetwood and others, as to Fleetwood's estate.
Sept. 28. 56. Muster roll of the garrison at Sandgate Castle, reviewed before Sir Thos. Waller, Lieutenant of Dover Castle.
Sept. ? 57. Note of regulations recommended to be observed in the garrison of Sandgate Castle.
Sept. 28. Grant to Ric. Earl of Dorset, of the offices of Master of the King's Forest of Ashdown, co. Sussex, part of the Duchy of Lancaster, and of the Game thereof; of Steward, &c., of the honor of Aquila Castle of Pevensey; also of the office of Feodary of the said Duchy lands in the said county. [Docquet.]
Sept. 28. Grant to Wm. Browne of an alms-room in Carlisle Cathedral. [Docquet.]
Sept. 28. Warrant to pay 12d. per diem to each of the 13 Yeomen of the Buckhounds, and 6d. per diem to each of the four grooms and to one waggoner of the said buckhounds. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay to John Eldred, Martin Freeman, and others, contractors for lands, 690£. of the King's free gift, for the advance of large sums of money by them. [Warrt. Bk., II., pp. 108, 112.]
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 30.]
Sept. 29.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to advance to John Thornton, 670£., for payments which should be made by the Receiver General of the Court of Wards. [Warrt. Bk., p. 109.]
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 30.]
Sept. 29.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay 100£. to Ric. Brass, of the King's free gift. [Warrt. Bk., p. 109.]
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 30.]
Sept. 29. 58. Statement of the debts of the Crown, since 30 Eliz.
Sept. 30. 59. Account of payments made since March 24, 1602.
Sept. 30. 60. Duplicate of the above.
Sept. 61. Account of moneys payable out of the Receipt and the Court of Wards, which may not longer be deferred.
Sept. 62. Payments made by the Treasurer of the Chamber, in the past year.
Sept. 30. 63. Account of debts owing by the King, put off to a future time specified, but not assigned to any certain payment.
Sept. 30. 64. Account of debts owing by the King, not assigned to any certain time for payment.
Sept. 30. 65. Duplicate of the above; with memorandum of some being paid.
Sept. 30. 66. Similar paper, with corrections and a few additions.
Sept. 30. 67. Survey of the decay of the lodge in Gretton Woods, Rockingham Forest, co. Nottingham, and estimate of repairs.
Sept. 30. 68. Charges of works on Somerset House, since October 1, 1608.
Sept. 69. Charges of works on divers of the King's houses during the month.
Sept. 70. Account of moneys due for the Quarter ending Christmas, of which part is to be advanced at Michaelmas.
Sept. 71. Duplicate of the above, with note of receipts expected between Michaelmas and Christmas.
Sept. 30. 72. Conveyance from Rob. Cowper, of Horsham, to Rob. Wilding, of Ticehurst, both co. Sussex, of the Highe Sleades, alias Hicke Sleades, and other lands in Ticehurst.
Sept. ? 73. Profits arising from fines for alienations upon leases for term of lives, at and since Michaelmas 1608.
Sept. ? 74. Anne Cooke to [Salisbury]. Thanks for favours conferred.
Sept. 30. Grant to Edw. Ferrers and Fras. Phillips, and their heirs, nominated by Sir Thos. Vavasour, Peter Van Lore, and others, contractors, of the fee-farm of divers mills, value 215£. 6s. 7d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Royal assent for Launcelot Andrews, late Bishop of Chichester, elected Bishop of Ely. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Protection to Thos. Buck and Wm. Holliday, both of London, and their sureties, for a year. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to pay to Ric. Wray, the King's Huntsman, 3£. 16s. per annum for apparel. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to deliver to Thos. Elston, Clerk of the Cheque, 342£. for liveries for the Royal Guard, Yeomen, Grooms, &c. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Protection to Sir John Kennedy, for six months, from claim for old debts, except the debts due to Edw. Ferrers, that he may follow the suits against him for debts of Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Chandos, the lawfulness of whose marriage with him is questioned. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. 75. List of Sir John Kennedy's debts and payments.
Sept. 30. Grant, with survivorship, to Rob. Earl of Sussex, and Tho. Lord Fitzwalter, of a pension of 400£. per annum, with proviso contingent on the death of Dame Eliz. Burgh. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Lease to John Yearbury of lands escheated to the Crown by conviction of Thos. Mison, outlawed for felony. [Docquet.]
Oct. 1.
Hampton Court.
76. Charles Earl of Nottingham to Salisbury and Sir Julius Cæsar. To give orders for the felling and enclosure of Yonge Grove, in Oatlands Park, for breeding the King's pheasants there. Sir John Trevor, Keeper of the park, is to have the first offer of purchase of the wood.
Oct. 1.
77. Sir Rog. Aston to Salisbury. The King hindered from hunting that day by the frost. Sends a copy of indentures between the King and Earl of Dunbar, on which his Majesty wants the Judges' opinions.
Oct. 2.
78. Sir Tho. Denys to the Same. Robt. Haydon, Under Steward of the manor of Ottery, Devon, is likely to die; can easily discharge that office, along with his own of Chief Steward.
Oct. 3.
79. John Waddelove to the Same. He (Salisbury) has been hardly dealt with in reference to his recent purchase of the King's manors of Elmsett, Oston, and Somersham, co. Suffolk. Is willing to give him further information.
Oct. 3. 80. Edw. Lord Wotton to the Same. Requests order to be given to the patentees for tin, to deliver 16,000 lbs. weight of tin yearly to William Hurdman, the King's Pewterer.
Oct. 4.
The Priory.
81. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Family news. Is returning to town. Sees no employment left but Ireland, as the Ambassador at Venice will remain three years longer. Sir Stephen Le Sieur is set down for Florence; has seen Sir Thos. Edmondes; Sir Rob. Wingfield dead. Attack on Sir Wm. Paddy's house by Sir John Kennedy, whose dispute with his wife is in hearing before the Lords. The Court full of Germans, come about the pretensions to the Duchy of Cleves. The Duke of Florence gone to see Sir Rob. Shirley at Florence. Quarrel between Haydon, the Prince's servant, and young Ramsay, Visct. Haddington's brother.
Oct. 4. Grant to Wm. Koade, in reversion after Wm. Staunton, of the keepership of Gloucester Gaol. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 84.]
Oct. 4.
82. Grant to And. Alexander of the benefit of the recusancy of Wm. Wiborne, of London, Geo. Smith of Nonsuch, Surrey, and Walt. Gifford of Hieon, Robt. Gorway of Walson, Robt. Smith of Knightly, and Robt. Harecourt of Ellmol, all co. Stafford.
Oct. 4.
Dover Castle.
83. Sir Thos. Waller to the Earl of Northampton, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Details his examination of four Grecians, habited as monks, who landed at Dover, professing to wish to study in the English Universities. Sends a letter found on the above persons. Incloses,
83. I. Simone Giuseppe to Giovanni Battista. Note of recommendation of the bearer, a Parisian monk. Recent disturbances through the discoveries of spies, one of them a Genoese christian. Nov. 28, 1607. Italian.
Oct. 4. 84. George Lord Carew to Salisbury. Enforces the points of the inclosed letter from the Ordnance officers. Recommends a place near the Mint, for the monthly proof of powder. Incloses,
84. I. Officers of the Ordnance to Lord Carew. In answer to the Lord Treasurer's letter, assure him that they meet three times a week to debate on prices. They do not think it advisable that to save transport money should be sent to Ireland instead of warlike stores, as they could not be so well made there. Explanations of their pecuniary affairs. Wish for a safer place for the monthly proof of powder. Ordnance Office, Sept. 27, 1609.
Oct. 5.
85. Wm. Lord Compton to the Same. Prays that certain extents against Lord Mordaunt's lands may be stayed, his estate being yet unsettled and small.
Oct. 5.
86. Archbp. Bancroft to the Same. Thanks for the book he sent him. Is sorry that any Christian man should shew so great a detestation of the sign of the Cross. Requests that similar works sent over may be intercepted.
Oct. 5.
87. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Devon, to the Same. Doubts as to the tenure by which sundry mean persons hold their lands. Request directions.
Oct. 7.
88. Commissioners for the Aid at Coventry to the Same and the Council. Explain the delay in their proceedings. Send 42£., all they have gathered from this "poor decayed city." Some lands belonging to the Dean and Chapter of St. George's College, others to Queen's College, Oxford, claim exemption.
Oct. 7.
89. Hen. Earl of Southampton to Salisbury. Requests him to stop the sealing of certain warrants for the King's tenants in the Isle of Wight, as he wishes them to deal with the contractors through himself.
Oct. 8. 90. Sir Rog. Aston to [the Same.] The King never intended that the chain should cost more than 60£. The Earl of Dunbar has presented his Majesty with a little book, written in his mother's own hand, "very wisely, and good counsel to her son." It was found in the Earl of Murray's house at St. Johnston. The King "is very glad of it."
Oct. 8.
91. Sir Rog. Wilbraham to the Same. Sends a petition from two Turkey merchants, spoiled by an English pirate, &c.
Oct. 8. 92. Rich. Rainsford to Salisbury. Fears that he disapproves his project to raise a very great profit for his Majesty by fisheries. Submits the business to him.
Oct. ? 93. Same to [the Same]. Details his conversation with a certain nobleman, on a project which he had delivered to the Government, concerning the fishing of strangers, which would be very injurious to Spain.
Oct. ? 94. Answers by [Rich.] Rainsford to objections against his project for levying a tax of every tenth fish, upon foreigners fishing in the British seas.
Oct. ? 95. Remarks on two projects heretofore devised, for procuring payment of dues to the King from foreigners fishing on the English seas:- The first was to demand the tenth fish from strangers; the second to restore the fishing to English hands, by building a large number of fishing boats. Proposal for a third project, to incorporate a society of fishermen, into which the Hollanders may be admitted, and which shall pay a certain tax to the King.
Oct. 8.
96. Commissioners for the Clergy Aid of Wells, co. Somerset, to Salisbury. Thanks for his signifying that in regard to their tithes and glebe, they are exempt from making composition.
Oct. 9.
Woodstock Lodge.
97. Sir Hen. Lee to the Same. Suggests that some money arising from a sale of timber might be employed in making walls instead of pales round Woodstock Park, &c., which would save much waste of wood, through robbery, renewing of decayed pales, &c.
Oct. 9.
98. John Ferrour to the Same. On the proportion of the aid raised in the City of Coventry. Requests the offices of Steward of the Prince's manor of Chielsmore, Coventry, and of King's Attorney of the justice seats for forest matters. Hopes, if appointed, to rectify frauds by which the King is deprived of certain fines.
Oct. ? 99. Bill in Chancery concerning the claim of the Prince, as Duke of Cornwall, to a yearly rent of 98£. 6s. 8d., from the possessions of the lately dissolved Priory of Coventry; with notes of the annexation of the said rental, and of the manor of Chielsmore to the Duchy of Cornwall.
Oct. 9.
100. Lord Chancellor Ellesmere to Salisbury. Recommends the King's Chaplain, [Valentine] Carey, formerly his own chaplain, to be appointed Master of Christ's College, Cambridge.
Oct. 9.
Raby Castle.
101. Sir Geo. Freville to the Same. Requests that certain trees felled in Gainford Wood may be reserved for repair of Raby Park. Sir Chas. Wren has sold his office of Constable of Raby Castle to Sir Wm. Gascoigne, contrary to orders against change of officers without leave of the Earl of Shrewsbury. Refuses to admit Gascoigne's deputies into the castle.
Oct. 10.
102. Sir Roger Wilbraham to Salisbury. Returns four letters, which the King has read throughout, and rejoices that Ulster is so settled. Sundry Irish affairs. The King playfully charges Salisbury with treason, for accusing him of niggardly housekeeping.
Oct. 10. 103. Earl of Nottingham to the Same. Sir Wm. Monson informs him that pirates are victualled and relieved in Ireland. The receivers of them should be put to death, as well as the pirates.
Oct. 11.
104. Edm. Lord Sheffield to the Same. On behalf of the bearer, whose estate is begged of the King as felon's goods, because his son had stolen and pledged some of his plate.
Oct. 12.
105. William Douglas, Earl of Angus, to [Salisbury]. Having been banished for his religion, at only 20 days' notice, begs permission to return for six months to Scotland, to settle his affairs and take leave of his wife and children.
Oct. 13.
106. Sir John Leigh to Dud. Norton. Respecting his request for a lease in reversion, of lands in Buckholt, Hampshire. Incloses,
106. I. Particulars of the lease of the said lands, holden by Sir Thos. West, formerly granted to Wm. Lord De la Warr.
Oct. 14. Grant to Edm. Lord Scrope of the bailiwick and stewardship of Richmond, co. York, and keepership of the forest. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 84.]
Oct. 16.
107. Commissioners of Sewers, Isle of Ely, to Salisbury. The Sheriff of Cambridgeshire refusing to levy the tax imposed for a new drain, without the personal security of the Commissioners, against suits that might be brought against him, they have been compelled to give it. Hope their public duties may not involve their private estates. The land to be drained is 500,000 acres.
Oct. 16.
Tamworth Castle.
108. Sir Simon Weston and John Ferrers to the Same. Have bound Wm. Gopsill to make his appearance for intruding into a copyhold, whereof the Countess of Leicester is lessee.
Oct. 16.
109. Bailiffs of the Town of Eye to the Same. Had intended to elect Mr. Kemp as a burgess, but will elect the person nominated by his Lordship. Hope he will be no charge to their poor corporation.
Oct. ? 110. The King to the Earl of Dunbar, Treasurer of Scotland. To grant to Sir John Wood the benefit of the recognizances of Gabriel Read and others, if the state thereof be conformable to his petition.
Oct. 16. Grant to Roger Caldert, in reversion after Sir John Wood, Sir Thos. Lake, Levinus Munck, or Fras. Gall, of the office of Clerk of the Signet. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 84.]
Oct. 16.
Warrant to pay to Thos. Pott certain sums for transporting six horses into France, to M. de Vitry, and for saddles and other necessary furniture. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 113.]
Oct. 16. Grant to the Earl of Pembroke of the offices of Keeper and Captain of the Tower and Isle of Portsmouth, Constable of Porchester Castle, and Lieut. of Southbear Forest, for life. [Docquet.]
Oct. 17. 111. Rich. Parry Bp. of St. Asaph to Archbp. Bancroft. In behalf of the bearer Mr. Lloyd, and his suit in the Exchequer about his benefice, which is attempted to be changed into a lay see.
Oct. 17.
112. Roger Earl of Rutland to Salisbury. Has received his directions to repair the park pale at Beskwood.
Oct. 17.
113. Sir Rich. Weston to the Same. His place as a Forest Keeper [in Windsor] is painful without profit. Solicits a grant of 50 acres out of lands now to be taken into the park.
Oct. ? 114. Statement of "my Lord's" pleasure that Sir Rich. Weston forbear to interfere with the holding of a court leet at Galley, Surrey, summoned by Dr. Hammond, to whom the contractors for lands have conveyed their interest in the bailiwick, but to which Sir Richard pretends some others have a previous right.
Oct. 17.
115. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Explains a matter relating to Pemberton for an office in Cambridge. The business of the conventicles is to be committed to some others. Sir Rich. Weston's suit for a small farm in Windsor forest to be granted. Sir Wm. Anstruther's suit for the materials of the castle of Kirk-Oswald to be inquired into.
Oct. 19.
Warrant to pay to John Harris 200£., for a ring set with diamonds, with the King's picture therein, given to Lord Aubigny. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 113.]
Oct. 19.
Warrant topre repay to the Earl of Southampton 300£., expended by him for repair of the castles of Sandown and Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. [Ibid., p. 114.]
Oct. 21.
Botreaux Castle.
116. John Hender to Salisbury. Vacancy in the representation of Bossiney, co. Cornwall, by death of Mr. Upton. He has the nomination, but sends a blank indenture sealed, for Salisbury to fill up. Solicits that he may not be elected Sheriff of the county.
Oct. 21.
117. Lord Sheffield to the Same. Has signified the King's pleasure concerning their Northern controversy to most of the Council, but they will seek to reverse the order [for precedency of the lawyers. See Nov. 3.] Begs to be one of the new patentees for making copper. Has taken two priests, one holding most dangerous and traitorous opinions. [See Nov. 14.]
Oct. 22.
118. Dr. Thos. Nevile, Dean of Canterbury, to the Same. Prays that the petition exhibited by a Doctor and certain Bachelors of Divinity of Trinity College, Cambridge, may be referred to the Provost of King's College, and others. Annexed is,
118. I. Petition of the Graduates, Doctors, and Bachelors of Divinity of Trinity College, Cambridge, to the Same, as Chancellor of the University, that he will enforce execution of the statute relative to the livings and lodgings of Doctors and Bachelors of Divinity.
Oct. 22.
Hampton Court.
119. Dorothy Selkane to Salisbury. On a plan for digging coals in a certain manor. Sir Maurice Berkeley is not steward thereof. Desires a patent for better security. Annexed are,
119. I. Considerations on the above request, and the conditions on which it may be granted.
Oct. 22.
120. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Private affairs. Is satisfied with the prospect of his Irish employment. Sir Thos. Smith is likely to take his house. His cousin Carleton, being presented to the parsonage of Nuffield, rode by "in as great haste as yf he rode post for a bishoprick."
Oct. 23.
Tickenbill House.
121. Lord Eure, President of Wales, to the Same. Is prevented by a pestilential fever from residing at Hereford this winter. Numerous recusants in Monmouthshire. Ministers so scarce that the Bishop of Llandaff is obliged to allow laymen to officiate. Project for the support of six ministers, to be paid from recusants' fines.
Oct. 23.
Warrant to pay certain sums to the Earl of Pembroke, Captain of Portsmouth, for the garrison there. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 114.]
Oct. 23.
Warrant to pay to Sir Roger Dallison, Lieutentant of the Ordnance, 300£., for fitting up certain rooms in the Tower, for keeping and proving gunpowder. [Ibid., p. 115.]
Oct. 23.
Farleigh Wallop.
122. Sir Hen. Wallop to Salisbury. Desires to be informed if certain of the clergy are to be forced into the payment of the aid.
Oct. 24. Grant to Jeronimo Talcott of the office of Master Bricklayer for the King's residences. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 84.]
Oct. 24.
123. Sir Thos. Metcalf to Salisbury. A bond of 4,000£. was given by Thos. Hussey to Sir Chris. Metcalf, his grandfather, for assurance to him and his heirs of certain lands, on the death of Lady Hussey, who lived 120 years. On account of legal difficulties, he has assigned over the bond which is forfeited to the King, against whom they would not be urged.
Oct. 25.
124. Earl of Shrewsbury to the Same. Will come to Court at Christmas, unless hindered by gout. Beseeches that he may not have an adversary chosen as Sheriff of Derbyshire that year. Incloses,
124. I. List of names of gentlemen from whom Lord Shrewsbury supposes a Sheriff may be chosen. Recommends Mr. Hen. Sacheverell, of Morley, or Sir Geo. Fulwood.
Oct. ? 125. Anth. Neville to Dud. Norton. States the qualifications of Hen. Sacheverell for the office of Sheriff of Derbyshire, with an account of his estates.
Oct. 25.
126. John Lord Harrington to Salisbury. Cannot wait in person with the book of accounts for the Princess Elizabeth; the Prince often calling for her to ride with him necessitates his own constant attendance.
Oct. 25. 127. Fras. Neale to Salisbury. Particulars of settlement of the lands of Goathurst and Stoke-Goldington, part of the inheritance of Mary, widow of Sir Everard Digby. The remainder is vested in the Crown, and Lady Digby is willing to compound for the King's interest. Begs he may have part of the benefit of the composition.
Oct. 25.
128. John Norden to the Same. Proceedings of Commissioners for making returns respecting the New Forest. Articles for a new Commission of inquiry. Obstructions in the Commission of inquiry for the sale of woods.
Oct. 25. 129. Sir Robt. Johnson to the Same. Sends a third copy of the articles touching the leasing of underwoods. With an abstract about Lord Grey's woods.
Oct. 26. 130. W. Fowler to the Earls of Salisbury and Suffolk. Has delivered to the Queen their packet, directed to Visct. Lisle, her Chamberlain. She will meet the King at London, or elsewhere. She hears that his Majesty has a swelled foot.
Oct. 26. Grant to Alex. Cleyland of the office of Governor of St. Katherine's Hospital, York, for life. [Grant Book, p. 50.]
Oct. 26. 131. Wm. Butler to Salisbury. In favour of Mr. Violet, of Lynn, the assignee of a bond of his for 5,000l. Has transferred it to the King for more severe prosecution. Begs Salisbury to "besprinkle with the dew of his comfort this withering Violet."
Oct. 26.
132. Sir Rich Weston to the Same. Desires to speak for himself, and he will clear himself of Salisbury's imputations of dishonesty towards his Majesty.
Oct. 26.
133. [Dud. Carleton] to Sir Walter Cope. Asks his advice if he shall visit Lord Salisbury when the King comes to town.
Oct. ? 134. Assignments made to the four Tellers of the Exchequer, Sir Edw. Carey, Sir Wm. Bowyer, Sir Fras. Egiock, and [Thos.] Waston, of the receipt of different portions of the revenue.
Oct. 26. 135. Memorandum of regulations for the office of Tellers of the Exchequer.
Oct. 27.
136. Lady Tresham to Salisbury. Thanks for his letter in her behalf, against John Lambe, her vehement adversary. Begs his acceptance of half a hundred fruit trees, to plant at Hatfield.
Oct. 27. 137. Names of principal male recusants, sent by the Bishop of Hereford, to Lord Eure, President of Wales; with remarks on them.
[Oct. 27.] 138. Similar list of female recusants.
Oct. 27. 139. Accounts of debts of the Collectors of the sixth payment of the four subsidies from the clergy, due 26th March 1609.
Oct. 28.
Bishop's Auckland.
140. Bishop of Durham to Salisbury. Concerning the timber to be disposed of in Gainford Wood. Repairs of Raby Castle, Brancepeth, &c. Details his former services. Attempts made against the privileges of the Bishoprick. [See Oct. 24.] Incloses,
140. I. Account of an agreement made between the Commissioners and certain contractors, for timber to be felled in Gainford Wood, in reference to the tops and lops of trees granted for repairs of Raby Castle, and of other trees.
140. II. Sir Geo. Freville to Salisbury. Remarks on the Commissioners appointed to survey the waste of Raby Castle and Raby and Brancepeth Parks. It has been caused by Mr. Sanderson, the steward, and others, deputy constables: their allowances should be fixed. Raby Castle, Oct. 24.
140. III. Sir Charles Wren to the Bishop of Durham. Concerning abuses committed by the King's officers of Brancepeth. Sends a note of the pranks played by the constable there. Binchester, Oct. 23. Incloses,
140. IV. Note of misdemeanours committed by Hen. Sanderson, constable of Brancepeth Castle.
Oct. 28. Grant to Edw. Fawcett, and three others, of the office of assignments of statutes, recognizances, and bonds, for the relief of purchasers. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Grant to the Lord Treasurer, of one per cent. on fees for conveying and re-conveying the said statutes, &c. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Grant to Jas. Abercromy and John Gay, of 8,000£., old debts of the Crown, to be recovered by them. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. License for the son of Sir Thos. Chaloner to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. The King's approbation of the contract for alum. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29.
141. Sir Edw. Watson to Salisbury. The King's tenants of Cottingham and Middleton, co. Northampton, desire to purchase their copyholds. Requests to be the purchaser of the leet and view of Francpledge and other casualties.
Oct. 29. 142. Hen. Sanderson to the Same. Proceedings in his commission to enquire of the spoils, &c. of the castles and woods of Brancepeth, Raby, and Barnard Castle. Gathering in the benevolence; has met with opposition from the Bishop of Durham. Sends a petition, which the Earl of Dunbar promises to favour.
Oct. 29. 143. Adrian Gilbert to the Same. Hopes for his favour in the decision of a suit brought against him by an ungrateful brother.
Oct. 29.
144. Ric. Cockayne to Salisbury. Craves a protection from his creditors for three years, during the progress of his suit against the Grand Duke of Florence, through whose oppression he has lost 20,000£.
Oct. 29. 145. Ed. Wardour to the Same. Protests against the precedence in office assumed by Mr. Bingley. Desires inquiry into their offices as to precedency. Inclose the report of the Barons of the Exchequer.
Oct. 30.
Bisham, E. of Salisbury's House.
146. Sir Edm. Hoby to the Same. Desires not to be nominated Sheriff for any place.
Oct. 30. 147. Commissioners for the Aid in Worcestershire to Salisbury, and others. Report their proceedings. The plague is rife in Worcester and other towns.
148. List [by Sir Thos. Lake] of prisoners in the Gatehouse, Westminster; with grounds of their committal.
Oct. 149. Note of adjournments and prorogations of Parliament, since 1604.