James I: Volume 54, May, 1610

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 54, May, 1610', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp605-616.

"James I: Volume 54, May, 1610". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp605-616.



May 1.
Westminster ?
1. Grant to Rich. Browne of the benefit of the recusancy of Joseph Porter, co. Cumberland, Thos. Heysh, co. Salop, and Hugh Griffen, co. Middlesex.
2. Duplicate of the above, dated April 3, 1609 [probably cancelled]
May. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 15.]
May 1. 3. Estimate by Rob. Treswell, surveyor, of the expense of repairing the lodge, pales, and bridges, in the Little Park, Ampthill.
May 1. 4. Edw. Forsett and Simon Basil to Salisbury. Survey and estimate for rebuilding a barn at Nonsuch.
May 2.
5. Sir Thomas Lake to the Same. The King submits to him a petition of Sir John Carew, concerning a fraud in a Privy Seal loan. Incloses,
5. I. Petition of Sir John Carew to the King. Begs pardon for having received 30£. from the Exchequer, for return of a loan on Privy Seal, although he had previously sold his claim for 18£.
May ? 6. Petition of John Barksdale of Newbury, Berkshire, to the Council; desires that his proportion of the present loan, being 3£., may be deducted out of the 10£. formerly advanced by him on loan, and not repaid.
May 2. 7. Earl of Exeter to Salisbury. Begs him to send to the Attorney of the Court of Wards, and expedite the cause of the gentleman for whom he writes, and for whom he was a suppliant two years before.
May 2. 8. Capt. Edw. Fitzgerald to the Same. Is ill and cannot attend him. Begs favour for his petition concerning the coal mines in the forest of Kingswood, co. Gloucester, granted him by the King, but kept from him by the defendants, in spite of a verdict given against them.
May 2. 9. Arthur Jarvis, Clerk of the Pipe, to the Same. Touching the suit in the Exchequer Chamber, between him and the executors of Sir Francis Woolley. States the conditions which he had offered them.
May 2.
Inner Temple.
10. Rob. Heath to the Same. Begs that the contention between Sir John Roper and Sir Rob. Carr may not prejudice his reversion of Sir John Roper's office.
May 2. 11. Sir Jas. Croft to the Same. Understands the King has confirmed Lady Walsingham's claim to the forfeiture of Edw. Lyngen, recusant; desires to know what course is intended to be held towards himself.
May 2. 12. Estimate by Sir Ralph Coningsby, Sir Thos. Pope Blount, and Rob. Treswell, of expense of the repair of the bridge in Redbourn manor.
May 2.
13. Warrant to pay to Geo. Nevey, Surveyor of his Majesty's works and fortifications at Portsmouth, 28£. 4s. 11d., for surplus of his account for repairs.
May 2. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 151.]
May 2. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 6.]
May 3.
14. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. The King is satisfied with his letter on the bill of non-residents, and will excuse his writing so often, his own return being so near, &c. &c.
May 3. 15. Petition of the inhabitants of Brill, Borstall, and Oakley, co. Bucks, to Salisbury. For continuance of a right to a common ground in Godley Corner, alias Brill Hills, lately leased to Chris. Kendall, who intends to enclose it in Barnwood Forest. With reference thereon to Sir Rob. Johnson, and his report.
May ? 16. Particulars of the lands of Sir Geo. Typping in the forest of Barnwood, co. Bucks, claimed by him as part of his manor of Wormenhall.
May ? 17. Draft of the above.
May 3. 18. Bill of money laid out by Geo. Mynors, Under-keeper of Nonsuch Great Park, since Michaelmas 1608.
May 4.
19. Charter confirming the foundation of the hospital at Stamford, co. Lincoln, by Wm. Brown, temp. Rich. III. Latin.
May 4. 20. Petition of Andrew Hobbs to Salisbury; requests that he may pay by instalments the arrears in the account of Chris. Burrell, late bailiff and collector of chantry land rents, co. Berks, for whom he has been surety. With reference and report thereon.
[May 4.] 21. Act for taking, landing, and carrying sea-sand, for the bettering of land and increase of corn and tillage, cos. Devon and Cornwall.
May 5.
22. Warrant for payment of 100£. to Rob. Barker, his Majesty's Printer, for books and paper provided for the Parliament, and for certain printed Privy Seals.
May 5. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 152.]
May. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 6.]
May 5.
23. Warrant to pay to Sir Hen. Carey and Robt. Treswell 80£., for repairing the lodges and pales of Marybone Park.
May 5. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 152.]
May. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 6.]
May 6.
24. Grant to Alex. Martin of the benefit of the recusancy of Hen. Blinkinsop, of Bourgh-upon-Stanmore, co. Westmoreland; Jas. Porter of Bolton, and Fras. Radcliffe of the Isle, co. Cumberland; Wm. Babthorpe of Thornack, and Rob. Ellicor of Holme, co. Lincoln.
May 6. Docquet of the above.
May 6. Grant, in reversion, to John King, of the office of one of the six principal Masters of the Royal Navy, for life. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Martin Basill of annuity of 50£., on surrender of a like annuity by Sir Jas. Lancaster. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Anne, widow of Sir Walter Waller, of annuity of 100£. during the lives of William and Walter, sons of Sir Thos. Waller, and of Wm. Waller, son of Ohas. Allen, late of Mole, co. Kent, on surrender of like annuity by Sir Robt. Carew, and Henry and Thomas his sons. [Docquet.]
May 6. Presentation of Thos. Swift to the rectory of Waddington, dioc. of Lincoln. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Sir Henry Fowkes and his heirs of the advowson of the rectory of Purleigh, co. Essex. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Sir John Andrew of two-thirds of the King's benefit of the recusancy of Jane Andrew. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant, with survivorship, to John De Crites, jun., and John Maunchi, in reversion after John De Crites sen., and Rob. Peake, of the office of Serjeant Painter. [Docquet.]
May 6. Presentation of Gilbert Hawthorne to the rectory of Stretham, with the chapel of Thetford, Isle of Ely, and co. Cambridge. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Andrew Knox, Bishop of the Isles of Scotland, and now elected Bishop of Raphoe in Ireland, of an annuity of 100£. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Fras. Maurice and Fras. Phelips, nominated by the contractors for rectories, &c., of divers rectorics, chantrics, &c. in the Duchy of Lancaster, value 87£. 13s. 3¼d. [Docquet.]
May 7.
Gray's Inn.
25. Thos. Jones to Salisbury. Was employed by the late Lord Treasurer to prosecute those pewterers who had fradulently induced the King to relinquish the pre-emption of tin. By his means they were fined, and the pre-emption was re-established; craves reward for his services.
May 7. 26. Charges on sundry of the King's houses in April last.
May 7. 27. Note of such sums as remain due to the Treasurer of the Navy.
May 7. 28. Ralph Dobbinson to Salisbury. Has delayed arresting Wm. Meysey, Keeper of the Convict Prison at Westminster, against whom he has divers executions, because he professed to be Salisbury's servant; begs to know if he may put them in force.
May 8. 29. Earl of Salisbury's speech in the House of Commons, conveying tidings of the murder of Henry IV. of France; it is another argument to provide for his Majesty, and supply his wants.
May 8. 30. Petition of Wm. Seisson to Salisbury. For continuance in his office as bailiff and collector of the marques fee in Kendall. With reference and report thereon.
May 8. Grant to John King of the office of one of the six principal Masters of the Navy, for life. [Grant Book, p. 73.]
May 8. 31. Estimate of expense of repairs of decayed land about Morehay, Launde, and Geddington Woods Launde; with note by the Earl of Exeter, that it should be done before the King's visit this summer.
[May 9.] 32. Notes of the accusations against Sir Stephen Proctor, of vexatious abuses in the exercise of his patent [for gathering concealed debts]; with answers thereto.
May 10.
St. Jones'.
33. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. Particulars of the settlement of complaints made by several of His Majesty's tenants against the King's Farmers of Lands, for extorting unreasonable fines for renewal of their leases. Must refer to his Lordship the case of Rich. Williams against Owen Wood, of Anglesea. Annexed is,
33. I. Answer of Owen Wood to the petition of Rich. Williams, in reference to the ownership of land in Anglesea disputed between them.
May 10. 34. Sir Wm. Cooke to Salisbury. To befriend him in the suit which he has with the townsmen of Gloucester, who seek to stop the despatch of his grant. Progress of and impediments to the suit. Incloses,
May ? 34. I. Arguments and proofs upon a dispute between Sir Wm. Cooke, and the Mayor and Corporation of Gloucester, as to the rights of the latter to the fines of jurors and delinquents in Duston and Barton Regis, Gloucester, for which the former is a suitor.
May ? 35. Copy of the above arguments.
May 10.
36. Orders by the House of Commons upon Sir Edw. Sandys' motion, touching the grievance of new impositions for the search of records, April 30, May 1, and May 10.
May 10.
37. Robert Lord Lisle to Salisbury. Sends letters from Sir Wm. Brown, brought over by an Irishman who had come from Flanders. Brown had some discourse with Malrey, who has landed in Ireland, especially concerning the King of France.
May 11.
38. Sir Anth. Ashley to the Same. Has surrendered his patent [for alum], and begs payment of the quarter's arrears then due.
May 11.
Westminster College.
39. Barlow Bishop of Lincoln to the Same. Incloses a plan for the payment of his first fruits.
May 14.
40. Sir Nich. Prideaux to the Same. In favour of Rich. Prideaux, whose bark was hired for 20 marks to carry bread to Ireland. by Rob. Bellman, Purveyor for Her late Majesty's forces, who refuses on unjust pretexts to pay the hire.
May 14.
Baynard's Castle.
41. Earl of Pembroke to the Same. For renewal of the commission to take up materials for repairs of the works at Portsmouth.
May 14. 42. Estimate of the charge of building a new lodge in Leighton Walk, Waltham Forest, for preservation of His Majesty's deer.
May 14.
43. T[hos]. W[ilson] to Mr. Waterson, Warden of the Company of Stationers. The Lord Treasurer commands him to suffer nothing to be printed concerning the late French King's death, without sanction from his Lordship.
May 15.
44. Earl of Salisbury to the Same. Of similar purport. Indorsed [by Wilson,] "Copy of my Lord's letter to the Warden of Stationers, May 15, upon their answers that they would not stay the impression of the French King's death, unless my Lord write."
May 15.
Charter House.
45. Earl of Sussex to Salisbury. Requests, in case of the death of Mr. Pelham of Sussex, the wardship of his son, whom he holds a very fit match for his own younger daughter. Begs favour for Capt. Lea, in the business between him and Pratt.
May 15. 46. Humphrey Wheeler to the Same. Has found out the track of Richard More in Worcestershire, and will apprehend him. Sends a letter from Sir Wm. Somerville, High Sheriff of Warwickshire.
May 15.
47. Warrant to pay sums not exceeding 5,700£., to Sir Robert Mansell, Treasurer of the Navy, for building a new ship of 600 tons, in place of one decayed, and repairing another.
May 15. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II. p. 15.]
May 15. Docquet of the above.
May 15.
48. Warrant to pay to Sir Robt. Mansell, Treasurer of the Navy, 8,476£. 9s. 8d., to be disbursed to Benj. Decrowe, agent for the merchants trading into Muscovy, and to Wm. Russell, merchant, for cordage delivered into the storehouse at Deptford.
May 15. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 154.]
May 15. Docquet of the above. [Docquet.]
May 15. Grant to Hen. Earl of Huntingdon, of the reversion of the King's two parts of the manor of Cranford, co. Dorset. [Docquet.]
May 15. Grant to Robt. Gordon of the benefit of the recusancy of Thos. Bartlet, of Saintbury, co. Gloucester. [Docquet.]
May 15. Grant to Robt. Raynes, Serjeant of the Buckhounds, of annuity of 50£. [Docquet.]
May 15. Grant to Wm. Battell, on surrender of Robt. Spencer, of the office of Yeoman Pricker of the privy harriers. [Docquet.]
May 15. Grant to Sir Jas. Sandilands, Usher of the Privy Chamber, of protection for four months. [Docquet.]
May 15. License to Thos. Cromwell, son of Sir Oliver Cromwell, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
May 15. Grant to John Tenant of the first advowson of Aldingham rectory, diocese of Chester, to present George Proctor. [Docquet.]
May 15. Warrant dormant to pay 20£. per annum wages to Wm. Shipman, Purveyor of Herbs for the King, Queen and Household. [Docquet.]
May 15. Grant to David Penry, Groom of the Privy Chamber, of the office of keeper of the gaol in Montgomeryshire. [Docquet.]
May 16. 49. Sir Thos. Shirley to Salisbury. Has laboured to procure securities for payment of his arrears. They require him to give in pawn his patent for Under-Sheriffs, and find defects in it; he requests amendment thereof, &c.
May 16. 50. Petition of the Aldermen and Corporation of Newark-upon- Trent to Salisbury and Sir Julius Cæsar. Lord Burleigh, and others, Commissioners for survey of the bridges and King's Hall, at Newark, having certified the necessary repairs, they request that order be taken for the same. Annexed is,
50. I. Lord Burleigh and others to the Court of Exchequer. Report of the survey of the above places, and estimate of the cost of repairs. April 11, 1610.
May 17.
51. Sir Oliver Manners to Salisbury. His brother, the Earl of Rutland, detains his estates, in spite of an order of the Council to the contrary, although he remains abroad by license, associating with Lord Vaux and others who are licensed. Requests his Lordship's further interference.
May ? 52. Vindication from records, of the King's title to the forest of Lyfield, and the lands called the manor of Lye, in the said forest.
May 17. 53. Lord Harrington to Salisbury. Requests 20 oaks towards a new lodge in Lyfield forest, co. Rutland; will bear the rest of the expense himself, out of care for the King's deer. Annexed is,
53. I. Estimate of the charge of building a lodge in Lyfield, for preservation of the deer, &c. Nov. 24.
May 17. 54. Warrant to pay to Sir David Murray, Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the Prince, 1,000£., for extraordinary expenses incurred by the abode of the young Duke of Brunswick with the Prince.
May 17. Entry of the above warrant. [Wt. Bk. II., p. 153.]
May 17.
55. Warrant to pay any sums not exceeding 700£., to Sir Roger Dallison, Lieut. of the Ordnance, for providing fireworks and shows upon the water, against the creation of the Prince as Prince of Wales.
May 17. Entry of the above warrant. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 153.]
May [17]. 56. James Button, officer of the Bishopric of Worcester, to Salisbury, High Steward. Death of [Babington] the late Bishop. Sends a brief of the estate and worth of the Bishopric.
May ? 57. Rental of the lands of certain persons in Worcestershire, certified by most of their signatures. [Connected with the above ?].
May 18. 58. Sir Fras. Stoner to Salisbury. Begs that his lease of the woods in Watlington Park, co. Oxford, may be granted according to promise, relying on which he has purchased the land in the park, which will be of little value to him without the woods.
May ? 59. Same to the Same. On the same subject.
May 18. 60. List of packets received and despatched since the 5th April by Matthew de Quester.
May ? 61. Memorial soliciting a patent of the office of Postmaster for conveying foreign packets; M. de Quester, the present conveyer of letters, being very remiss in the execution of his office.
May 20.
62. The Council to Sir Thos. Fleming, Lord Chief Justice, and Sir Edw. Coke, Chief Justice of Common Pleas. Directions for careful examination of 4 apprentices, sent up prisoners for committing sedition in Norwich. Inclose,
62. I. Examination of Nich. Dingle, of Norwich, worsted weaver, as to information given by Rob. Kepas, that 100 apprentices of worsted weavers had agreed to strike, till all persons who had not served an apprenticeship should be discharged from the trade. April 23, Norwich.
62. II.-VIII. Examinations of Joshua Warden, April 23 and 25 ; Thos. Townsend. April 25 and May 19 ; Rob. Willis, jun., April 24 and May 19 ; Thos. Harrison, April 24 and May 19, all of Norwich; and Wm. Frany, of Pockthorpe, May 3, relative to the above mentioned strike.
May 20.
63. Warrant to pay to Wm. Duck 67£., for expenses about the lodge and grounds taken in on Hounslow Heath.
May 20. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 155.]
May. Docquet of the above, May 31. [Docquet, May 30.]
May 20.
64. William Lord Roos to [Salisbury]. Will obey his commands by returning at once to France, and communicate with the English Ambassador there. Sends him some Spanish gloves.
May 21.
65. Abstract of the King's speech to Parliament. Reproaches their delay in the subsidy business. Will not allow his prerogative to be called in question, only the expediency of exercising it in divers points. Has the full right to make impositions, but will not exercise it without Parliament. Necessity of supplies. Papists to be repressed.
May 22. 66. Gregory Ackworth to the King. Desires permission to impart to him some treasonable offence he had seen committed. Has partially revealed it to one of the Council. It concerns a libel on Queen Elizabeth.
[May.] 67. Petition of the tenants of the manor of Yorkfleet, co. York, to Salisbury, requesting allowance of 70£. to repair two staiths or weirs in the river Ouse, belonging to the said manor. Inclose,
67. I. Commissioners of Sewers to [Salisbury]. Are certified by a jury that the above repairs are needful, and will amount to 70£. May 23, Wighton.
May 23. 68. Memorandum of the sums yet due by the bishops, on the seventh payment of the clergy subsidy of 3 Jac. 1.
May ? 69. Arguments to prove from precedent, that the prohibition to the Commons against disputing the King's right in impositions, did not preclude their proceeding against them by Act of Parliament.
[May 23.] 70. Petition of the Commons [in reply to the King's speech, May 21,] in behalf of freedom of debate in Parliament, in reference to the right of the Crown to impose customs.
[May 23.] 71. Copy of the above.
May 24. 72. Copy of the above.
[May 24.] 73. Reply of the King to the above petition, granting it with provisoes, and explaining several points in his previous speeches. Has no wish to abridge the liberties of Parliament.
May 25. 74. Earls of Suffolk and Worcester to Salisbury. Request payment of 200£. more to Inigo Jones, on imprest for charges for the Queen's masque. [See March 4.]
May 25. 75. Thos. Trussell to the Same. Requests his acceptance of a small labour, composed by him and dedicated to his Lordship, the object of which is to suggest means for supplying the King's private state, &c.
May 25. Grant to the Earl of Salisbury and his heirs, of certain tithes in the manors of Forthampton and Swinley, parish of Bushley, cos. Gloucester and Worcester, being abbey lands, value 15£. 8s. 4d. per ann., at suit of the contractors [for rectories, &c.]. [Docquet.]
May 25. Similar grant to the Earl of Salisbury, Roger Houghton, and John Dacombe of the rectory and certain tithes of Ormskirk, co. Lancaster, of the Duchy of Lancaster, value 47£. 7s. 6d. per ann. [Docquet.]
May 25. Grant to Thos. Cæsar of the office of a Baron of the Exchequer, vice Nowell Sotherton, deceased. [Docquet.]
May 25. Warrant for the instalment of the first fruits of the Bishopric of Lincoln, 828£. 4s. 9½d., to be paid in eight years. [Docquet.]
May 25. Grant to John Angel, on surrender of John Hepborne, of the reversion after Sir Rich. Cox, of the office of porter of the outer gate of Windsor Castle, and Keeper of the Armoury and Ordnance there. [Docquet.]
May 25. Grant to Piers Pennant, of Mayland, co. Essex, of redemption of the remainder of Maylandes manor and other lands, co. Essex, of which he is tenant in tail, which remainder was fraudulently transferred to the Crown. [Docquet.]
May 25.
76. William Lord Roos to [Salisbury]. Doubts whether it will be safe to go through France, on account of tumults feared on the sudden death of the King, but will leave Spain as speedily as possible.
May 26.
77. Mayor, &c., of Exeter to the Same. They have been obliged to make a new weir and leat for the mills on the river Exe. Pray that his Lordship will aid their petition to Parliament, for establishing the same in their present sites.
May 28. 78. Note of three petitions of the House of Commons to the King, about recusants, secret catholic marriages, and want of due execution of the laws against Jesuits and priests. Sir Jo. Savile offers 8,000£. per ann. for Yorkshire [recusants?]. Sir Geo. Manners and Sir Thos. Grantham, 2,000£. per ann. more than before, for Lincolnshire.
May 28.
79. Mayor, &c., of Salisbury to the Earl of Salisbury. Detail their past attempts to procure a new incorporation. Beg his support against the opposition of the Bishop.
May 29.
80. Grant to Thos. Pinckney, Anthony Dodsworth, and Jerome Metcalf, servants of the Prince, of the benefit of the recusancy of Henry Shelley of Petersfield, Thos. Lane of Silsted, parish Horsley, Elizabeth Hedger and Elizabeth Norton of Barden, Eastencaul, and Thos. Linckhorne of Boyatt, all co. Hants.
May. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 31.]
May ? 81. Petition of Edw. Kirton to the King, for restoration to his post in the King's Household, from which he is displaced by the Board of Green Cloth; pleads seven years' faithful service under Sir Robert Vernon, now Cofferer.
May 30.
82. Warrant to pay to Sir Rob. Vernon, Cofferer of the Household, 800£. for extraordinary charges on the creation of the Prince [as Prince of Wales.]
May 30. Entry of the above warrant. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 155.]
May 31. Docquet of the above warrant.
May 31. Acquittance of a recognizance of 120£., acknowledged by Sir Walter Leveson, deceased, to the late Queen, for true exercising of the office of Sheriff, co. Stafford. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Sir Geo. Keie of the King's two parts in the lands of Thomas and Margaret Crowley, of Manewden, co. Essex, recusants. [Docquet.]
May 31. Presentation of Edm. Griffith to the rectory of Llanbeulan, with the chapels annexed of Llachilched, Llanvailog, Keirchiog, Tal-y-llyn, and Llannech y Aneth, co. Anglesea. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant, in reversion, to John Charlot, of a prebend in Gloucester Cathedral. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Simon Clark, on nomination of Wm. Garway and other contractors, of the manor of Salford Priors, co. Warwick. [Docquet.]
May 31. Lease to John Eldred and Wm. Whitmore, of lands, &c., in divers counties, value 114£. 10s. 11d. per ann., in part of 2,000£. to be granted to them. [Docquet.]
May 31. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Northampton, certain sums due to the King from the manors of Killingworth and Ladbroke, co. Warwick, part to be paid to Lady Dudley, and the remainder to satisfy the debts of Sir Robert Dudley. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Nathaniel Wiborne of an advowson of the rectory of Waddingham, diocese of Lincoln; to present Thos. Walkington. [Docquet.]
May ? 83. Petition of divers inhabitants near the Bulwark Gates of the Tower, to Salisbury, to be continued in their tenements enjoyed on lease from the Gentleman Porters of the Tower, of which they understand a lease is about to be granted to another person. With order thereon.
May 31. Demise to Sir Roger Aston of such messuages within the bulwark of the Tower of London, &c., as belong to the Gentleman Porters of the Tower, and also of piece of a wharf. [Docquet.]
May ? 84. Note of a claim of "my Lord" on a plot of ground in the Tower wharf, part of which is granted to Sir Roger Aston. Imperfect.
May 31. Grant to Brute Babington, elected Bishop of Derry, Ireland, to hold, in commendam, a prebend residentiary in the church of Lichfield, and the rectory of Tatenhill, in the County of Stafford. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Sir Anthony Ashley of an annuity of 50£., in consideration of the surrender of his office as Clerk of the Privy Council. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Wm. Kirkham of an alms-room in St. Peter's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Thos. Curwen of pardon for manslaughter of John Hodgeson. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Thos. Pinckney of the benefit of the recusancy of Mary Lady White, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Smalbone, and -- Fookes, widow, of Holt Farm, co. Southampton. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Geo. Salter and John Williams of certain lands and tenements, in fee-farm, value 123£. 4s. 11d. per ann.; and of others in fee-simple, value 70£. 8s. 10¼d., at suit of Sir Baptist Hicks and other contractors. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Anth. and Thos. Luther of the office of Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, during their lives, if Henry, son of Sir Thomas Edmondes, lives so long. [Docquet.]
May 31. Grant to Rob. Ballard of dispensation to hold the two parsonages of Westhorpe and of Wiveton, long since united, in diocese Norwich. [Docquet.]
May 31. Lease to Lionel Cranfield of divers messuages, parcel of the manor of Wellington, co. Somerset, value 49£. 6s. 7d. per ann., part of the contract with John Eldred and others. [Docquet.]
May 31. 85. Charge of the works at Somerset House, since March 1609.
[May.] 86. Certificate of all sums paid into the Exchequer for defective titles, since Dec. 23, 1609.
May. 87. Countess Dowager of Huntingdon to Salisbury. Entreats him, by the precious memory of the late Queen, to protect her against the Earl of Huntingdon, her nephew, respecting the lease granted to her by Queen Elizabeth. [See June 15.]
May. 88. Avis Lady Cooke to the Same. Is disappointed of the wardship of Mr. Brand, which he promised her, but which is granted to another. Begs that her son-in-law, Mr. Fotherby, the Archdeacon of Canterbury's son, may be made a Knight at the Prince's creation, her daughter's worth and birth being much disgraced by that match.
[May.] 89. Account of rents of certain chantry lands and tenements in March, April, and May, received from Mr. Harris.
[May.] 90. Memorandum of an inaccuracy in [Thos.] Cæsar's patent [of Baron of the Exchequer], relating to fees excepted therefrom.
May ? 91. Declaration of the King's determination to revive the ancient tribute of "King's silver," a poll tax to be paid on taking the oath of allegiance and supremacy, which shall yearly be enforced as a safeguard against popery ; the profits to be devoted to the erection of a college at Chelsea, for the better handling of religious controversies. [See Winwood's Memorials, Vol. iii., p. 160.]