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Pages 626-634

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Pacheco, Isaac
-, Mosch
-, Rachel

Packet boats, masters of
-, not included in the Embargo
-, orders as to
-, (see also under Harwich and Falmouth).

Packington, Sir John

Page, George
-, Joseph

Paget, Henry
-, Lord William

Pagitt, Thomas

Pagney, Charles Salomon

Paice, Joseph

Pain, Mr., to be examined by torture
-, Edward

Painter, Bridget
-, James

Pakenham, Mr.

Palatine, Elector


Palliser, Capt. John

Pall Mall (see under London).

Palmer, Catherine
-, John
-, Captain Mathew
-, Major William
-, Quartermaster

Palmroot, Mr.

Panlus, Amandus

Pand, Elizabeth

Panhuysen, Charles

Panning, Lawrence

Pape, Yoachim

Paper, manufactury of
-, patents for making
-, coloured

Papillon, Mr.

Papists (see Roman Catholics)

Pards, David

Pargiter, Philip


-, letter dated at

-, Col.
-, Henry
-, William

Parkes, Judith

Parliament, the
-, feelings of
-, High Court of
-, meeting of
-, reference to
-, proceedings in
-, prorogation of
-, views of passim.
-, Writ of error in
-, (see Lords, House of; Commons, House of; Ireland, Parliament of; Irish Parliament, the; and, Scotland, Parliament of).
-, Irish, the

Parma, Duke of

Parry, David
-, Mr.
-, Peter
-, Richard

Parsons (Parson), Capt. Robert
-, Lieut.Col.
-, Thomas

Partridge, Capt.

Pasker, William

Passage, fortifications at

Passet, James

Passports, reference to

Pasteboard, invention of

Pastill, John

Paten, Craven

Patents, matters relating to (see Inventions).

Paton, Major Archibald

Patoun, James
-, Major

Patras, Isaac

Patrick, Mr.

Patrickson, Thomas

Patron, Nicholas

Patten, Thomas

Patterson, Sir William

Paul, Authonie
-, Obadiah
-, the Sieur

Pauluse, Anna

Paulusz, Dirck

Paumgartner (Baumgartner), Mr.

Pawlet, Serjeant
-, (see Powlet).

Pay Office, the

Payferie, Francis Peter

Paymaster General, the

Payne, Elizabeth
-, daughter of
-, John
-, Robert

Pazzy, John Baptista

Peachy, Capt.

Pearce, Edward

Pearcy, Anthony

Pearl Fishery, Company of, in Cumberland

Pearson, Matthew

Pedder, Capt.

Pede, Ellenor

-, objections to

Pegin, Justinus

Peicker, Mons

Peirie, Capt. John

Peirson, Mr., letter to

Pelat, Lieutenant

Pelet John

Pels, Maria

Pembroke, county of

Pembroke and Montgomery, Thomas, Earl of

Pemzen (see Penzance).

Penalls alias Penyllew, manor of

Pendennis Castle
-, governor of, letter to

Penecuick, Stephen

Penn, minister of

Penn, William

Pennington, Allan
-, Sir William

Pensionary, the

Pensionaires, council of


Penteny, Matthew

Penzance (Penzen)

Perachon, Philebert

Percyn, Cornelis

Pereira, Francis
-, wife of
-, John
-, Joseph

-, Mr.

Periatt, Nehemias

Perier, Anthony

Perkins, Christopher
-, Sir Thomas
-, William

Perrie, Jonathan

Perrin, Matthew

Persinean, Solomon

Persode, Lewis


Perth, Earl of

Perus, John

Pery, Abigail

Pesoa, Benjamin

Peterborongh, see of

Peterborough, Lord

Peters, Charles
-, Elizabeth

Petersen, Anthony
-, Claas
-, Cornelius
-, John
-, Martin

Peterson, Henry
-, Jacob
-, John


Peticts, George William

Petipeire, Abraham

Petit, John
-, Peter

Petit Maitre, Abraham
-, Jane

Pettis, William

Petty Bag Office, the

Petty chap folks, objections to



Peyton, George

Peytregne, Jacques

Pfeiffer, Capt. George

Pforz, Heim

Philips, John
-, Helena
-, Lady
-, Capt. Robert
-, Ruth
-, Thomas
-, William
-, Zackariah

Phillips, Capt.
-, Col.
-, Lady Marina
-, Nola
-, Ruth
-, Capt. Thomas
-, Thomas
-, William



Phisick, Mary

Physicians, College of, President of (see also under Ireland, Physicians, College of).


Pickering, Mr.

Pictures, payment for repair of

Pieck Claesje

-, pass to
-, troops for

Piercie, Bernard

Pierredon, Peter

Pierrepoint, Francis

Pierrat, Abraham

Pierson, Henry
-, Mr., letter to

Pieterse, Henrich

Pietersen, Adrian
-, Andrew
-, Anna
-, Cornelis
-, Frederick
-, Jacob
-, John
-, Teunis
-, Titus

Pieterson, John

Pietersz, Joseph

Piggot, George


Pigout, Marc Anthony

Pilaar, Abraham

Pilet, Jane

Pilkington, Capt.
-, Thomas

Pillini, William

Pillory, the
-, persons sentenced to stand upon

Pine, Richard

Pinon, Charles
-, Margarita

Pinfold, Sir Thomas

Pinsent, Henry


Pinto, Feliciano

Piozet, Mons.

Piper, Robert
-, Capt. Stephen

Pira, Haim

Pitcairn, Alexander

Pitch, patent for making
-, in North America


Pitt, George
-, Junior
-, Capt. John
-, Thomas

Pitts, Thomas

Plantations, the, reference to
-, committee of
-, governor of
-, (see also under Trade and Plantations, America and other names of the Plantations).

Plante, Lawrence

Plantin, Mary

Plasse (Ploss), Jacob


Platz, Theodore Godfried

Plot, the

Plots, reference to

Plowden, Elizabeth
-, Francis
-, Mr.
-, Richard

Pluckett, Sarah

Plummer, John
-, Peter

Plumerden, Thomas


Plunckett, Willemina

Plunket, Lady Emily

Pluralities, Act concerning

-, Corporation of, claims by
-, Custom House at
-, French prisoners at
-, garrison of
-, lieut.governor of
-, passes to
-, St. Nicholas Island
-, surveyorgeneral of customs at

Plympton Earl (co. Devon), corporation of, charter granted to

Poet Laureate, appointment of

Pointz, Capt. John

Polack, Elias Isaac
-, Jacob

Poley, Edmund

Polhill, David

Poll Act, the

Polleno, Virginio

Pollock (a place)

Polwarth, Patrick Lord

Pomier, the sieur Phillipe

Pomroy, Elizabeth
-, Capt. George

Ponlain, James
-, Rachel

Pontet, Daniel

Pool, Capt. Charles

Poole, Capt.

Pope, the, his sentiments in regard to the war
-, suggestions for universal peace
-, Capt. Edward

Porsoo, Martinje


Portail, Lieut.

Portarlington, Baron

Porter, Sir Charles
-, letter from
-, Frederick
-, George
-, John
-, Lord Chancellor, letter to
-, Matthew
-, Capt. Thomas
-, Patrick
-, William


Portland, Earl of

Port Royal (Jamaica)


Portsmouth, passim
-, commissioners of the dock at
-, defence of
-, dockyard at, regiments to be raised for service in
-, Dutch commander at
-, garrison at
-, governor of
-, letters dated at
-, lieut.governor of
-, mayor of
-, passes to
-, town clerk of

Portsmouth Harbour, letters dated at

Portsmouth, Duchess of

-, envoy to the King of
-, King of
-, passes to
-, products of
-, return of Catharine of Braganza to
-, wines

Portuguese ships


"Post Boy," the, a newspaper

PostmasterGeneral, the
-, letters to

Post Office, the

Pott, Capt. Matthias Anthony

Potter, David

Pottingers, Thomas

Potts, Mr., letter to

Pouelson, Peter


Pound, Capt.

Povey, Richard
-, Thomas

Powell, Baron
-, Sir John
-, Justice
-, Martin
-, Thomas
-, William

Power, Major Edmund
-, Robert

Powerscourt, Lady


Powis, Littleton
-, Marquis of

Powlet, Bernard
-, (see Pawlet).

Pownall, Capt. Thomas

Powndall, Major John

Poyke (Poike), Richard
-, Ensign

Poynton, William

Poyntz, Capt. John

Pozzi, Girolamo

Pratt, Charles

Prayer Book, the

Prayers, special forms of
-, during war

Prebends, bestowal of

Precedency, dispute as to

Prechard, James

Prendergast, John


Presbyterians, the
-, (see Scotland).

Prescote, Sarah

Presse, Francis

Pressing, references to
-, (see also under Navy).

Preston, Capt. George
-, Francis
-, Jenico
-, Lord
-, Mary
-, Thomas

Pretender, the (see Prince of Wales).

Preto, Isaac


Price, Andrew
-, Capt.
-, Charles
-, Jane
-, Capt. John
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Robert

Prichel, Mrs.

Prickett, George

Prideaux, Capt. John

Priestman, Henry

Primerose, Mons.

Primrose, Archibald
-, Capt. Gilbert

Prince, Mr.

Pringill, Mr.

Prins, Samuel

Prisoners, Commissioners for exchange of
-, English, in France, forced to fight on French ships
-, illtreatment of

Privateers, complaint by Zealand of detention of

Privilege, questions of

Privy Council, the

Privy Seal, the
-, commissioners of, letter to
-, keeper of the

-, Commissioners of
-, office, the

Proclamations referred to

Progers, Lieut.Col. Charles

Protestant dissenters, Act concerning
-, strangers, Act of naturalisation of
-, (See also French Protestants, German Protestants).



Prunelaz, Mrs.

Prussia, Frederick, elector of, letter from

Publer, Jacob

Puckle, Thomas

Pudsay, Ambrose

Puline, Gio Battista

Pulino, Andrea

Pulleyn, Mr.

Pulteney (Pultney), John
-, Mr.
-, Capt. William

Purbeck, Margaret Viscountess
-, Viscount

Purcell, Col. Tobias
-, Ignatius
-, Mrs.

Purefoy, Capt. Francis

Purly, Francis

Putland, Thomas

Putnam, Charles
-, Thomas

Pye, Capt. Richard
-, Capt. Thomas


Pyne, William

Pyot, Mr., letter to

Pytches, Richard



Quartier, Johannes

Quebec, proposed capture of

Queen, the (see Mary II.

Queen Consort, the

Queen Dowager, the
-, vicechamberlain of See Catherine of Braganza.

Queensberry, William Duke of

Queensborough Swale (Kent)

Queen's County

Quelch, Richard

Quina, Nicholas

Quinet, Peter

Quinlane, Patrick


Quiter, Hermanns Hendricksen


Rabar, Capt. Peter

Rabeant, Ren

Rabyniere (Rabesniere), Major Theophilus

Radcliff, Elizabeth
-, Thomas

Raddishe, Capt. John

Radford, Robert

Radhe, Jacob

Radley, chapel of

Raiman, Michael

Raines, Sir Richard

Rainton, Nicholas

Raith, Alexander, Lord

Raleigh, Walter

Ramoun, Lawrence

Ramsey, Lieut.Col. Alexander
-, Dr.
-, Sir John

Ramsgate, passes to

Ranelagh, Earl of

Rantson, Stephania

Rapas, Abraham
-, Benjamin

Raphoe, Dean of
-, deanery of
-, Bishop of

Raphson, Joseph


Rapin, Capt. Daniel
-, Capt. Paul

Rapparees (see Ireland, rapparees in)

Ratcliffe, Sir Ralph



Ratisbon, diet at

Ravenclaw, Mons.
-, (see Revenslow).

Ravenscroft, Thomas

Ravoux, John

Rawlins, John

Rawlinson, Sir Thomas

Raworth, Capt. George

Rayley, John

Raymond, Sir Jonathan

Read, Francis
-, Capt. Robert
-, William

Reading, Daniel
-, Elizabeth
-, Sir Robert, (passim)

Reardon, Col. Timothy

Rechorst, Lysbet

Recognition, Act of

Recruiting, matters relating to
-, (see under Army, William III's recruits for).

Redman, Hugh
-, Giles

Redont, John

Red Wood

Reed, John

Reensterne, Abel

Reepe, John

Reeves, Frances

Regt, Henry

Regiment (see under Army, James II's and William III's).

Reichel, Conrad
-, Maria

Reid, Capt.

Reinderts, John

Reiners, Arien
-, wife of

Reininck, Anna


Remington, Capt.
-, John
-, Matthew


Renders, Lerrit

Rendtorff, Mrs. Henrico

Renew, Hilary

Renforce (see Silk)

Renkinck, John

Repeal, Act of

Repington, Peter

Requests, court of

Resin, patent for making, in North America, (see Rosin).

Retimo, Bossa of

Rettel, Charles

Reus, John

Reusch, Lieut.
-, Major Detlof

Reusnerus, Mrs.

Reve, Christopher

Revenslow (Reventclau) Count
-, (see Ravenclaw).

Revenue, the, letters from Lord Godolphin on the state of
-, Commissioners of the


Rey, Paul

Reyders, Gerit Aderyansen

Reyman, Hans

Reynar, Edward


Reynell, (Reynolds), Lord Chief Justice
-, Sir Richard

Reyniers, Susanna

Reynolds, Robert

Rezer, Tobias

Rheinfelden (Rheinfels ?)

Rhine, the
-, the Lower
-, the Upper


Ricaut (Rycawt), Sir Paul

Riccard, Samuel

Rice, Nicholas
-, Phaly
-, Thomas
-, William

Rich, Sir Thomas
-, Sir Peter
-, William

Richard, Capt.
-, Sieur Gustave

Richards (Richard), Michael
-, Aeltze
-, Charles
-, Dorothy
-, Capt. Godfrey
-, Capt. Jacob
-, Capt. John

Richardson, Andrew
-, Capt., letter to
-, John
-, Richard

Richemond, Nicholas

Richmond, fee tenants of

Richter, Victor

Rickinghall, rector of

Ridder, Dr.
-, Henrick

Ride, Sackfield

Riedtveldt, Adrian


Rigby, Edward

Riley, Patrick

Rindes, Capt. David

Risterbad, George

Rivieret, Mons.

Rizzardi, Astorre
-, Robert

Roach, Barbara
-, James

Roaney, Terrance

Robarty, Thomas

Roberts, Frances
-, Francis
-, George
-, Mr.
-, Mary

Robertson, Mr.
-, Jacob
-, Patrick


Robeson, Giles

Robins, John

Robinson, Catherine
-, Christopher
-, Commander
-, Edmund
-, Hannah
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Sir Leonard
-, Mr.
-, Samuel
-, Thomas
-, William



Rochfort, Robert

-, letter dated at
-, mayor of, letter to
-, nuisances in
-, passes to

Rochester, Thomas, bishop of

Rochester, Earl of

Rodal, Peter Janse

Rodant, Reinier

Rode, Joseph

Rodney, Capt. Anthony

Rodrigues, Branca

Roelands, Catherine
-, John

Roelofsen, Rolof

Roelossen, Thomas

Roffey, John

Roger, James

Rogers, Capt. Abraham
-, Anne
-, Wood

Rogerson, Anne
-, John

Rogewanger, Martin

Rogier, John

Rogiers, Capt. Jacob, letters from

Rokeby, Justice

Roll, Grave

Rollo, Capt. Andrew

Rolls, Master of

Rolls House, the (see under London).

Roman Catholics, proclamation for all, to withdraw 10 miles from London and Westminster

Romer, William

Romney, mayor of, letters to

Ron, Blanche

Rondell, Francis

Roney, Lieut.

Rookby (Rookeby), Benjamin

Rooke, Hammond
-, John, letter from
-, ViceAdmiral

Rookwood, Nicholas

Roope, Nicholas
-, letter to

Roos, Dirck
-, Matthias

Roosis, Martin

Root, Christopher

Ropemakers, petition of

Roper, a bookseller

Roquette, Catherine

Rork, Hugh


Roscrea, castle of

Rose, Jacob

Rosee, Peter

Roselis, Isaac

Rosemarket, manor of

Roset, Philip

Rosier, Abraham

Rosierus, William

Rosin (see Resin).

Rosmunsen, Andres

Ross, Bishop of
-, earldom of

Ross, Lord
-, Alexander
-, John

Ross Castle, fortifications at

Rosse, Michael
-, Charles



-, Admiralty of
-, passes for
-, letter dated at


Rougee, John

Roughley, Thomas

Rouhayse, Isaac

Rouph, Joseph

Rous, Stephen

Rouse, Lieut.Col. Edward
-, Henry

Rousset, Peter

Rousillon, Mons.

Routier, Daniel

Row, Major Archibald
-, Sir Thomas
-, Thomas
-, William

Rowe (Row), Anthony
-, Col. Henry
-, John

Rowney, Thomas

Roux, Peter
-, Trophime

Roy, Admiral Janside

Royal African Company, the (see Africa Company, the).

Royal Hospital, the (see Chelsea Hospital).

Royal Mines, Society of

Royal Oak Lottery, the

Royal Society, list of Fellows of

Roye, John

Royen, Clans

Royer, Gideon

Royrand, Lewis Rene

Royston, Col
-, Roger

Roystown, shore of


Rudolffs, Paul Ansing

Ruelle, Bernard

Russell, Colonel
-, Dorothy
-, Admiral Edward
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, Gerrard
-, Jane
-, Michael
-, Col. Theodore
-, Thomas
-, Sir William
-, Wriothesley, Lord

Russia leather (see also under Leather)

Rust, Edward

Ruthen, Capt. John

Ruthven Castle

Ruthven of Badenoch

Rutland, Lady

Rutlandshire, high sheriff of

Rutledge, James

Ruvigny, Marquis de

Ruxhaj, Jacob

Ruys, Hendrina

Ryan, Morgan

-, mayor of, letters to
-, ordnance cast at

Ryley, Garrett

Rymer, Thomas, made Historiographer Royal

Rymond, Henry

Rynd, Ensign

Ryp, John

Ryvers, Sir Richard