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Pages 587-597

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1694-5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Sabatier, Louis

Sabyn, Joshua

Sadler, Daniel

Saffron Walden

Sahir (Saher), Mons.

Sailly, Claudio.

St. Albans, Duke of

St. Amand, James

St. Andrews, University of

St. Christopher, Island of
-, provost-marshal of

St. Cromrach

St. Cross. See under Winchester.

St. Cyr, Captain

St. David's, archdeaconry of

St. Eloy, Capt. Isaac Gouyguet
-, Moses Gouyguet

St. Eve

St. George, Sir George
-, Captain
-, Lieutenant-Colonel
-, Colonel

St. George's Channel

St. George's Cross to appear on flags

St. George's Down, camp on

St. Germain, Francis

St. Germains

St. Helens (Isle of Wight)
-, letters dated at

St. Ives

St. John, Colonel
-, Stephen

St. Louis

St. Malo
-, attempt on

St. Martin, David

St. Martin's

St. Martin's in the Fields. See under London.

St. Matthew's Road, near Ushant

St. Pierre, Mr.
-, Mrs.

St. Romain, Mons.

St. Thomas

St. Tubes (Ubes)

St. Valerie

St. Vient

St. Walburgh

-, Bishop of

Salisbury, Captain
-, Thomas

Saller, Helen

Salt, Thomas

Salt tax, the

Salter, Capt. James
-, Capt. Richard

Saltpetre Makers, Company of

Saluting, reference to See Colours and Flag.

Samerson, Andrew

Sammen, Annett

Sampson, William

Samuels, Peter

Sander, Morley

Sanders, Captain
-, James
-, Samuel
-, See Saunders.

-, Captain
-, Francis
-, William
-, See Saunderson.

Sandgate Castle


Sandoes, Ensign

-, mayor of

Sandwich, Lord

Sandys, Capt. Edwin
-, Francis
-, Joseph
-, Capt. Lancelot
-, Mary Catherine
-, Capt. William

Sanettor, John

Sanford, Samuel

Sano, Francesco

Santa Cruce


Santry, Lord

Santune, Leah
-, Mary

Sarazin, Stephen

Sarex, Simon

Sarsfield, Charlotte
-, Dominick
-, Francis
-, Col. Patrick

Sarsfield Court

Saruch, Moses

Sassen, Gertrude

Satur, Mr.

Saultier, Augustin

Saunders, Joseph
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, William
-, See Sanders.

Saunderson, Captain
-, Thomas
-, William
-, See Sanderson.

Sauvage, Maria

Savage, Ann
-, Captain
-, Francis
-, Mary
-, Philip
-, Robert
-, Thomas

Savery, Thomas

Savignac, John

Savile (Savill), Lady
-, Philip

Savouret, Mary


Savoy, Duchess of
-, Duke of

Savoy, the. See under London.

Sawyer, John

Saxony, court of
-, Duke of
-, Elector of
-, Lower
-, troops of

Sayers, George.

Scaife, Joseph

Scalon, John

-, convoy, the

Scarborough, Richard, Earl of

Scarborough Castle

Scarborow, Mr.

Scawen, Francis
-, Sir William

Schade, Catharine

Schar, Symon

Schare, Frederick

Scheffer, Mr.

Scheldroff, George

Schelter, Frans

Scherpeigh, John

Schey, Vice-Admiral

Schiurman, Anthony

Schlemuller, William

Schmettan, Frederick William

Schneider, Mr.

Schoensteen, Caspar

Scholla, Edward

Schols, Timothy

Schomberg, Duke of
-, Meinhardt, Duke of


Schonenburg, Francisco

Schonnembergh, Mons.

Schools, industrial, proposal for establishing in Ireland

Schonten, Elizabeth

Schreyer, George

Schrder, John

Schryvent, Rokes

Schuller, Antonius

Schuman, John

Schurens, Philip

Schut, Arent

Schuylemburgh, Mons.

Scilly Isles, the

Scippers, John


Scot, Lieut.-Col. Thomas

Scotch harbours
-, regiments in
-, regiments, recruits for
-, rivers
-, secretaries

-, Archbishop of
-, Bishops of
-, Commander in Chief in
-, Committee of Security for
-, Commissioners in
-, Commissioners of Justiciary of
-, communication with Ireland
-, Council of
-, current coin of
-, defence of the coast of
-, Exchequer of
-, excise on liquor in
-, general assembly of
-, gifts of escheats, abuses in
-, guardship of the coast of
-, High Commissioner of
-, Highlands of
-, Irish rebels in
-, judicatories of
-, justice court of
-, knighthood in
-, land forces in
-, laws of
-, Lords of the Articles
-, Lord High Treasurer of
-, Lords Justice Clerk of
-, Lords of the Exchequer of
-, Lords of the Treasury of
-, old laws, acts concerning
-, papers illustrative of the Highlands of
-, Parliament of
-, President of
-, payment of duties in
-, Poll act in
-, post office in
-, Presbyterian church of
-, Privy Council of
-, profaneness, laws concerning
-, rates in
-, religious laws in
-, rents in
-, revision of laws in
-, Secretary of State for
-, security of peace in
-, St. Leonard's College
-, St. Salvador's College
-, state of
-, Treasury of
-, Under Secretary of

Scott, Edward
-, George
-, James
-, John
-, Lieutenant-Colonel

Scotti, Don Carlos Manuel

Scratchrode, Jervase

Soriven, Joseph

Scroggs, Bennet
-, Dr.

Scudamore, Lord

Seaghbogh, Teige

Seal of the Lords Justices of England

Seamen, proclamation regarding

Seaton, John
-, Capt. Patrick


Secretary of State, the

Secretary of War, the

Security, Committee of

Sedgwick, Zackary

Seditious books, search for

Seigneur, John

Selby, William

Sellers, Thomas

Selon, Alexander

Seloy, Francis

Selwyn (Selwin), Col. William

Semple, Matthew

Sequin, Jean

Serjeanni, Francesco

Serjeant, Clement

Setone, Alexander

Settlement, Act of


Sewell, Robert

Sewers, Commissioners of
-, Decrees of the

Seyffen, Captain

Seymour, Sir Edward
-, Francis
-, Capt. Henry
-, Lieut.-Col. William
-, Col. William

Seywell, Robert


Shadwell, Edward

Shakerly (Shakerley), Mr.
-, Peter

Shales, Charles

Shallet, Arthur.

Shamberg, Major Anthony
-, Robert

Shanahan, Philip

Shane, Dennis

Shannon, the

Shaphard, Sir Fleetwood

Shaples, Cuthbert

Sharpe (Sharp), Alderman
-, Anthony
-, John
-, William

Shatterance, Mons.

Shaulnes, Duke of

-, Briggin
-, Sir John
-, Thomas

Sheel (Sheels), Larent
-, Mr.

Sheene, Joseph

-, Governor of

Sheffield, Hon. Robert

Shehane, Donogh

Shelburn, Lord

Shelburn, Lieut. John

Sheldon, Anne
-, Catherine
-, Dorothy
-, Frances
-, John
-, Thomas

Sheldon of Abberton

Shell, Elizabeth
-, Hannah

Shelley, Mrs. Frances

Shellings, Cornelia

Shelton, Anna
-, Francis

Shenke, Conrad

Sheppard (Shepherd, Shepheard), Anthony
-, Sir Fleetwood
-, James
-, Thomas

Sherbrook, John

Sherburne, Sir Edward

Sherrard, Dr. William

Shestelert, Helen

Shetland (Zetland) Islands, the

Shiel, Don


Ships, accounts of
-, condition of
-, Danish
-, detaining and seizing of
-, four new great
-, lists of
-, required to guard the coast
-, their Majesties'

Ships, names of:
-, Albemarle, the
-, letters dated from
-, Aleppo Factor, the
-, America, the
-, Angel, the
-, Angel Raphael, the
-, Anglesey, the
-, Anne, the
-, Arran, the
-, Assistance, the
-, Assurance, the
-, Baltimore the
-, Berkeley Castle, the
-, Betty, the
-, Bonaventure, the
-, Boyne, the
-, Bridget, the
-, Bristol, the Postilion of
-, Brittania, the
-, Cambridge the
-, Captain, the
-, letters dated on board
-, Carlisle, the
-, Carolus Secundus, the
-, Casteel van Medenblick, the
-, Castle of Druntoun, the
-, Centurion, the
-, Charles, the
-, Christian's Haven
-, Cleveland
-, Coast, the
-, Coronation, the
-, Cronenburg Castle, the
-, Crowned Herring, the
-, Dartmouth, the
-, David, the
-, Delavall, the
-, Desire, the
-, Devonshire, the
-, Diamond, the
-, Dogger, the
-, Dolphin, the
-, Dove, the
-, Dove of Bristol, the
-, Dover, the
-, Drake, the
-, Drakenstein, the
-, Dreadnought, the
-, Duke, the
-, Duke of Bavaria, the
-, Dunkirk, the
-, Eagle, the
-, East India, the
-, Edgar, the
-, Elizabeth, the
-, England, the
-, Essex, the
-, Euchusyn, the, Arms of
-, Euklingsen, the
-, Expedition, the
-, Falmouth, the
-, Firedrake, the
-, Foresight, the
-, Friends Experiment, the
-, Friesland, Prince of, the
-, Fubbs, the
-, Gaffle Slott, the
-, Garland, the
-, Germoon, the
-, Golden Falken, the
-, Goodwin, the
-, Granado, the
-, Greenwich, the
-, Greyhound, the
-, Griphes, the
-, Guernsey, the
-, Guldenlen, the
-, Hampton Court, the
-, Hanse and Jacob, the
-, Hawk, the
-, Henrietta, the
-, Henry, the
-, Hope, the
-, Hopewell, the
-, Hunter, the
-, Huntsman, the
-, Ipswich, the
-, Iron Drager (alias Iron Porter), the
-, Jager, the
-, James, the
-, Jersey, the
-, John, the
-, John and Robert
-, Joseph, the
-, Katharine the
-, Kent, the
-, Kingfisher, the
-, King Solomon, the
-, Kitchen, the
-, Lancaster, the
-, Lark, the
-, Lime, the
-, London, the
-, London Frigate, the
-, London Merchant, the
-, Maesterland, the
-, Maidstone, the
-, Mary, the
-, Mary Jane, the
-, Mary and William, the
-, Mathew, the
-, Mercury, the
-, Merveilleux, the
-, Modena, the
-, Monk, the
-, Montague, the
-, Muyden, the
-, Neptune, the
-, Newport, the
-, Northumberland, the
-, Norwich, the
-, Ollabeat, the
-, Olthuysen, the
-, Orange Flower, the
-, Oxford, the
-, Partabella
-, Patience, the
-, Pearl, the
-, Pembroke, the
-, Pieter, the
-, Planter, the
-, Portland, the
-, Portsmouth, the
-, Postboy, the
-, Postillion, the
-, Preserve, the
-, Prince George, the
-, Princess Ann, the
-, Prophet Daniel, the
-, Providence, the
-, Queen, the
-, Queen of Sheba, the
-, Red Winefatt, the
-, Reserve, the
-, Resolution, the
-, Rising Sun, the
-, Robert, the
-, Robert Bonadventure, the
-, Rochester, the
-, letter dated on board
-, Rochellois, the
-, Royal Oak, the
-, letters dated on board
-, Royal William, the
-, Ruby, the
-, Running Hart, the
-, Rupert, the
-, Russell's Truth, the
-, St. Andreas, the
-, St. Catjetan, the
-, St. Eve, the
-, St. Francis Zavier, the
-, St. John, the
-, St. Lorent, the
-, St. Maria, the
-, St. Martin, the
-, St. Michael, the
-, St. Peter, the
-, Sally Rose, the
-, Samuel and Mary, the
-, Sandadoes, the
-, Sapphire, the
-, Sarah, the
-, Sarah and Anne
-, Scanderoon, the
-, Scarborough, the
-, Sea Horse, the
-, Serpent, the
-, Seventh Son, the
-, Sheerness, the
-, Shoreham, the
-, Shrewsbury, the
-, letters dated on board
-, Smyrna Factor
-, Soldadoes, the
-, Sophia, the
-, Spanish Alliance, the
-, Spanish Expedition, the
-, Spanish men of war
-, Society and Angel, the
-, Society, the
-, Solado, the
-, Somer, the
-, Southampton, the
-, Sovereign, the
-, Speedwell, the
-, Stirling Castle, the
-, Stockholm, the
-, Suffolk, the
-, Sussex, the
-, Swallow, the
-, Swiftsure, the
-, Taalmodigheed, the
-, Talbot, the
-, Tergoes, the
-, Terrible, the
-, Tiger, the
-, Trumpet, the
-, Ufrow Cornelia, the
-, Unity, the
-, Velocita, the
-, Victory, the
-, Virgin, the
-, Waking Boy
-, Wassenaer. the
-, Wesel, the
-, Westfriezland, the
-, Weymouth, the
-, Whale, the
-, Wheel of Fortune
-, Whitepot, the
-, William, the
-, Winchester, the
-, Windsor Castle, the
-, Woolwich, the
-, Wrestling Jacob, the
-, Yarmouth, the
-, York, the

Shirley, John
-, Mr.

Shiving, General

Shormer, William

Shoreditch, Richard

Short, John

Shorter, John
-, Mary

Shovel (Shovell), Sir Cloudesley
-, letters from
-, letters to

Shower, Sir Bartholomew

Shrewsbury, Recorder of

Shrewsbury, Earl of
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, Duke of
-, letters from
-, letters to

Shrimpton. Lieut.-Col. John

Shrode, Peter

-, assizes for

Shults, Thomas

Shuman, Godfried

Shurly, John

Sibald, William

Sichtermans, Adriana

Sick and Wounded seamen

Siebeherr, Bogetlaus

Siersen, Andreas

Siggon, Peter

Signet, Clerk of the

Signet Office, the

Signio (Signo), Lewis (Louis)

Sijol, Lieutenant

Siliardt, William

Silver, Captain

Simeons, Francis


Simon, Captain
-, Jochem
-, Lieut. John George

Simons (Simonds, Simonts), Henry
-, John
-, Laurents
-, Mary
-, Mr.

Simonsen, Hendryck


Simpson, Mrs.
-, Rachel

Sinclair (Sincler), Anne
-, Archibald
-, Captain
-, George
-, James
-, Mr.
-, of Stevenstown, Sir Robert

Sincock, Captain

Sire, Antoine

Siseen, Nicholas


Skeelagh, Dermod

Skeys, John

Skipwith, Sir Thomas

Slater, Richard

Slane, Lady
-, Lord

Slaughter, Col. Henry

Sligo, Governor of
-, Lieutenant Governor of

Slingsby, Mr.

Slowley, Robert

Sluijters, Weltije

Small, Alexander

Smallpage, Elizabeth

Smallwood, James

Smart, Joseph

Smeaton. Harry
-, John

Smid, George

Smith (Smyth),
-, Aaron
-, Aetham
-, Andrew
-, Anne
-, Catherine
-, Cornelius
-, Diana
-, Dr.
-, E.
-, Elizabeth
-, Francis
-, George
-, Henry
-, Hugh
-, James
-, Jeremy
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Joseph
-, Mark
-, Mary
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Peta
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Roger
-, Sarah
-, Thomas
-, William

Smitheat, John
-, Luke
-, William

Smith's Lands, near Swords


Smits, Annetje
-, Lysbet


-, Convoys at

Smyrna Fleet, the

Sneew, Peter

Snelgrove, Mr.

Snellinix, Adriana

Snithen, Sarah

Snow, William

Soame, Captain

Soares, Benjamin

Soelen, Hendrick

Sole, Captain
-, Capt. John

Solemn League, the

Solicitor General, the

Solomon, John

Somerford, manor of

Somers, Sir John


Somerset, Duke of

Sommerville (Somervil), James
-, Johannah

Sophia Charlotte, Princess, letter from

Sorret, James

Sotherne, J.
-, Mr.
-, Secretary

Sotta, Joseph

Souchet, Mr.

Soumain, Charles

Sound, the

Soundings, the

South, Lieut. Henry

-, county of
-, High Sheriff of
-, Sheriff of
-, See Hampshire.

South Cape, the

South Castle

Southey, Thomas

South Foreland, the

South Kilworth

South Sea, the

Southwark. See under London.

Southwell, John
-, Sir Robert

Southwood, manor of

-, Court of
-, Envoy Extraordinary to the King of
-, King of

Spaniard, John

Spangel, Leopold

Spaniards, the

Spanish Armada, the
-, Ambassador, the
-, Coast
-, gold coins
-, packet-boat
-, ports
-, post, the
-, ships
-, soldiers


Sparrow, John

Spartel, Cape


Spellesborne, King's hare-warren in

Spence, Edward
-, Mr.
-, William

Spencer, Benjamin
-, Mr. Quartus
-, Thomas

Sperling, Henry

Spice, Lambert
-, William

Spiller, Capt. Henry

Spinck, Rudolph

-, letters dated at

Splane, Maurice

Sporting dogs

Spragg (Sprag), Captain Edward
-, Captain William

Sprat, William

Spreker, Christiansen


Stacie, Richard

Stafford, John
-, Nathaniel

Staffordshire, sheriff of

Stageno, Captain

Staines Bridge

Stainforth, Major William

Staingengs, Daniel

Stair, Master of
-, Viscount

Stamer, Francis

Stamford, John, Earl of
-, Thomas, Earl of

Stamford, church of All Saints in
-, church of St. Peter in
-, churches in
-, union of churches in

Stamp, Sir Thomas

Stamps for vellum

-, William

Standish Hall

Stange, Anthonetta

Stanhope, Hon. Alexander
-, Captain
-, Charles
-, Mr.
-, letters to
-, Sir William

Staniforth, Major William

Stanley, Dr.
-, Lady
-, Col. James
-, Sir Robert
-, Sir Rowland
-, Sarah
-, Sir Thomas

Stannix, Capt. Thomas

Stanton, John

Stanyer, Samuel

Staples, Charles
-, John

Stapleton (Stapylton), George
-, John
-, Capt. Robert

Starch, Leopold

Starck, Frederick

Starkey, Richard

State, Secretary of

States General, the
-, Envoy to the
-, ships of
-, See Dutch, the Flanders and Holland.

Statford, Job


Stedman, Francis

Steede, Sir Edwin

Steele, Elizabeth
-, John
-, Mr., letter to
-, See Stoole.

Steen, John

Steenbock, Count

Steensen, Andr

Steeres (Steer), Major John
-, Mr.

Steight, Nicholas

Steinkirk (Steenkirk)

Stentzel, John Jacob

Stephens, Anthony
-, Edward
-, George
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Mary
-, Nathaniel
-, Robert
-, Sir Thomas


Stepney, Captain
-, George
-, Joseph

Sterling, Henry
-, Capt. John

Sterne, Mr.

-, ships

Steuart (Stewart), Lieut. Alexander
-, Archibald
-, Capt. Arthur
-, Brigadier
-, Captain
-, Charles
-, Colonel
-, David
-, Henry
-, Humphry
-, Ensign James
-, Sir James
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Matthew
-, Mr.
-, William
-, Brig.-Gen. William
-, Captain William
-, Lieut. William
-, Major William

Stevens, Captain
-, Jannetie
-, Jennet
-, Juliana

Stevenson, Capt. Hans
-, John
-, Capt. Robert
-, William

Steventon, Mr.

Steyarte, Francis

Steynsen, Dirick

Stigant, William

Stirling, Captain
-, George

Stockdale, coat of arms of
-, surname of
-, William

Stocke (Stock), Abraham
-, Mr.
-, letter to

-, King's minister at

Stockman, Ensign Franck

Stoe, Captain William

Stoite, Francis

Stokes, Hugh

Stolwyck, Mary
-, Peter

Stone, Benjamin
-, Charles
-, John
-, Mr.
-, William

Stonefield, manor of

Stonehouse, James

Stonor, Thomas

Stoole (Steele?), John
-, See Steele.

Stoots, John

Stopford, Capt. Joseph

Store ships, Dutch
-, English

Storm, Lucas

Storrim, Benjamin

Stoughton, Anthony
-, Robert
-, William

-, prebend of

Stow, Captain William

Stradford, Mr.

Strafford, William, Earl of

Straits, the
-, stores for

Strake, John


Strathnaver, Lord

Streatham, Baron Howland of

Streenman, Justus

Street, Isaac
-, Captain, William

Stretch, Bartholomew

Strickland, Francis

Stringer, Edward
-, Francis
-, Capt. Thomas

Strobridge, Thomas

Strode, Grace
-, Sir George

Strong, John
-, Richard
-, William


Stubbs, John

Studd, Captain
-, Joseph

Studland Bay

Sturt, Anthony

Stuteville, Charles
-, Judith

Styles, Benjamin
-, Humphrey

Such, Anthony

Suciro, Abraham

-, coast of

Suffolk, Earl of

Sullivan (Sulivan). Cornelius
-, Daniel
-, Dermod
-, Fumine McDonogh
-, Garet
-, John

Sully, Capt. Francis


Sunderland, Lord

Sunning Hill

Sunterman, Philip

Supple, Ensign Roger

Supply, John
-, Lewis

Surgeons Hall. See under London.

-, Bailiwick of

Suspected persons, search for

-, coast of

Sutherland, James

Sutton, manor of

Sutton, Capt. David
-, William

Sutton's Hospital. See Charterhouse, the.

Swaanson. Michael

Swabian Jerritories

Swadlin, Dr.

Swale, the



Swan, John
-, Sir William


Swarbreck, Christopher

Swats, John

Swayne, Ensign

Swedding, Derby

Sweden (Sweedland)
-, college of commerce in
-, court of
-, King of

Swedes, the

Swedish, convoy
-, galliot
-, man-of-war
-, ministers' memorial, the
-, passports
-, secretary, the
-, ships
-, trade

Sweeny, Murrogh Mac-Erevan
-, Tiege

Sweetman, Edward

Sweinitz, Balthazar

Swerver, Albert

Swift, John
-, Mary
-, Samuel


Swinburn, Thomas

Swindall, Bridget
-, John

Swiss, the

Swiss Cantons, the
-, Envoy to

Swithen Sarah

-, Protestant refugees

Swords, town of

Swother, Mark

Sydenham, George

Sydley, Sir Charles

Sydlin, Mary

Sydney, Viscount
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, Sir Charles

Sylvester, William

Symmond, Capt.

Symon, Capt. Gilbert
-, John

Symonds, Aryan
-, James Fitz
-, Capt. John
-, John
-, Thomas

Symons, Ensign Franck

Symonsen, George

Sympton, Thomas