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Pages 483-489

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Daalen, James van, burgher of Amsterdam, invention patent for, petition of

Dacosta, D'Acosta. See Costa.

Dade, Thomas, a trustee for the new E. I. Co.

Dagley, Anthony, post warrant for
-, Bryan, Irish prisoner

Daker, William, licence to return from France

Dakeyne. See Dekin.

Dalfolly. See Gordon, Sir A.

Dallowne, , a Frenchman, King's evidence
-, Cp. Allonne.

Dalrymple, Hugh and Sir Hugh, of North Berwick, advocate, appointments in Scotland: commissioner of the Exchequer, for plantation of kirks and valuation of teinds, for settling the communication of trade, president of the College of Justice (Sessions), privy councillor, baronetcy for, pension for, warrant to
-, James, Viscount Stair, late president of the College of Justice, Scotland
-, Thomas, apothecary of Edinburgh, tenant

Dalrymple of Killoch, James, a clerk of Session, baronetcy for

Dalston, Christopher, captain, his company

Dalton, Edmund, licence to stay in England

Daly, Denis, of Carrownekelly, co. Galway, councillor at law, pardon for

Dalzell, John, 5th Earl of Carnwath, pension for

Damasks, their quality, cost, etc., in France

Dambois, , military pension for

Dampierre, , captain, pension for

Dams, salmon fishing and the destruction of

Dancing master, French

Danes, the. See Denmark.

Daniel, Thomas, leave to enter the service of Peter the Great

Danish minister [at the Hague]

Danish ministers and the declarations concerning Hamburg, and see Denmark.

Danish troops. See Ireland, reduction of.

Dankelman, [J.E.D.], Sieur de, late minister of the Elector of Brandenburg, yacht for

Danroches, , military pension for

Dansey, James, ensign in the first regiment of guards

Danvers, [John], removed from the Excise commission

Darcy, Hyacinth, petition of

Darell, Darrell, , discharged from his employment in Guernsey
-, John, licence to stay in England

Darien river, Scottish design for a settlement on

Dartmouth, co. Devon, mayor of, letter to, ship seized at

Daufin. See Louis, the Dauphin.

Daunce, Edward, pardon for

Daunix, , military pension for

Dauphin. See Louis, the Dauphin.

Dauphin, France

Daussy, , military pension for

Davach, co. Aberdeen, lands

Davenant, , assault on
-, Dr., to represent the old E. I. Co. in India
-, Richard, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards, commission

Davenport, , major, post warrant for
-, , major, his troop in Windham's regiment
-, , a suspect

Daventry, co. Northants, bailey and burgesses of, recorder elected by, recorders of, See Breton, R.; Skinner.

Davidson, , captain, his company

Davilliers or d'Ovilliers, , a suspect, xxviii

Davis, , a suspect
-, Lady Catherine, access to her brother the Earl of Clancarty
-, Edmund, seaman, pass from the Hague
-, John, ensign in Northcott's regiment, commission
-, native of Spain, pass from the Hague
-, Robert, petition of
-, And see Jolly.

Davits, , a swindler

Dawes, Daws, Dr. William, fellow and late censor of the College of Physicians in London, petition of
-, Sir William, bart., chaplain in ordinary, prebend in Worcester Cathedral for

Dawick. See Dawyck.

Dawson, John, lieutenant in F. Hamilton's regiment, commission
-, Joseph

Dawyck, Dawick, co. Peebles, barony of
-, Easter, lands

Day, Isaac, watchcase maker of London, pass from the Hague
-, Dr. John, licence to stay in England
-, [Samuel], governor of Bermuda

Deacomb. See Wicks.

Deadmen's clothes, Navy, perquisite out of

Deal, co. Kent, news from, ship of, sign of the Royal Exchange at, wool transporter of

Dean, Deane, , leave to enter the service of Peter the Great
-, Mr., letter to
-, Thomas, coiner, information against
-, William, of the Royal Oak Lottery, coiner, information against

Dean, Forest of, grant out of the revenue of

Deans of Guild. See Blair, Hugh; Robertson, John

Deans, Wester, co. Peebles, town and lands

Death duties, proposal to institute payment of

Debts and discharges of trust, proposals in the Commons re

Dee, John and Robert, his son, coiners of Bredon

Deering, Unton, captain of marines, half-pay for

Deighton, Christopher, petition of

Dekin or Dakeyne, Charles, subbrigadier of the third troop of Horse Guards, commission

Delaet, , captain, his company

Delafaye, Mr., "my Secretary" [? Charles, Secretary to Sir J. Williamson], pass from the Hague

Delegacy, commission of, case referred to

Delamere, Delamer, forest of, co. Cheshire, offices of forester, bowbearer and bailif of, and see Crew, Sir J.

Delavall, John, captain in the first regiment of guards

Delaware, Lord. See West, J.

Delorian , military pension for

Delyel, , lieutenant colonel, his troop

Demeter. See Du Maistre.

Dempsey, Aonora, (ne Brown), widow, petition of
-, James, husband of Aonora, outlaw and mortgagee

Den of Morphie. See Allan, J.

Denham, John, of St. Andrews, Holborn, affidavit of

Denis, Denys, , his memorial to Louis XIV
-, John, B.A., elected fellow of Trinity College, Dublin

Denization, warrants for

-, and Hamburg. See Hamburg.
-, King of. See Christian V.
-, Prince of. See George.
-, Princess of. See Anne.
-, Princess Royal of. See Sophia Hedwig.
-, Queen of. See Charlotte Amelia.
-, regiment in the service of, See Army, regiments: Holst's.
-, treaty of 1696 with, prohibition of French trade under, See Trade; subsidies due and demanded under, debates and votes in the Commons on, the Pensioner to be consulted on the subject

Denys. See Denis.

Deppe, , military pension for

Deptford, co. Kent, embarkation at, [John] Evelyn's house at, hired for Peter the Great

Deputy lieutenants. See Cambridgeshire, Ipswich, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk.

Derby, , house of, search for seditious pamphlet at

Derby, borough of, town clerk of. See Heathcot, S.

Derbyshire, high sheriff of. See Skrymsher, Sir C.

Derham, Lucy, licence to stay in England

Derlandes, Peter, merchant of Dieppe

Dermackmorran, co. Kirkcudbright, lands

Derpre, , military pension for

Derrick. See Eldrich.

Derry. See Kerry and Londonderry.

Desborbes [sic], James, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Desborough, , captain, his charges against Captain Norris

Des Herbiers, , reformed captain, pension for

Desmarets, J. B., Sr. de Vaubourg "intendant de la Comt de Bourgogne," letter to

Desmonier, John, ensign in F. Hamilton's regiment, commission

Despech, , surgeon to St. George's regiment, commission

Dethick, Henry, junior, notary public

Decenerunt, writ of, proceedings on

Devenish, Devennish, , captain, gentleman of the horse to Baron de Simeoni, pass to go abroad
-, Henry, captain in the second troop of guards, commission

Devereux. See Eldrich.

Devizes. co. Wilts, M.P.'s for. See Child, Sir F.; Methucn, J.

Devonshire (Devon), Duke of. See Cavendish, W.

Devonshire, Cursitor of

Diamond trade of the E. I. Co.

Diamonds, portrait of Louis XIV set in, Wm. III's [gift of], to Prince de Vaudemont

Dickenson, , a condemned prisoner
-, , captain, petition of
-, George, pardon for

Dickeson, Mr., a prisoner at Salisbury

Dickins, Francis, revocation of grant of wood ward of the New Forest

Dieppe, bomb ship blown up at the bombardment of Irish prisoners to be landed at merchants of ship of suspects at

Dieren, Holland, furniture required by Wm. III for, warrants dated at

Diest, Belgium, regiment of dragoons at, complaints of

Dieu le fil [sic], Paul, a weaver of London, pass from the Hague

Digby, John, licence to stay in England
-, Earl of Bristol, death of
-, Simon, licence to stay in England

Dikfeld. See Dykvelt.

Dillon, Arthur, lieutenant colonel, licence to stay in England
-, Cary, 5th Earl of Roscommon, patent places held by regiment raised by
-, Dominick, of Bella, co. Roscommon, petition of
-, Robert, 6th Earl of Roscommon, petition of
-, Wentworth, 4th Earl of Roscommon, estate of

Dimchurch. See Dymchurch.

Diminishing. See Guineas; Money.

Dimock. See Dymock.

Dineby, Joseph, warrant to be directed to

Disabled soldiers, pensions for

Disaulnais, Henry, ensign in the first regiment of guards

Discipline. See Army.

Disney, Elizabeth, petition of her grandfather, services of
-, William, deceased, brother of Elizabeth, his pension
-, father of Elizabeth, executed for high treason

Dissenters and religious toleration

Divinity, professor of

Divorce. See Macclesfield divorce case.

Dixey, , captain, and his wife, suspects

Dixmude, Dyxmuyde, Flanders, soldier taken prisoner at

Dixon, John, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Dixwell, [? Sir] Basil, letter to

Dobberzentsky. See Dobrezenski.

Dobby, William, lieutenant colonel in How's regiment, warrant to

Dobrezenski, Dobberzentsky, Friedrich Bagislaw von, recommended to Wm. III

Dockwra, George, ensign in the first regiment of guards

Dockyards, supply voted by the Commons for
-, See also Portsmouth.

Doctor, accused of coining

Doctrine: See Church of England; against the Holy Trinity, See Books.

Dod, Dodd, John, deceased, late rector of March-Gibbon, his successor, See Dunster, T.
-, pass to go abroad

Dod, co. Haddington, lands

Dodge, Edmund or Richard, killing of, proceedings re pardon for

Dodington, George, paymaster to the Treasurer of the Navy, petition for the continuance of his perquisites Cp. Navy, paymaster.

Dogherty, John, chaplain to G. Hamilton's regiment

Dogs. See King's dogs.

Doily, Richard, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Dolliffe, James, merchant of London, petition of

Dombes, Prince de. See Bourbon, L. A. de.

Don, Mr., clerk to Sir Richard Mason, witness

Dona, Comtesse de, servant to

Donators and forfeited persons. See Scotland.

Donellan, Donnelan, Nehemiah, a baron of the Exchequer, Ireland, appointed a commissioner to hear Chancery cases, Ireland

Dongan. See Dungan.

Dopf, [Daniel Wolf], major general

Dorman, Mr., [? Dormer, Robert], counsel against C. Duncombe

Dormet, Edward, licence to stay in England

Dormot, Edmund (? same), licence to return from France

Dorrington, , regiment of, in France, officer in
-, Mr.

Dorset, Earl of. See Sackville, C.

Dortoux, , military pension for

Douglas, Archibald, Earl of Angus, deceased, conveyance by
-, Earl of Forfar, privy councillor of Scotland
-, Charles, Earl of Selkirk, clerk to H.M. Council, Registers and Rolls in Scotland, appointment by, privy councillor of Scotland
-, James, soldier, pass from the Hague
-, Earl of Arran and 4th Duke of Hamilton, assault on his marriage titles, etc., of the duchy of Hamilton, etc., resigned to, Chancery suit against his mother his regiment, See Army, regiments: Arran's
-, 2nd Marquis of Douglas, privy councillor of Scotland
-, Earl of Morton, privy councillor of Scotland
-, Duke of Queensberry, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for settling the communication of trade Keeper of the Privy Seal privy councillor, changed holding of lands by gift of ward and marriage dues to warrant to
-, William, Earl of March, grant of lands to, privy councillor of Scotland
-, Sir William, colonel and captain of foot, half-pay for his regiment, See Army, regiments.

Dover, Lord. See Jermyn, Henry.

Dover, co. Kent
-, Admiralty court at decree of
-, French pinnace brought into
-, Lord Manchester for and at
-, mails for France via. See below postal arrangements.
-, marines at, quartering of
-, mayor of, letters to
-, Mayor and Aldermen
-, news from
-, north pier of, repair of
-, packet boats to Calais. See below postal arrangements.
-, persons from France detained at
-, petition from
-, Earl of Portland at
-, postal arrangements at re-establishment of the packet boat service to Calais
-, postmaster of. See Stock.
-, post warrant to
-, survey of and the coast westward of

Dover Castle, governor of, his deputy may sit as a judge

Dover harbour, damaged by a violent storm, stopped by a wreck survey of, report on

Dover prison, keeper of, charges of

Dowdall, Henry, petition for pardon
-, Patrick, money borrowed from
-, Robert, licence to stay in England

Dowhill. See Anderson, J.

Doweries, proposed tax on

Downs, The, ships in, for and from

Downton, co. Wilts, M.P. for. See Duncombe, C.

Doyne, Robert, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, Ireland, appointed a commissioner to hear Chancery cases, Ireland

Dragoons, pay of

Drayton, co. Berks, chapel of, presentation

Drew, Thomas, defendant, licence to stay in England

Droitwich, co. Worcester, M.P. for. See Harley, Edward.

Drumblet, co. Aberdeen, barony of Kirktoun of, town, lands and fairs

Drumelzier, Drumelyear, Drummelziar, co. Peebles, town, lands and mill

Drummers, army and marines, pay of

Drummond, Helen, wife of Colonel James Ferguson, lease to
-, Thomas, captain, M.P. in Scotland, royal furlough, "foreloff," for

Drummuir. See Drumure.

Drumnaight, co. Kirkcudbright, lands

Drumnagair [Drumnegar], co. Kincardine, lands and barony

Drumure [Drummuir, co. Banff]. See Duff, A.

Drunkenness, proclamation against

Dryland, Pierie, a suspect

-, army establishment for
-, Earl of Athlone in
-, corporation of brewers of
-, French church of, payment to minister of
-, houses in, destroyed in wartime
-, letter dated at
-, letter from an English officer in, answer to
-, malignant fever in
-, Marshalsea, bill for regulating abuses in
-, news from and in
-, ordnance officers in, pay of
-, Ormond Quay
-, patent by Chas. II dated at
-, regiments in and disbanded in French regiments in, complaints against
-, town major of, pay of
-, travellers to and from

Dublin Castle, fire and candles in, allowance for, letters dated from

Dublin regiment in France, officers of

Dublin university, student in Trinity College, election of a fellow of

Du Borda, James, late lieutenant colonel of foot, pension for

Du Bordac, , deceased, lieutenant colonel, his pension

Du Causse, , military pension for

Duckingfeild, Loftus, captain, licence to stay in England

Du Cros, , [Madame de Berger], widow, to return to Orange

Duddell, John, licence to stay in England

Dudgeon, William, ensign in Orkney's regiment, commsision

Dudley, , a suspect
-, , colonel, letters to
-, Greenhill, licence to stay in England

Duels, and see Elections, parliamentary.

Dues and rights, feudal, and see Assize herrings; Tolls.
-, blench
-, chancellary
-, feu
-, forestry
-, free barony
-, free chapel
-, heretage
-, justiciary
-, marriage
-, non-entry
-, relief
-, ward, simple ward, taxt ward

Du Fermond, Peter, coiner, commitment of

Duff of Drumure [Drummuir], Alexander, lease of lands

Du Four, Jane, licence to stay in England

Duke, Sir John, bart., deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Du Maistre, Demeter, John, French silk merchant, arrest and impeachment of

Dumas, , military pension for

Dumbar of Durn, , baronetcy for

Dumbreck, co. Aberdeen, lands

Dumitre. See Mettre, de.

Dumfries, commissary of

Dummer, Mr., report of

Dun, Roger, killed in a rencounter near Corspherne

Duncannon, Dungcannon, Fort, co. Wexford, governor of, pay of and see Jeffreys, Sir J., Purcell, T.; ordnance establishment for town major of

Duncanson, , lieutenant colonel, half-pay for

Duncombe, Charles, late cashier of the Excise and [M.P. for Downton].
-, his answer to Sir Stephen Fox
-, enquiries proposed affecting
-, proceedings and bill of pains and penalties against, in the Commons, in the Lords rejected by one vote
-, committed to the Tower his release his re-arrest, surrender to the serjeant-at-arms and re-commitment
-, petitions for assistance of counsel
-, his punishment
-, his confession
-, his crime "but quasi a breach of any law,"
-, precedents of his case
-, not allowed bail
-, proposed prosecution of, at Westminster Hall
-, And see xxixxiii.
-, Edward, licence to return from France

Dundalk, co. Louth, military review near, officer's death at Duke of Schomberg's army at

Dungan, Dongan, [Thomas], colonel, claim to his brother the Earl of Limerick's estate
-, William, Earl of Limerick

Dungcannon. See Duncannon.

-, Admiralty court of judge of, order to
-, conspirators returning to England via
-, jacobite rendezvous at
-, Lord Portland to visit
-, prisoners at, petition of
-, privateer of, capture of
-, reprisals at
-, restoration of, demand for
-, ships of, from and detained at

Dunn, , a suspect

Dunstable, co. Bedford, post warrant to

Dunster, Charles, returned from France without licence
-, licence to stay in England
-, Thomas, D.D., presentation to the rectory of Marsh-Gibbon

Dunton, Sir Richard, a suspect

Dunwich, co. Suffolk, M.P. for, See Rich, Sir R.; Parliamentary election at

Du Parc, , military pension for

Du Passy, , captain, killed in Flanders
-, Anna Albertina, widow, pension for

Du Perce, , military pension for

Du Plessis, , military pension for

Duras, Lewis de, Earl of Feversham, his near relatives, entertainment given by, Marquis de, See Durfort, J. H. de.

Durfort, Guy de, Marquis de QuentinLorge, "marshal," his lack of civility to Lord Portland
-, Jacques Henri de, Marquis de Duras, "marshal," hisbehaviour

Durham, William, adjutant in Gibson's regiment, commission

Durham cathedral, prebend of. See Wheeler, Sir G.

Durie, John, minister, his design for uniting protestants

Durn. See Dumbar.

Duroy. See Lisle.

Dursley, Viscount. See Berkeley, C.

-, ambassador, letter to, movements of and see Turkey; Vienna.
-, consul at Galicia
-, language, student of
-, men-of-war, convoying merchant ships [carrying bullion]
-, post. See Holland, mails.
-, regiments: foot guards, murder by soldier of and see Army, Blue footguards; horse guards. troop of, with grey horses
-, trade. See Trade.
-, troops, in the Netherlands advance of see also Ireland, reduction of.

Duties. See Taxes.

Dutton, Sir Ralph, parliamentary candidate for Gloucestershire

Dyck, , captain, his company

Dyckvelt. See Dykvelt.

Dyers, red wood used by, and see wool dyers.

Dyke, Sir Thomas, [M.P. for East Grinstead], long speech in the Commons by

Dykvelt, Dikfeld, Dyckvelt. See Weede, E. van.

Dymchurch, Dimchurch, co. Kent, ship wrecked and plundered at

Dymock, Dimock, co. Gloucester, coiners at

Dymon, Edward, a suspect

Dyne, Mr., letter to

Dysart, Earl of. See Tollemache, Sir L.

Dyxmuyde. See Dixmude.