Appendix: Miscellaneous 1583

Pages 657-658

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 18, July 1583-July 1584. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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Miscellaneous 1583

The following letters, formerly included in S.P. France, Vols. X–XII, were, in the year 1866, removed and placed with the Addenda Papers, Domestic, of the reign of Elizabeth. They are calendared in the volume of Addenda papers for 1580–1625.
June 28./July 8. Sir Thos. Copley to Walsingham.
Until the Queen will help him, he must go back to the service of that good King who feeds him. Can get nothing more from the Duke of Parma without returning to his place about his person, which, therefore, necessity forces him to do; but will be as dutiful a subject to her Majesty at St. Omer as here.— Rouen, 8 July, 1583.
1 p. [S.P. Dom., Eliz., Addenda, XXVII. 21.]
Oct. 16. Stafford to the Queen and to Walsingham.
Recommending the bearer, son of Lord Eure, who is returning with Sir Henry Cobham.—Paris, 16 October, 1583.
½ p. each. [Ibid. XXVIII. 34, 35.]
Oct. 22. Ralph Eure to Walsingham.
Particulars of his travels in Germany. Desires to return with Cobham, to serve his father in his old years.—Paris, 22 October, 1583.
1 p. [Ibid. XXVIII. 36.]
Oct. 26. William Cecil to Walsingham.
Writes to give him a specimen of his progress in the French language.—Paris, 26 October.
Endd. with year date. Fr. ½ p. [Ibid. XXVIII. 37.]
Nov. 26./Dec. 6. Dr. William Parry to Walsingham.
Send papers relating to Mr. Unton. Would be glad for so honest a gentleman to have some living. His own poor estate.— Paris, 6 December, 1583.
1 p. [Ibid. XXVIII. 45.]
Dec. 2. Stafford to Burghley.
Refers him to his letters to the Queen and Secretary, touching Lord Paget's and Charles Arundel's sudden arrival at his house. Desires to know what course he shall hold with them.—Paris, 2 December, 1583.
¾ p. [Ibid. XXVIII. 43.]
Dec. 2. Stafford to Walsingham.
Sudden arrival of Lord Paget and Charles Arundel, who said they came away for their consciences and “for fear,” and declared their loyalty. Has told them to forbear coming to him again until he has received her Majesty's commands.—Paris, 2 December, 1583.
1 p. [S.P. Dom., Eliz., Addenda, XXVIII. 44.]
Dec. 7/17. Parry to Walsingham.
Regrets her Majesty's inquietude at home, increased by departure of Paget and Arundel. Has taken a degree in law. Hopes shortly to be in England.—Paris, 17 December, 1583.
1 p. [Ibid. XXVIII. 46.]
Dec. 8/18. The Same to the Same.
Lord Paget's and Arundel's reasons for their departure from England.—Paris, 18 December, 1583.
2 pp. [Ibid. XXVIII. 47.]
Feb. 1. Nicholas Wilson to Walsingham.
Asking for his year's allowance in advance.—1 February.
Endd. with year date. ½ p. [Ibid. XXVIII. 56.]
Feb. 22. Parry to Thomas Morgan, Paris.
Has not been careless of the “t undertaken,” but has consulted with a “singular man” what might be done with conscience for the common good, and is assured that it ought not to fall into the thought of a good Christian.—London, 22 February, 1583.
3 pp. [Ibid. XXVIII. 61.]
Feb. 27./Mar. 9. —Sootchern (?) to [Burghley ?].
Hears there is an enterprise to burn the Queen's ships by boats of small burden from the ports of Flanders, coming to Rochester bridge in the night. Information concerning suspected traitors. To be addressed as Soodell, but his name is Sootchern(?).—Aubeterre, 9 March. [No year date.]
pp. [Ibid. XXVIII. 63.]
March. 31./April 10. Charles Danvers to Walsingham.
Acknowledging his favours to himself and his father, especially in procuring licence for him to travel.—Paris, 10 April, 1584.
1 p. [Ibid. XXVIII. 68.]
June 16/26. Nicolas Cabry to Walsingham.
Sending him spices, &c.—Paris, June 16/26, 1584.
Fr. 1 p. [Ibid. XXVIII. 77.]