Spain: October 1558, 16-20

Pages 415-416

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 13, 1554-1558. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954.

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October 1558, 16–20

478. The Bishop of Arras to Count Feria
Cercamp, 16 October This morning, I received your Lordship's letter written yesterday evening, and learned what the English Privy Council had written in the letter they gave to Gresham, which I am sending you enclosed (missing) in mine. What they ask is a thing I have often seen granted to the English. The trouble is that the purse is lean at present, and if Gresham is willing to pay high interest, which he sometimes does in order to please his friends, especially those who are in the habit of dealing with the merchants, the result would be to run up the price of money at a moment when his Majesty is about to raise some at Antwerp. The best course would be to refer Gresham to the financial people, as M. de Lalaing is unwell, instructing them to render him such assistance as they can, as if the business were his Majesty's own, giving him any authorisation that may be granted without prejudicing his Majesty's interests. The matter might be attended to by Secretary Berti, who is in those parts.
You will have heard news from here from the Duke of Alva. If the French go on as they have these last two days, I have hopes that we may achieve a satisfactory result At least we will try to pull you and all the honourable company out of the mud in which you are stuck at present.
Copy or Draft.
Madrid, B.P., Col. Granvela.
479. The Spanish Peace Commissioners to Philip (Abstract)
Cercamp, 17 October A suspension of arms has been signed, and is being forwarded in two copies (fn. 1) to the King.
With regard to Calais, it was agreed to defer discussion until the English ambassadors were present. Just after the meeting rose, it was learned that the Earl of Arundel had arrived, and had left the Bishop of Ely unwell at Béthune. The Spanish commissioners called on Lord Arundel in his quarters.
Draft. French.
Besançon, C.G.34.
Printed by Weiss, Vol. V.
480. The Spanish Peace Commissioners to Philip (Abstract)
20 October Cercamp, Further meetings with the French envoys, who continued to be vague and evasive, though full of soft words.
The commissioners ask the King to give them instructions how to proceed. As they have been told to express their opinion, they will say they think the French may be behaving thus because they intend, by keeping Calais, to deprive King Philip of the friendship of the English, and then to win them over by returning it to them at some later time, in case the realm of England were to fall into other hands than those of Philip and Mary.
P.S. The Cardinal of Lorraine has just received letters from his master, and holds out hope of better news for the next meeting, especially where Italy is concerned, although he looks like wanting to keep Calais.
Draft. French.
Besançon, C.G.34.
Printed by Weiss, Vol. V.


  • 1. A copy exists in the same bundle, at Besançon. The suspension of arms was to enter into force upon publication, and to last until the end of October.