Spain: September 1514

Pages 236-237

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 2, 1509-1525. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1866.

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September 1514

21 Sept.
S. Pat. Re. Cap. c. Pont. L. 2. f. 14.
188. Secret Treaty of Pope Leo X. with King Ferdinand The Catholic.
Pope Leo X. and Hieronymo de Vich, ambassador of King Ferdinand, in his name and in the name of Queen Juana, conclude the following articles :—
1. The Pope and King Ferdinand are to be good allies during their joint lives.
2. The principal subject of this alliance is the defence of the Pope and the Church.
3. The Pope and King Ferdinand bind themselves to defend, with their combined forces, the states which they possess at present in Italy, against all and every aggressor, whoever he may be. The Pope promises also to use his spiritual weapons in defence of his ally.
4. The Pope promises to excommunicate any prince, republic, &c., who may attack King Ferdinand or his daughter, Queen Juana, in such of their possessions as are not situated in Italy. He likewise grants King Ferdinand and Queen Juana a tenth in all their dominions, to be employed in the defence of their states.
5. Neither of the contracting parties is at liberty to enter into negotiations with the King of France, without the consent of the other contracting party, respecting the re-occupation by the French of Milan, Genoa, Asti, &c.
6. Neither of the allies will conclude any treaty with any other prince or republic in prejudice of his ally.
7. This alliance cannot be abrogated by any other treaty which the allies, or any one of them, may hereafter conclude with other states.
8. This treaty is to be kept secret. Either of the contracting parties is at liberty to consult respecting it with three of his most confidential advisers, who, however, must swear to keep it secret.
9. Two copies of this treaty are to be made. They are to be written by Hieronymo de Vich, the ambassador of King Ferdinand. One of the copies is to be signed and sealed by the Pope, and to be sent to King Ferdinand.
Written by Hieronymo de Vich, in the Apostolic Palace and in presence of the Holy Father, in Rome, on Wednesday, the 21st of September 1514, the 2nd year of the reign of the present Pope.
[Seal in red sealing wax.]
B. Cardinalis Sancte Mariæ in Porticu (fn. 1) de mandato Sanctissimi Domini Nostri manu propria subscripsi.
Indorsed : "League between Leo X. and the Catholic King, concluded the 21st September 1514."
"Secret : Is signed by his Holiness and written by Hieronymo Vich, ambassador of the Catholic King. Another copy signed by his Highness is delivered to the Pope."
Latin. Holograph. p. 1. The treaty is written on an uncommonly large piece of paper, so that one page is about equal to three common pages in folio.


  • 1. Bernard de Tarlat, a Florentine.