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Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 5 Part 2, 1536-1538. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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Table, Round (Tabla Redonda), romances of, 547 n.

Talbot (George), earl of Shrewsbury, lord High Steward, sent against the rebels of the North, 281, 387.

Talboys, lady, v. Blount.

Taleboch, Tallebot, v. Talbot.

Tamasp, Sophi of Persia (1523–76), 351.

Tampa, v. Etampes.

Tarantasia (Tarantaise) in Savoy, 286.

-, -, bp. of, v. Grolée.

Tarbes (dep. Hautes-Pyrenées, France), bp. of, v. Castelnau (Antoine de).

Tavera, abp. of Toledo, 480.

Taverna (Giovanni Francisco), chancellor of the duchy of Milan, 354.

Taxis de la Tour (Maffeo), the Emp.'s postmaster in Italy, 32.

-, Rugiero, ibid, n.

-, Simon, ibid.

Tenda, co of, v. Savoy (Claude de).

Terbana, v. Therouanne.

Terbes, v. Tarbes.

Tercera, in the Azores, 346.

Terracina, in Naples, Charles enters the States of the Church at, (March 1537) 313 note.

Theronanne, in Picardy, the Imperialists besieging (May 1537), 376.

Thionville (Diedenhofen), receptor of, sent by the Emp. on a mission to Italy (June 1537), 368.

Tindalle, Tyndal, Tyndall (William), 511–2.

Toledo city, the genteel master of, 199.

-, an English amb. at, v. Sampson (?), 243.

-, abp. of, v. Tavera.

-, (Eleonor de), marq. de Villafranca, dau. of D. Pedro, married to Cosmo de' Medici, 330 note.

-, (D. Pedro de), marq. de Villafranca, viceroy of Naples, 153, 232, 292, 331, 468.

-, -, to collect as much money as he can for the Emperor's service, 272.

-, -, in the Emperor's Council at Genoa, 305.

-, Ossorio (D. Enrique or Fadrique? de), 414.

Torbern, Bilde, abp. of Lunden in Sweden, employed by the Emp. on a mission to the electors of Germany and to the Diet, 350.

Torres (Gaspar de), merchant of Seville, 361.

Tortosa in Aragon (Spain), bpric. of, 293.

-, bp. of, v. Calcena.

Toulon (dep. Var, France), should the Turk come to the Mediterranean to be friendly received at, according to Francis' commands (May 1537), 352, 473.

Tournay, in Flanders, to be returned to France in place of Hesdin, 406.

Tournon, town of France, the Dauphin's death by poison at (10 Aug. 1536), 484 n.

-, -, imputed by ambs. Castelnau or Dinteville to Antonio de Leyva, 236.

-, (François II., de), bp. of Bourges and card., sent by Francis to Rome, 555.

-, -, let. of, to card. Carpi (1538), 200.

Tower of London, 125, 133, 135–6, 214, 571, 576.

-, governor of the, v. Kingston.

Trade between France and Spain, regulations for the, 406.

Trani in Sicily, card. abp. of, v. Cupi (Domenico).

Transtebere, of Rome, visited by the Emperor's suite (Feb. 1536), 30.

Transylvania, Waywod of, v. Zapoli.


-, that of Barcelona, between pope Clement VII. and the emp. Charles V. (1529), 288.

-, of Cambray (1529), ibid.

-, of Madrid (1526), ibid.


-, one of closer alliance between the Emp. and Henry VIII. proposed (1536), 86.

-, the, of London and Windsor to be carefully examined, 98.

-, negociations for, 224–30, 241–3.

-, -, commissioners appointed by Henry to discuss its clauses with Chapuys, 224–30.

-, -, an article to be inserted therein to the effect that the Emp. is to have the Dauphiné, Burgundy, and Provence, whilst Henry is to recover Guienne and Normandy, 228.

-, no necessity (writes Chapuys) of the old, with England being renewed, 254.

-, -, since they contain many onerous conditions which ought now to be put aside, ibid.

-, -, -, no fear, however, of k. Henry insisting upon their renewal, for they contain several articles on the protection and increase of Papal authority, 257.

-, one particular one between the Emp. and Francesco Sforza (1529), 179.

-, between the Emp. and the Italian powers for the defence of Milan (1530), ibid.

-, between the Emp. and the signory of Venice, ibid.

-, between Francis and Solyman (1537), 337, 339.

-, between the Emp. and Francis:

-, those of Madrid and Cambray, alluded, 61, 76, 114, 144, 172, 174–5, 211, 401, 444, 461, 499, 580.

Trent (Trento), in Italy, the k. of the Romans (Ferdinand), at (7 Sept. 1536), 245.

-, -, a safe-conduct for, applied for card. Pole in case of his going to England through Flanders (Feb. 1537), 319.

Tribulcio, Trivolzio, Triulzo (card. Agostino, bp. of Reggio), protector of the French churches at Rome, to go as legate to France, 162.

-, -, appointed together with Caracciolo to adjust the differences between the Emp. and k. Francis, 162, 200, 216.

-, -, at the court of France, 230.

-, -, the Emperor's answer to his memorandum, 73.

-, -, that of Francis communicated to the Emp. through the Papal Nuncio, 234.

-, -, the Emp.'s reply to the above, 234–5.

-, -, -, the Papal Nuncio's conversation with, on the subject, 245, 247–8.

-, -, his speech in Consistory (Nov. 1536), 298.

-, his address at the meeting of the Nuncios at Rome in Feb. 1537, 322.

-, -, correspondence with the Papal Nuncio in Spain, 366 note.

-, other references, 474.

Triviño, co. of, v. Manrique de Lara.

Trivulcio, Trivuluo (card. Agostino), Papal legate to France, v. Tribulcio.

Troies, Troyes, Bailli de, v. Dinteville.


-, one between the k. of Portugal (Joaõ III.) and the Sherif, k. of Fez, 214, 560.

-, another between the k. of the Romans (Ferdinand), and the Waywode of Transylvania (Zapoli), 470.

-, -, commissioners appointed to draw out its articles, 558–9.

-, Francis', with the Turk, prorogued for three years, 364.

-, -, Paul's grief on hearing of it, 364.

-, one of 10 months between the Emp. and Francis, through the interference of Mary of Hungary and Eleanor of France (Nov. 1537), 376, 391.

-, -, prorogued till the 1st of June 1538, 421, 429, 476.

-, -, further, at Nizza, 547, 554.

Tunis, Barbarossa said to be attending to the fortifications of (Algiers?), in July 1536, 470.

Turin (Torino), in Piedmont, the French fall back on (1536), 103.

-, to be fortified, 133.

-, French garrison in, left by the Admiral of France, 135, 261, 418, 420, 443–4.

-, siege of, by the Imperialists raised, 252.

-, to be recovered at any risk, 357, 368.

Turk, the Grand, the Infidel, Solyman, the Magnificent (1520–66) ; war against the, in contemplation, 54.

-, -, all Christian powers, without exception, bound to contribute towards it, 57.

-, the Emp.'s application for money and men renewed in every quarter, 114–5.

-, -, particularly in England by Chapuys, 76.

-, -, how this was met by Henry and his ministers, 96.

-, in view of the threatening invasion of the, Paul about to send his nuncios to the Emp. and k. Francis exhorting them to make peace together, 308.

-, -, since that peace may also serve to settle the differences in matters of faith lately sprung up in Germany and England, ibid.

-, said to be coining down upon Christendom at the express call and bidding of k. Francis (March 1537), 339.

-, -, having asked Venice to form a league with himself and Francis against the Emp., ibid.

-, his Asiatic provinces invaded by the Sophi, 351.

-, the port of Toulon by Francis' order to become a shelter for the Turkish fleet in case of need, 352.

-, other ports in the Mediterranean to be equally destined as places of refuge for Moorish pirates, 484.

-, the news from Constantinople is that the, will not come down this year (1537), 356.

-, -, should he, however, make a descent upon Italy and attack its coasts, conjointly with the French, the Emp. must go thither in person, 356–9.

-, the league against the, between the Pope, the Emp., and the Venetians to be immediately joined by Francis, 418.

-, -, which the latter dislikes for the sake of the, with whom he seems to have made an alliance. 454.

-, at the expiration of the three years' truce with Ferdinand the, prepares to invade Germany by way of Hungary, 327.

-, other references, 78, 89, 201–2, 350, 369, 436.

-, his sangiac and admiral, v. Barbarosia.

Turkish war, English subvention towards the, made one of the standing points in the treaty of closer alliance solicited by the Imp. ambs. in England, 96.

-, fleet of galleys, 118, 201–2.

-, -, to be sheltered in the harbour of Toulon in case of need, 352.

-, under Barbarossa and other corsairs, 244, 399.

-, in the Levant, 358.

-, on the shores of Italy, 399.

Turnū, Turnun, v. Tournon.

Tuscany, 362, 368.

Tylney (Agnes), dow. duchess of Norfolk, mother of lord Thomas and lord William Howard, q. v.