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Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 6 Part 1, 1538-1542. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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East, intelligence from the, brought to France by amb. Marillac (Aug. 1538), 11.

-, v. also under Levant.

Easterlings, 326, 436.

Edward, prince of Wales, son of Henry VIII., 25, 324, 331, 396, 455, Int. xviii.

-, the prettiest child possible; visited by the Imp. ambs. (Aug. 1538), 26, 62, 396.

-, a marriage between, and the Emp.'s dau. proposed, 65.

-, slightly indisposed (April 1542), 508, 553.

-, IV., k. of England (1461–83), Int. xii n.

Egmond, Egmont (Charles d'), du. of Ghelders; the last of his family, 18, 35.

-, -, after his death in, 1538, his duchy is occupied by Guillaume de La Mark, du. of Clèves and Juliers, 548.

-, -, -, who pretends a right to it, ibid.

-, (Floris d'), co. of Buren, commander in-chief in Flanders (1542), 52, 488.

Egypt, the bashaw, governor of, 339.

Eleanor (Leonor), Charles' elder sister; widow of Dom Manoel, k. of Portugal (1521); married to k. Francis (1526), 5, 9, 10–4, 30, 33, 72, 91, 94, 102, 104, 109, 192, 201, 203, 207, 368, 433, 494.

-, -, interview with her sister Mary at Cambray (Sept. 1538), 33 n.

-, -, much praised for her endeavours to procure peace between her brother and the K. her husband, 78.

-, -, intent upon the marriage of her dau., Maria of Portugal, 79, 102–3, 110–1.

-, -, -, sending agents to that effect, 79, 182, 433; v. La Guiche and Lordres.

-, -, very ill, almost on the verge of death (Oct. 1541), 368, 381.

-, -, dau. of the k. of the Romans, married to Guglielmo Gonzaga, du. of Mantua, 514 n.

Elizabeth, dau. of Henry and Anne Boleyn, to be excluded from the succession, 64, 356, 454.

Embassy. One sent by k. Henry to q. Mary of Hungary, 31–3.

Encinasola, in the prov. of Seville (Spain), 269.

Enciso (Juan de), and his commandery (Sept. 1540), 268.

Encomienda, a commandery in one of the four Military Orders of Spain (Santiago, Alcantara, Calatrava, and Montesa), ibid.

Engineer, a master, of k. Henry projecting a line of defence along the Scotch borders (Jan. 1541), 459.

England, the attitude of, and of the Lutherans, a cause of apprehension for Paul (Feb. 1539), 112, 198–9.

-, proposed alliance of, with the Emp., 114.

-, marriage of Henry to the do. du. of Milan, 115.

-, the Emp's. answer to the overtures said to have originated in, ibid.

-, a rumour current in Venice (Feb. 1539) that the Emp., in union with k. Francis and the Pope's consent, is to invade, and, when conquered, bestow it on the du. of Orleans, and have him married to Mary, the Princess, 117.

-, -, card. Pole's departure for the Imp. court being (as Soria thinks), the origin of the rumour, ibid.

-, the French and Imp. ambs. leaving together the court of (Feb. 1540), 142.

-, -, from which the Pope infers that k. Francis and the Emp. have agreed to suspend the trade with, ibid.

-, k. Francis assuring the Pope through his amb. [L'Esleu d'Orange] that he approves entirely of his views respecting (May 1539), 151–2.

-, -, and is determined to act in the affair conjointly with the Emp., ibid.

-, card. Pole to be sent to, 186.

-, -, after visiting the Emp. and k. Francis at their respective courts (Sept. 1538), ibid.

-, -, -, that people may see that both those princes are agreed, ibid.

-, the affairs of, discussed at Rome, 184–6, 210.

-, Papal Nuncio trying to persuade the Emp. that his journey to, and Germany was a matter of necessity, 186.

-, -, if the relative evils in those countries were to be remedied, ibid.

-, highly inconvenient (remarks Aguilar) to proceed against, before settling the affairs of Germany, 184.

-, news of, and of Cromwell's execution, sent by commander Cobos to the marq. de Aguilar (July 1540), 243.

-, the fleet prepared by Mr. de Bossu in Zeeland, said by Henry to have been destined for the invasion of, 439.

-, -, no arguments of the Imp. amb. could persuade him of the contrary, ibid.

-, an invasion of, likely to be attempted by Francis according to Chapuys, 438.

-, -, conjointly with the Turk, 395, 448.

-, -, -, to whom he has already ceded a portion of the spoil, 448.

-, the ports of, to be shut against the Emp.'s subjects (March 1539), 128, 444–5.

-, all merchants and skippers from the Low Countries arrested in England, 128.

-, fears entertained that Chapuys will not be allowed to quit, ibid.

-, -, and hence the cause of Sir Thomas Wriothesley being requested not to depart from Brussels until Chapuys' return, ibid.

Engronland, v. Groenland.

Enriquez de Cabrera (D. Fernando), fifth co. of Modica; first du. de Medina de Rioseco (1538), Add. and Cor. 532.

Envers, v. Antwerp.

Epirus, the coast of, 31.

Erasso (Francisco), senator of Milan, "capitano di Giustizia" at Sienna, 424.

Eril (La Señora Da. Juana de), at Mallorca, (1541), 373.

Escoriaza, (Dr.), the Emp.'s chief physician, 267, 545.

-, takes lets. (Sept. 1540), ibid.

Esleu, v. L'Esleu.

Esperanza, Señora; name of a lady, a captive at Constantinople (April 1541), 234–5.

Estampes, Etampes, du. of, v. Pisseleu.

Estatylius, the bishop, 419; v. Statilius.

Este (Alfonso d'), du. of Ferrara (1505–34), 401.

-, (Francesco), marq. della Massa, third son of Alfonso (d. 1578); arrives at Rome (Jan. 1539), 99 n.

-, (Hercole II.), du. of Ferrara (1534–58), 57, 99 n., 163–4, 525.

-, -, his agent in Rome, 107–8.

-, (Ippolito d'), card., abp. of Milan, 114, 199, 206.

-, -, servant or sec. of, arrives at Rome with news of card. Pole, 145.

-, -, -, bringing news from France (April 1539), ibid.

-, -, called card, of Ferrara, 333.

Etaples, town of France (dep. Pas de Calais), Int. xix.

Europe, 30, 400, 441.

-, in danger of an invasion from the Turk, 448.

Evors, in Portugal, 13 n.

-, bp of, v. Portugal (D. Alonso de).

Exchequer, Court of the; all private business in the, suspended (July 1541), 342.

Excommunication, k. Henry's, fixed in the churches and towns of Flanders and France (Jan. 1539), 97.

Exeter, let. dated from, 308.

-, marq. of, v. Courtney.

Exio, island, v. Xio and Scio.

Extremadura, prov. of Spain, bad harvest and scarcity of wheat in (Oct. 1540), 276.

Ezcurra, Ezcurren (Mr. d'), a Navarrese gentleman, agent of Henri d'Albret, titular k. of Navarre, 248–9, 257, Add. and Cor. 544.

-, in negociation with the Imp. amb. in France (1540), 248–9, 257, 544.