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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 10, 1603-1607. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Quarnale, Carnale, the jib, 376 and note.

Quattr' occhi, Dr., 615n.

Queen's Chamberlain. See Sidney, Robert.

Querini, Quirini, Antonio, writer in defence of Venice, against Papal claims, 589, 590, 642.

-, -, Marco, Savio of Venice, 419.

-, -, Paulo, 69.

Quieto, port cf, 210.


“Rabuca.” See Ships.

Radziwil, —, Marshal of Lithuania, on embassy to England, drowned by men of Dunquerque, 345.

Ragusa, ship of, taken by English pirate, 71;

relations of, to Venice, 91;

doctor fetched from, by Grand Vizier, 256;

mentioned, 387, 388, 419.

Raisins. See Trade.

Raleigh, Sir Walter, aimed at by Essex's plot, 40;

his plot against James I., discovered, 96, 101;

out of favour with King, as concerned in the death of Essex, 104;

attempts suicide, 111;

to be tried by Parliamentary Commission, 132;

capture of last of his fellow conspirators, 136;

preparations for trial of, at Winchester, 158, 160;

the trial, 164;

his evidence in Arabella Stuart's favour, 164;

sentences passed at trial, 167;

his relations with Ambassador of Archduke, 164, 168;

his fate, 172, 175;

removed from Tower, 201;

one of his offices re-granted, 312.

Rammakens (Ramachin), 73.

Ramsay, John, Viscount Hadington, his marriage, 652 and note, 660 and note, 665.

Ranuccio, Prince. See Farnese.

Ratcliffe, Robert, Earl of Sussex, marriage of his daughter Elizabeth, 652n, 660 and note, 665.

Reals, Spanish, 145.

Recusants, Recusancy Fines. See Roman Catholics.

Religion, established, in England, King's (James I.) attitude to, on his accession, 6, 16, 22, 40, 55, 69;

King proclaims himself head of “Anglican Church,” 66;

vestments of clergy of, at Coronation, 105.

- See Conformity;


Roman Catholics.

Renier, Constantin, Vice-Doge, 417.

Reusch, “Der Index den Verbotenen Biicher,” cited, 625.

Rezasco, “Dizionario,” cited, 439n, 595n.

Rhine, the, imports to England vid, 35;

Spanish design to cross when frozen into Holland, 573.

Rhodes, 152.

Richardot, President, 113, 141;

Commissioner for Anglo-Spanish peace, 217, 223, 248;

his signature (as “Richardotus”) to treaty, 268;

his son expected to go Ambassador from Flanders to England, 313;

mentioned, 527.

Richmond, co. Surrey, King James proclaimed at, 32;

Danish Ambassador lodged at, 111;

King at, 396, 453.

Rights of Nations.” See International Law.

Rimondo, —, Englishman, 303.

Rizzardo, Giovanni, Ducal Notary, Venice, 613.

Rizzio, David (Gioseppe Rosso), a Pied-montese, murdered by Darnley in Queen Mary's lap, 40.

Rochfort, M. de, Chevalier, of Malta, 494.

Rochelle, pirate ship from, manned by French,' Dutch, and English, 20;

threatened introduction into, of Jesuits, 690.

Rochester, naval review at, 238, 242, 243.

Rock crystal, present of vessels of, to Queen, 266.

Rockingham, King at, 266.

Rohan, Duke of, 130;

relieves Bergen-op-Zoom, 579.

Roll or Rowles, Jasper, English merchant settled in Zante, 57, 60, 129.

Rolls, Master of. See Bruce, Edward.

Rome, despatches dated from, 140, 143, 150, 155, 165, 324, 334, 412, 459, 491.

Roman Catholics, in England, attitude towards of King (1603), 6;

those in prison in London, released, 6;

reason of their imprisonment, 16;

payments by, for “recusancy,” to be remitted, 22;

repeal of law, making it a capital offence to take Latin Orders, sought by, 22;

James I., prior to accession, counts on support of, 34,

a purely political intrigue, 36;

plot by, against King, 40;

priest preaches before King, sent to London under arrest, 40;

strengthened by King's neglect of Cecil, 55;

petition by ten, for liberty of conscience, banished, 63;

supposed desire of, to abduct Prince of Wales, 66;

several among, follow King to Church, 66;

to have leave to sell goods and leave kingdom, 69;

recommended to King by French Ambassador, who replies he will “never hurt a Catholic”;

recusancy fines enforced on, 91;

King James' negotiations concerning, with Pope, before accession, 91;

plot by (Raleigh's) against King, 96, 101;

petition by, for repeal of “recusancy” fines, 101;

relations of, with Papal Agent in England, 104;

Queen's patronage of, and Henry the Fourth's support of;

“recusancy” fines on, abolished, 111, 118;

“Mass” in London, at Ambassadors' houses, 118, 131;

attitude to, of Government, after discovery of Raleigh's plot, 132;

attitude of Scottish, to Union, 147;

openly abetted by Spanish Ambassador, 147;

release (1604) of Roman Catholic priests, after 18 years' imprisonment, 193, 199;

proclamation against priests and Jesuits, 199,

not strictly enforced, 203;

petition by, for liberty of conscience, King's speech at opening of parliament favourable to, 204;

“Mass” priest arrested, condemned to death, reprieved, 216;

rising in Northern County, in favour of the “Mass,” 241;

repressive measures against, pass Lower House;

King well disposed to Roman Catholics, 241;

bill against had not passed Upper House when Parliament was prorogued;

King's zeal for expulsion of priests, 243;

old, laws against conformed by King, and under them a priest and a layman hanged at York, 251;

members of order of St. Benedict despatched to England from Rome (1605), and “congregation,” or “committee” of cardinals appointed to further cause of, 324, 334, 347;

penalties to be reinforced against, to correct report of King's “conversion” to Roman Catholic tenets, 347, 353,

recusancy fines reinforced, 353 and note, and priests expelled, 355;

rigorous treatment of, instances;

their future dependent on attitude of new Pope, 361;

abandoned by King, to save his “word,” to mercies of Privy Council, 373;

Spanish, attempt to raise regiment of, 374, 385 (cf. 326, 360, 365, 369);

disturbances by, in Herefordshire (“Wales”), 384, 390, 397 and note, 408, 432;

Jesuits to be sent to, from Rome, 412;

King James' outbreak against tenets of, at Oxford, 415;

despair of, “recusancy” laws being enforced, their property seized, two executed at York, and priests imprisoned so strictly they die;

Pope's injunctions to, to respect law, 432;

fresh legislation against expected, 440;

terror among, after discovery of Gunpowder plot, 445;

execration of, legislation to be devised against, reckoned as half the population, 454;

King's reluctance to punish, weakened by threat of excommunication, 463;

plot attributed to, 464;

measures for their suppression, 483, 486, 487, 490;

their position injured by Henry Garnet's public examination and the disgust excited thereby, 510,

oath of allegiance devised to discover, 534, 535;

laws against recusants, 536;

priests to leave England, proclamation, 538, 547;

Jesuit activity alarms governments and affects position of, for worse, 547;

general determination among, to take oath of allegiance, 564;

laws against, enforced;

arrested on leaving chapel of Spanish embassy, 569;

Papal Bull prohibiting their attendance at services of English church, or taking oath of allegiance, 578 and note, renewed, agitation among, further laws against, 643;

English legislation against translated into Spanish by Jesuits with alterations and additions, 647;

Brief addressed to, by Paul V.;

indignation of King James, 666, 667, 689,

execution of two priests a direct consequence of, 699;

despair of, at “rigid attitude” of Pope, 699;

priest reprieved, declaration of temporal allegiance by other, 702;

historical narration concerning, 739 (p. 512).

- See also Jesuits;



-, in Ireland. See Ireland.

Rome, Palazzo San Marco in, cost of repairs, 469.

-, University of, 147.

Romans, King of, ceremony proper to creation of, 12;

election of, see Germany.

Ronaccio, Secretary, mission from Savoy to Spain, 290.

Rosny, Marquis de. See Béthune, Maxi-milien.

Rosso, Gioseppe. See Rizzio.

-, Zaccaria, Secretary to Venetian Senate, his secret interview with Sir Henry Wotton, 609, 610, 611;

complaint to, by same, 648.

Rotterdam, 345.

Rouen, English cloth seized at, 343, 359, 370.

Roveda, Alexander, from Milan, Spanish representative at Anglo-Spanish peace conferences 223, 229, 233;

his signature (as “Alexander Rovidius”) to treaty, 268.

Rovigo, 617.

“Royal Merchant.” See Ships.

Royston, King sporting at, 295, cf. 291;

deputation of Puritans interview King at, 313;

King when at, will see personal attendants only, 331;

King returns to, 333, 347, 433.

“Rubbi.” See Ships.

Ruchani, Don Anastasio, letter from, 59.

Rudolf II. of Germany, question of succession to, 426, 511, 537, 566, 625.

Russell, William, Lord Russell of Thornhaugh, Coronation peerage, 105n.

Rutland, Earl of. See Manners.