Venice: November 1511

Pages 51-53

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 2, 1509-1519. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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November 1511

Nov. 8. Sanuto Diaries, v. xiii. p. 152. 127. Receipt of Advices from Rome, where letters had reached the Pope from Dom. Pietro Grifo, his ambassador in England, announcing the peace made by King Henry with his brother-in-law the King of Scotland. Had not as yet heard of the conclusion of the League; but the King was disposed to do everything for the Pope, &c.
Nov. 13. Commemoriale, v. xix. p. 171, tergo. 128. League for Recovery of Bologna.
Ratification by Henry VIII. of the League made at Rome on the 4th October 1511 between Pope Julius II., King Ferdinand of Arragon, and Leonardo Loredano, Doge of Venice, for the recovery of Bologna and defence of the See Apostolic.
Westminster, 13 November, 3 Henry VIII.
[Countersigned:] Porter.
[Latin, 38 lines.]
Nov. 15. Mantuan Archives. 129. Polydore Vergil to the Marquis of Mantua.
Acknowledges the recent receipt of his letters, commissioning him to buy some hobbies, and send them by the Marquis's servant Simon, who is therefore returning with eight, which he (Polydore) could not procure easily, good horses being scarce in England, as they are not well treated when young, being trained under age, and too hard worked. Thinks, however, that those now sent will please the Marquis, but should he not be perfectly satisfied the writer will procure others, the best obtainable.
Simon is going through France, that being the best road. Hopes that under favour of the Marquis, whom the most Christian King loves, Simon will arrive safe, in which case the Marquis might thank his Majesty, whose ambassador in England has given Simon letters all along the road.
London, 15 November 1511.
[Signed:] Polydore Vergel (sic), Archdeacon of Wells.
Nov. 21. Sanuto Diaries, v. xiii. p. 194. 130. Receipt of Letters from Andrea Badoer, Ambassador in England, dated 10 October, concerning the King's good will and good words in favour of the Signory. The King had written a good letter to the Emperor, to make terms with the Signory at any rate; and also written to Rome that he would do what the Pope wished, and would be ready in the spring against France. Other details, not given [by Sanuto]. The letters were “good,” and in cipher, and came by way of Lyons under cover of Andrea Badoer's son-in-law, Francesco Gradenigo.
Nov. 26. Deliberazioni Senato Secreta, v. xliv. p. 78. 131. Letters Patent, for consignment to the Pope, from Doge Leonardo Loredano, ratifying the League stipulated at Rome on the 4th October 1511, between the Signory of Venice, the Pope, and the King of Spain, with the intervention also of the King of England.
[Latin, 31 lines.]
Nov. 26. Deliberazioni Senato Secreta, v. xliv. p. 81. 132. The Doge and Senate to Andrea Badoer, Ambassador in England.
Have lately received his letters of 7th September, and 5th, 10th, and 18th October, announcing his having been with the King, and what his Majesty had done in favour of the Signory and their affairs. Perceiving that the King, the Bishop of Durham [Thomas Ruthal], and the Lord Treasurer [the Earl of Surrey] are surprised at their not writing the Italian news, state that they have written several times since the 20th August; and also charged the late Hieronymo Donato, ambassador at the papal court, to keep him (Badoer) acquainted with events there. Seeing that these letters have not been received, can only suppose that they have been intercepted by the French, as he (Badoer) had stated to the King, to whom they desire him to make the above announcement, and return thanks for his good offices; after which he is to read to his Majesty an Italian newsletter enclosed in the despatch, (fn. 1) and earnestly to request him to humble the intense pride and arrogance of the French; as the League being now concluded, the Signory is convinced that before the receipt of the present letter, he (the King) will have joined it.
To make the like apology and communication to the Bishop of Durham, to the Lord Treasurer, and to such other privy councillors as he shall think fit, thanking the Bishop and the Treasurer greatly for the affection and good will demonstrated by them towards the State, on whose gratitude they may rely. To give constant notice of all events, including what he shall have heard of the statement made by the ambassador returned from France.
Have lately remitted to him 200 ducats, and will forthwith send as many more; so recommend him to be of good cheer and to serve the State diligently as hitherto, to his praise and commendation.
Ayes, 112.
Proposed amendment—that Badoer is to tell King Henry, that the Signory, being leagued with Spain, will send the galleys to England for the sake of doing what is agreeable and satisfactory to his Majesty.
Ayes, 42. Noes, 1. Neutrals, 1.
[Italian, 44 lines.]
Nov. 26. Commemoriale, v. xix. p. 171. 133. League for Recovery of Bologna.
Proclamation by Doge Leonardo Loredano, ratifying the League stipulated at Rome on the 4th of October 1511, between Pope Julius II., King Ferdinand of Arragon, and King Henry of England.
Allusion made to supplementary articles dated Rome, 8 October 1511, whereby it was agreed that this confederacy for the defence of Pope Julius and recovery of his dominions, &c, should be observed by the sacred College, in the event of the Pope's death, until the election of his successor.
[Latin, 35 lines.]


  • 1. The news-letter has not been registered. The words in the original are “lo introcluso summario de le nove et occorrentie de qui.” These “summaries,” or “news-letters,” were compiled in the ducal chancery, and transmitted to the Signory's diplomatic agents at foreign courts. Many of them are preserved at Vienna.