Index: Q, R

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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'Index: Q, R', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659, ed. Allen B Hinds( London, 1931), British History Online [accessed 22 July 2024].

'Index: Q, R', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Edited by Allen B Hinds( London, 1931), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024,

"Index: Q, R". Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Ed. Allen B Hinds(London, 1931), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024.


Quakers, from London, at Rotterdam, arrested, 14; joined in conspiracy of Fifth Monarchy men, 45.

Queen Mother, of England. See Henrietta Maria.

-, of France. See Anne.

Quex near Birchington, co. Kent, raid of Dunkirkers on, 95.


Rainbow, sent with supplies to Blake, 7n.

Ramsgate, co. Kent, 96n.

Rand, William, captain of the Angelo:
-, engagement with Venetian squadron, 207; refused to fight Venetians, 209; Algerines accuse of selling Turks to Venetians, 289.
-, escapes from fleet to Leghorn, carries off Zane, 254; landed Venetian crew at Leghorn, and detains Zane, 258, 260; keeps outside range of guns, 262.
-, Giavarina to try and get punished, 261, 273; representations against, 276, 282.
-, says has reported to London and can do nothing without orders, 262; some hope that may land Zane, 267; sent soldiers to London, 278; lands Zane, 282.
-, Giavarina to discredit any bad impression made by, 273; merchants waiting for arrival of, 278.

Rantzou, Christian, count of, appointed Danish ambassador extraordinary to England, 277; said to be waiting at Hamburg, 285; detained at Hamburg by weather, 296–7.

Ratisbon [Bavaria, German Empire], diet at held out hopes of money for Charles, 32.

Rebello, Francesco Ferrero, Ferreira, Portuguese agent in England:
-, takes part in rejoicings over peace, 17; question of precedence with, 23.
-, cannot obtain audience, 25; Giavarina's relations with, 35.
-, Catholic service given up, at embassy, 80; present at Cromwell's inauguration, 82; dissatisfied with place, 83.
-, going to Holland about accommodation with Portugal, 146; not likely to go, 149; has audience to take leave, 156.

Recovery, English ship, fought in Turkish fleet against Venetians, 106, 116, 130, 136, 167; Senate would be glad if captain punished, 148.

recusants. See Catholics.

Red Horse, pink, state ship, in squadron blockading Dunkirk, 43n.

Relief, Soccorso, Galilee's ship, gallant fight against Turks, 123; payment due for hire of requested, 234.

religious. See priests.

reprisal, letters of. See marque, letters of.

Reserve, state ship, in squadron blockading Dunkirk, 43n.

residents. See under ambassadors.

Resolution, merchantman:
-, captured by Tripoli pirates, 100; Cromwell informed of, 101; merchants keep up pressure about, 103–4, 109, 110; Cromwell promises decision on matter, 110; Giavarina to watch case, 121.
-, decision to write to Porte for restitution, 125; Cromwell hints at burning ships at Tripoli because of, 138.

Reynolds, Rinaldi, Sir John, 97.
-, to command expeditionary force, 49–51, 54; men arrive under, 67.
-, arrives at Court with Talon and news of French advance, 111; at conference which decides to besiege Dunkirk, 112.
-, returns to charge, 114; asked leave to return for winter, 143; drowned on passage, 143.

Rhine, River, Charles's envoy visits princes on, 32.

Rhodes, island of Aegean Sea, Resolution carried prize to, 100–1; Cromwell refers to, 138; release of Salvini at, 221.

-, Proveditore and Captain, of. See Thieoplo, Alvise.

Riccard, Alderman Andrew, governor of the Levant Company:
-, informs Cromwell of capture of the Resolution, 101.
-, demands payment for ships in Venetian fleet, 125, 183; very irate over delay, threatens, 145; threatens withdrawal of ships, 183.
-, Giavarina's representations have no effect on, 173; his reply to approved, 256.
-, asks letter of recommendation for new captain of Northumberland, 183; again sees Giavarina about ships, 249; very irate, threatens to ask for letters of marque, 250; comes again, more mild, 272.

Rich, Frances, Cromwell's daughter, to live at Somerset House, 248.

-, Col. Nathaniel, arrested for complicity in plot, 46.

-, Robert, second earl of Warwick, 131.

mentioned as successor to Blake, 102; private matter with duke of Courland, envoy comes about, 192.

-, Robert, nephew to earl of Warwick, 248.

marriage to Frances Cromwell, 131; always belonged to parliament party, 134; will have seat in Upper House, 140; death, 170.

Richard III, King of England, acclaimed king and instituted by parliament, 33; overthrown by Richmond, 34, 48.

Richard duke of York, son of Edward IV, murdered in Tower, 34.

Richard, state ship, launch of, 209.

Richelieu, Cardinal. See Duplessis, Armand.

Richmond, earl of. See Henry VII, King of England.

Riga [Latvia], arrival and reception of Bradshaw at, 90.

Rinaldi. See Reynolds.

Rivers, countess. See Savage, Elizabeth.

Robinson, Luke, says Pack's proposal ought to be burned, 22.

Rocroy, Rocroe [Ardennes, France], la Ferté sits down before, 220.

Roeskilde, treaty of, 177.
-, cessions by Denmark under, 178.

Rogers, John, a preacher, arrested, 168.

Rome [Prov. Rome, Italy]:
-, despatch dated at, 160.
-, English desire nothing better than destruction of, 197; nuncio warns electoral college of danger of seeing heretics at walls of, 198.
-, uneasiness of, at progress of English in Flanders, 234.
-, complaint that justice denied by Rota of, 275.
-, mordant writings issued from against Anglo French alliance, 275.

Rosenwing, Henry Wishelme, Danish resident at the Hague, to come to London as extraordinary, 297.

Rotterdam [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands], Quakers from London arrive at, 14; ship of taken by Calais warship, 25.

Rovere, Abbé de la, ambassador of Savoy in France:
-, sends coach for Lockhart's entry, 29; his warlike array at, 30.
-, Lockhart complains to about Vaudois, reply, 56; Lockhart confers with about Vaudois and apologises for offices, 186.

royalists, cavaliers, delinquents, malignants:
-, 1657:
-,-, secret activity in London, 4; orders issued to secure all, 8; horses taken, to prevent trouble, 33.
-,-, decimation of, contrary to Act of Oblivion, discussion in parliament, 4–5; present petition against decimation, 6; plot a trick to prevent amnesty for, 9.
-,-, parliament busy with question of decimation, 12; Cromwell would prefer to see charged, 13; parliament abolishes decimation, 16.
-,-, delighted at Cromwell assuming crown, expect will lead to restoration, 23.
-, 1658:
-,-, precautions against disorders on New Year's day, 152; London houses searched for, 154, 181, 184; talk of king's coming, 173; more reserved about, 184.
-,-, ordered to leave London and withdraw to country houses, 173, 181; list made of, and quality, 181.
-,-, suspects arrested, 184, 188; persons of rank arrested in Scotland, 188.
-,-, Council considering how to get rid of, massacre suggested, 185; lured to discover themselves, by Monk, 188.
-,-, Cromwell's vigilance dissipates hopes of. Spaniards blamed for failure, 188; constantly meditating some rising, 198.
-,-, rigorous examination of those arrested, 188; will suffer from establishment of new High Court of Justice, 189; cannot suffer the Court, 202.
-,-, all who bore arms for king arrested in each county, 194; plan to rescue comrades and raise city, 201.
-,-, Cromwell desires to exterminate, 195; and to lay hands on goods, 196; methods used to entrap, 199.
-,-, fresh conspiracy devised by, 201; likelihood of new attempt by, 202; difficulty in carrying out sanguinary designs, 207.
-,-, Ormonde sent to invigorate, but suspected of betraying, 210.
-,-, Dutch decide to banish from territory, 252; many with leaning to, chosen for parliament, 284–5; some expelled from parliament for being, 293.

Rushall [? Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, co. Kent], Schlezer wrote from, 102n.

Ruyter, Ruiter, Michael de, Dutch Vice Admiral:
-, suspected of going to help Spaniards, 5; reported encounter with Blake, 15; reported going to Canaries to help Spaniards, 57.
-, to leave some ships in Mediterranean and join squadron off Lisbon with rest, 118.
-, success against Algerians, 119; proposed squadron for Baltic under, 277.