Venice: August 1530

Pages 251-253

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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August 1530

Aug. 2. Sanuto Diaries, v. liii. p. 238. 597. Divorce Case.
Read in the Senate, with the strictest injunctions to secrecy, certain requests made by the ambassadors of the King of England for opinions from the doctors of Padua, concerning the divorce from the Queen. Also the reply made to them by the Council of Ten and Junta denying their request; and the letter (lettere) written by the King purporting that a certain friar, Francesco Zorzi, (fn. 1) a most able (valentissimo) theologian, has written a book denying the Pope's power to annul the first marriage, which book has been seized by a bishop and burnt. The King therefore prays (prega) the Signory to have the book re-made (lo fazirefar) etc. The answer given recently by the Council of Ten and Junta was likewise read, to the effect that we declined interfering in this matter, not choosing to act against our confederates. Other writings were also read, etc.
Aug. 4. Sanuto Diaries, v. liii. p. 333. 598. Lodovico Falier to the Signory.
The King has received a decision (determination) from the University of Paris concerning the divorce. Of 105 voters 54 were in favour of the King, authorizing the divorce, which was negatived by 42, so the decision was in his favour. He is sending money to the doctors of Padua to obtain a like opinion (conseio) and is also despatching an envoy to the Pope. Both laymen and theologians sit in the University of Paris, and they consulted for a month. A letter was read to them from the King desiring them to do justice. A mass was then celebrated, and the oath was administered to all.
The father of the King's favourite has returned; he was ambassador at Rome and in France. (fn. 2)
London, 4th August. Registered by Sanuto 9th September.
Aug. 9. Senato Mar, v. xxii. p. 22. 599. Flanders Galleys.
Motion made in the Senate that as on the 30th of last July the Council of Ten and Junta wrote to the Signory's ambassador in England, to request the King that, to tranquillize and encourage the merchants, he would be pleased to write the State a letter notifying his approval of the voyage, and that the galleys should be well treated, etc.,—Put to the ballot, that the ambassador's reply be awaited before proceeding to any other resolve.
Ayes, 65. Noes, 10. Neutrals, 14.
Aug. 10. Sanuto Diaries, v. liii. p. 271. 600. Antonio Subian, Venetian Ambassador at Rome, to the Signory.
At the request of the King of England the Pope has granted permission, both for the English theologians and canonists, to give advice (fn. 3) concerning the divorce of the King and Queen.
Rome, 10th August. Registered by Sanuto 14th August.
Aug. 15. Sforza Archives, Milan. 601. Augustino Scarpinello to Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan.
The King occupies himself with hunting and other becoming (onestissime) amusements, in these neighbouring places some 20 or 30 miles hence. The usual diligence with regard to the divorce is employed. Some days ago there was a great debate in the University of Paris amongst upwards of ninety doctors, the majority of whom voted in favour of this King. It is said that these and other similar certificates from the English universites have been sent to the Pope in Italy by one Gurrone, a Modenese agent, despatched hence on the 6th instant by Sir Gregory Casal.
The persons who have great influence with the King are, the Duke of Norfolk, the Earl of Wiltshire, and Dr. Stephen [Gardiner]; but his Majesty chooses to know and superintend everything himself.
The right rev. Cardinal of York is at his diocese, and is understood to be leading a life of humility and sanctity, and therefore much beloved by his flock.
Here they are hourly expecting the arrival of the Bishop of Bayonne, on a mission from the King of France.
Many persons apprehend that should this marriage [of King Henry to Anne Boleyn?] come to pass, the population here will rebel, declaring that the votes of the English and Parisian universities have been obtained unfairly. (fn. 4)
London, 15th August.
Signed: Your most Illustrious and most Excellent Lordship's humble servant, Augustino Scarpinello.
Addressed: To the most Illustrious and most Excellent Lord Duke of Milan.
[Original, Italian.]
Aug. 25. Sanuto Diaries, v. liii. p. 299. 602. Divorce Case.
The two English ambassadors had audience in the presence of the chiefs of the Ten, concerning the opinions which the King wishes to obtain from the doctors of Padua about the divorce.
Aug. 26. Sanuto Diaries, v. liii. p. 315. 603. Present for the Bishop of London.
Motion made in the Senate by the councillors, chiefs of the Forty, and sages, that as the Bishop of London, ambassador from the King of England, is about to quit Venice, such present be made him, to the amount of 130 ducats, as shall seem fit to the College.
Ayes, 153. Noes, 2. Neutrals, 12.
Aug. 26. Sanuto Diaries, v. liii. p. 315. 604. Venetian Embassy in England.
Motion made in the Senate by the aforesaid, and by the sages for the orders.—Marco Antonio Venier, LL.D., when returning from his embassy to England, was presented by the King with sundry pieces of silver, on account of which gift he paid sundry fees and expenses to the amount of 40 ducats. Put to the ballot, that to the aforesaid Marco Antonio Venier there be paid out of the fund for the present need (de' danari delle presente occorentie) 40 ducats; and as on this account there remained in deposit one of the said pieces of silver, be that also consigned to the Signory after satisfaction has been given.
Ayes, 142. Noes, 15. Neutrals, 17. (Carried.)
Aug. 26. Deliberazioni Senato (Secreta) File no. 10. 605. Present for John Stokisley.
As it would be unfitting to omit making a present, on his departure, to the reverend Bishop of London, ambassador from the King of England:
Put to the ballot, that from 130 to 150 ducats be expended on such effects (robe) as our College may deem suitable for presentation to the ambassador aforesaid.
Ayes, 153. Noes, 2. Neutrals, 12.
Aug. 26. Senato Terra, v. xxvi. p. 47. 606. Ambassador in England.
Marco Antonio Venier, LL.D., late ambassador in England, having deposited in the Signory's “Procuratia” certain silver pieces given him by the King, on account of which gift he paid sundry fees and costs, the aforesaid ambassador to receive 40 ducats; and one of these pieces of silver to be delivered to the Signory after receipt of the said sum.


  • 1.
  • 2. In “State Papers,” vol. 7, p. 248, there is a footnote showing that on the 19th July Lord Wiltshire was, on his way home, at Ortonay.
  • 3. “Cussì i theologi come canonisti di Anglia possino conseiar.”
  • 4. The original words are, “Molti dubitano che se questo matrimonio segue, ne fiat tumultus da questi populi in obtinere li voti di queste universitate et di le di Parise essersi usato poca sincerità.”