Minute Book: November 1664

Pages 576-577

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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November 1664

Nov. 12 .The memorial of the 3rd inst. from the Excise Commissioners, read and entered, proposing to allow to John Planner, brewer, in Portsmouth, 16l., being Excise for beer served by him for the navy and which proved defective, and to credit that amount in the accounts of Henry Hampton and George Skipp, two of the present Farmers of Excise in co. Southampton, who contracted for the arrears of Excise standing out on said county. Ordered: allowed of. [Ibid. XII. p. 125.]
Same of the 27 ult. from same, read and entered, proposing to allow in the accounts of John Elsworth, deceased, and Hugh Stukely, two of the late Sub-Commissioners for Excise for co. Somerset, for the half year ending 1661, Sept. 29, the sum of 289l. 19s. 0d. towards their arrear of 520l. 11s. 4d., and in consideration of their extraordinary charges of 373l. 10s. 0d. Ordered: allowed of. [Ibid. pp. 125–6.]
Same of the 6th ult. from the Commissioners for Arrears of Excise, read and entered, proposing to accept of 129l. from Richard Smith, Thomas Lane and Mark Davis (Davies) Farmers of Excise of co. Wilts for three years from 1658, March 25, at the rent of 4,000l. per an., which farm was reassumed by the State in 1659, Sept. 15, when they were in arrear 2,606l.: the said Lane and Davies having proved that after Davies had entered into recognizance the said farmers found that they were to pay 1,400l. per an. more than the said county had ever made for Excise or was really worth, whereupon the other two farmers refused to enter into recognizance and complained to the Committee with whom they contracted setting forth how they were surprised in the said contract. On an extent from the Pipe said Lane has been in prison above two years, and is there still in a miserable condition, supported mainly by the charity of his friends, and the said Davies and Smith hide themselves and are both insolvent. Ordered: allowed of. [Ibid. pp. 127–8.]
Nov. 22. An account, read and entered, of the beer pretended to be brewed for the fishing in the towns of Aldborough and Southwold, co. Suffolk, viz., by Widow Houlet, John Church, Raph Robet, Joseph Ireland, Thomas Gooch, and Capt. Warren. (Total, 2,457 barrels.) Ordered: that 157l. be abated to the Sub-Commissioners of Excise for co. Suffolk for the said beer. [Ibid. p. 132.]
Nov. 29. The memorial from the Excise Commissioners, read and entered, proposing to allow in the accounts of John Lowrey, late a Sub-Commissioner of Excise for co. Norfolk, 92l. 9s. 0d., wrongly charged against him, and 19l. 6s. 0d. in view of the mean condition of him and his sureties. Ordered: allowed of. [Early Entry Book XII. pp. 131–2.]
The memorial of the 11th inst. from the Commissioners for the Arrears of Excise, read and entered, proposing to allow to Edward Chamberlain, Henry Potkins and their partners, Sub-Commissioners of Excise in co. Norfolk, 160l. on their accounts for 1660, March 25 to Dec. 25, in view of their extraordinary charges in maintaining port officers, which were necessary to be kept the whole time, notwithstanding the greater part of the imported Excise was taken off in July, 1660: and an additional 160l. for their pains in collecting 630l. of arrears of Excise standing out after 1660, Dec. 25, for the doing whereof they were necessitated to keep the most part of their port officers the greatest part of the succeeding quarter. [Ibid. pp. 130–1.]