Minute Book: January 1668, 2-15

Pages 216-229

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2, 1667-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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January 1668

Jan. 2.
Present: The Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Warrant ordered to charge two tallies on Mr. Rumbald about the Hanaper.
Ordered that it be posted at the Exchequer that the credit on the Eleven Months' tax is not yet full and that there is room to lend thereon on the [380,000l. and 100,000l.] orders for seamen's wages, expressing how much of said orders are undisposed. And then this to be put into the Gazette.
Mr. Seymour, who receives the Hanaper money, is to attend tomorrow about the Hanaper account to give an accompt of the moneys received by him of the Earl of Newburgh's office [of the sixpenny writs] and how disposed of.
Warrant for 4,000l. for the Speaker of the House of Commons.
The Customs Farmers present their New Year's gift. Alderman Bucknall declares himself satisfied as to Sir John Shaw's patent for measuring the French tonnage.
Sir Thomas Clifford is desired to take care that a constable be appointed at Topsham to assist the Customs there.
Sir Edward Griffith [Griffin] to certify which noblemen have paid their New Year's gifts.
Memorandum. Sir Stephen Fox is to have 3,181l. 17s. 4d. on the money to be paid into the Exchequer on the Customs for the month of February, and 3,000l. on same for March, and his Customs tallies [for these amounts] are to be taken in.
My Lords demand of the Customs Farmers to lend 10,000l. a month to help to pay off the growing charge. They say they will consider of it and give an answer on Tuesday next.
Sir Stephen Fox and Mr. Pepys to attend on Tuesday concerning orders on the country Excise for the garrisons or for Tangier.
Alderman Bucknall is asked what money the [Farmers of the London Excise] can help my Lords unto. Says that they will when their lease is sealed, but that they are not yet agreed about the clause for tying the London Excise Farmers to the returns made by the gaugers, as they desire the insertion of the words "unless otherwise determined by the Commissioners for the Excise." The Attorney General to have direction [to insert] these words. Bucknall promises my Lords 10,000l. next week, whereof 5,000l. as soon as they can.
The Privy Council to be acquainted that the Customs Farmers in Ireland pretend that they have in their [customs] grant the French tonnage in Ireland.
Sir John Laurence, Sir Edwd. Turnor et al. called in, and move in the name of the Lord Mayor for payment of the debt [owing to to the City] on the Hearth money. My Lords answer they will go to extremities with the Farmers of Hearth money in order to get in this money for them. Sir Thomas Player to attend on Tuesday with an account of the principal and interest due to the City on the Chimney money; in order that course may be taken for the speedy and certain payment thereof. A warrant ordered to take all the Farmers of the Chimney money into custody, except Sir Robert Viner.
On Mr. Laurence Squib's motion concerning the Duke [of York's] tallies and showing that Mr. Loving's office is better than his, ordered that Sir Robert Long certify if the calendar of fees and the division of the counties have been altered or if the division is as it was in 1660 or before; meantime the tallies not to be struck for the fees for the officers of the Exchequer for the Duke of York's month.
Write Capt. Story that my Lords are willing to commission Mr. King in his place as Receiver of Aids for Cambridge. But first Sir John Duncombe is to ask him to continue this year.
Write Mr. Laurence to know if he has seized Mr. Carr's house as security for Mr. White, late Receiver of Oxfordshire.
Sir Robert Long to certify what money has come in to the Exchequer to this day on Chimney money.
The affidavit of the Hundred of Stratton to be carried to the Attorney General by Sir William Doyly with a query as to the prosecution of Carpenter.
Sir John Talbot, &c., demands a sight of their covenants. The Attorney General to send them hither. My Lords cannot make the payment of their rent other than in their former leases.
Warrant for 1,000l. to Prince Rupert on the Customs for the pension due at Xmas. Also for 60l. of his creation money.
Sir Samuel Sterling's petition read. Ordered to pay in his balance immediately.
The Earl of Anglesey, Sir Robert Viner and Sir Thomas Player to attend on Tuesday next about said Player's business of the 15,000l. Send to the Earl of Anglesey a draft of a paper desired to be signed by him concerning same.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 1–3.]
Jan. 3.
Present: Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncomb.
Write the Receiver of Windsor [Castle] to attend on Tuesday.
[Ibid. p. 3.]
Jan. 7.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir Tho. Clifford, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
Write the Attorney General that Sir William Doyly and Mr. Payne are to attend him about the business of Stratton Hundred in Cornwall.
When the Earl of Anglesey has any Navy bills or warrants brought to him to sign he is to consider whether they are regular, and if not regular then to stop payment of them.
The Earl of Anglesey and Sir Robert Long are to meet again at Lord Ashley's about Sir Thomas Player's 15,000l.
Mr. Pretyman to attend on Thursday afternoon.
Write Mr. Pepys to peruse the last Navy certificate and report on it.
Mr. Glanvile to attend this afternoon.
My Lords to see a copy of the Earl of Newburgh's patent.
The Auditor to return an account of the two last accounts for the Jewel House passed with the Bag of Particulars.
Sir Robert Long to certify what has been paid to the Earl of Berkshire on his Privy Seal of 1669, Aug. 31, for 8,000l.
Warrant to Mr. Batelier for the impost money to such as [do use] to pay no New Year's gifts and to such noblemen as have paid their New Year's gifts.
The Excise Commissioners give an account of the arrears owing by the present Excise Farmers. Captain Brabant heard about his arrears of the Excise: says that he lost 100l. beyond his abatement of 1,000l. Referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Col. Whitley called in [concerning the question of Excise gaugers breaking open houses for the purpose of searching and gauging]. Mr. Laurence to get the signature of the rest of the King's Counsel at law to his certificate, and then to have a letter from my Lords to the Justices in North Wales to put it in execution.
Sir Stephen Fox and Mr. Pepys called in about the assignments on the country Excise for the garrisons. Mr. Pepys will return answer as soon as may be. Meanwhile Fox is to have his 15,000l. orders hereon. Sir Rob. Long to send them to the Treasury to be signed.
Write the Attorney General to insert Newmarket in the lease of the Cambridgeshire Excise.
Warrant for 12,500l. for Tangier on the country Excise. Mr. Pepis to bring a certificate.
Lord Vaughan called in with his Auditor. His petition for a grant of a lease of the Original Seal and Post Fines in Radnor, Glamorgan, Pembroke, Carmarthen and Cardigan referred to the Attorney General, Surveyor General and Auditor Hill.
Sir Robert Long to return the Earl of Lauderdale's certificate.
Mr. Newport's petition about Mrs. Rumball's children to be heard first to-morrow.
The Chimney Farmers called in and present a paper about the King's half-year [viz. to Lady Day 1666 on the Hearth money]. My Lords expect they make up what is already paid in to 70,000l. and then account. Auditor Chislet to certify their payments on their rent to Michaelmas last with the three half-years besides the King's and what now remains due from them.
Write the Earl of Anglesey to know what became of the rest of the 56,491l. 10s. 10d. tallies which were delivered by Sir George Carteret to him or at least which stand in his hands according to Carteret's account, there being only tallies to the value of 25,500l. in the said Earl's hands according to Mr. Fenn's letter of Dec. 31.
Mr. Seymour, of the Hamper, to attend on Thursday.
Sir John Talbot presents certain reasons of the Country [Excise] Farmers concerning Sir James Smith and Sir Peter Colleton. To be considered.
The certificate of the Salisbury Hearth money to be sent to Sarum. But first write to the Farmers of Hearth money to know to what Justices they have applied for remedy.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 3–5.]
Jan. 7.
Present: Sir William Coventry, Mr. Controller, Sir John Duncomb.
A letter read from the Treasurer of the Navy desiring some further directions about Navy tickets. The principal officers of the Navy to attend about it to-morrow.
Sir John Talbot called in, and his paper of considerations as to the country Excise is read. To be considered whom their leases should be from. The bonds to be given in Sir William Doyly's office, and the money paid into the Exchequer, but may be remitted into Doyly's office and thence into the Exchequer. Write the Commissioners of the Excise that where the farmers of the Country Excise have no pretence of defalcations they pay in all arrears in 10 days. All pretences of defalcations to be brought in and settled in three weeks; and any overplus, over such pretences, to be paid within 10 days.
Mr. Scowen's account for Hearth money for Cornwall considered in the presence of Mr. Scowen and his Auditor. The Auditor to bring the rolls and vouchers for the account next Friday.
Sir Robert Long to certify if any money has been paid in this week by the Farmers of the London Excise of their loan on the Eleven Months' tax.
Mr. Laurence to certify to-morrow why he has not removed the prisoners out of the Sergeant's and Messenger's hands according to directions: also as to what he has done concerning seizing Mr. Carr's house.
Ordered that when any Auditor comes with a Chimney account he bring with him the rolls. John Estcourt's account declared as late Receiver of Hearth money for Wilts.
Petition read from Robert Walker and Thomas Bosworth [Collectors] of Hearth money now in custody. John Peryn to attend to-morrow about his oath against them.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 5–6.]
Jan. 8.
Present: Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Write Sir Stephen Fox [to know] why some of Capt. Armstrong's troop in the Earl of Oxford's regiment are not paid.
Sir John Talbott to certify whether Newmarket town was not let with the Cambridgeshire Excise lease as before to Capt. Story.
Mr. Slingsby reports that the Mint has received only about 5,000l. of the Coinage money for the last year.
Write Sir John Shaw and each Collector of the Customs to pass their accounts for last year according to the Act or they will be sent for in custody. Also that they give in an account what is entered [at the Custom House] and not paid and by whom.
Write Sir Philip Warwick and Sir Robert Long to know if the offices of the Mint were disposed by the Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Newport's petition read on behalf of Mrs. Rumball's children. Mr. Newport to make out their title.
Petition read from William Broxholm and Peniston Whally. To be considered this afternoon when Auditor Morice is here.
Sir Robert Long to certify what has been paid of the other 3,000l. on the Earl of Berkshire's Privy Seal.
Robert Hill's petition read. His securities to be inquired into.
Mr. Glanvile called in about the price of tin. Says that 53 guilders per cwt. is offered for it at Amsterdam, with an abatement of one per cent. on payment of the money, and he expects an account from his friend speedily, who will give this money.
Warrant on the Customs for two months' pay for the garrison of the Tower.
Col. Whitley's petition read, and he called in. Says that the enclosure of the common will make no disturbance. To bring a certificate thereof from the principal persons interested, then my Lords will grant his desire.
Letter read from the Treasurer of the Navy about payment of tickets. Viscount Brouncker and Mr. Pepys called in about it. The [Navy] Commissioners to draw rules and send them hither.
The list of the Customs tallies to be made up against to-morrow.
Alderman Bucknall to attend to-morrow.
Sir George Downing to certify Sir John Duncomb to-morrow what are the fees payable in each office in the Exchequer on Colonel Legg's orders for the Ordnance.
Write the Excise Commissioners to certify next Monday what money has been paid by the men mentioned in the Wisbech affidavit.
Sir John Pretyman's petition read for liberty to attend his business with my Lords. Write Sir John Lenthall for petitioner to attend this day week and to Sir Jeremy Witchcott, warden of the Fleet for his son, Sir George Pretyman, to be here then.
Lady Frazier and others, the Queen's dressers, are told that in February they shall have some money.
Order for 10l. to Widow Pinkny.
Petition read from George Stepney. Nothing to be done in it. Same read from the daughters of Capt. Fisher. They are to certify to whom the 500l. was paid.
The Attorney General to certify what title the Duke of Newcastle has to Noman's wood in Dean Forest.
To be considered when all my Lords are present whether they should press the Chimney Farmers to quit their pretences for defalcations on their farm.
The Earl of Anglesey gives an account of what tallies were given out by Sir George Carteret: and presents a paper of them.
Warrant to Sir Stephen Fox to assign to Mr. Townsend 2,000l. of his 68,820l., but to deliver the orders so assigned to Mr. Newport.
The Vice-Chamberlain [of the Household] gives an account of the persons to whom he delivered the tallies lately in his hands.
Write Mr. Hinton and Mr. Snow to return the orders on the poll and the remainder of the Custom House tallies delivered to them by Sir George Carteret.
Petition read from Edw. Wilkinson, His Majesty's barber. Nothing done. Same from Thomas Shewell, of Bristol. To be considered. Same from Lodowick Bray. Order for 10l. to him. Same from John son of Dr. Hewit. Warrant for 50l. for him.
Write Lord Townsend to pay his rent on his patent for coals.
Write Sir Robert Paston to finish his covenants and to pay in the rent due on his farm of wood.
Look out what grants were excepted out of the patent of the Customs [Farm], and to whom, and on what rents.
Henry Seymour of the Bedchamber to attend on Friday about the Earl of Newburgh's patent for the sixpenny writs.
Petition read from John Marshall. Nothing to be done in it. Same from the Schoolmaster of Southwell. Warrant for his arrears of perpetuity.
The Earl of Manchester's letter about Mr. Legouse read. Warrant for 200l. on any Privy Seal that can warrant it. Otherwise consider how to do it.
Warrant to Sir Gilbert Talbott to stop in his hands all moneys paid or to be paid to him for New Year's gifts to help to pay for the plate; and to give an account of the quantity of plate given, and at what rates.
Petition read from Mr. Sawyer, the King's cook. To be paid 50l.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 6–9.]
Jan. 9.
Thursday afternoon.
Present: Mr. Controller, Sir Wm. Coventry.
Write the Customs officers to certify on Monday next who collects the [small sub-] farms and for whose use, viz. the customs upon bullion, the duty upon potashes, upon salt, and the 4s. per chaldron on coals.
Warrant on the Customs for four months' pay of Plymouth garrison.
The Earl of Berkshire presents a paper of discoveries.
My Lords considered the list of tallies.
Write Mr. Fenn to enquire to whom all the tallies of [Sir George Carteret] the Treasurer of the Navy (above the 25,000l. now in the Earl of Anglesey's hands) were delivered, and for what, viz. whether for money borrowed or goods.
Mr. Newport called in. Write the Wardrobe to deliver such clothes as are to be delivered in kind for liveries. Those liveries that are to be delivered in money are to stay a while and care will be taken of them.
Alderman Bucknall called in and informs my Lords that he and his partners have paid 6,000l. in to the Exchequer yesterday and will pay more early next week.
Write the Mayor, &c., of Rochester that much foreign spirits and brandy being imported and thereby much money exported, they assist the Customs officers as to that duty.
Alderman Backwell called in. Write Sir Robert Long to certify on Monday how much money is charged on the credit of the late Poll bill.
Sir Stephen Fox called in about the pay of some of Capt. Armstrong's troop. Ordered that if all the new officers lost that muster then Sir William Coventry's nephew not to have it.
Write Sir William Doyly and Mr. Payne to attend the Attorney General about the business of Stratton in Cornwall.
Immediate extent ordered against Meredith Lloyd as Receiver of Firehearths for Montgomery, Merioneth and Carnarvon. Warrant to Sir Jeremy Whichcott, Warden of the Fleet, to take into custody (from Sergeant Richard Gregory) Edwyn Walford and Francis Dorrington, deputies to Col. Fitch, deceased, late Receiver for Hearth money for Essex.
Sir William Doyly to take care as to the securities of the Receivers before the Commissions be delivered out to them. If there are any objections to the former securities they are to be tendered at the Treasury, as also all new securities. Sir William offers a letter to press the present Receivers to account for the Royal and Additional Aids.
Sir John Laurence, &c., called in about what is owing to the City on the [loan on the] Hearth money. They move for that money to be registered in course in the Exchequer on the Hearth money. Ordered that this be done as soon as the Privy Seal is passed. Sir George Downing to advise with Sir Rob. Long how it may be done, and some of the citizens to be at Sir Robert's about it on Saturday morning.
Mr. Culliford called in. My Lords cannot give him his place but will do him any other favour.
Mr. Prettyman to attend next Wednesday.
Col. Kilby (Gilby) and Auditor Morice called in. Process against Kilby as security for Broxholme and Penistone Whaley, Collectors of Hearth money for Lincoln, to stay till Feb. next.
Petition read from [the representatives from] Bosworth, &c., concerning the arrears on them or Godmanchester. Ordered to pay the 11l. into the Exchequer and go home and be here on demand and pay no more fees at present. Peryn to attend hereon when he comes to town.
Sir William Doyly to attend to-morrow about the Receivers and to bring a list of the salaries and instructions of the Solicitors of Taxes, and that they (the solicitors) be obliged to keep a diary of their travels and what they do.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 9–11.]
Jan. 10.
Present: Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
A paper signed by Sir George Downing sent to Sir Robert Long about the course of registering certain orders on the Excise for Sir Stephen Fox and the Cofferer.
Write the Earl of Anglesey to pay two ships' tickets a week.
Sir William Doyly's son to be continued Solicitor for Norfolk at 100l. per an.
Warrant for a quarter's salary to Mr. Gregory.
The Customs Farmers called in: declare they will lend 30,000l. on the Eleven Months' tax on the seamen's orders at the rate of 5,000l. a week at least, and my Lords declare they shall have the 4 months' 16,000l. per mensem on the Customs which is not paid into the Exchequer for payment of part of their tallies. My Lords also move them how much per mensem for the future they expect towards payment of their tallies for their 200,000l. Agreed that my Lords shall have the whole 16,000l. per mensem for Febr. and March, and then 8,000l. of the 16,000l. per mensem to be for old tallies, and 8,000l. per mensem for their [the Customs Farmers' own] tallies [for their 200,000l. loan]. Also the Farmers will present a paper of interest money for that 200,000l. and attend again hereon on Monday next.
Ordered that what has already not passed out, of the 70 tons of tin for the Ambassadors at Breda, be passed out.
My Lords agree to allow Alderman Backwell interest for his money advanced to the Marquis de Montbrun. Backwell's Tangier 6,000l. is to be paid out of Sir Stephen Fox's 68,000l. [68820].
Write to the Jewel office to stop all pensions.
Warrant to Auditors Aldworth and Chislett to state two interest accounts of Mr. Colvill.
Pass for the Sieur de Gedayne, a person in eminent employment about the French King, to transport 16 horses.
The usual warrant for 30 tuns of wines, Customs free, for the Dutch Ambassadors.
"A Privy Seal for 150l. per an. to Charles Gifford. Memorandum: This to be proposed [discussed with] to the King."
Warrant for 736l. for the Lord Privy Seal's diet of 4l. a day.
Mr. Scawen and Auditor Parsons called in about said Scawen's account.
Alderman Backwell moves my Lords that in case the winds hinder his money from coming out of Holland he may have liberty to export 10,000l. in English coin, "and he'll even twice as much in eight or ten weeks." My Lords answer that he may petition the Council.
The Chimney Farmers are to account with Auditors Aldworth, Chislett, Jonas Moore, Collyns.
Mr. Cardonell, Customer at Southampton, prays leave to go to France for six months to follow a suite. Granted.
Sir Robert Long to certify the salaries due in the Exchequer to the Auditors of the revenue and the Auditors of Imprest.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 11–12.]
Jan. 13.
Present: Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir Jo. Duncomb.
Ordered that my Lords' meetings at the Treasury be on Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon. A paper to be put up.
Warrant on the Excise for the present quarter for the Duke of York's children.
The Royal Society move to have the inheritance of Chelsea College according to the King's grant. The inheritance to pass to them with a saving of right to Mr. Coles and all others save the King. A warrant ordered to the Attorney General to that effect.
Lord Delamer and the Excise Commissioners called in about the ground on which the Excise Office stood. Their report to be sent to Mr. May; and Sir Charles Harbord to survey and report a valuation.
Mathew Anderton to be Solicitor for the One Month's tax and the Eleven Months' tax for the counties of Chester and Denbigh.
Sir Robert Long and all the Tellers to attend on Thursday next about the difference between Mr. Squibb and the rest of the Tellers about receiving moneys in the Exchequer coming in on the assessments.
Mr. Hartlibb called in on behalf of the Farmers of the Chimney money, praying for their liberty so that they may account. My Lords answer they must pay the money [up] to 70,000l. and then account in custody, and must bring in the bonds on their Collectors and [Sub-] Farmers.
Sir Jo. Talbot [called in]. A letter ordered to all the present Farmers [of the country Excise] to pay in so much more as shall make up their quarter's rent with their present increase. Proposed to the Farmers that they have leases under the Exchequer Seal by virtue of a great Seal: which they take time to consider of.
The Attorney and Solicitor General to attend this afternoon about the Chimney money account "and then to be spoke unto about the forfeiture of such as have not sworne, being Excise men."
The defalcations on the Country Excise to be settled on Friday. The Farmers of the London Excise, the Excise Commissioners, and Mr. Bean to attend on Thursday about the abatements on Essex Excise.
The King to be moved in Council that the Auditors cannot fast enough despatch the Chimney Farmers accounts, and that His Majesty would give them leave to appoint some others for this business.
Auditor Aldworth to be made an Auditor of the Imprest for life, and to surrender his place of Auditor of the Revenue to Mr. Chislett, who is to hold during pleasure.
The Earl of Nottingham moves for his pension. Write Mr. Seymour to know what the Earl of Suffolk (? Earl of Nottingham) or any other do pay or are in arrear of their rent (due to the Hanaper).
Write the late Farmers of the Customs to account presently with the Auditor of the Imprest for their late farm.
Ordered that such of the Auditors as use deputies bring certificate of the proper swearing of such deputies.
Rules read concerning the Treasury. Viscount Fanshaw to send on Monday next a copy of the Great Seal formerly passed warranting what should pass the Privy Seal, what the Great Seal and what by immediate [Treasury] warrant.
Sir Robert Long to certify which of the enclosed grants [not detailed] referred to in a letter from the Customs Farmers are registered in the Exchequer, and what parties are to pay there.
Sir Robert Long to attend about Sir Stephen Fox's orders on the Customs.
Sir Robert Paston's grant to be read after dinner.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 12–14.]
Jan. 13.
The Earl of Anglesey and Sir Robert Long to attend to-morrow about Sir Thomas Player's 15,000l.
Exchequer information to be taken against all Excise officers not having taken their oaths: in the name of Francis Cresset.
Mr. Hartlib says the Farmers of Hearth money cannot give security to answer the King's half-year as to lapse of time, but are ready to account and have paid what they received. My Lords say they don't know they have paid all. Moreover they have the bonds on behalf of the King's money, and refuse still to deliver them up. The Attorney and Solicitor General declare that the Farmers having kept the King's bonds and refused to deliver them they are answerable for the money. The Serjeant is ordered to set the Farmers at liberty to-night, and that they be here to-morrow.
The Solicitor General brings a draft of a surrender by Mr. Comptroller of his interest in the logwood farm.
Order for a Privy Seal for 88,000l. in Sir Thomas Player's name for the City for what is owing to the City on the Chimney money, and 5,000l. more for interest money that may yet grow due before the principal be paid.
The King to be moved about his lands at Mulberry Garden to be restored to him.
The King hath been spoken with about the Earl of St. Albans having the King's revenue of Jersey.
Write Sir Robert Long that my Lords have signed the orders for Sir Ste. Fox on the 16,000l. a month out of the Customs: further to request him to take care that his orders on the Customs be not registered all together to clog and hinder other payments, but by 1,000l. a month according to his warrant.
Lord Ashley to be spoken to by my Lords about a Commission to prevent the destruction of timber in Dean Forest and about the Commissioner's names now tendered by Lord St. John.
Sir Robert Paston's new covenants to be abstracted for my Lords.
Sir Gilb. Talbot to attend to-morrow.
The Archbishop of York sends to move for an extent against Mr. Wivell, his Receiver of Tenths.
Sir Gilb. Talbot to give an account on Thursday of the usual yearly deliveries of plate and jewels out of his office, and wherein they exceed those in the late King's time.
The King to be spoken to about the business of liveries to tradesmen and supernumerary officers; that they be not paid for the future.
The Customs Farmers to certify what they laid out about destroying tobacco last year in the county of Gloucester and whether they laid not out the 38l. demanded for that service by the Sheriff of Gloucester.
Lord Ashley to certify what Sir Robert Southwell has had out of the Prizes, and Sir Robert Long to certify to what day he was paid.
Write Mr. Batelier not to pay any impost bills to foreign ministers, as so great a proportion [viz. 30 tuns of wine Custom free] is allowed to them at the full Custom: and that no impost bills be signed for them without direction of the Treasury.
My Lords say Sir William Swan is reduced to 20s. a day. The foreign ministers' allowances resolved of for the future, but to be read again.
Sir William Doyly to send a list of the Commissioners of Appeals of Excise.
Write the Lord Keeper to give notice to my Lords of any reversion of places come to him relating to the revenue.
Write the Chimney Farmers to carry their accounts for the half year ended Lady Day, 1666, to the Auditors of the revenue, who are to hasten the despatch thereof that the King lose not the money by being lapsed in time and so that process may issue before Lady Day next against defaulters.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 14–15.]
Jan. 14.
Present: Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncombe.
Sir Gilbert Talbot called in [concerning the Jewel office]. Ordered that if any extraordinary warrant be brought to him he acquaint my Lords with it before it be executed. To bring on Thursday an estimate of the issues and receipts in his office.
Write to the King's officers [of the Customs] to give notice to the receivers of the various patentees of [the small or separate] Customs farms (viz. of the duties on potashes, smalts, salt and the 4s. a chaldron on coals) that unless said patentees enroll their grants in the Exchequer in a month, viz. by Feb. 13 next, and bring by that date a certificate thereof from Sir Robert Long, their receipts are to be stopped in order to secure the King's rent payable on them.
Lady Fanshaw's petition read about her Customs tallies. My Lords will pass the list in three days.
The Customs Farmers to attend on Thursday about an order lately sent to them for payment of some money to the East India Company for Bombay.
The Chimney Farmers called in and heard by their Counsel, Mr. Offley. Are ready to account but pray it may not be in custody. Say further that they have power by their grant to take and keep the bonds in the King's name. My Lords declare they won't please them [in the matter of their liberation from prison] unless first they deposit 10,000l. At last Sir Richard Piggot consents to pay 10,000l. in a month by 2,500l. a week, and that he will move his partners and hopes they will agree with him here. This agreement to be put in writing. The King's Counsel to be advised with about the way of their accounts so as to be safe for the King and fitting for the Farmers. Warrant for the discharge of the Farmers [from custody].
The Earl of Anglesey and Sir Robert Long to attend this afternoon about Sir Thomas Player's 15,000l. and the Irish accounts.
Mr. Seagar's bill for fire and candles to be paid.
"A Great Seal to be prepared by Sir Rob. Long and Sir George Downing and Mr. Sherwyn to enable my Lords to let His Majesty's lands: such as other Lord Treasurers have had."
[Ibid. pp. 16–17.]
Jan. 14.
Present: ut supra.
Ordered that the account of any defalcations in Sir Robert Paston's farm are to be laid before the Treasury. Sir Robert's grant, so altered, to be offered to the King for his signature.
Sir B. Throckmorton called in: moved for 46l. 14s. 3d. expended by Tho. Davies. He must pay in 50l. as his benevolence, and then get a warrant for said amount. Agreed that said Thomas Davies, Collector in Gloucestershire, be given till Feb. 20 next to pay in 300l. in his hands.
Sir Thomas Player's 15,000l. to be mentioned in the Prest roll by Sir Robert Long till the Earl of Anglesey's account for it pass. The Earl of Anglesey to send hither to-morrow the Privy Seal or warrant for this sum. Sir Robert Long to certify what moneys have been transmitted into Ireland since May, 1660, for the use of that kingdom. Memorandum: the second 15,000l. paid to the Earl of Anglesey by Sir Robert Viner. My Lords take the Irish accounts into consideration. Memorandum: the King to be moved to appoint some of Ireland to assist my Lords in making an establishment for Ireland, and that in the meantime he be pleased to stop granting any more letters for payments in Ireland.
Mr. Boreman has pulled down some buildings at Greenwich. He and the officers of the Works to attend on Tuesday; also concerning the establishment of the Works. Mr. May moves also for the 10,000l. for the Works for next year.
Order for the arrest of Mr. Gilbert, High Collector [of Aids] in Kent, for much moneys in his hands. Sir W. Doyly to take care hereof and attend next Thursday.
Capt. Story to give an account why he paid not the bills charged on him by the Commissioners for Exchanges sitting at [Great] St. Helens [London] and payable to Mr. Dove.
Write the Navy Office for an account what prize ships have been sold or what money has been made of them, what bills taken on the said sales and what done with the money and what ships more remain to be sold and when.
Sir William Doyly to take the old securities of the Receivers of the Aids where no exception against them exists. Thomas Brown to be Solicitor of the Aids for Hampshire, Berks, Oxford and Bucks at 200l. per an. salary.
A copy of a letter read from the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland. To be answered that the letter itself was never received: also that my Lords have received abstracts of accounts of prizes, &c., thence, but have not seen the accounts to which they refer; they being mislaid (as is supposed) by the late Lord Treasurer's death. Therefore to request them to send duplicates of receipts and expenses from 1660 to this day.
Mr. Gilbert, the Collector of [Aids, &c., for] Kent, to attend on Thursday.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 17–18.]
Jan. 15.
Present: Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Sir Charles Harbord to certify if any grant has been made of the ground at Puddle Wharf, London, which was formerly the site of the Wardrobe. Write Dr. Killegrew to accommodate the Wardrobe with the South ward of the Savoy Hospital called Reading Ward: they [the Wardrobe] having taken a house close by it.
My Lords to be reminded of Viscount Mordaunt's fee as Governor of Windsor.
Mr. Newport moves for an order to provide cloth for presents to Algiers, as accustomed, to be sent by Sir Thomas Allen.
Warrant for Mr. Townsend to borrow 1,000l. at interest not exceeding 10 per cent. on their [? the Wardrobe's] orders for 2,000l. on Sir Steven Fox; but with the privity of Mr. Newport and Col. Reymes.
Write Alderman Bucknall for him to give answer what money he can help my Lords to this week.
A list to be made by Sir R. Long of the wages due to all the King's and Queen's servants payable in the Exchequer.
Write Mr. Noell (son and heir to Sir Martin Noel who had a grant of the French tonnage in Ireland) to know how the French tonnage is farmed, and to whom.
Petition from James Watson. Referred to the Treasurer of the Chamber to certify if the assignment mentioned therein be within the time for which pay was lately assigned by the office of the Chamber.
Mr. Evelyn's petition read. Agreed that he have a lease for 31 years at 2s. per an. rent, but with power of resumption to the King if found inconvenient to His Majesty's yard.
Auditor Phillips' petition read. To petition again. Peter Carey's petition read. Ordered to show his right to his mother's pension. John Webster's petition read. The Attorney General to certify what can be done for him. Petition read from Jeremy Tolhurst, &c., with the Excise Commissioners' report. They must pay the money. Same read from Gratian Pernant. The place is disposed of. Same read from Mr. Bathurst. His bonds to be delivered to him.
Sir Stephen Fox is asked if any money is requisite to pay some men to be disbanded. Says he has his assignment to Saturday next.
Petition read from Lady Swan. Order that her husband be paid 40s. a day up to Xmas but for the future only 20s. a day as Resident at Hamburg.
Petition read from Simon Smith. He shall be considered when Topham is paid his wages. Same read from William Rosewell. To bring his vouchers that his account of 700l. is according to his contract.
Mr. Wyvell and Mr. Laurence called in. Wyvell says he's willing to give the King a right to certain debts and make himself debtor for the rest. Ordered that he being a Collector for the city of York must apply to them [York city], for my Lords must look to the city to make good the Aids. The Solicitor for the Archbishop of York moves that he may have these debts. Ordered to pursue his remedy at law; my Lords will not meddle therein.
Petition from [? the widow of] Tho. Lanyer. After Easter she shall have money.
The Chimney Farmers will pay 10,000l. of Lady Day, 1666, according to Sir William Coventry's note of memorandum. They present an affidavit about the Salisbury certificate concerning houses discharged by the Justices of the city from payment of that duty. Write the Mayor of Salisbury sending him a copy of said certificate for them to examine, and that they do their duty in assisting the Farmers.
Sir John Prettyman says the money Mr. Pretyman paid to Mr. Bowles was his (Sir John's) money, and paid by his order to lessen his debt to the King. Mr. Wynnington, Sir John's counsel, proposes security for 8,000l. in full of his debt to the King for Tenths. Sir George Pretyman says he can make no proposition of giving money to compound the King's debt. Sir John Pretyman called in again. To have till Tuesday to say the utmost he can give. Sir John Lenthall to send him hither then. Write the Lord Keeper that my Lords are not unwilling Sir John have his habeas corpus till then.
Write Sir Robert Paston that my Lords have agreed to the grant of his new covenants. My Lord's say the King's title is worth 19,000l.
Petition read from Jasper Waterhouse. The Attorney General says that for enabling my Lords to consider him he can help my Lords to 200l. to be paid by Sir Ed. Hungerford over and above Lady Newport's 1,200l. per an. Ordered that Waterhouse have 100l. out of the fines of the court received by Sir Thomas Fanshaw.
Write Col. Birch and Mr. Tudor to come to town as soon as possible; my Lords willing to make use of them for casting up and stating the Chimney accounts.
Petition read from Robt. Bartie, Chief Keeper of West Hennall Park, Waltham, Essex. Ordered to have the underwoods in King's Grove alias Shackmans and Leyson's Grove, but no lopp or standards.
Petition read from Franc Dormer. My Lords cannot remit the money.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 18–21.]