Declared Accounts: Treasury Solicitor

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Treasury Solicitor

PIPE OFFICE: BUNDLE 3021 [E.351/3021].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2318, ROLL 39 [A.O.1/2318/39].
William Borratt, Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury.
15 October 1712 to 15 October 1713.
Charge. £ s. d.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands on the foot of the last Accompt, none, he being in Surplusage nil
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term, 11 & 12 Anne, on imprest 1,500 0 0
Easter term, 12 Anne 1,200 0 0
money received from the Navy Treasurer for passing a Commission for taking subscriptions to the South Sea Company 163 14 6
money received on accompt of costs in the Bewdley cause 176 19 6
total charge and receipts £3,040 14 0
Discharge. £ s. d.
Surplusage due upon the foot of the last Account 773 3 11½
Charges and expenses of several prosecutions etc.:
v. George Redpath and William Hurt for a libel ‘The Observator’; 55l. 11s. 5d. in each case 111 2 10
v. the same Redpath and Hurt for a libel ‘The Flying Post’; 18l. 9s. 6d. in each case 36 19 0
v. George Redpath, for three libels, two ‘Flying Posts’ and a ‘Medley’ 185 8 1
v. George Redpath for two other libels, a ‘Flying Post’ and a ‘Medley’ 77 7 1
v. William Hurt on the same two libels and for two ‘Flying Posts’ and a ‘Medley’; 54l. 12s. 1d. in each case 109 4 2
at a consultation for further proceedings against Redpath and Hurt 34 19 0
v. the said Hurt for another libel ‘The Medley’ 22 2 8
v. the Corporation of Bewdley upon an Address of the House of Commons for setting aside their new Charter 452 5 10½
v. Luke King, Thomas Putland and Francis Annesley, pretended Executors of Sir William Robinson 106 4 6
v. the Duke of Marlborough 71 5 6
v. Joseph Clutterbuck for setting up a project of a Lottery 8 4 0
v. James Bradshaw for ditto 3 6 4
v. John Smith for ditto 3 6 4
v. Thomas Sadler for ditto 3 6 4
the case about the rioters at Redbridge, co. Hants. 4 19 6
v. the Executors and Trustees of the late Earl of Ranelagh 14 7 0
v. Thomas Kirby for High Treason in Antegoa 12 7 10
v. John Kent for seditious words 22 8 6
v. John Baker for a libel ‘Free Thinking’ 22 2 8
v. Thomas Burnet for a libel ‘A Certain Information of a Certain Discourse’ 22 2 8
Mr. William Borrett, junior, for his charges about the Bill in Parliament against blasphemous, treasonable and seditious books and libels 9 0 0
Mr. Attorney General and the Solicitor for fees on the case touching matters to be passed under the Privy Seal in Scotland etc 14 13 0
v. Justinian Chaumeis (or Chamneis) for blasphemous and seditious words 80 5 7
v. Dr. Chase for scandalous words and killing the Queen's deer at Windsor 5 2 9
v. William Hurt for a seditious libel ‘The British Embassadresses Speech to the French King’ 105 10 1
v. Mary Taylor and others, Executors of John Taylor deceased 7 1 6
v. Gifford Lay for counterfeiting Orders in the Class Lottery 1711 24 7 4
v. Samuel Smith, Alderman of Nottingham, for seditious words 49 4 7
v. John Fury for seditious words 17 12 4
v. Charles Mason, late Receiver and Paymaster of Transports 14 12 10
v. Daniel Defoe for scandalising the Czar of Moscovy in his ‘Review’ 10 6 6
v. the same for publishing three treasonable libels 39 15 8
v. Henry Smith, Samuel Watkins and Daniel Mackinnen for the murder of Col. Parkes at Antegoa 64 7 8
v. George Halton for scandalous words 20 17 4
v. George Mackartney for the murther of the Duke of Hamilton 14 7 0
v. William Parry and several others for waste in the Forest of Dean 8 9 0
v. the Earl of Westmorland to prevent waste in Rockingham Forest 4 7 6
v. Jeremy Kelley, a contracting brewer (presented by the Queen's order on an Address of the House of Commons) 1 14 8
v. the Inhabitants of Egham, co. Surrey, for not mending the ways in their parish 4 17 5
v. the inhabitants of Horton, co. Buck., for the like 4 17 5
v. the inhabitants of Hardmonsworth, co. Midd., for the like 4 17 5
v. the inhabitants of Heston, co. Midd., for the like 4 17 5
v. the inhabitants of Ealing, co. Midd., for the like 4 17 5
the Officers of the Courts of Westminster for their fees 7 6 0
the Attorney General, for attending the Court of Queen's Bench to discharge or continue Recognizances etc. 27 10 0
Mr. Harcourt, the Attorney in the Crown Office, for the appearances of defendants 6 2 8
William Borrett, junior, for copies of orders and proceedings in the House of Lords and Queen's Bench relating to the claim to the title of Earl of Banbury 35 4 0
Mr. Tench, Clerk of the Patents, for passing the revocation of the grant of two advowsons of Much Munden and Berkhamstead, co. Hert., to the Duke of Marlborough 52 1 0
Mr. Price, the Undersheriff of Northampton, for taking an Inquisition of the estate of William Harbord, deceased, co. Northt. 5 7 6
1,973 3
necessary charges, payments, and incident expenses by Lord Treasurer's warrant:
Jeremy Sambrook, for fees for the exemplification of the Act for preserving the Privileges of Embassadors and the Act for settling the Precedence of the Princess Sophia 50 0 0
Jacob Smith, as of the Queen's Bounty, for the loss of his eye in resenting the very scandalous language of one Shirlow against the Queen and Government 10 0 0
Thomas Lowther, for fees paid in passing a patent revoking Mr. Vanbrug's Office of Comptroller of the Works 40 19 2
the same, for fees paid in passing a privy seal for paying to the Chancellor of the Exchequer the yearly salary of 1,600l. 30 15 6
the same for fees paid in passing a Commission for taking subscriptions to the South Sea Company 163 14 6
Zachary Foxall, Secondary to the Sheriff of London and Middlesex, for executing extents against the securities of George Dixon, late Receiver General of Taxes for Somerset and the City of Bristol 160 0 0
John Keightley in full satisfaction of all demands for prosecuting a lawsuit for the repeal of the Charter granted the Corporation of Bewdley 101 6 4
556 15 6
disbursements of several natures, detailed, including 70l. to Edward Harley for the Auditor's fee 345 5 0
total for necessaries and incidents 902l. 0s. 6d.
total payments and allowances £3,648 7 11
and so the Accomptant is in Surplusage 607 13 11
Declared 12 August 1714.