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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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G. P. M.., letter signed, 443.

Gace, Joseph, Receiver General of duties on Houses and Land Tax for part of co. Lincoln, 130, 233, 255.

Gadsden, Thomas, master of the Hanover Succession, 428.

Gaine (Gain), Hugh, Agent for Sick and Wounded Seamen at Jamaica, bills of exchange drawn by, issue for paying, 207; petition of, 379, 388, report on, 408.

Gairden, Dr. James, royal bounty in Scotland for, 198.

Gallavances, produced in Minorca, account of, 144.

Gallwey, Patrick, petition to be commander of a packet boat, 389.

Galway, Earl of. See Massue de Ruvigny, Henri de.

Galy. See Gualy.

Gamekeepers. See Royal Household Above Stairs.

Gammon, Leonard, clerk of the works at Whitehall, St. James's and Westminster, 538.

Garbut, Thomas, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Gardeners. See Royal HouseholdAbove stairs.

Gardens. See Royal Gardens and Parks, Privy Garden.

Gardiner (Gardener), Sir Broccas, Commissioner for Stamp Duties, 236.

-, Daniel, Serjeant at Arms, 180, 519.

-, Robert, captain, payment to, 98, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 248.

-, Thomas, Keeper of the Stores of Small Arms, 101, 548.

-, William, payment to, for apprehending burglars and highwaymen, 310.

-, William, surgeon to the Royal Household, 517.

Gardrob'. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Wardrobe).

Gardy, Henry, Gentleman Usher, Quarter Waiter, 503.

Garland, James, Helper in the Royal Stables, 512.

Garlick Theophilus, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Garnier, Paul, Sewer of the Chamber, 504.

Garret, Daniel, clothier to Churchill's marine regiment, payment to, 256.

-, Sir Samuel, his debt, paid out of South Sea Stock, 7.

-, Thomas, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 374, 442.

Garter, Order of:

annuity for, 182, 393.

Chancellor of (Bishop of Salisbury), issue to, 26, 55, 182, 393.

golden collars of deceased knights of, returned to the Jewel Office, account of, requried, 306.

Principal King at Arms (Sir Henry St. George), 225, 531.

Garvock, co. Perth, lands and barony, 351.

-, Over and Nether, land and mill, 352.

Gascoigne (Gascoin), Sir Bernard, demise of tithes of extra parochial lands of Bedford Level to, 371.

-, Sir Thomas, bart., outlaw, his estate in Yorkshire, in custodiam lease of,.

Gash, Francis, surety for John, his brother, 395.

-, John, deceased, Collector of Excise and quit rents in the District of Mallow, 395.

Gates, Bernard, Gentleman of the Chapel, 505; pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

-, Daniel, surgeon to Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211, 482.

Gatley, John, turnbroach of the Kitchen, Royal Household, 497.

Gauger. See CustomsOutports.

Gaultier, Abb Franois (Abbot de Gautier), [Agent from France in 1711], equipage of, to be passed by the Customs, 325.

Gauntlet, John, Clerk of the Signet, 504; payment to, for binding books of the Privy Council Office, 268.

Gavell. See Gefle.

Gazette. See London Gazette.

Gazetteer to the Post Office, 453.

Geary, Mr., attending the Treasury, 55.

Geator, John, Groom of the Larder, Royal Household, 498.

Gefle (Geffel, Gavell), Sweden, ships from, 221, 278.

Gellot, Elizabeth, royal bounty for, 271; funeral charges of, royal bounty for, 345.

General Mortgages. See Deficiency Acts.

Geneurglyn, co. Cardigan, Steward and Keeper of the Court of, grant of office, 455.

Geneva, 396; Resident at. See Darziliers, J. P.

Genoa (Republic of Genoa):

corn bought at, 359.

debt due from, 61.

Envoy Extraordinary to.See Chetwynd, William.

Resident from (Secretary Acting as Agent and pro Consul). See Viceti, D. M.

Gentleman Usher Black Rod (Sir D. Mitchell, Sir W. Oldes), allowance in lieu of perquisites, 525, 539.

Gentlemen of the Chapel. See Chapel Royal.

Gentlemen Pensioners, Brand of:

Captain of, 515.

Clerk of the Cheque, 515.

Harbinger, 516.

issues for, 28, 31, 45, 53, 115, 333, 353, 436, 515.

Lieutenant, 515.

Paymaster (William Smith), 28, 31, 115, 333, 353, 436.

Standard Bearer, 515.

travelling charges, 45, 115, 353.

wages and board wages, 333, 515, 516.

Gentlemen Ushers. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

George, Prince of Denmark:

apartment of, at St. James's, 210.

chairman to (John Clarke), 211.

Equery to (Henry Durell), 352.

footman to (Joseph Holt), 80.

gentleman waiter to (Richard Steele), 330.

[groom to]. See Godin, Benjamin.

livery servants of, issue for, 33, 34.

Lords of his Bedchamber, 65.

Page of the Backstairs to (Samuel Nash), 100.

personal estate of, administrators of (Sir C. Hedges, John Smith), 79, 147.

picture of, 88.

Queen's stud in the time of, annual charge of, 136.

servants of, allowances and pensions payable to, 65, 288.

silver plate of, 79.

Treasurer to (Spencer Compton), 330.

watermen to, issue for, 65.

George, Paul, ensign in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-, Robert, Yeoman Saddler and Storekeeper of the Royal Stables, 511.

-, Robert, Collector of Bridgwater port, 142.

Georges, Robert, lease of tenement on the Round Rundles to, 153.

Geraldi. See Giraldi.

Gerard, Charles, Earl of Macclesfield, 163.

-, Charles, Lord Brandon, eldest son of Earl of Macclesfield, attainder of, petition by his heirs for writ of error to reverse, 163, 246.

-, Elizabeth, Duchess of Hamilton, et al., heirs of Charles Gerard, Lord Brandon, petition of, 163, 246.

Gerrard, John, security for George Dixon, prisoner in Newgate, petition for an act to compound his debt, 223, 224.

German Protestants(Palatines), in New York, payments to, 299, 464; oppressed by the French, Privy Council letters in favour of, circulation of, 329.

German soldiers, taken to Barcelona, victualling of, 447, 448.


Arch Duchesses of, presents from, for the Queen of Portugal, 181.

Emperor of:

demands of, 195.

despatches from the Queen to, delivered by Henry Watkins, 120.

Envoy from, to Portugal. See Ursini, J. F., graf von Rosenberg.

in Spain, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to. SeeCampbell, John, Duke of Argyll.

[money] due from, account of, required, 195.

Resident or Secretary from. See Hoffman, J.P.

Empress Dowagers of, presents from, to the Queen of Portugal, 181.

letters from and to, by the Flanders mails, produce of, 204; payment to the Postmaster General of the Spanish Netherlands for conveyance of, 204.

tobacco plantations in, 153.

Gery, , captain lieutenant in Holt's regiment, his memorial in behalf of the subaltern officers, 416.

-, Peter, clothier to Churchill's marine regiment, payment to, 256, in South Sea Stock, 249.

Getchombe, Thomas, servant to Geo. Mason, merchant of Bristol, 198.

Ghent, Flanders, 380; account of forage provided for National troops who followed the Duke of Ormonde to, 134; Earl of Strafford's march with the Queen's troops to, 170.

Giannine, Jos., depositions of, 102.

-, Juan Ballista, depositions of, 102.

Gibbon, John, Bluemantle Pursuivant at Arms, 226, 531.

Gibbons, Mr., attending the Treasury, 489.

-, [Edward], Receiver of the Two Million Adventure Lottery, petition for allowance, 337.

-, Grimlin or Grinlin, Master Carver to the Office of Works, 526, 535.

Gibernau, Joseph, et al., despositions of, re fortifications of St. Philip's Castle, Port Mahon, 102.


Agent Victualler at, bills of exchange drawn by, 291, 371.

Army at. See Army Gibraltar.

[artillery train] for, proposed establishment, 121.

bills of exchange on, 320, 357.

clothing for, 412.

farthings wanted at, 198.

fortifications at, money disbursed by merchants for carrying on, petition re, 308.

garrison at. See Army Gibraltar.

hospital at.See Army Gibraltar.

letter from, for Lord Dartmouth, 216.

merchants in, petition in behalf of, 308.

officers going to, subsistence for, 1.

smuggling between Barbary and, 223.

Straits of, brandy imported from, 381; transport ships in, 24.

wheat for, 470.

works at, purchase of materials for, 184.

Gibraltar Bay, 223.

Gibson, Elizabeth, royal bounty for, to carry her and her children to Scotland, 271.

-, James, payment to, 486.

-, Stephen, wages out of the Wardrobe, 507.

-, Thomas, master of the William and Robert, 440.

Gifford, , colonel, his services to Charles II, 150.

-, Charles, executors of, payment of pension to, 165, 463.

-, Sir William, a Commissioner for making up the Accounts and Disbanding Marine Regiments, etc.

allowances, 444.

instructions to, 435.

letters from, mentioned, 406, 412.

letter to, 85.

loan by, payment of interest on, 297.

recommendation by, 58.

Gifts, from Ambassadors. See Ambassadors extraordinaries; from the Queen.See Anne.

Giles, Thomas, captain, Waggon Master of the Army in Portugal, 420.

Gilford, Charles, tailor in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

Gill, John, boatman at Chatham, 332.

Gillat, Edward, a surety, petition to be released from Lincoln gaol, 388, 394, 428.

Gilligan, Emanuel Manasses, bills of exchange drawn by, for the Queen's especial service, 43, 58, 59, 137, 306, 312, 344, 422.

Gilt and silver wire, duties on. See Wire.

Giraldi (Geraldi), Jacopo, Envoy Extraordinary from Florence (Tuscany), present from the Queen to, 52, 352.

Giraud, Mrs. Franoise, payment to, out of the Civil List Lottery, 552.


estate of R. Williams in, in custodiam lease of, 270.

Land Tax, Acting Commissioners for, letter to, 252; arrears of, 252; Receiver General of. See Philips, James.

Chief Justice of. See Cox, Charles.

seal, large double judicial, for, 227.

Second Justice of. See Brydges, William.

Taxes, Receiver General of. See Howells, George; Philips, James.

Undersheriff of. See Wilkins, Thomas.

Glanville, Mr., his answer to Mr. Hutchins' memorial, 83.

-, William, Receiver of the First Fruits, 422; Register and Comptroller of the 1,500,000l. Lottery (anno 1711), 161, 372.

Glasgow University:

Bursars in Divinity, four, maintenance for, 467.

debts of, grant for, 467.

gift by William III to, out of Bishops' rents (ratified by Act of Parliament of Scotland, 1707, c. 34), 409, 467.

Professor of Civil Law in, maintenance of, 467.

Professor of Physic in, maintenance of, 467.

Glass Wares, Earthenware and Tobacco Pipes, duties on (granted by Act 7 and 8 Wm. III, c. 31, and removed by Act 9 Wm. III, c. 45), Solicitor to Commissioners for (James Tisser), 421.

Glasses. See Looking Glasses.

Glazier, Master. See Works.

Gledstane, George, captain in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 475.

Glencothi and Pennant, co. Glamorgan, forest of, Steward and Keeper of the court of, grant of office, 455.

Glenorchy, Lord. See Campbell, John.

Gloucester, co. Gloucester, Mayor of (James Furney), 68; taxes on, arrears of, 68.

Gloucestershire, Land Tax (Taxes), Acting Commissioners for, 68, letters to, 142, 252, 461; arrears of, amount and collection of, 142, 252, 461; Receiver General of. See Longden, Richard.

Glover, John, security for Thomas Hammond, 219.

Gloves for the Army.See Army.

Goadby, Elias, payment to, in South Sea Stock, 249.

Goatley (Goatly), Sarles, Serjeant at Arms attending the House of Peers (Lord Chancellor and Speaker), appointment, 183, surrendered, 189; payment to, 524.

Gobbet, George, Sheriff of the City of Norwich, payment of surplusage on his accounts, 276.

Goddard, Mrs., issue for, 33.

Godfrey, Charles, Clerk Comptroller of the Board of Greencloth, Civil List accounts signed by, 514; wages and board wages, 495, 507.

-, Edward [clerk to the Paymaster of the Queen's private pensions, etc.]:

fees paid by, to Auditor of Crown Revenues, 147; to Tellers of the Exchequer, 81, 483.

lists of pensions, etc., signed by, 532, 537, 540, 543.

payment to, 155.

-, Henry, Gentleman Usher Quarter Waiter, 503.

Godin, Benjamin [Groom to George, Prince of Denmark], pensioner on the Civil List, 541, 543.

Goldolphin, Charles:

Assaymaster of Tin in Cornwall and Devon, 478.

Commissioner of Customs, Recruit money unsatisfied in his office, 404; resignation, 478.

Register General of Trading Ships, 478.

-, Francis, Earl of Godolphin, Deputy Ranger of Windsor House Park, payment to, 246.

-, Sidney, Earl of Godolphin, Lord High Treasurer, 252, 414, 417, 418, 534; trustee for Queen Dowager Mary, Queen of James II, 547, 549.

-, Sidney, Auditor for Wales, certificate by, 190; letters to and matters referred to, 125, 263(2), 295, 418, 422, 443.

Goffe, Arnold, child of the Scullery, Royal Household, 501.

Gohier, James, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

Goland, Mr., Deputy Postmaster at Boroughbridge, 270.

Gold, Edward, ensign in Andrew Windsor's regiment, half pay for, 478.

-, See Gould.

Gold, found by the Royal Africa Company, 437; imported by packet boats from Portugal, 139; importers of, 101; wrecked, grant of, 326.

Gold coins. See Mintmoney.

Gold cups for horse races, 253.

Gold medals to commemorate the Peace of Utrecht, distribution of, 270, 285.

Gold mines, in Africa, 436.

Gold watches.See Watches.

Gold and Silver thread, 84.

Gold and Silver thread, lace and fringe, duties on. See Customs duties (thread).

Gold and Silver Wire Drawers, Company of, petition of, 257.

Gold Staff Officers, Dutch chairs for the rooms of, 210.

Golder, Francis, land carriageman in London port, deceased, 239.

Goldham, John, Customs officer at Seaford, 207.

Goldsborough, Amy, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Goldsmith, Ambr., nominated tidesman and boatman at Stockton, 265.

Goldsmiths. See Lund, John; Mead, William; Smethin, Samuel; Thornycroft, .

Goldsmiths' Hall, Spanish pieces assayed at, 5.

Gols, Conrade de, a Receiver of contributions to the Classis Lottery for 1,800,000l. (anno 1712), 377.

Golstone, Richard, riding surveyor at Boston, superannuated, 283.

Goncalez, Andres, depositions of, 102.

Good (Goode), Elizabeth, administratrix of Lawrence Towne, petitioner, 83.

-, William, ensign, in Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 476; pay, 281.

Goodacre, Mr., Collector of Milford, accused of neglect, 153.

Goodere, Charles, Serjeant at Arms, 180, 519, 553.

Goodrick, Richard, captain in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Goodsens, Francis, Bass, Viol player to the Chapel Royal, 505.

Goodwin, John, boatman at Faversham 331.

-, John, insolvent, 118; surety for (R. Gotley), 118.

Gordon, Mr., minister of Askrick, 382; relict of. See Campbell, Rosina.

-, Alexander, merchant, petition to be allowed to compound a debt for Excise duties, 443.

-, Charles, merchant, petition to be allowed to compound a debt for Excise duties, 443.

-, Thomas, letter signed by, complaining of Mons. de la Corve, 244.

Gore, Frederick, lieutenant in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-, [Humphrey], colonel, regiment of, disbanded, 403; officers of, half pay for, commencing date, 403; prisoners of war, 403, recruiting, 403.

Goreing. See Goring.

Gorge, [Richard], Lieutenant General, regiment of, in Spain, 458; officers of, half pay for, 478, petition of, for money due for purchase of mules, 458.

Goring (Goreing), Charles, cornet in Lord Ashburnham's horse, half pay for, 478.

-, Harry, colonel, marine regiment of:

accounts of, 373; Commissioners for making up, instructions for, 435; difficulty of stating and clearing 440.

agents of, payment to, 61.

detained in England, 324.

disbandment and reduction of, 229, 277, 306, 379, 409, 428, 443; Commissioners for, instructions for, 435.

effectives, pay of, 409.

for and in Ireland (on the Irish Establishment), 61, 292, 324, 440, 443.

in quarters at Plymouth and Exeter, 379, 428.

issue for, 290.

made a marching regiment, 443.

non-commissioned officers, discharged, 306, 379, 427;

issue for, 277.

pay for, 292, 324.

privates of, discharged, 306;

issue for, 277.

subsistence for, 61.

Goris, Zeger, contractor for forage in the Low Countries, petitioner, 152.

-, See Pangaret.

Gorton, William, musician to the Royal Household, 536.

Gosselin (Goslyn, Gosselyn), William, Agent for bringing in arrears of Prizes, 6, 33, 83, 110, 237, 276, 466.

Gostling, John, Gentleman of the Chapel, 505.

-, Thomas, Clerk of the Privy Seal, 504.

Gotley, Richard, tobacco merchant, prisoner for debt on tobacco bonds, warrant to release, 118.

Gottenburg (Gothenburg), Sweden, Admiralty Court of, ship condemned in, 374; ships from, 126, 194, 231(2), 278, 312(2), 340, 343, 354, 374, 381, 393, 428, 433, 435(2), 445, 446, 455, 465, 474.

Gough, Richard, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247.

Gould (Gold), Edward, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 76, 200.

-, John, lost lottery order in the name of, warrant to innovate, 431.

-, [Nathaniel, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England], attending the Treasury re the Million Bank, 7.

Gourdon, John, information against, noli prosequi to, 131; partner of. See Loubier; petition of, report on, 131.

Gourney, Anne, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Government officials, salaries of, repayment of Taxes (Land Tax assessments) on, 63, 131, 316, 357, 377, 383, 397, 400, 409, 432, 437, 457.

Grace, Fr., master of the Seaflower, 433.

Grafton, Duke of. See Fitz-Roy, Charles.

Graham (Grahme, Grieme), Alexander, ensign in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Mrs. Alice, pensioner on the Civil List, 547.

-, Archibald, Bishop of the Isles, relict of, royal bounty for, 198.

-, Henry, captain in Wade's regiment, half pay for, 478.

-, Dr. Henry, Dean of Wells, Clerk of the Closet, 338.

-, James, senior and junior, grant of land and barony of Garvock to, 351.

-, James, Duke of Montrose, Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland, 25, 174, 196, 456, 525(2).

-, John, quartermaster in Wharton's dragoons, half pay for, 279.

-, Katherine, royal bounty in Scotland for, 322.

-, William, lieutenant in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Grainger, John:

Commissionrs and Receiver for the Civil List Lottery, 400, 493.

first clerk to the Earl of Denbigh, Teller of the Exchequer, appointment, 346.

loans by, 297, 303, 346.

petition of, 114.

Receiver of part of the Two Million Adventure (anno 1711), 485.

Grames, George, ensign in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Granger, Miles, Receiver General of Crown Rents and Revenues in cos. Anglesea, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Flint, Montgomery and County Palatine of Chester, deceased, 126.

Grant, Alexander, brigadier:

half pay for, 477.

memorial of, 388, 399.

regiment of, officers of, half pay for, 477, 482; miners, 482; money owing to, 388, 399; supersede officers of Creighton's regiment, 210; surgeon to (James Grant), 482.

-, James, appointed surveyor of Lynn, 239.

-, James, lieutenant in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, James, surgeon to Grant's regiment, half pay for, 482.

-, James, ensign in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Lewis, adjutant to Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Lewis, lieutenant in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Lewis, captain in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Grantham with the Soke (Grantham and Socca), co. Lincoln, Receiver General of duties on Houses for (J. Harneis), 343.

Granville, George, Lord Lansdowne, Comptroller of the Royal Household, 145, 495; christening gift to his child, 145; issue to, for the rent of Mote Park, 28, 53, 61, 141, 367; landwaiters recommended by, 241, 269.

Grassigneau, James, Sewer of the Chamber, 504.

Gratwick, Thomas, payment to, in South Sea Stock, 249.

Grave, James D', stipend out of the Royal Stables, 513.

Graves, James, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Graves Lake, 428.

Gravesend, co. Kent, watermen at, 283.

Gray. See Greig.

Great Marlow, co. Bucks., copper and brass works near, called Temple Mills, proposal by the proprietors of, to supply copper for coining farthings and half pence, 108, 118.

Great Seal, England, warrants, etc., 89, 92, 95, 126, 153, 154, 165, 168, 169, 173, 194, 214, 236, 281, 325, 326(2), 327(2), 330, 340, 425, 454, 464, 473.

-, Scotland. See Scotland.

Great Wardrobe. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Wardrobes).

Great Yarmouth. See Yarmouth.

Grecian, Thomas, turnbroach of the kitchen, Royal Household, 497.

Gredon, Jeremy, quartermaster of Morris's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Greek, Professor of, Marischal College, Aberdeen (Alexander Moir), 181.

Green (Greene), Dr., Professor and Reader of Physic in Cambridge University, 530.

-, John, a Gentleman Sewer, Royal Household, 503.

-, Richard, petitions for the release of ships from quarantine by, 269, 312, 340, 343.

-, Robert, master of the Robert, 194.

-, Samuel, payments to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247, 248.

-, Thomas, boatman and tidesman at Harwich, dismissed, 160; petition for restoration, 69.

Green Cloth, Board of. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs.

Greenfield, John, of Bawtry, reward for apprehending Robert Mann, a notorious highwayman, 268.

Greenock, co. Renfrew, ship of, 442.

Greenshields, James, clerk, royal bounty for, 45, 315.

Greenwich, co. Kent, Invalid companies doing duty at, 417.

-, East, [manor of], Stewardship of, petition for, 407, 419.

Greenwich Hospital:

Commissioners (Directors, Governors) of, 85; collection of the duty of 6d. per month out of seamen's wages and, 156; General Court of, 395; letter to, 78.

duties granted (as by Act 10 Anne, c. 27) for the support of, 395, 396 note.

provisions for, contracts for, 78, 85.

Treasurer of, issue to, 395.

unclaimed captors' shares of prize money payable to, 396 note.

Greenwood, John, payment to, for discovering rioters, 93.

Gregory, George, captain in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-, James, Receiver General and Cashier of Excise in Scotland, appointment, 269.

Greig or Gray, Christian, royal bounty for, 198.

Greirson, Sarah, royal bounty in Scotland for, 322.

Grenville, Bernard, Carver in the Royal Household, 503.

Gretton, Alexander, Clerk of the Poultry, Royal Household, 498.

Grey, Edward, Yeoman of the Bakehouse, Royal Household, 502.

-, Thomas, Provost Marshal, Royal Household, 500.

-, Thomas, Earl of Stamford, Commissioner for Trade, payment to, 15.

Grieme. See Graham.

Griffin, John, pankeeper of the Scullery, Royal Household, 499.

Griffith, Hector, prisoner in New Prison, remission of fine for assault, 90.

-, Henry, cornet in Lord Windsor's horse, half pay for, 477.

-, Howel, attending the Treasury, 55.

-, Humfry, Commissioner for Salt Duty, new Commission, 173.

-, John, captain in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-, Lewis, cornet in Pearce's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

-, Peirce, bills drawn by, for sick seamen at Port Mahon, 175.

-, Robert, ensign in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, Robert, trustee of Dr. Richard Stevens, memorial by, 215; grant of a piece of ground in Phnix Park to, 214.

-, Thomas, second lieutenant of Grenadiers in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, William, commander of the Customs smack at Dartmouth, 489.

Grigsby, John, Accountant to the South Sea Company, 149, 349, 454.

Grigson, Richard, one of the Keepers of the Council Chamber, death of, 284, 344; executors of, payment to, 344; salary of, 284.

Grimani, Pietro, Ambassador Extraordinary from Venice, present from the Queen to, 391; secretary to, present from the Queen to, 392.

Grimston, John, turnbroach of the kitchen, Royal Household, 497.

Grisons, Republic of the, British secretary to. See Manning, Francis.

Grocer, 116.

Groet. See Grote.

Groom of the Stole. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Bedchamber).

Groom Porter (T. Archer), 338, 424, 516.

Groom Porters at the Gate. See Royal HouseBelow Stairs (Porters).

Groom of the Robes (C. Hodges), 536.

Grooms of the Chamber, six, 315, 424.

Grooms of the Royal Household. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs and Below Stairs.

Grooms of the Privy Chamber, 315, 504, 535.

Grooms of the Removing Wardrobe, 517.

Grooms of the Royal Mews and Stables and Stud. See Royal Mews.

Groot, Sybrandt Du, stamper's place for, 289.

Grosvenor, Anne, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Grote (Groet), [Thomas, freiherr von Grote], Envoy from the Elector of Hanover, goods of, sealing of, by the Customs, 178; his house in Arlington Street, 178.

Grove, Mrs., issue for, 34.

-, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

-, John, Receiver General of duties on Houses and Land Tax for Cambridgeshire, 234, 413.

Grub, Anthony, nominated tidesman at Falmouth, 265.

Grundy, Robert, master of the William and Robert, 312.

Grymes, William, payment to, for abstracting, indexing and searching Patent Rolls (1922 James I), 34, 191.

Gualy (Gually, Galy), [Paul de], colonel, regiment of, disbandment of, date of, 402; officers of, half pay, commencing date, 402, petition for, 141.


Governor of (General Churchill), letter from, mentioned, 290.

lands in, exchange of, 290.

mills in, erection of, 290.

privateers of, barbarities committed against, 138.

Guilders and stivers, exchange rates of, 1, 11, 21, 37, 38, 41, 66, 95, 120, 373.

Guildford (Guilford), Lord. See North, Francis.

Guinini, Gregory, payment to, 552.

Gulicher, Christian, payment to, in South Sea Stock, 249.

Gummins, Thomas, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Gunmoney, petition for, 237.

Gunmaker, bill of, 392.

Gunners. See Ordnance.

Gunpowder, for expedition to Canada, 147; proposal for supplying, 443.

Guns. See Bullet guns.

Gunthorpe, George, Yeoman of the Confectionery, Royal Household, 496, 508.

-, Jane, Table Laundress, Royal Household, 496, 508.

Gurdon, Thornagh, Receiver General of Land Tax for part of Norfolk (viz., City of Norwich, Hundreds of Lodden, Clavering, Mitford, Launditch, Eynsford, etc.), commission and securities, 232, 233.

Gurney (Gurneys), Wentworth, a Sewer of the Chamber, 504.

-, William, lieutenant in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Guthrie, James, Pursuivant and Macer of Justiciary, Scotland, 181.

Guthrie of Castletown, David, deceased, daughters of, grant of Taxtward, Non-Entry, Relief and Marriage Duties of the lands and barony of Mondyns (or Mondyrrs), 395; petition for discharge of, 225.

Gutsmer, Nicholas, pensioner on the Civil List, 540.

Gwatkin, Richard, Provost Marshal, Royal Household, 500.

Gwillims, Isabella, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

Gwinionedd Ucharden alias Gwinionedd Youcharden, co. Cardigan, Steward and Keeper of the Court of, grant of office, 455.

Gwinnet, William, actions brought by, against T. Albert, 466.

Gwyn (Gwynn), Francis:

Commissioner for Trade, 97, 455, 528.

lease of land in Scotland Yard to, 71.

Secretary at War, 363, 364, 374, 387, 400, 416, 420, 471.

-, Lewis, ensign in Deloraine's regiment, 476.

-, Thomas, tidesman and boatman at Milford, 265.

Gyllenborg (Gillenborg), Carl, Count Gyllenborg, Envoy from Sweden, wine for, Customs free, 488.