Appendix: Rough Minute Books, 1669

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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TABLE I.—Appendix.


At the end of the series of Treasury Minute Books there are two odd volumes numbered Minute Book 624 and 625. These volumes begin on the 28th Sept., 1668, and extend respectively to 1671–2, Jan. 24, and 1671, June 2. It is incorrect to describe them as minute books. They are, rather, rough memoranda books written by Sir George Downing of such portions of the minutes of each day's proceedings of the Treasury Board as concerned warrants to be made out or letters to be written, or enquiries to be made, or papers to be turned up for reference and so on. Where these memoranda books contain the text of a formal Treasury minute, that minute will almost invariably—I think I may venture to say quite invariably—be found in situ in the Treasury Minute Book proper. But on the other hand quite a number of the memoranda of agenda just described (not partaking of the nature of a minute proper) which these two volumes contain are not to be found in the Minute Book. All such memoranda are given in the present appendix. For the months Jan. to March of the year 1669 such agenda memoranda are inserted in table I., supra pp. 176–205. But after trying this method of calendaring the entries for that period it seemed to me more satisfactory to make a special appendix of these entries.


Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
April 2 Mr. Treasurer [of the Household] to consider on Monday morning next about disposing the 3,000l. per mensem [reserved out of the Customs], also about a report about Lord S. John's business about Lyndhurst. I [Downing] am to look out the business. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 32.
April 5 Lord Hawley's paper is left with me [Sir G. Downing] Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 29.
April 6 Concerning the 200l. for Sir Edmund Bowyer, charged on the Poll of 1660. The executor of a receiver of said poll has so much in his hands of said poll for which he is not accountable in the Exchequer but only in Parliament. My Lords to be further moved herein. Ibid, p. 28.
Memoranda as to Mr. Ellyott, the harrier's [warrant], and as to the assignments for the Duke of York's Remembrancer. Ibid.
Concerning Capt. Rider. Mr. Ch[arnock] does it Ibid, p. 29.
Mr. Warren is to have his 1,500l. due to him, being he is to go with Lord Henry Howard. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 33.
April 6 To call for the order of Council for Alderman Backwell's paying to the city the money due on the chimneys. To go to Alderman Backwell himself for the agreement on the chimneys. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 33.
April 7 Process against Mr. Deering to stay. An order for Mr. Cock according to the note in the petition to the Duchy of Cornwall. Warrant to be prepared for a year's wages for the huntsmen, drummers, gunner, et al. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 30.
To make a list of such as have been and shall be directed to have part of the 5,000l. bills [on the office of] Sir Edward Griffith Ibid, DCXXV. p. 34.
The answer of the Hearthmoney Farmers to the Bristol complaint is to be sent to them at Bristol.
April 19 Sir G. Downing to certify to-morrow what receivers of the revenue have passed their accounts and who not. Ibid.
Secretary Trever's solicitor to be sent for.
Sir Thomas Osborne and Sir Thomas Littleton cal'd in. The remainder of the Wine Act on some one of the Earl of Anglesey's privy seals, and the 1,000l. more of the King's money on the Wine Act on some privy seal of Sir George Cartret's that will bear it, with a direction not to enter the warrant or order for 14 days, for that a new privy seal [is] passing on which a new warrant and order [will issue]. Also for 6,801l. of the ready money of the Customs in the Exchequer. A privy seal for 150,000l. for the Navy in General upon account.
April 20 In [the case of] all warrants for any noblemen [for creation money, &c.] refer to Mr. Clutterbuck's list of peers' arrears on the poll. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 31.
Alderman Backwell: order of Council to be brought hither Ibid, DCXXV. p. 35.
Sir Ste. Fox's privy seal for 8,000l. for secret service and for 2,000l. odd money for the King's tailors [is] to pass. Charnock to get it ready.
The establishment for the foreign ambassadors to be entered, and my Lords to have a copy.
April 21 Memoranda of [orders] left yet undrawn, viz.: of the 24th and 29th March for the Earl of Bath. Mr. Goldsbrough, healing medals, Mr. Reuse; of the 31st March for Abell Daniel and Ph. van Berenbrooke and [the Office of Exchange in Great] St. Helens: of Apr. 7 for the officers at Windsor and Catcher's [Cornwall tin] blowers: of Apr. 20 for Lord Windsor and Mr. Killegrew. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 32.
The Earl of Dorset called in: to attend to-morrow as to his commission: notice hereof to be sent to my Lords. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 36.
April 26 Mr. Lawrence to advise with the Solicitor General about the form of a letter for removing Mr. Milton from custody in Devon to the King's Bench. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 32.
300l. in gold for [Mr. Verjns] the Portugal Secretary, on the 10,000l., dormant, on January on the Customs. Sir Ste. Fox to advance [this] money and keep his acquittance. Mr. Abbot hath done it [i.e. prepared the warrant]. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 36.
Warrant for a privy seal on the report from Sir Geo. Downing and Mr. Sherwyn for [Mr. Gorsuch] Lord Lovelace's officer. [In the margin] Not to be done.
April 27 Warrant for Catcher's [Cornwall tin] blowers. Warrant for all due to Mr. Killegrew. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 33.
April 28 Warrants for the King's signature for the repairs at Woodstock and Havering. Charnock to see about the caveats of Mr. Smithick and about Mr. Grove's salary. Ibid.
May 3 Mr. Knipe's bonds as Receiver of Aids for Surrey to be delivered up. Sir R. Viner consents to it. Warrant for stay of process against Mr. Bathurst. Ibid, p. 34.
To search whether any warrant for Mr. Madden and Mr. Dackett to be prosecuted. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 37.
May 4 [Orders for] Smith, Burges. Sergeant Drummers. Project, query: who have had no warrant thereupon, though appointed thereupon. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 34.
May 5 A book to be kept to enter all matters for Ireland by themselves. Warrant to the Farmers of the Customs to pay all debentures at the Custom House. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 38
May 10 Warrant on the several warrants of the King now returned Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 35.
May 11 Nothing more to be assigned on Sir D. Gauden's 30,000l. till Mr. Packer's liberates are settled. Later memorandum in margin. Sir Rob. Viner takes up part of the order 1,165l., the remainder of that and 1,169l. [are] to be resettled for Mr. Packer. The Ushers to remind Sir G. Downing [as to their case] to-morrow. Ibid.
Lord Paget to give an accompt how far his business is proceeded. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 39.
The papers concerning Lord St. John as to his business in New Forest are to be looked out and sent to the Treasurer of the Household to draw a report to the King.
Sir Edmond Sawyer called in: [resolved] that the business of the King's Bench pass not till Sir Edmond Sawyer and Sir C. Harbord [be] heard. To speak to Sir Edm. Sawyer to have fuller information what this is.
The Lord General's privy seal to pass.
Sir Ste. Fox's privy seal to pass.
Sir James Shane's order of Council to be got.
Sir Dennis Gauden's orders for his ordinary to be paid out of the loans on the Customs on those months. A warrant as for the 18,000l.
Ireland retrenchments: to find them out.
May 12 [Order for] the Earl of Salisbury's creation money Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 36.
My Lords will borrow all moneys which are to be borrowed on the Customs. Remember it in drawing warrants. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 40.
May 14 Warrants for such of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber as were paid last year on the Exchequer. Warrant for Mr. Fanshaw according to the Hearth money Farmers' certificate. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 36.
Sir Robt. Vyner's list of tallies to be found out and to be ready on Monday next and to be shewed to Sir G. Downing at his house. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 40.
Earl of Salisbury: creation money.
New warrant for rebuilding the Custom House to be made ready.
May 17 The warrant for the Receiver of [the Duke of York's] 2,200l. on Sir D. Gauden's order … Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 37.
Warrant for Mr. Le Goose, and for felling of trees Ibid, DCXXV. p. 41.
May 18 Letter to the Earl of Anglesey Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 37.
Lord St. John's papers to be looked out Ibid, DCXXV. p. 41.
May 19 Rectify Mr. Ellyott's warrant for 200l. more according to the order of Council. Find out Sir John Cotton's warrant for all arrears. Warrant for Mr. Babington, a Coldstreamer. Perfect the Earl of Anglesey's warrant when he answers the letter. Warrant for 10l. for Col. Burges. An additional 100l. to Mr. Le Gouche for [the jewel for] the Spanish Ambassador's lady. Warrant for 15,029l. 15s. 10d. for the Cofferer on his interest account. Mr. Pight's memorandum on Monday. Mr. Clerk or G. Hudson about Mrs. H. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 37.
May 25 Warrants for Mr. Pight. Warrant for the Earl of Oxford on his fees as Justice in Eyre. Ibid, p. 38.
Mr. Deane's petition to be shewed to Sir G. Downing to-morrow. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 42.
May 28 Warrant for the Earl of Carlisle's creation money for 1665, 1666. His impost bill to be signed. Ibid, pp. 42–43.
Warrant for 350l. for the Council of Trade.
June 7 Process to stay against [Lawrence] Hyde. Warrant to remit Sir Martin Lumley 100l. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 40.
All the propositions about the farthings to be looked up Ibid, DCXXV. p. 43.
June 8 Warrant on the King's warrant for Mr. Le Gouche. Dormant warrant for Serj. Beck. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 41.
June 9 Captain Pawlet's warrant to-morrow morning. Query Mr. Packer, no over-interest to be. Mr. Packer moves it no further yet. Ibid.
A warrant for a privy seal for 1,000l. for the Master of the Horse. To search if formerly the Master of the Horse gave warrants for the privy seals for horses. Ask at the Signet. (In margin) Not to be done. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 44.
June 10 Warrant for Col. Atkins on the King's warrant Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 41.
June 11 Warrant for Sir William Fleetwood on the King's warrant Ibid.
A warrant for a dopquet about prizes in Ireland. Sir G. Downing to speak with Mr. Wren about it to get the bill against Monday. Also a docquet about one Francis Crane on an outlawry to see what Secretary passed it, and Lord Ashley to examine the docquet. To get one and write on it who procured the warrant and then write the reference to Lord Ashley also. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 45.
June 14 Mr. Foly's warrant: prayed to be altered Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 42.
The Earl of Newburgh's petition to be ready to-morrow morning. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 45.
Warrant for 350l. to Alderman Backwell on the Council of Trade's privy seal.
Lord Ashley to have Lord St. John's proposals and Lord Ashley's paper about this business.
June 15 Warrant on Mrs. Gunter's patent of June 1st for 200l. per an. as relict of Col. He. Gunter. Nothing yet done. Warrant for the Lord Keeper for interest on his 4,000l. before it was paid into the Exchequer. The Earl of Anglesey's warrant. To get what warrants in the Cabt. Query Mr. Dormer: what sum and how appears. Query for the Earl of Holland's warrant. Another letter to be written about Scotch cattle to-morrow. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 42.
[Sir R. Long] to let Sir George [Downing] know how the Customs rent for the month of January is charged. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 45.
June 16 That Mr. Duppa be discharged from the 12 per cent. on his affidavit. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 43.
Sir J. Trelawney.
Scotch cattle. A letter to be writ by my Lords.
Viscount Brouncker. Warrant dormant.
To [re] mind Sir George Downing of Mr. Lightfoote's 3–400l. which he is to have out of the first moneys for the repair of Bushey Park Ibid, DCXXV. p. 47.
June 18 Mr. Wadlow hath the interest privy seal and the draft of the warrant. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 43.
[Warrants] with Mr. S. [?Sherwyn] to be done. Dormer, Lord Keeper, Spencer, Talbot.
To be with the S. G. [Solicitor General] this evening with the Irish warrant and my notes and the order of Council.
Col. Fitzgerard's petition to be given to [the Privy] Council [this] afternoon.
Sent up to [the Privy] Council now the Earl of Fingall's petition, Col. Dillon's petition, Col. Fitzgerald's petition.
Order and copy of another about the military list [of Ireland]. Brief of retrenchments on the military lists. Warrant prepared. Warrant prepared 70,000l. in specie for Ireland. Military lists [16]67, [16]66, Civil lists [16]67.
Query for Mr. Rotheram's and Mr. Wetherhead's orders for reward.
To speak to Mr. Vines 19 June.
Serj. Topham about mending his warrant to [make it to] be dormant and for delivering his bonds.
To adjust the Lord Keeper's interest for 9,000l. for 107 days.
Alderman Bucknall about Mr. . . . . .
All these delivered to Mr. Lloyd 23 March, 1669, and Sir Robert Viner's paper.
Mr. Woodcock's petition.
Two memorials for this day.
Warrant for 5,000l. more for the Navy Treasurers out of the loans on the land revenue.
Mr. Vine: warrant.
To keep a book of all papers delivered to Mr. Abbott and Mr. Floyd and delivered out. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 47.
June 21 Order of Council to be sent for made about Oct., 1667, about a fee for Mr. Townsend's son of the Wardrobe. Ibid.
June 22 Warrants not clear yet to do [to be done] Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 43.
St. Helens [Commissioners] when Alderman White's money [is] paid in.
Windsor officers. Apr 7.
Mr. Goldsbrough, March 29.
June 22 Healing medals, March 29 Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 43.
Mr. Reuse, for Windsor Works, March 29.
Daniel and Berenbrook, falconers, March 29.
Jo. Sowden, April 21. Custody.
Exchequer ushers, May 7.
Lady Harvy, May 11.
Mr. Packer, May 11.
Mr. Ellyot, May 19.
Wilkinson and Loxdale, May 26.
Tin tally, vacate, June 10.
Mrs. Gunter, June 14 (erased).
Lady Fanshawe; indenture June 14.
Mr. Wadlow, interest, June 14.
Warrant for the Earl of Anglesey's creation money: the former warrant being lost. Ibid, p. 44.
Mr. Lilly. Warrant for interest, vide June 9.
Smith for delivery up of his bonds.
Sir H. Wood.
James Parker's warrant. Query cert[ificate].
Viscount Brouncker.
Mrs. Gunter.
Adjust Wednesday's paper.
Mr. Cockshot with Mr. B. or C. J.
Rectify the interest to the city.
June 23 Alderman Backwell [Order for] 1,000l. paid in 1669, May 13, [to be repaid] on [the Customs of] Sept. 1670. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 49.
June 25 Warrant for pensions: for the 4,231 6s. 8d. now done Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 45.
June 28 Col. Titus. Warrant on the King's warrant Ibid.
Warrant for the King's hand to place Mr. Lilly on the dormant privy seal for his 500l. loan interest, in regard the privy seal for allowing interest was dated since the loan.
Mr. Shalcrosse: bonds to be delivered.
June 30 Sir Herb. Perrot: 2 papers. Ibid, p. 46.
Mr. Packer: memorial.
Bowles: 2 papers.
Mr. Warcup: memorial.
Cofferer: privy seal and paper.
Mr. Progers to be put into the list when my Lords order money out of the Exchequer for what he has disbursed out of Hampton Court. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 50.
July 1 To see what petitions were read yesterday at Council complaining that reports [are] not made hence [that is from the Treasury]. Ibid.
July 2 Warrant for one year's creation money to the Earl of Carlisle. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 47.
Mr. Cary: warrant for the buckhounds.
Mrs. Windham: warrant for three-quarters of a year.
[1668 erratum for] 1669 Mr. Sands has the certificate of Sir W. Doyly and the draft of his warrant to [carry to] the Auditor to show them. Ibid.
July 5 Mr. Cary to be put in the special Exchequer notes. And Mr. Smith, Viscount Mordaunt and Mr. Walker.
Letter to the Earl of Orrery for . . . . .
July 5 Order of Council to be got for transporting 70,000l. in silver Ibid, DCXXV. p. 51.
July 6 Warrant for Lord Vaughan's business for the King's hand. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 47.
Warrant for Mr. Lightfoot on the King's warrant.
Same for Sir Rob. Viner on same.
Viscount Mordaunt's money for Windsor on the Exchequer.
Process to stop against Viscount Fitz-Hardinge on his Dunkirk account.
To take out of the Minute Book all the minutes about dust of pepper, East India Company. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 52.
The Lords of the Treasury's patent to be brought hither.
Earl of Carlisle 3 months' pay.
Auditors to have their warrant for their salaries on the Customs.
July 7 Warrant to stay process against the Hearth money Receivers, Mr. Broxholm, &c. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 47.
Delivered to Mr. D. [Dorney] now [warrants for] Packer, Broxolme, Segar, Lane, Fitzharding, 2 accounts.
Sir John Robinson: warrant.
Andrew Lawrence: warrant for 50l.
Four papers returned. Earl of Orrery's proposition delivered to Mr. Lloyd for Sir John Duncomb and the other paper of Lord Orrery's calculation of Ireland accounts, delivered to Sir G. [Downing] himself and Sir G. Carteret's paper of civil lists. Another civil list marked 6. All the rest delivered now to my Lords in the forenoon.
July 9 Beamont and Leicester: warrant that the King remits their money. Ibid, p. 48.
Lieut. Acton and Mr. Goldsmith: warrant for the King's hand.
Sir John Glynn: warrant.
Col. Whitly: warrant for a year on the Hearth money.
Col. Warcup: warrant for [over interest on] 500l, lent before 1668, Sept. 24, with interest on Prichard's bonds.
Mr. Portman: interest money. This for the special list.
Sir C. Harbord's report read about Mr. Morice's petition. A report to be made accordingly. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 52.
Warrant to suspend Hannings, searcher of Kent, for his miscarriages and to put in Henry Haworth to execute the place.
To look out the Salisbury paper for the Collectors to be taken into custody. [In the margin] no such paper.
Mr. Lawrence to have Mr. King's papers and to prepare a commission to issue out of the Exchequer to examine the persons.
July 12 Cofferer of the Household. Warrant for 700l. on the Country Excise for the Danish Ambassador's entertainment. Ibid, DCXXIV. pp. 49, 48.
Cadw. Jones: warrant for his custody (erased).
Lord Arundell: warrant.
Mr. Goldsbrough.
Sent to the Earl of Orrery July 12. Proposition to give His Majesty 300,000l. for the arrears of Ireland brought in July 12 by the Treasurer of the Household by His Majesty's direction and read, who directs it to be sent to the Earl of Orrery for him and Mr. Vice-Treasurer (by acquainting Alderman Bucknall with it) to bring them to better terms. Returned.
A copy of an Irish paper to be made against to-morrow morning.
Lady Fanshaw to have a privy seal for the indentures to be delivered up in regard of her husband's services. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 53.
July 13 Warrant for Capt. Pawlett, viz., per diem 20d. fee, 8d. for deputy; 8d. for porter, 6d. for each soldier and gunner, 6d. for the deputy's man. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 40.
July 14 Earl of Norwich. Caveat for him about Col. Whitley's North Wales Solicitor salary altering. Ibid, p. 49.
July 16 Sir Th. Honywood: warrant on his loan of the second 200l. Ibid.
Mr. [Cadw.] Jones: warrant [for his being taken into] custody.
Sent up to Council. Four papers about Mr. Griffin; Earl of Fingall's petition: Col. Cary Dillon's petition; Col. Fitzgerald s petition. Ibid.
Memorandum: No answer from the Council yet to the memorandums about Ireland.
July 19 Delivered to Mr. D. [Dorney] to do (1) Robes order (2) Sir R. Otly, &c. (3) two warrants Honywood, &c. (4) Kirby, Trevanion, Ely to transcribe. Ibid.
Kilby report: done.
July 20 Sent to the Lord Roberts, Lord Ashley's form of instructions [about the Irish revenue form], and now the Earl of Orrery's last paper for Sir George called for. Ibid, pp. 50–1
Query: What other warrant ordered for Mr. Trevanion.
Query: [Cadw.] Jones now.
Bendish: Warrant to stay process.
Tho. Piper and Jo. Hayns into custody on Mr. Napier's account. The warrant to be made if they forthwith pay not in.
Dormant warrant. Dr. Clerke, physician; Mayor Babington.
Query: What done for Mr. Swaile for Braston's lodging.
[Sent] to Mr. Dorny: Edw. Chamb[erlain]. Windsor, Chamber, Prince Rupert.
July 20 or 21 Mr. Ward to be spoken to about a petition of several persons in the Duchy of Cornwall. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 53.
July 21 A commission for assessioning the assessionable manors [in the Duchy of Cornwall] to be drawn by [the pattern of] the lost one, and to put in the same Commissioners. Ibid, p. 54.
July 23 Acknowledgment by J. Dorney of the receipt of Mr. Northcote's state of accounts. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 43.
Lord Arlington: warrant for the other 2,000l. on the loans on the land revenue. Ibid, p. 51.
Mr. Goldsbrou: warrant formerly ordered.
Sir Wm. Armorer: warrant for works.
Query: What warrant Mr. Vine on the land revenue.
Sir Ste. Fox: warrant (not till the dormant privy seal is passed).
John Kilby: warrant to stay process.
July 26 The papers of Ireland marked 10, 11, 18, are not returned back from the Lords in Council. Ibid.
July 27 Mr. Bathurst: the warrant of Treasurer Southampton to be brought: an order on it. Ibid, p. 52.
To go to Sir R. Long to-morrow by 6 about payments.
Col. Titus: new warrant on the new dormant when passed.
King's pages: warrants to be prepared.
Navy warrant in one sum on the [loans on the Crown] land revenue.
To move the Treasurer of the Household about Chadwick's children.
Mr. Wilson. Warrant on his papers. I [Downing] have them.
Sir G. Lane's note this day.
Mr. Weld. Warrant to be drawn for 500l. by tally on the [loans on Crown] land revenue.
Mr. Brathwait, &c. Warrant as the minute on the papers.
Mr. Packer: warrant.
Dr. Waldron, Dr. Clerke, Sir H. [Clerke ?] a year's [payment] in the Exchequer list and the Doctors' warrants to be assigned on the 35,000l. of the [late] Customs [Farmers]: so also the Earl of Suffolk's and Duke of Richmond's warrants.
Sir Robert Long computes [the arrears of salary] for the Clerks of the Council 3¼ [years] for three [clerks] and one year for one [clerk] is 750l.
Mr. Portsman's interest money to be on the list. Send for the warrant.
Query: If Sir John Nich[olas]. &c. [the clerks of the Council their] warrants are not to be underwritten.
Query: Settle Leonard Emps's warrants.
Mr. Goldsbro may have a warrant in regard [he had] none last year.
Query: If Capt. Watson must be in the list.
July 28 The Custom House privy seal to be sent up to the Privy Council to be amended. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 57.
Warrant for the 15,000l. for the Treasurers of the Navy.
To examine the charge of passing the Jew's warrant for being naturalised.
Capt. Van Hempskirk's great seal to be drawn for his 200l. per an. pension.
The Earl of St. Albans' privy seal to be drawn for 4,000l. for his extraordinaries upon his embassy to France.
Dr. Whittaker's warrant for his arrears on the 35,000l. [due from the late Farmers of the] Customs.
Mr. Pley's privy seal to be drawn.
Mr. Oneby to keep a book of all orders he carries and each of the messengers to do the like.
[Warrant for the] Grooms and Pages to the Queen Consort: [In the margin] stopt.
The ship "Leopard": a warrant.
July 29 Chadwick: 9.000l. Mr. Treasurer of the Household. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 52.
Mr. Hutchenson: Mr. Lanier.
Mr. Packer's orders of 492l. delivered to Mr. Wood and [?] bill of 324l. 14s. 2d. [for? the Exchequer Court ['sher's] liberates.
The Irish defalcations draft warrant sent again to Mr. Williamson. Mr. Ch[arnock] to give me [Downing] a copy of the rectification of the mistake.
Sir P. Wiche about Brig. Fisher.
July 30 [Warrants] on the 10,000l. dormant [for] Sir Ste. Fox. Ibid, p. 53.
Warrants for Mr. Goldsbrough, Sir W. Armorer, Mr. Weld, [Mr.] Crow 70l., Mrs. Dorny, she to produce her assignment of date 1663, May 16, Mr. Howard. Col. Titus, Capt. Watson, Mr. Goldsmith. Lord St. John, Dempsy, the latter six on the 10,000l. dormant.
[Instruct] Charnock about warrant Gr. and P. qu. ch. [Grooms and Pages of the Queen's Chamber] not to be in the 35 000l. list.
Send for the warrant for Portman's interest.
Trist's warrant to be returned.
Sir P. Wich.
Query: About Clerks [of the] Co[uncil]. Warrants if to be subscribed.
Query: Mr. D. about grooms and pages of the Bedchamber.
Query: Sir G. about Admiralty, army, university reader, Works, Ordnance, and heralds.
July 31 The list of Exchequer warrants delivered to Mr. K. to be altered. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 52.
Aug. 2 D. Reuse, receiver of Oxfordshire, process of extent against him and his surety on his [deficit of] 7,201l. 12s. 4d. on his account: write Sir W. Doyly to deliver his bonds to the King's Remembrancer. Ibid, p. 53.
Capt. Cooke warrant for the music [children].
Query: What others omitted.
Query: What reference about innocent papists.
Edward Coleman: Supply his warrant. Mr. Goldsbrou: joining tallies.
Mr. Packer's warrant to be allowed. Windsor works: no certificate yet of arrears.
Baron Spelman: Sir P. Wych.
Serg. Trist: caveat.
Capt. Baron's petition.
To keep Col. Titus's warrant when passed.
Warrants to be in arrear: Wadlow; Daniell, &c.; Windsor officers; Ca. Titus; Watson; Goldsmith; Howard; Sir John Fox (dormant): Bithurst; Meynell, Haynes.
Privy purse.
To send the report of Sir William Fleetwood.
To send Mr Watson the date of the new dormant privy seal for Stanney and Demsey when passed.
To see Mr. Grabu's reference.
To insert Sir G. Lane in the list.
Query: Mr. Segar, herald.
Query: if the Pages of Honour to be on the 35,000l.
Query: if the Exchequer in General [had] best [be] assigned [for the warrants for salaries] for a year, and not the 35,000l. mentioned in the warrants.
Mr. Elliot to be spoken with to-morrow morning about the Huntsmen. Stop warrants [for the] Huntsmen. Dorney: stop his warrant.
Stop Col. Whitley's warrant.
Query: what affidavit about Haynes.
Query: about university professors on the former warrants.
Mr. Bowdler's letter. Mr. Lloyd do it.
Note what old warrants sent away.
Query: if all the [members of the king's] music shall stand.
Mr. Demsey, &c.
Twitty and Warner.
Mr. Cookshut.
Query: about Gallet.
Mr. Colby's warrant altered.
Sir Dennis Gauden's letter read for 746l. 13s. 4d. on the Customs. See on what month. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 58.
Aug. 3 Mr. Henshaw: warrant for a year [erased]. He is not in the Hearth book. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 54.
Mr. Crow again.
Mr. Kirby: warrant to stay process on production of the tally of 84l. 1s. 2d. paid on his super.
Mr. Goldsbrough: warrant for 2 years' salary.
Sir John Shaw: warrant for him.
Warrant for the arrest of Phillips when John Lloyd brings an affidavit. Ordered that the 72l. 5s. 0d. for said John Lloyd's attendance on the Committee of Parliament be allowed him and the 13l. 6s. 8d. on the 12 per cent. for that he kept the money only in expectance of allowance. The account declared.
[Warrant for] 500l. for the Works for enclosing St. James's Park: to be on their privy seals for their ordinary [of 8,000l. per an. for the Works] and 500l. to be added [to the said ordinary of 8,000l. per an.] to make it good when a new privy seal is passed.
Hulker's certificate and the list agree not.
Report: Earl of Carlingford.
To get Roger's petition.
Sir Geo. Lane. Memorandum about his standing: query Mr. Treasurer [of the Household].
Sir Alexander Hume: warrant for 250l. for half a year's pension.
Col. Whitly: warrant.
Mr. Henshaw, French Secretary.
Demsy, &c.
Mr. Packer's paper of mistakes.
Refer Inno [cent papists].
Query: letter A. Bu.
To take Mr. Tuthill's warrant.
Query: if Mr. Goldsbro [is assigned] on the 35,000l.
Col. Whitly [assigned] on the Hearths: and his petition now for reference to Sir W. Doyly.
Lord St. John's abstract of proposals delivered to Mr. Ch. [Charnock] 9 Aug.
Mr. Colby; Twitty to-morrow morning.
Dormant privy seal 27 July last.
Some additions to the 35,000l. list. Earl of Bath 500l.; officers of the Works; [the various warrants for salaries, &c., for] a year [to the various officers paid in the Chamber, &c] viz. half a year more.
Aug. 3 [Warrant for pay to] Tangier for 3 months. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 58.
Mr. Ward: his business.
Ushers of the Exchequer: a warrant.
Aug. 6 Mr. Prettyman: a warrant for his place. Ibid, p. 59.
To search if the Earl of Sandwich's tallies be not already paid.
A lease of the house to Mr. Oger according to Sir C. Harbord's report.
The business of sending Mr. Ward to the manors of the Duchy of Cornwall is to be dispatched for my Lords to sign a commission with the rules.
Mr. Ward: a warrant for the wood according to Sir C. Harbord's report.
A. Dackett's petition read. Warrant to discharge him on the Customs Farmers' motion.
The King declares upon Mr. Bagnall's petition that Mr. Bagnall have [so many] years of the land as to make up the present term [to] 31 years. Warrant according to Sir C. Harbord's report.
Warrant for Mr. Smyth and Mr. Lee for moneys.
To speak with Mr. Freher about Mr. Bagnall whether to pass the great seal or lesser seal.
The Commissioners of the Navy move for about 26,000l. to buy stores for the next year for the Navy in part of 200,000l. for them for the next year: to be placed on the Customs next after the old tallies.
Aug. 9 Mr. Sands: warrant to take off the 12 per cent. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 55.
Plowman: warrant [for him] to be discharged.
St. Martin's poor: underwrite the warrant.
Aug. 11 Hickenbottam: warrant: custody. Ibid, p. 56.
Affidavits Mr. Ll.. he hath.
Thomas Loupe: warrant: engineer.
Billing: discharge.
Earl of Carlingford written to and to remember when a return is [made] that his report be ready.
The navy payments and cle[rk of the] Council beginning, &c.
[Papers numbered as follows] sent to the [Privy Council], 23, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 13, 14, 19, 34, 17, 50, 9, 40, 38, 53 (3).
Lady Dryden: 657l. 14s. 4½d. on the land revenue [to be taken] from the list [and paid by separate warrant].
Sir John Watson and Titus.
[Earl of] Marl[borough].
Council clerks [warrants] subscr. buntur.
[Warrant for poor of the parish of] St. Martins.
Two letters to Ireland about the Commissioners' reward [for services] in returning the Commission.
1. Navy payments.
2. Council Clerks.
3. Mr. Williamson.
4. Sergeants at arms.
5. [Sir William] St. Ravy.
6. Officers of the Works.
7. Mariot.
8. Windham.
9. Littermen. Dr. Wilson. Keepers of St. James's park.
10. Waltham Forest dividing.
Aug. 12 Mr. Howland, Mr. Champant, dormant warrant as Mr. Finch had. Ibid.
Mr. Acton: [my] Lords' warrant.
Mrs. Pley: warrants upon the privy seal severally: the former to be mentioned to be cancelled.
Mr. Sands: like warrant for allowance as the South Wales Receiver.
Mr. Dacket: warrant.
Mr. Lilly: 2 warrants.
To attend Sir G. to-morrow morning with all Irish notes.
Query: Mr. Younger.
Aug. 14 [? 13] Mr. John May [until . . . will be at] Clerworth Hall. Leave it [all letters, &c., for him] with the post master of Monmouth. Ibid, p. 57.
Keep the warrant for Eyre against to-morrow to send.
Lord Ashley will be at St. Giles till 14 Sept., letters to him to be left with the post master at Blandford.
Aug. 20 [King's] Mews repairs. Warrant on some privy seal of the Works on the land revenue. Privy seal passing. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 57.
Mrs. Loop: warrant for a year.
Mr. Fillingham: warrant to stop process till further order.
St. Michaels, Cornwall [sic for Cornhill]: warrant for perpetuity.
Warrants. Lloyd. Query the book if not done.
Mr. Sands: Goodgroom: Mason: Jenkins: Howe.
John Warner.
Batchelor 36l. 10s. 0d.
Query about the moneys paid for warrants.
Mr. Brent: warrant.
Copy [of the] establishment of the military establishment of [16]66 with a draft of [the] new [establishment] and copy of 15 August minutes is left with Lord Arlington.
Mr. Ch[arnock] to draw a privy seal for repair of the Mews.
Aug. 27 Sent up [to the Privy Council]: copy of military new list: memorials in three papers pinned and one loose: the said copy not yet returned. Ibid.
Sir John Duncomb [address is until . . .] at Sir Tho. Hervy's [house] at Bury [St. Edmunds].
Sept 27 Mr. Watson. [In margin] done. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 60.
Sir Ralph Delavall's discharge: a warrant.
Warrant for 3,000l. for the office of the Ordnance on Nov. and Dec. of the Customs.
Sept 30 A list to be drawn how the money on the Wine Act has been disposed of. Ibid.
Sir Dennis Gauden: a warrant [for his victualling ordinary for the months of] Sept. and Oct., 1669.
Warrant for Prince Rupert's creation money for a year on the Customs.
Duke of Richmond: warrant for his creation money.
Oct. 5 Mr. Culliford: warrant for a year on the last half year of their [the Customs] farm [see Oct. 6]. Ibid, p. 61.
A direction on the warrant to allow what is behind for the friars at Somerset House.
Oct. 6 Warrants to do. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 57.
Mr. Brent.
Mr. Rotiers.
Mr. Loyd.
Warrant on the land revenues for repairs of the Mews. Query? if on the list.
Warrant for dismissing [a portion of the officials in the office of Exchanges at Great] St. Helens. Ibid, p 58.
Mr. Smith, the bridgemender [warrant for] 40l. for repairs; 2 years.
Rich. Gregory: warrant for one quarter at the Exchequer
Mr. Walker: query ? if in the list.
Warrant for Mr. Culliford and Mr. George Porter as Mr. Seymour, Mr. Warwick, &c., had. And a warrant for another year for all the rest of the King's officers of the Customs: on the last half year of the Customs farm. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 61.
Viscount Conway: a warrant.
The Duke of Newcastle: warrant [for his] creation money.
Oct. 8 A list how the Wine [Act] money has been disposed of to be made ready against Monday. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 62.
Oct. 11 Warrant for the arrest of Ward and Girling. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 59.
Query: Lord Arundell's warrant.
Query: Tin officers' warrant.
Query: Cock's petition.
The Earl of Salisbury's creation money.
Viscount Grandison to be with Sir G. Downing to-morrow by 9 of the clock. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 62.
The Irish revenue book to be margented.
Earl of Mulgrave's petition to be sent for from Lord Arlington.
Oct. 12
[? 14]
Query to Sir G. about the Earl of Salisbury's creation money. Ch[arnock to attend to it] to-morrow, 15 Oct. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 59.
Oct. 13 Mr. Meynell: 2 warrants (but one done) and over-interest warrant. Ibid.
Queen Consort's patent to be copied out and margented Ibid, DCXXV. p. 63.
Oct. 15 Mr. Danvars. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 59.
Mr. Roger's warrant 10l.
Mr. Ward: warrant for tinners' money.
Petition: Cock and Ward.
Warrant: Lord Arundell.
Charnock to make a list of the rent of each branch of His Majesty's revenue [with data as to] when [the respective farms thereof were] let at a certainty, with heads as to the rest. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 63.
Sir G. Downing to advise with Sir George Carteret as to drawing up the privy seal for Backwell's 10,000l., payable out of the King's 50,000l. to come out of Ireland. Mr. Floyd to put me [Downing] in mind of it. Another letter to the late Farmers of the Customs for the remainder of the 7,500l.
Oct. 19 Mrs. Price, Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Blague: warrants for what is due to them. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 60.
Query: the petition of [Mr. Williams] from Mr. Burges.
Oct. 20 Auditors to certify what is the King's revenue in land and what in fee farm rents, including the late Queen's and present Queen's jointure and distinguishing them. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 65.
Oct. 22 Earl of Newburgh: his suspension to be taken off. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 60.
The papers about Mr. Cole.
Mr. Williams' petition (Mr. Burges).
Hill's petition and docquet. Mr. A.
Mr. Kilby's note.
Charnock to go to the Signet and see what privy seals for Ireland money [are] there. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 65.
Oct. 26 A warrant for the Irish Commissioners to be made ready for the King's hand. Ibid, p. 66.
Sir Ste. Fox to be spoken to about borrowing the money for Viscount Fauconberg.
Oct. 27 Sir G. Herbert: warrant for 70l. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 61.
Mr. Kilby: warrants.
Kilby and Foly's business on Saturday and Mr. Lightfoot's warrant.
Oct. 27 Earl of Essex: warrant Minute Book DCXXV. p. 66.
Oct. 29 When Apleg. [? Applegarth] petition against Sewell: on Sir T. Estcourt's note: Mr. Deene. Signet dated June 30. Lilley. Query Cabinet: and petition from Prescott's friend Kernan and Ric. Morice. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 61.
Sir George Carteret to have an accompt of his privy seal for 1,300l. whether in the Exchequer or here. Ibid, DCXXV. pp. 66, 67.
To carry Alderman Backnall's warrant for the great seal.
The like warrant for Mr. Montague's ordinary as for Sir W. Temple's but first [ordered] that Mr. Williamson insert into the Lord Arlington's certificate that he is to have [his pay] in English money: and then a warrant for orders in course on [the Customs of] Sept. next.
Sir George Carteret's privy seal of 1,300l., to give an account of.
Nov. 1 To draw out how much of the Poll orders are charged on the Chimneys. Ibid, p. 67.
To get from Sir R. Long my [Downing's] book of what warrants have been charged to Michaelmas this year.
Mr. Abbott to prepare Mr. Lightfoot's warrant.
Nov. 3 To make out a paper how all the Additional Aid, Eleven months' tax and Poll Bill and the loans on them have been issued and how many Poll orders have been placed on the Chimneys. Ibid, p. 68.
Nov. 8 Earl of Salisbury, Earl of Dorset, Earl of Middlesex warrant for creation money: on the Customs. Ibid.
Lord Townshend's patent to be sent for.
Nov. 10 Delivered to Mr. Gantler: report Abr. and Gardner, 13 May, 1667, petition and reference 18 Jul., 1668, Commissioners' report, 1 Dec., 1668, and Sir W. Doyly's report of 8 May, 1669. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 61.
Petition: Wishert.
Petition: Brook.
Earl of Salisbury: warrant for one year on the Customs.
Alderman Bucknall hath advanced 9,200l. to the Wardrobe and will advance 800l. more. Warrant to the Auditors to allow him interest for it when Mr. Newport brings a certificate of the times of [the] advance [of said sums].
Warrant for the arrest of the sub-farmers of Hearth money and direction to the Attorney General to prosecute others. Letters of summons afterwards ordered to be writ.
Mr. Killegrew's 600l. warrant on the Customs to be placed on the tin at Ostend.
Mr. Davers: particular warrant.
Mr. Owen to give an account of the sum due on the bills.
Nov. 12 Sir Ste. Fox: warrant for the Guards and Garrisons. Ibid, p. 62.
Commissioners of the privy seal: warrant when a quarter [is]due.
Sir John Bennet's last post defalcations warrant to be settled on the arrears of Excise. 1,825l. 13s. 6d. due.
Nov. 16 Sir Allen Apsley: warrant for the money: on his surrender. Ibid.
Warrant against such of the sub-farmers of Hearth money as the Farmers of that duty shall desire and such as are in Mr. Webb's affidavit.
? Nov. 16–19 Earl of Stamford. [Creation money]. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 64.
Mr. Chace petition.
Query Mr. Grabu and William Smith.
Mr. Carl: when anything of penc[ion].
Mr. Legouse memorial.
Mr. Brocke, Mr. Harte.
Sir Peter Wych to-morrow.
Nov. 22 Head collector of Dunmow Division, in Essex, 500l. promised but not remitted, 11 Oct., 1669. Ibid.
Sir P. Wych: warrant to borrow all due to him on Sept. next. King's warrant in this matter to be obtained. A privy seal since ordered.
Sir All. Apsley: warrant for 200l. on surrender of his patent, and the rest on the chimney money.
Nov. 23 Mr. Nicholas and Mr. Rumbold's children to be placed on the second month of the last half year of the Customs: and to deliver up their last warrant or else to recite it in this warrant. [In margin] Mr. Rumbold's children 250l. on the Exchequer in general during the suspension of the salary of 500l. per an. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 69.
Sir Robert Southwell: 250l. to be paid on February of the Customs on the 3,000l. per mensem [out of the Customs]: a direction reciting his former warrant [in margin]. A year only due at Xmas next as clerk of the Council.
A warrant on the King's warrant about Mrs. Elizabeth Wyndham. [In margin] These particulars desired by Mrs. Windham lie in 4 several counties.
Nov. 24 Officers of the Works. Warrant for 500l. towards the Duke [of York's] lodging at Hampton Court. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 63.
The falconers: warrant to take off the suspension as to such only as keep hawks and have not surrendered [their patents] according to Sir Allen Apsley's certificate.
Mr. Con. Darcy: warrant to stop process till next term.
Warrant for a privy seal for Duteil and 4 officers to be placed on the loans of the Customs of September next. As also for the Portugal Secretary in the same privy seal. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 70.
A copy to be made of the Queen's patent for her jointure, and then [the original patent] to be delivered back.
Nov 26 Secretary Trevor's warrant to export 40 or 50,000l in guineas, to be reported in the Privy Council. but a copy to be taken of the warrant before it go up. Ibid, p. 71.
Nov. 29 Mr. Heaton: a report to His Majesty. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 63.
Wardrobe: warrant for the 17l. bills: to the Earl of Sandwich.
Mr. Cooke to get ready Sir Peter Wyche's privy seal: to speak to him. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 71.
A warrant for 4,000l. for the Ordnance: 2,000l. [thereof] on the loans of April, 1670. and 2,000l. on April, 1671, of the Customs: and for 504l. on [the Customs of] December next.
The Acts of Parliament for Ireland to be got.
Dec. 3 Mr. George Russell, sergeant falconer. Query why he was left out in the last [issue of one] year's pay to the king's servants. The rest of the falconers had theirs. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 63.
Mr. Wadlow: a warrant for his [Wine Act] commissioners.
[King's] littermen: warrant on the Hearth money: being formerly omitted.
Dec. 6 Commissioners of the privy seal: warrant on the remainder of the salt farm money: for one quarter. Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 64.
[warrant for] 6,000l. for the Victualler on his 20,000l. privy seal on March next come twelvemonth. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 72.
Duke of Monmouth: 500l. for coach horses: to be put in Sir Stephen Fox's privy seal.
Dec. 9 [Ordered] that an accompt be made of all moneys [issued or assigned] to the Navy, Ordnance, Guards, Cofferer, &c., and [of] what warrants [have been made] for any moneys to any persons since Jan. 1 last. Ibid, p. 73.
Lord Byron's paper to be looked out.
[Warrant for] Sir Ste. Fox for interest money for 20,000l. and 500l. [for the] Duke of Monmouth for horses.
No tallies to be struck on the Customs till the 24th of June next. To be entered in the Caveat Book.
? Dec. 13 [Privy] Council [i.e. notes of papers or businesses submitted or to be submitted to the Council]. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 64.
Foreign ministers.
Mr. Legouse.
Sir P. Wych.
Mr. Meynell to-morrow.
Chester Excise case.
Mr. Hodgkinson to-morrow: petition.
Mr., falconer: warrant.
Dec. 13 Sir W. Doyly to be attended to-morrow afternoon by me [Downing] about his Receivers not accounting: and then memorandum Capt. Litleton. Query about whether Sir W. D. ever paid Sir P. Wich. Ibid.
Major Langhorn: [resolved] that for the 25l. paid to him more than the Lord Treasurer [Southampton's] order my Lords cannot allow it. Warrant to Col. Langhorn for that 25l. to Mr. Langhorn on his privy seal.
Sir R. Long.
Mr. Chiff[inch's] petition.
Mr. Fairfax.
Sir J. B.
Mr. Danvers.
My Lords to be moved that as the duplicates of the Hearth [money rolls] come in they be put into some hands to examine.
Bunnell and Warring[ton]. The memorial of the petition to-morrow.
Sir Ste Fox. Warrants for the Guards on the Excise.
Sir W. Doily. Whereas in pursuance, &c., Sir W. Doily hath, &c., certain, &c., [chapel plate] direct to deliver them to Sir H. W. [Wood]. See Dec. 14, supra p. 171.
Warrant for 14,000l. for the Navy of their ordinary for this year on the Customs. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 73.
Dec. 14 When Mr. Meynell's interest account is brought [it is] to be referred to Auditor Aldworth. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 65.
Memorandum, that the Marquess of Winchester owes 72l. 1s. 6d. to the King on Mr. Smyth['s receipt]. [Ordered] that his impost bill and his creation money be for the future stopt. Write him to pay it. [In the margin.] This is an arrear of a fee farm rent within Mr. Smyth's receipt. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 74.
Direction to Sir C. Harbord to draw such a warrant as he conceives fit for the enclosing 300 acres in New Forest for my Lords to sign.
Memorandum: for the Treasurers of the Navy for the 14,104l. for them.
Earl of Suffolk's letter to the
Memorandum for Sir George Dereing.
Earl of Leicester creation money: a year.
Dec. 15 A warrant for Sir Edward Griffin on Oct. last on the customs for so much money as makes half a year for the footmen and for the Gentlemen Waiters and Quarter Waiters, making about 900l.: also Mr. Seymour and Mr. Rogers half a year. Minute Book DCXXV. p. 75.
A warrant for a year of the Duke [of York's] several salaries: on the 3,000l. per mensem received out of the Customs.
Earl of Ailesbury: warrant.
Dec. 16 Mr. Slingsby: warrant. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 65.
Commissioners of the privy seal: warrant.
Sir Ste. Fox: warrant.
Sir P. Wych: warrant. Query Mr. Cooke.
[The perpetuity for the parish of] St. Magnus to be remembered. Mr. Bunnell.
Sir Dennis Gauden's warrant. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 76.
Auditors' warrant: draft for a warrant for the auditors to be present at the [sheriffs'] apposals.
St. James's Park warrant.
Sir Francis Cobb.
Dec. 17 Mr. Dormer's bonds: My Lords promised to move the king which having not yet done and that no trouble and Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 65–6.
Dr. Worsh: warrant for 200l. and signification to Sir R. Long that it be of the first money.
Warrant for half a year for the messengers according to the order of Council: on the [arrears of the] late Farmers of the Customs: and [for same for] such of the trumpeters as are on the establishment. Ibid, DCXXV. p. 76.
Dec. 18 That [as to] the Chimney [money duplicates or] rolls an account be kept [as to] when [they are] brought in and by whom. Ibid, p. 77
The Excise Commissioners' patent to be margented and that I [Downing] give a note on Monday morning how much the rent is that is payable to the Commissioners of Excise [from the subfarmers of Excise] and by them [the Commissioners payable] into the Exchequer and at what term or terms. On Monday next this is to be given.
Col. Birch: a letter to him.
Hay for deer: [? Query] whether [the warrants or assignations are made] upon account or without account.
Sir Richard Otley's papers to be examined. [In the margin.] Mr. Marsh hath them.
A letter for 1,000l. to be advanced by the Customs Farmers on August, 1670.
Dec. 20 The Cofferer of the Household: warrant for 50,000l. on his privy seal: 55,000l. on the county Excise the 5,000l. being for a deposit. Ibid, DCXXIV. p. 66
[?] Thursday morning to bring the Acts, &c., about Hearth money to Sir G.
To offer on Monday next the clause and copy of the order of Council about Hearth money.
And give a memorandum about Skyp and Stevens.
Mrs. Chiffinch petition.