Minute Book: March 1677

Pages 429-433

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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March 1677

Mar. 1.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Receivers of Excise are called in with Col. Birch about the over-interest pretended [alleged] to be paid at the Excise Office. Col. Birch presents Treasurer Danby with an account of the interest payable out of the Excise either for money advanced or for the running cash. Treasurer Danby opens Sir Stephen's complaint against the present Receivers [of Excise] that it was suggested that the King paid 24l. per cent. for money on the Excise, which his Lordship put off till the Auditor's [Col. Birch's] coming up. Col. Birch acquaints his Lordship that he [Birch] has an abstract of all the moneys paid and received weekly by the present Treasurers of Excise from the 1st of June, 1671, to 1674. The Receivers say they were not then [during the period 1671-4] concerned [with the Excise moneys] as Receivers, but as Commissioners, and that they only served Sir Stephen Fox with their credits. [Col. Birch] the Auditor [in reply] charges [debits] them with the receipt of money [of the Excise as Receivers, not as Commissioners] from 1675-6, Feb. 12, to this present time. Sir John James [and his partners, Receivers as above] offer to pay the interest of all running cash for the future, and the King to be at no charge in it, and the [Excise Farmers'] rent to be paid at the days of grace.
Col. Birch [is ordered] to send to Treasurer Danby a transcript of his book of the weekly receipts and payments of the Excise Commissioners within three days, which transcript is to be sent to the [Excise] Commissioners for them to peruse and upon [their] agreeing [to] the accompt [they] are to shew the reason of each considerable weekly balance remaining in their hands.
Treasurer Danby repeats his directions to Col. Birch to take care that the King be no sufferer by the payment of interest for the running cash, which is not to be in the hands of the [Excise] Receivers longer than two days, unless they satisfy the Lord Treasurer that they had good reason for it [as for instance] to answer some special payments, for preservation of the credit of Excise or punctual compliance with payments to be made to the Queen, the Duke of York or others by particular direction out of such [Excise] money.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 258-60.]
Mar. 5.
Monday at 3 in the afternoon. Repeated verbatim for Wednesday Mar. 14 at 3 in the afternoon.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Lord Warden of New Forest, with Mr. Knollis, Mr. Dickins, Mr. Pocock, Mr. Agar, Mr. Strode, Sir Cha. Harbord and the Attorney General are to be present [at the Treasury Chambers this day] about the business of the New Forest and a state is then to be given to Treasurer Danby of the title of Lindhurst House and stables by Mr. Brent.
[Day Book, p. 120.]
Mar. 9. The persons undernamed are appointed by Treasurer Danby to be Receivers for the tax granted to build ships, viz. :
For co. Gloucester Mr. John Pritchet.
For co. Essex Mr. Thomas Cheek.
For co. Hampshire Mr. Collingwood.
For London and Middlesex Sir Phillip Howard.
For co. Shropshire Sir Francis Lawley.
For co. Lincoln Earl of Lindsay.
For cos. Cheshire and Lancashire Lord Gerard.
For co. Bucks Mr. James Herbert.
For co. Norfolk Mr. Cooke pro John Bedingfeild.
For co. Kent Mr. Peregrine Bertie.
For co. Cornwall Lewis Trethewy.
For co. Somerset John Tooker.
For co. Suffolk Sir Charles Gawdy.
For co. Warwick Sir Hen. Puckering pro Jno. Newsham.
John Langley for Worcester and Bristol recommended by Col. Cook and Lord Norris. He lives in Gloucester.
For co. Leicester Sir William Hartop.
For co. Devonshire Mr. John Northcoat.
For co. Wilts Mr. Francis Gwynn (struck through).
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 261.]
Mar. 12. Monday. The Treasurers of the Excise are to attend Treasurer Danby at 6 this afternoon at the Treasury Chambers to shew his Lordship how the business of [paying] the Forces shall be carried on.
[Day Book, p. 120.]
Mar. 14. Wednesday. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Attorney General, Sir Cha. Harbord.
Treasurer Danby directs that the Contractors for the Hearthmoney do attend his Lordship and the Chancellor of the Exchequer on Friday next at the Treasury Chambers at 5 of the clock about the business now in Parliament relating to that duty, and that the Attorney General, Sir Charles Harbord, Sir Geo. Downing and Mr. Sawyer be desired to attend to advise in that matter (to advise upon the bill lately brought into the House of Commons relating to that duty) and that a copy of the last [latest] bill now in Parliament concerning that duty be prepared.
The Lord Warden of New Forest is called in with Mr. Knowls, one of the verderers, and Mr. Dickins, the woodward, who presented to the Lord Treasurer some proposals for regulating abuses and settling the business of that forest. Treasurer Danby directs that the whole matter relating to that forest with all papers concerning the same be referred to Sir C. Harbord, who is desired to examine and state the same, taking to his assistance such persons as he shall think fit, and calling before him the Surveyors of the Woods, the woodward [of said forest] and such others as he shall think fit, and he is particularly to consider of the way of settling the keepers' wages and the axe, and what is fit to be done to prevent the wastes and destruction of the woods and what coppices are fit to be preserved and what lands, etc., are most commodious and fit to be turned into coppices.
James Smith, Esq., late Receiver of Hearthmoney for Sussex, desires that process may be stayed against him till the middle of Easter term next, and agrees to satisfy the debt by that time, and that no process be stayed against him after that time.
James Smith. (Autograph signature).
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 263.]
Mar. 16. Friday. Mr. Bulkeley and Mr. Duppa are to attend [this day at the Treasury Chambers] on their several petitions, referred, about the fine of Helder : and those petitions are to be looked out.
[Day Book, p. 121.]
Mar. 19. Sir Robert Howard, Mr. Wardour, Sir George Downing and the rest of the Tellers, the two deputy Chamberlains and the other ancient officers of the Exchequer are to attend [at the Treasury Chambers this day] about striking the tallies for Mr. Dashwood's [Excise farm] advance money.
[Day Book, p. 121.]
Mar. 21. The stables are to be paid their arrear of 1,200l. for six weeks out of the advance money paid in by the Farmers of the Law duty.
Mr. Bulstrode is to be satisfied his 400l. order for [his ordinary during] the campaign in Flanders.
Mr. Agar's 237l. 10s. 0d. is to be immediately sent for [to be brought into the Exchequer for him] out of the Customs.
Treasury Danby directs the Privy Purse to be paid the six weeks' arrear, being 3,600l., out of the money advanced upon the Law duty.
His Lordship also directs the payment of 150l. to Mrs. Fanshaws [the Misters Fanshaw]. [Treasury Minute Book V. p. 264.]
1677. Mar. 26. Treasurer Danby directs that Capt. Buckley's warrant be drawn for Helder's fine of 300l., and that it be stopped from going into the Greenwax.
Also that the caveat upon the bishop of Durham be withdrawn. Also that 1,000l. be writ for to be paid [into the Exchequer by the Customs Cashier] for [the Privy Purse for] Healing gold.
Mar. 28. Secretary Williamson to be paid 500l., which completes his order for 2,000l. for secret service ; which carries the [Secretaries of State's intelligence, etc.] service on till ...
Ld. P. [? the Earl of Plymouth] to be paid 1,600l. in lieu of a debt of Mr. Killegrew's, which is to be repaid out of the list of arrears in Mr. Fillingham's hand : [hereof] present payment [is to be made] per Mr. Stephens.
A proposition was given in to my Lord Treasurer by the bishop of Llandaff, from some Portugal merchants, about lowering the custom upon Portugal wines down to that of French wines. Sir Robert Southwell, Mr. Parry, Mr. James Hublon, Mr. Bulteel and other merchants are called in with Mr. Polluxfen, et al. The proposition is referred to the Customs Commissioners to report their opinion.
Sir Allen Apsley's order for 770l. for charges [incurred] in passing the Earl of Burford's patent and other disbursements for his Majesty's service is directed by Treasurer Danby to be forthwith paid.
[Order for] Sir Robert Vyner to be allowed 7,720l. for 6 per cent. interest of 93,791l. for plate [delivered into the Jewel House] : also 2 per cent. per an. for 250,000l. lent in 1665 on the Hearthmoney duty : also 2 per cent. for what other money he lent Sir Geo. Carteret from the 1st of June, 1665, during the plague and that [the first] Dutch war.
[Ibid. pp. 264-5.]
Mar. 30. The officers of the Exchequer to be paid 630l. or thereabouts.
The Countess of Bristol to have a tally for 250l. for a quarter of her own pension and a privy seal for 500l. for a quarter of the Earl of Bristol's pension, due 1677, Lady day ; he dying a few days before.
The Countess of Brentford to be paid a full quarter.
The Duchess of Richmond to have a tally for a quarter [in] full.
To know the king's pleasure concerning the Earl and Countess of Lichfield's building.
Order for 257l. to be paid to Mr. [Ralph] Montague for providing colours for the Foot Guards.
Sir Robert Howard returned back the goldsmiths' accompts which he said he had fully examined and had no exception unto any of them, save only to a sum of 43l. or thereabouts in Mr. Portman's accompt, which he conceived was lent upon a private order : and thereupon Treasurer Danby desired to know whether it should be left out, and Mr. Alderman Backwell, Sir Robt. Viner and Mr. Whitehall undertook it should not be claimed.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 265, 266.]