Entry Book: March 1688, 21-31

Pages 1826-1842

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8, 1685-1689. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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March 1688, 21-31

Mar. 21. Henry Guy to the Register of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. The Treasury Lords have directed Mr. Bucknall to bring them an account from your Hospital of the salaries of the officers thereof, viz. the physicians, apothecaries, chirurgeons, register, steward, renter, hospitler and the rest. Please give him this statement immediately. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 341.
Mar. 21. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Joseph Bradbury as tidesman, Fowey port, at 25l. per an. without incidents loco Henry Sturmy, lately dismissed. Out Letters (Customs) XI, pp. 129, 130, 131.
Nicholas Gibbon as waiter and searcher at Looe loco Richard Scadgell, lately dismissed as superannuated and grown unfit for service.
Francis Ballinger as tidesman, Fowey port, at 25l. per an. without incidents loco Bernard Achyn, lately dismissed for frauds.
Nathan Penry as waiter, Minehead port loco Anthony Howard, lately dismissed.
William Romayne as an additional tidesman, Poole port, and to assist at Swanage alternately with the other tidesmen.
Thomas Roberts as boatman at Nangle in Milford port loco John Williams, lately deceased.
Richard Merideth as tidesman in Yarmouth port loco Rowland Dackes, lately deceased.
Richard Shipton as warehousekeeper at Topsham, with 10l. additional to the 10l. per an. which is on the establishment of Exeter port for that office.
Mar. 22. Privy seal dormant for 20,000l. to be issued in such proportions, to such persons and for such uses and services as the King shall from time to time direct by royal sign manual. King's Warrant Book XII, p. 420.
Royal sign manual for 500l. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the above 20,000l. dormant privy seal. (Money warrant dated Mar. 22 hereon. Money order dated Mar. 23 hereon.) Ibid, p. 431. Money Book VIII, p. 408. Order Book II, p. 134.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to me [Guy] for secret service 200l. out of the 1,298l. 4s. 3d., part of 1,369l. 15s. 2d. of money forfeited for treason paid in[to the Exchequer] by the Commissioners for Collecting the Forfeitures of Western rebels. Disposition Book VI, p. 173.
Same to same to certify the Treasury Lords "upon the turn of this quarter "what moneys have been issued to me [Guy] for secret service from Dec. 24 last to Mar. 25 inst. You are constantly to present the like quarterly certificate in future to my Lords. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 341.
Same to Sir William Poole for a certificate of the nature or yearly value of the office of gauger of the city of Bristol, lately enjoyed by Mr. Nicholas Burrowes. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blathwayte [as Secretary to the Forces]. It is the King's pleasure that you prepare an establishment for three new Regiments of Foot, each Regiment to consist of 12 Companies of Foot and one Company of Grenadiers. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to send to the Duke of Grafton's house the goods as follow. Ibid, pp. 341–2.
Appending: list of said goods (including jars of Lucena, Palmasant cheese, a Barbary mat etc.).
Treasury reference to same of the petition of Lieutenant of the Tower, shewing that it has been the ancient custom for the Lieutenant of the Tower to receive a duty of two gallons of wine before the mast and two gallons behind the mast of every ship or vessel bringing wine into the river of Thames: that Sir John Robinson [late Lieutenant of the Tower] had money paid him instead of wine, viz.: 20s. for every ship above 100 tons burthen [so] importing wine and 10s. for every ship of under that burden: therefore prays that the Customs officers may so collect the duty in money "or otherwise to take two gallons of wine and two behind the mast of every ship in specie." Reference Book V, p. 236.
Mar. 22. Treasury warrant to Mr. Fisher, Deputy Surveyor General of Crown Lands, for a particular and ratal of the Hundred of Grumbalds Ash with a view to a fresh grant thereof to the Duke of Beaufort for 99 years at the present rents: upon surrender. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, pp. 269–70.
Prefixing: said Fisher's report, dated Mar. 2 inst., on said Duke's petition, ut supra, p. 1788. The premises were granted in 17 Car. II to Sir Robert Jenkinson, bart., for three Jenkinson lives, two whereof are dead: the Duke of Beaufort has an assignment of the grant. The profits of the premises are not much above the rents, but of some advantage to a servant or deputy to increase his law practice by and is convenient to his Grace, being a royalty and jurisdiction round and about his seat of Badminton, which stands within it.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to forbear until Michaelmas term next making forth process against George, Visct. Grandison, and Henry Howard, esq., on the bond dated 1686, April, to secure the payment of 790l. to the Excise Commissioners (Sir Denny Ashburnham, Sir John Freind, Dr. Charles Davenant, Francis Parry, Felix Calverd, Nathaniel Hornby and Richard Graham) as for the King on or before June 24 then next ensuing, the same being for a debt due to the King from Andrew Barry and Edward Salter. The reason for the present warrant is that an information is directed to be brought against Sir Mark Milbank, kt., late high sheriff of Northumberland, and Jo[h]n Wilkinson, his under-sheriff, for the same matter, and said information cannot be regularly determined before then. Ibid, p. 270.
Henry Guy to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, to provide something for Tho. Hughes suitable to the necessity of his condition, he having lost his sight in serving the King as a tidewaiter in Londonderry port. Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 98.
Memorandum: all his [petition etc.] papers [all missing] were enclosed in this letter.
Mar. 23. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of De Santa Rosa (Santa de Rosa), shewing that he was employed to carry a parcel of diamonds from the fathers at Goa to their Order at Portugal, but was cast away and forced to embark on a ship bound for London, where the diamonds and ambergrees were seized: therefore praying delivery of same on payment of Customs. Reference Book V, p. 236.
Mar. 24. Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 47l. 10s. 0d. to Edmd. Anguish, senr., late customer of Yarmouth port, for 1¼ years to 1684, Christmas, on the patent salary of 38l. per an.: on his releasing all title to arrears in respect of said office. (Henry Guy to same, dated same, to so pay same.) Money Book VIII, p. 399. Disposition Book VI, p. 173.
Mar. 24. Treasury warrant to William Roberts, Receiver of the moneys for the repairs and buildings in Windsor Castle, to pay Grinling Gibbons 50l. for half a year to Christmas last on his 100l. per an. as by the royal sign manual of Aug. 2 last, supra, p. 1490: together with dormant clause for what shall grow due thereon in future from time to time "provided the said Grinling Gibbons mends, cleanses and repairs his own work at his own proper cost and charges" as is directed by his Majesty's warrant abovementioned. Money Book VIII, p. 405.
Money warrant for 25l. to Ann Kelly for last Christmas quarter on her annuity or pension. (Money order dated April 24 hereon.) Ibid, p. 405. Order Book II, p. 142.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to bearer, Customs free and unopened, two boxes which will arrive this afternoon in the Dover waggon; being directed to Lady Sunderland. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 342.
Same to same to send to Whitehall by James Pearse, one of the land surveyors, some presents for the King and Queen, which are arrived from Siam on board the Herbert; "together with what other presents there may be for my Lord President there." Ibid.
Same to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton to receive from Mr. Lowndes the bond entered into by Henry Genew, John Genew and William Bridges in 5,000l. for said Henry Genew's due accounting as collector of Customs at Dublin: and to forthwith prosecute said bond in the King's name. (Same to said [John] Genew and Bridges apprising them hereof.) Ibid.
Same to Mr. Chiffinch. It is the King's pleasure that the licensed hackney coaches be permitted to come into Hyde Park in the evenings and at all other times when other coaches do, except at such times as his Majesty's troops or companies of soldiers are there. Please give orders to the Keepers of the Park accordingly. Ibid, p. 343.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. Hasten your report on the paper sent you Jan. 24 last concerning the duty on linen cloth coming out of Ireland into England. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton of the petition of Sir Walter Young, shewing that Walter Tape, Tho. Franklyn and Gideon Dare, late rebels in the West, were petitioner's tenants, and having forsaken their houses and being in arrear of rent petitioner seized their goods; that the Commissioners [for Rebels' Estates] in the West found that petitioner had received their goods without taking notice that he had distrained for rent; and now process is gone against petitioner for recovery: therefore prays stay of said process. Reference Book V, p. 237.
Same to Mr. Hewer of the petition of Geo. Underwood for payment of 17l. 1s. 9¾d. due to him for paving etc. in the late garrison of Tangier. Ibid.
Same to Sir Rob. Howard [as Auditor of the Receipt] of the petition of the officers and clerks of the Tally Court in the Exchequer for 356l. rewards for tallies struck for his Majesty's service for which they have received no fees. Ibid, p. 238.
Mar. 24. Treasury reference to the Attorney General of the petition of Tho. Neale, Nicho. Letchmere et al. partners concerned in the Eliza of London, lately employed in the wreck on the coast of Hispaniola; petitioners shewing that they have intelligence of the said ship's taking up wreck to the value of 60,000l.; therefore pray a commission to inspect it in regard the officers of the ship have combined together to defraud petitioners and the King. Reference Book V, p. 238.
Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney, of the petition of James Baker, praying a collector's place in the Hearthmoney; he having been bred a merchant in the Canaries, which trade now fails, whereby he cannot provide for himself and family. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blathwayt [as Auditor of the Plantations] of the petition of the master and owners of the ship William, praying that an order which they have for 1,060l. 18s. 6d. (registered on the Four and a Half per cent. duty) for the hire of the said ship in the late King's service may be paid thereout after [payment of] the arrears of Sir Tobias Bridge's Regiment and 5,493l. 16s. 7d. registered thereon; "there having been sufficient of that revenue paid into the Exchequer to satisfy the said arrears and moneys registered." Ibid, p. 239.
Henry Guy to Mr. Strong, enclosing a warrant [missing] which was sent from Ireland to me [Guy] whereby the Lord Deputy directs Mr. Price, the Receiver General of Ireland, to pay to me for secret service 789l. sterling, without account, together with the exchange thereon. The Treasury Lords expected the money to be returned [remitted to England by exchanges] before this. You are to receive said sum and the exchange thereon and remit to me with all the speed you can. Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 98.
The Treasury Lords to the Lord Deputy of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition of Dr. Andrew Verrou on reference from the King. Ibid, p. 99.
Appending: note of said petition. Petitioner went to Brussels for the education of his children in the Catholic religion and mortgaged his estate to Col. Theodore Russell, and two years after sent to sell the estate to pay said Russell, but Russell refused and seized the estate, being worth double the mortgage: therefore prays a letter to the Lord Deputy of Ireland to cause Russell to stand to the award of the Lord Chancellor.
Mar. 26. Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies on the Receiver of First Fruits for 500l. to Aubrey, Earl of Oxford, for 1688, Lady day quarter, on his pension. Money Book VIII, p. 406.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Solo. Margas, shewing that he is now in France with a design to leave that kingdom as soon as he can find opportunity to settle here; that he embarked part of his goods to the value of 52l. for England, but same are seized by one Mr. Rawlinson to petitioner's ruin: prays for same to be restored to his brother, living here [in England], on payment of duty, or that they may be sent to Boston in New England, where he intends to go himself. Reference Book V, p. 238.
If the allegations are true petitioner is to be used favourably.
Mar. 26. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Giddeon Vincent [and] Centur Bauveais, shewing that they are now in France and intend to settle here [in England] upon first opportunity: therefore pray delivery of their goods to the value of 46l. sent to London and there seized by Mr. Lucas and Mr. Hathorn: or that same may be sent to New England whither they intend to go. Reference Book V, p. 239.
Same to same of the petition of the inhabitants of Jersey, shewing that there has been lately a Custom[er] set up in the said island with power to search all ships and to break open houses contrary to the fundamental privileges of the island and whereby the subjects are very much oppressed without any advantage to the King: therefore praying that all things may be observed and pursued according to the ancient privileges and the King's late letters patent. Ibid.
Same to Sir Robert Howard [as Auditor of the Receipt] of the petition of Henry Betts, poulterer, shewing that the Earl of Bath (in satisfaction of a debt for poultry) assigned petitioner 66l. out of an order for 1,274l. registered on the Hearthmoney and due to said Earl on his 56s. a day as Governor of Plymouth etc.; therefore petitioner prays payment of said sum. Ibid, p. 240.
Same to Mr. Chiffinch of the petition of Fran. Eades, shewing that on his father's surrender he was admitted gamekeeper in ordinary to the King, who signified his pleasure to Mr. Chiffinch that he should have 20l. per an. salary in lieu of his father's 18l. 2s. 6d. per an. and a livery coat: therefore prays for said salary to be established and for payment of three quarters due thereon at Christmas last. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Fillingham et al. of the petition of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London to the King; petitioners shewing that the proportion on the said city for the Assessments of 1677, 1678 and 1679 was 2,145l. 15s. 8d. per month, which was duly assessed; and where any quarterly payment came short the same was re-assessed with the next succeeding quarterly payment, whereby [in addition] to several of the later quarterly payments thereon 3,000l. was so assessed over and above the just proportion so as to make good [said] former arrears: that [in accordance with the requirements of] the Acts the [Assessment] Commissioners for London gave in from time to time duplicates of [all] their [said] assessments: that upon the [first] assessments there was really paid all the sums charged on the city except 587l. 14s. 5¾d.; notwithstanding which the Exchequer has issued process against the Commissioners for 1,471l. 10s. 5d. to be re-assessed as in arrear: therefore pray allowance of all the said sum, as the said 587l. 14s. 5¾d. could not be collected. Ibid, p. 241.
Mar. 26. Treasury reference to Auditor Phelips of the petition of William East, ut supra, p. 1755, with Mr. Fisher's report thereon. Reference Book V, p. 241.
Mar. 27. Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to constitute William, Marquess of Powys, to the offices of steward and keeper of the Courts Leet, liberties, views of frankpledge and Courts Baron, Courts of Survey and other Courts in the King's manors, commotes, granges, forests etc. in Mallaen, Caio, Mableview, Mabedrud, Maenordeilo, Kethinock, the forest of Glencothi and Penant in co. Carmarthen, and the manors, lands etc. of the late dissolved monastery of Talley, co. Carmarthen; and of steward and keeper of the Courts Leet etc. of Mavon, alias Mavonion [Mabwynion], Gwynionedd Ucharden, alias Gwinioneth Gucharden, Iscoed Isherwin, Geneurglyn, Blaen, Arian, Silian and Talisarn Green in co. Cardigan; and of prepositor of the premises and of bailiff and bedell of the premises: all as lately enjoyed by Edward Devereux, Visct. Hereford, deceased, and Edward Devereux and John Devereux: to hold during pleasure and with the three several fees of 10l. per an. each. King's Warrant Book XII, pp. 432–3.
And likewise of the office of steward of the lordships and manors of Melenydd, Giverthriman [Gwythrynion], Comotayder [Cwmdauddwr], Presthend [Presteigne] and Presteigne land, Knighton and Glandestry [Gladestry], co. Radnor, and of the boroughs of Knighton and Presteigne and the courts thereof; which office was lately enjoyed by Charles, Lord Herbert of Ragland: to hold during pleasure with the fee of 6l. 13s. 4d. per an.
And likewise of the office of steward and keeper of the Courts Leet etc. of the King's lordship, manor and lands of Denbigh, alias Denbigh lands, in North Wales and of all the Hundreds, Leets, manors, lands etc. of the Crown in the said lordship of Denbigh and with power to depute to the office of Recorder of the said Lordship: and with the fees of 40l. per an. and 6s. 8d. per an., as in place of William Wynne thereto constituted by patent dated 1685, May 12, during pleasure, which patent is hereby to be revoked.
Same to the Treasury Lords to give warrant to Edward Proger and Philip Ryley (with the assistance of John Bowyer, one of the Purveyors of the Navy) to view and mark 150 oaks in Bushey Park most fit for the Navy and in the parts of the Great and Little Grove in said park where they may be taken without defacing same, and to cause same to be stripped and barked in April next whilst standing and so to remain till December following and then to fell same for the service of the Navy and to deliver same by indenture to the Purveyors of the Navy: all by reason that the King has determined to have an experiment made of a proposition lately offered by Dr. Plott for improving the duration of timber by stripping and barking whilst standing in April, when the sap ascends, and cutting in December. (Treasury warrant, dated Mar. 29, hereon accordingly to said Proger and Ryley. Followed by; a later Treasury warrant, dated 1688, April 30, to said Ryley to mark as above only 115 oaks in the said park called Bushey Park or Jookey Park "in pursuance of his Majesty's pleasure declared to" the Treasury Lords.) Ibid, pp. 435–6. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 276.
Mar. 27. Royal sign manual for 2,365l. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 20,000l. privy seal dormant of Mar. 22 inst. (Money warrant dated Mar. 27 hereon. Money order dated Mar. 29 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XII, p. 439. Money Book VIII, p. 410. Order Book II, p. 135.
Royal warrant dormant to Richard, Earl of Ranelagh, Paymaster General of the Forces, to pay such sums as shall be drawn upon him by the Commissioners thereto authorised or to be authorised by the King for buying and laying in the provisions and stores of hay, oats, straw, wheat and all other necessaries for those of the Forces which shall be encamped this next summer on Hounslow Heath, the King being resolved to be at no other expense for that service save only the providing of straw for the tents which he intends to bestow upon the said Forces as was done last year and that all other charges whatsoever relating to the said encampment shall be defrayed by the said Forces out of their pay. Distinct accounts are therefore to be kept of the payments hereunder so that the King may be reimbursed same out of the pay of the said Forces. King's Warrant Book XII, pp. 441–2.
Followed by: royal constitution and appointment, dated Mar. 26, of Sir John Talbot, kt., Sir Lionell Walden, kt., Col. Thomas Maxwell and Major Thomas Dalyell to be Commissioners for buying the abovesaid stores: with power to draw bills etc. as above and for the paying of contingent disbursements relating to the provisions for the encampment: of all which they are to keep particular accounts.
Money warrant for 375l. to Robert, Earl of Sunderland, President of the Privy Council, for 1688, Lady day quarter, on his allowance of 1,000l. per an. in lieu of diet and royal bounty of 500l. per an. (Money order dated Mar. 28 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 406. Order Book II, p. 137.
Same for 1,000l. to George, Lord Jeffryes, Lord High Chancellor of England, for same quarter on his annuity. (Money order dated Mar. 28 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 406. Order Book I, p. 136.
Same for 364l. to Henry, Lord Arundell of Wardour, Keeper of the Privy Seal, for same quarter's allowance [in lieu of diet]. (Money order dated Mar. 28 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 406. Order Book II, p. 135.
Treasury allowance of the incidents bill, detailed, of the Excise Office for the half year ended Christmas last (total, 1,203l. 12s. 8d.). Money Book VIII, pp. 407–8.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the branches of the revenue directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer. Disposition Book VI, pp. 173–5.
[Out of the Customs.] l. s. d.
to the Treasurer of the Navy [on the Navy's] weekly money on account of 400,000l. for the year commencing 1686, Lady day 7,000 0 0
to ditto to pay off warrant officers [arrears due before 1686, Lady day] 200 0 0
to ditto for wages due to the Navy yacht before 1686, Lady day 670 0 0
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse 1,000 0 0
to Sir Richard Bulstrode 273 0 0
to Sir George Etheridge 273 0 0
to Lord [Visct. Granville of] Lansdowne 455 0 0
to Sir Peter Wyche 273 0 0
to Sir Tho. Dereham 250 0 0
to Alderman Sturt in part of his debt 1,000 0 0
to Mr. [Admiral] Herbert in part of his debt [as Master of the Robes] 800 0 0
to the Lord Chancellor, a quarter 1,000 0 0
to the Lord President of the Privy Council 375 0 0
to the Lord Privy Seal 364 0 0
to Edwd. Griffin, esq., on his pension 125 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance [for one week] on the [Ordnance Office] ordinary 1,000 0 0
Out of the Excise.
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces 11,000 0 0
to the Paymaster of the Works for the new buildings [towards the] water 200 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service 2,165 0 0
Out of the Letter Office money.
to the Queen in part of her quarter 5,832 3
Out of the Hearthmoney.
to the Cofferer of the Household to complete Christmas quarter 2,236 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Chamber to complete same quarter 404 0 0
to the Master of the Great Wardrobe 1,000 0 0
(Same, dated same, to the Customs Cashier, enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Customs cash for the present week; said paper including only the above 16 Customs items.) (Same, dated same, to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney, enclosing the like paper of disposition of the cash of those branches of the revenue; said paper including for the Hearthmoney only the above three Hearthmoney items: and for the Excise the above three Excise items [payable out of the Exchequer], together with the following items [payable direct out of the Excise Office on tallies], viz. 1,200l. for the Excise Office incidents bill for [last] Christmas quarter; 1,552l. 8s. 10¼d. in part of the Queen Dowager's quarter; 2,000l. in part of the Princess [of Denmark's] quarter.)
Mar. 27. Henry Guy to the Earl of Ranelagh [Paymaster of the Forces] to forthwith pay 3,000l. to Visct. Falkland for so much by him returned [remitted by bills of exchange] into Holland for bringing over the officers of the Dutch Regiment from thence. This item is [in the accounts of the Paymaster of the Forces] to be placed to the separate account of the moneys paid upon account of the said officers. Disposition Book VI, p. 173.
Same to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed draft [missing] of a proclamation for putting the laws in execution against transporting wool etc. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 343.
Same to Mr. Burton to insist upon 1,000l. bail for Charles Johnson of Dover, who is to be tried in the Exchequer Court. Ibid.
Mar. 27. The Treasury Lords to the Earl of Huntingdon, giving him notice of their intended warrant as above, pp. 1832–3, for felling 150 oaks in Bushey Park. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 344.
Treasury reference to Mr. Lowndes of the petition of Ellin[or] Pendrell, widow [of] Hum. Pendrell, shewing that her husband died near 400l. in debt, the greater part whereof his sons are bound for, and all his goods seized for rent a fortnight before his death "and 100 marks of her [husband's] pension of 100l. per an. descended to her grandson by the letters patents": therefore prays the King "to discharge those bonds" to prevent the ruin of her sons and that she may receive the remainder of the pension, being 33l. 6s. 8d., during her life. Reference Book V, p. 240.
Royal letter to the Earl of Tyrconnel, Lord Deputy of Ireland. In the list of pensions on the present establishment of Ireland, supra, pp. 1746–7, there is 300l. per an. for Visct. Iveagh. He has been dead several years, but that allowance was continued to his lady for herself and her four daughters. You have lately represented that three of them are married and that the present Lord Iveagh has nothing to live on and is a fit object of royal bounty. You are therefore to pay to him for his maintenance 100l. per an. of the abovesaid 300l. per an., and the remainder to Lady Iveagh for herself and her unmarried daughter. Out Letters (Ireland) V, pp. 99–100.
On the last Irish establishment Lady Stephens had a pension of 336l. per an. In view of the other means which you have signified that she possesses you are to continue to her in the [present] new establishment 150l. per an. as pension. The remainder she is to release.
You are to allow 200l. per an. additional to the Muster Master General of the Army [Ireland] as in lieu of the deduction of one day's pay in the year from the Army, which deduction was about Michaelmas last directed to be no longer taken. This is to be inserted on the military list as from Michaelmas last, and 100l. thereon for the half year ended Mar. 25 inst. is to be forthwith paid him.
Report to the Treasury Lords from William Blathwayt on the memorial of Mr. Burghill touching several shares of land in the Bermudas formerly belonging to Owen Row, Cornelius Holland and Sir John Danvers, as also concerning the public lands there. I [Blathwaite] find that the late [Bermudas] Company of those Islands did on 1668, April 9, make a certificate to the late King that Cornelius Holland and Owen Row died seized of nine shares of land there, five of which only have lately [been] conveyed by the King under the great seal to Hugh Noden, merchant of London, after several hearings before the late Lord Treasurer. As to the other four shares and twelve more certified to have belonged to Sir John Danvers, it does not appear that Noden concerns himself therewith. As to one fourth of those islands mentioned in the memorial to have been set apart by his Majesty's charter for the maintenance of the Governor, by the name of the Public or General Lands (which by the dissolution of the late Company is now vested in his Majesty), I find that by the King's instructions to Sir Robert Robinson, the present Governor of the Bermudas, he is directed to make strict enquiry as to same. Several letters have been received from him since then, but without any account of the said public lands. I propose that he be again directed to return an account of all the said public lands as also of the four shares belonging to said Holland and Row and Sir John Danvers's twelve shares and also to examine the abovesaid certificate of the [Bermudas] Company and likewise to report on the present petition of Burghill. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, pp. 290–1.
Prefixing: (a) note of said petition of Burghill; (b) Treasury reference, dated Feb. 3 last, thereof to William Blathwayt.
Mar. 28. Henry Guy to the Board of Greencloth to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Ann Thurston, widow of John Thurston, late Groom in the Pitcher Office to the late King; petitioner praying that her husband's salary may be continued to her in consideration of his loyalty and for the preservation of herself and children. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 344.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh. It is the King's pleasure that you advance to the serjeants and volunteers that are come out of Holland 14 days of their allowance, which will be due on Friday, the 13th inst., ut supra, p. 1814. Ibid.
Report by William Blathwayt to the Treasury Lords on the petition of Sir Robert Davers, kt. Petitioner is and for some years past has been one of the Council of Barbados and has been a Baron of the Exchequer [Barbados] and afterwards Chief Baron thereof and Justice of the Pleas of the Crown there. Therein he served with great zeal and diligence. But no salary was ever allowed to the Judges or Barons of the Exchequer in that island, those officers and trusts being always executed without any charge to his Majesty. What consideration petitioner deserves for his service is submitted to his Majesty. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, p. 291.
Mar. 29. Money warrant for 9,232l. 3s. 4¾d. to the Earl of Rochester, Earl of Peterborough, Lord Godolphin, Robert Werden and Sir Edward Herbert, kt., Trustees for the Queen: for 1688, Mar. 25 quarter, on the several sums granted by the King for her better support and dignity. Money Book VIII, p. 409.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay the same quarter's salary bill of the Customs, London port (total, 4,834l. 8s. 11d. for established salaries and 156l. 5s. 0d. for additional salaries, or 4,990l. 13s. 11d. in all). Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to direct payment of the same quarter's salary bill of the outports (total, 5,082l. 17s. 0d. for established salaries and 580l. 10s. 0d. for additional salaries, or 5,663l. 7s. 0d. in all). Ibid.
Money warrant for 125l. to Edward Griffin, esq., for same quarter on his pension. (Money order dated Mar. 31 hereon.) Ibid, p. 410. Order Book II, p. 138.
Same for 273l. to Sir Peter Wyche for three months from Oct. 9 last to Jan. 8 last on his ordinary of 3l. a day as Resident with the Hanse Towns. (Money order dated Mar. 31 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 410. Order Book II, p. 137.
Mar. 29. Money warrant for 250l. to Sir Thomas Dereham, kt., for one quarter on his allowance of 1,000l. per an. (commencing from 1686–7, Mar. 14) as Envoy to the Great Duke of Tuscany. (Money order dated Mar. 31 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 411. Order Book II, p. 137.
Appending: certificate by Secretary the Earl of Sunderland, dated Whitehall, 1687, Oct. 14, that said Dereham "went hence towards Florence on the 14th day of March last past."
Treasury warrant dormant to Sir William Godolphin, auditor of Wales, and to the Receiver thereof for debentures to be drawn (by said auditor) and paid (by said Receiver) from time to time for the fee of 3s. a day payable to Francis Smith, esq., his Majesty's serjeant-at-arms attending the Lord President and Council of Wales and the Marches: same to be paid out of the rents and profits of the manor of Wigmore, alias Wigmoreland, or any other the Crown rents and revenues in Wales as by the privy seal of 1686, Aug. 14. Further, 54l. 15s. 0d. is hereby to be paid him for one year to Sept. 29 last thereon, being due to him as is certified by Robert Humfreys, deputy to said auditor. Money Book VIII, p. 411.
Money warrant for 455l. to Charles, Visct. [Granville of] Lansdown, for three months 1687, Aug. 10, to Nov. 9, on his ordinary of 5l. a day as Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Spain. (Money order dated April 3 hereon.) Ibid, p. 412. Order Book II, p. 138.
Same for 273l. to Sir George Etheridge for three months 1687, Aug. 27 to Nov. 26, on his ordinary of 3l. a day as his Majesty's Agent in Germany. (Money order dated April 3 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 412. Order Book II, p. 138.
Same for 273l. to Sir Richard Bulstrode for three months 1687, Oct. 12, to 1687–8, Jan. 11, on his like ordinary as Envoy to the Governor of the Spanish Netherlands (the Spanish Low Countries). (Money order dated April 9 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 414. Order Book II, p. 139.
Same for 7,456l. 6s. 8d. to Sir Denny Ashburnham, bart., and his partners, late Victuallers of the Navy, for 5 per cent. interest to 1682, Sept. 30, on money by them advanced for said service and in full of all their demands concerning their said victualling: as by the certificate of 1686, June 19, from the Auditors of Imprests: to be paid out of loans to be made by Valentine Duncombe, esq., on the credit of the duties on linen and tobacco. (Money order dated Mar. 29 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 413. Order Book II, p. 136.
Same for 2,058l. 0s. 8d. to said Ashburnham and partners in full of the surplusage on their account for victuals and provisions furnished to the late garrison of Tangier from 1677, Oct. 1, to 1678, Sept. 30: as by the account thereof made up by Auditor Tho. Done and declared 1686, Oct. 20: to be satisfied out of loans ut supra. (Money order dated Mar. 29 hereon.) Money Book VIII, pp. 414–5. Order Book II, p. 136.
Henry Guy to Sir Jno. Brattle and Mr. Hoar to report on the enclosed state [missing] of Mr. Slingsby's account relating to the new buildings and engines and other expenses relating to the new way of coining: also to certify whether the tools and engines therein mentioned are still remaining in the Office of the Mint. Out Letters (General) XI, pp. 343, 348.
Mar. 29. Henry Guy to the Attorney General. The late Farmers of the Revenue of Ireland are in a short time to be heard by counsel before the Treasury Lords on several articles in their account thereof and you are then to appear on behalf of the King. I enclose you Sir John Temple's report on those heads: take his instructions therein. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 344
Same to the Duke of Grafton, giving him notice of the intended Treasury warrant for felling 150 oaks in Bushey Park, ut supra, pp. 1832–3. Ibid, p. 345.
Same to Mr. Burton to pass at the King's charge the accounts of the late Commissioners for enquiring into and selling the estates of the rebels in the late Western rebellion, viz. of their receipts, expenses and money answered and paid to the King. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Hewer to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Isaac Harris, late a trooper under Capt. Langston at Tangier; petitioner praying for payment of 20l. 16s. 0d. due to him from Troopers "of the said Regiment." Ibid.
[?] Same to the Customs Commissioners to send an officer to the lodgings in Pall Mall of Capt. Raymond Everards, Envoy from the Prince of Fürstenberg, to visit his goods in order to their being transported to Germany. Ibid, p. 346.
Appending: list of said goods (including seven horses, Irish frieze for a campaign suit, grey English cloth for a riding coat, ten pairs of stockings for himself and his lady, embroidered Housses or saddle cloths: and for his lady four suits of several sorts of white and black hoods, four cornets for her head, 60 yards of ribbon, 20 yards of mohair for a gown).
Mar. 29. Same to same to report on the enclosed four papers [missing] presented to the Treasury Lords by Monsieur Lange concerning the illustrating of Lutestrings (Lustrings), Taffetas and Alamodes. You are to hear said Lange thereupon. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to same to employ John Underdowne as collector of Faversham port loco Thomas Cooke, lately dismissed. Out Letters (Customs) XI, p. 132.
Francis Williams as boatman at Nangle in Milford port loco Evan Morris, lately dismissed.
Richard Bere as collector of Carlisle port loco Sir Christopher Musgrave, who relinquishes same.
William Knowles as tidesman at Shields in Newcastle port loco John Duckett, lately deceased.
Same to same to establish two more landcarriagemen [in London port] to make their number 12 and to stop the allowance of incidents to the three extraordinary[landcarriage]men: and to reduce David Bennet, the present surveyor, to one of the ordinary landcarriagemen, he being not qualified for a surveyor: and to establish three new surveyors for the landcarriage at the salary of 80l. per an. each and to be obliged to keep a horse; and John Gretton, Anthony Evernden and William to be the said three, being qualified by education and long experience and having been discoverers of great frauds. The abovesaid establishment of officers for the landcarriage is to be settled as follows, viz. the three surveyors to be from time to time appointed by the Customs Commissioners to particular posts or stations and removed and exchanged quarterly or oftener as shall be thought fit; and each of the said surveyors to have four of the landcarriage officers under his direction, to be nominated, removed or exchanged from time to time by the said Commissioners: the said surveyors, so assisted, to frequently ride the roads to meet the carriers 10 or 15 miles off more or less and taking up all certificates so that they may not be twice used to the King's prejudice: and to this end the said surveyors to have a further allowance of 25l. per an. each for buying and keeping a horse whereon to mount his assistant upon occasion: and to be obliged to give to the said Commissioners every Monday morning an account of all transactions in his station the week preceding, especially as to whether any of his under officers were negligent or remiss, what officer rode with him abroad, what road they visited, how long they were out, what carriages they demanded and searched and what certificates they took up. Ibid, pp. 133–4.
The Customs Commissioners hoping to prevent the frauds practised by the landcarriage in running laces, silks and other fine goods and to break the smuggling trade to London, did propose the above arrangements in their memorial of the 27th inst. wherein they informed the Treasury Lords that in the present establishment of London port there are ten landcarriagemen at 35l. per an. salary each, a surveyor at 80l. and three extraordinary men paid by incidents at 20l. per an. each and that John Gretton, lately employed in the landcarriage for Kent and Sussex, had discovered great frauds, wherefore they propose to employ him as above, he being well acquainted with those roads and the way of conveying uncustomed and prohibited goods. All these proposed arrangements are hereby authorised by the Treasury Lords.
Mar. 29. Treasury reference to Auditor Aldworth of the account of interest due to Charles Toll for moneys advanced by him for the King's service. Reference Book V, pp. 246–7.
l. s. d. l. s. d.
Prefixing: said account. [6 per cent.] to 1688, April 1, on 12,000l. transferred from the account of Charles Duncombe 1687, June 24, being then advanced to [sic for by] this accomptant upon tallies on the Excise dated 3 Dec, 1684 556 4 4
abate one sixth 92 14 2
463 11 2
interest from 1687, July 1, on 12,000l. balance of principal on two orders of loan on the Customs 542 9 3
£1,006 0 5
[Repayments of principal and] discompt of interest thereon up to 1688, April 1.
1,000l. received at the Excise Office 1687, Nov. 3, in part of abovesaid tallies 24 13 1
1,000l. similarly received Nov. 9 23 13 5
1,000l. similarly received Nov. 16 22 10 4
1,000l. similarly received Nov. 23 21 7 4
1,000l. similarly received Dec. 1 20 1 1
1,000l. similarly received Dec. 22 16 12 0
1,000l. similarly received 1687–8, Jan. 11 13 6 3
1,000l. similarly received 1687–8, Jan. 18 12 3 3
1,000l. similarly received 1687–8, Jan. 26 10 16 11
1,000l. similarly received 1687–8, Mar. 1 5 1 11
1,000l. similarly received 1687–8, Mar. 7 4 2 2
1,000l. similarly received 1687–8, Mar. 14 2 19 2
£177 6 11
abate one sixth 29 11 1
£147 15 10
thus leaving 12,000l. principal and a total of interest of 858l. 4s. 7d. due to the accomptant.
Mar. 29. Indenture between the Treasury Lords of the one part and Sir Edmund Turner of the Inner Temple, kt., Edward Courthop and Thomas Vaughan, esq., of the other part, whereby the said Lords as Farmers of the Alienation fines (by the patent dated 1686–7, Mar. 21) do constitute said Turner, Courthop and Vaughan to be their deputies therein with all the said Lords' powers therein: to hold during the pleasure of said Lords and to follow their instructions therein: the said Lords confiding very much in the experience and fidelity of the said Turner and Courthop, who have been employed for many years in the said revenue. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, pp. 274–5.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to deliver up the 8,000l. bond entered into 1686–7, Feb. 14, by George Speake of White Lackington, co. Somerset, he having fulfilled the condition of said bond by paying 2,000l. into the Exchequer Mar. 23 inst. in full of 5,000l., viz. 4,000l. as in the bond and 1,000l. which was by agreement to be paid before the sealing of the bond. Ibid, p. 277.
Mar. 29, 30, 15 & 13. Same to Serjeant Ryley to arrest Thomas Rowe and William Eaton of Dover, who are great dealers, factors and undertakers for the conveyance of uncustomed and prohibited goods, which practices tend highly to the detriment of the revenue. Ibid, pp. 284, 285, 287, 288, 289, 302.
Same, dated Mar. 19, for same of Jno. Thorpe of Canterbury, merchant, who has been an employer of a certain person in the transportation of great quantities of wool feloniously.
Same, dated Mar. 15, for same of William Reynolds of Faversham, mariner, who confesses to having transported beyond sea great quantities of wool since Sept. 29 last.
Same, dated Mar. 13, for same of William Couchman, living near Cheyne Court, co. Kent, who together with one William Baker on Feb. 7 last and Mar. 7 inst. shipped great quantities of wool in order to the felonious transport thereof beyond the seas.
The like for the said William Baker.
Same, dated same, for same of Thomas Price of Sterry [Sturry] and — Iverson of Canterbury and Thomas Fleet of St. Stephen, Kent; the said Price and Iverson having with 50 persons unknown on the 5th Mar. inst. repaired to the barn of the said Fleet with clubs and staves and forcibly rescued and carried away towards the sea side 14 horse load of combed wool which had been seized that day by Jno. Underdowne, gent., Customs officer at Margate, Kent, the said officer and his assistant being beaten, bruised and wounded in the said rescue.
Same, dated Mar. 30, for same of Francis Young, senr., of Shoreham, owner of the Providence ketch of Shoreham, who is a great dealer in and importer and conveyor of uncustomed and prohibited goods: and also John Wilson, mate to the master of the said vessel, who has been a, notorious assister in such importation etc.
Same, dated Mar. 29, for same of William Rickesey, junr., of Sandwich, who is a great dealer, factor and undertaker for the conveyance of uncustomed and prohibited goods.
Mar. 29. The Treasury Lords to the Lord Deputy of Ireland. We have read to the King your letters of the 1st, 5th and 16th inst. relating to the proposal of Sir Henry Bond and Mr. Doe for the place of Receiver General of the Revenue, Ireland, now enjoyed by Mr. Price. The King agrees that they shall have the said place upon their advancing so much money as may reimburse Mr. Price all that is due to him; for which they are to be allowed 6 per cent. interest, and they are to return his Majesty's moneys hither [by bills of exchange to London] for an allowance of 8 per cent. Please cause Mr. Price's account to be stated so that it may be seen how much is due to him and send it us with your advice whether Midsummer or Michaelmas next be the best time for them to enter on the said office. Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 100.
Mar. 30. Henry Guy to Mr. Hewer to pay to Capt. James Fortrey the 89l. 9s. 0d. balance due to him at the foot of the account of his Company late of Tangier: he being to go into France. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 346.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Giles Biggs on behalf of himself and several other merchants in London; petitioner shewing that ever since the making of the Act of Navigation melosses have been imported from France and Holland and entered without question; but that the Customs Commissioners have [now] stopped those commodities from France upon a nice distinction wherein the lawyers are doubtful; therefore praying to be admitted to enter a certain quantity which they bought before they knew said Commissioners' intention, petitioners submitting to such direction as shall be given for the future. Reference Book V, p. 242.
Same to the Warden of the Mint of the petition of Tho. East, engraver, praying payment of 408l. 5s. 0d. for engraving etc. of seals for the King's service. Ibid.
Mar. 31. Same to Sir Robert Howard [Auditor of the Receipt] of the petition of Jo[h]n Packer, usher of the Exchequer, praying a warrant for payment [to himself out] of the Tenths for the diocese of Norwich for the year 1686, of his liberates for Michaelmas and Hilary terms last, he having made up his own liberates from the time of his father's death to the end of Trinity term last. Ibid.
Hereon said Howard is to report how much of the Tenths of said diocese petitioner has paid into the Exchequer.
Mar. 31. Treasury reference to Auditor Aldworth of the statement of account of interest due to Cha. Duncomb for one quarter to Mar. 25 inst. for moneys lent for his Majesty's service, being 718l. 0s. 5d. for such interest on 28,000l. lent on the Excise and 20,000l. lent on the Hearthmoney. Reference Book V, p. 243.
The like of the like account of interest due to Richard Kent for moneys similarly lent: being 523l. 10s. 7½d. for 35,000l. lent on the Customs.
Mar. 1
[sic for Mar. 31].
Same to the Attorney General of the petition of William Legg and James Fortrey, shewing that they are informed that near Woodchester in co. Gloucester treasure trove to the value of 4–500l. has been embezzled and kept from the King: therefore praying a grant and encouragement for the discovery thereof. Ibid.
Mar. 31. Same to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton of the petition of Geo. Etkins, shewing that he was fined 120l. in the King's Bench for digging in an almost useless highway on premises which he holds by lease from the late Duke of Richmond and is now threatened by Sir Joseph Williamson with a, new information to compel him to yield up the lease: therefore prays a remission of the fine and a noli prosequi and that if Sir Joseph is wronged he may bring his action at law. Ibid.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren of the petition of Steph. Tagg, shewing that he has been keeper of the Privy Garden gate these 12 years and was paid 2s. 6d. a day by the Paymaster of the Works to Christmas, 1685, but has received no salary since, though he has constantly attended the duty: therefore prays payment of his salary. Ibid, p. 245.