Volume 93: January 2-March 31, 1705

Pages 313-335

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1874.

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January 2–March 31, 1705

1704–5. 1. An estimate of the charge in the office of ordnance for sea service for the year 1705. 1 page.
1704–5. 2. New Year's gifts pro ao 1705. 1 page, quarto.
Jan. 2. 3. Report of the Comrs of Prizes on the petition of Mr John Parker, one of the agents for prizes at Falmouth. The prize business was so negligently performed there by Mr Jones that the petitioner was appointed together with Mr Nicholas Davy in his room. Several things had there been brought to light by them, for which they deserved favour in a more profitable employment. Dated 2 Jan. 1704.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“He may continue at Falmouth at a quantum meruit. 2 pages.
Jan. 2. 4. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded, and exchange of prisoners at war, to the Ld High Treasurer, pressing for the payment of the claims of their office, their several agents being threatened with imprisonment. Dated 2 Jan. 1704–5.
Minuted:—“Respited.” Again:—“22,000li to ye Tre[asure]r of ye Navy for sick & wounded to clear their debt to X~mas 1703.” 2½ pages.
Jan. 3. 5. Copy of warrant of Prince George of Denmark, for payment of Mr Jacob Meulk, who was appointed by Edwd Knatchbull, Esq., Muster Master Genl, to muster the detachment of Marine regiments left in garrison at Gibraltar. Dated 3 Jan. 1704–5. 2 pages.
Jan. 3. 6. Report of the Comrs for managing the duties on stamped vellum, parchment, and paper, to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of James Elliot, stamper in the Stamp Office, who having involved himself in debt was obliged to abscond. He asked that a friend of his wife might be appointed, who if appointed would take care of her and his children. They certify as to the circumstances, but make no recommendation. Referred to them 3 Jan. 1704–5.
The memorial. 2 pages.
Jan. 4. 7. Report of Mr Edwd Wilcox to the Lord High Treasurer, on a claim for watering the ring and the way leading to it in Hyde Park, confirming the claim, but for the future it might be performed cheaper by making an agreement. Dated 4 Jan. 1704.
Minuted:—“19 May 1705. The 230 8 0 to be pd, but lett him receive proposals how this & ye watering ye road can be best done for ye future.”
The petition and bill. 3 pages.
Jan. 5. 8. Letter of Ad. Cardonnel to Mr Lowndes, conveying the Duke of Marlborough's opinion upon several reports of matters touching various allowances to regiments, &c. In the margin are the Lord High Treasurer's minutes thereon. Dated Whitehall, 5 Jan. 1704–5. 2½ pages.
Jan. 10. 9. Cofferer's memorial for 10,000li 10th Jañry 1704.
Minuted:—“10,000li Ordrd 11th do.” ½ page.
Jan. 10. 10. Copy of the report of the Comrs of Trade to the Queen, on the case of Robert Livingston of New York, who was secretary for the Indian affairs, but suspended by Col. Fletcher. He had been very serviceable in managing the treaties with the Indians, notwithstanding the suspension, and they thought he should have his salary. Dated 10 Jan. 1704–5. 1½ pages.
Jan. 11.]
11. Petition of William Kendrick to the Ld High Treasurer, praying repayment of 20l. for an estreated recognizance.
Minuted:—“11th Janry 1704. This 20li to be pd to Kendrick out of secret service; pd 20th Janry 1704.” 1 page.
Jan. 11.]
12. Petition of her “late Majesty's livery servants who are unprovided for,” to the Ld High Treasurer, viz., for arrears. They state that some of them had been exposed to such necessities, that they had starved for want of the common comforts of life, and had been buried by the charity of friends.
The first minute on it is 11 Jan. 1704. The second is:—“29 March 1705. To be paid when there is mony for arreares.”
Accompanying is “An account of the yearly allowances to the late Queen's livery servants by his late Majesty's establishmt.” 2 pages.
Jan. 11.]
13. “Petition and certificate of the officers and clarkes in the Tally-court, of annuities and loanes wch they struck from Pasche 1704 to Micħas 1704 for wch they tooke no fees.”
Minuted:—“11 Janry 1704. Orderd.” 2 pages.
Jan. 11.]
14. Petition of Thomas Nickolls, John Watson, and Henry Barton to the Lord High Treasurer, claiming a share of the reward for the apprehension of Sir John Mackleene and others, who came from France on 8 Nov. 1703 without licence, for which Capt. Jordan, “late Major of Folkstone,” obtained an order for 30l.
Referred to Mr Borrett 11 Jan. 1704. 1 page.
Jan. 11.]
15. Petition of Captain John Baker to the Lord High Treasurer. He had served King Charles I. through the Rebellion, for which he was often imprisoned and plundered, and three times banished. He twice relieved Pendennis Castle when it was closely besieged by sea and land, and was in the Kentish rising for King Charles II. in 1648, and endeavouring to get into Colchester was repulsed, and so put himself into Pontefract Castle. He was with King Charles II. in Scotland, and being taken prisoner at Worcester fight was banished. He was in Sir George Booth's rising with Col. Colepepper in the year 1659. He took Sir Henry Mildmay, one of the bloody regicides, and after the Restoration rode in the horse guards about 18 years, until he was old and incapable of further service, and then had a small pension. As he was not likely to live long he implored that it might be transferred to his wife Elizabeth Baker.
Minuted:—“11 Jany 1704. My Ld can do nothing in this.” 1 page.
Jan. 11.]
16. Petition of the Inferior Prize Officers in the port of London to the Lord High Treasurer, for their taxes to be remitted.
Minuted:—“11 Jany 1704. Respited.” Again:—“28 March 1705. Everybody must submit to pay their taxes.” 2 pages.
Jan. 11. 17. Letter from J. Burchett to Mr Lowndes introducing Lt Wm Sybbald in Brigadier Gustavus Hamilton's regiment, who had “somewhat to discover as to the abuse done the public in hiring transport ships.” Dated Admiralty Office, 11 Jan. 1704–5.
Accompanied by “the information of Lieut. William Sibbald,” who showed how the government was cheated in the valuation of the transport ships which were lost. 2¼ pages.
Jan. 17. 18. Letter from Frances Killigrew to William Lowndes, Esq. She had the “dire and irretrievable misfortune of losing her husband. Reminds him of his promise to move the Ld Treasurer to do something for her son. They had lost their chief subsistence by the going away of 300l. a year held by patents for life by her husband, payable out of the duchy of Cornwall; prays his aid for some part of the lost annuity. Dated Ludlow, 17 Jan. 1704.
Minuted:—“My lord doth not thinke it reasonable to continue this penc[i]on, but if he will apply for any suitable imploymt when a vacancy happens his lop will be ready to satisfy him therewth.” 1 page.
Jan. 20. 19. Report of the Comrs of Revenue to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the seizure of a ship trading with France, and the committal of the crew to gaol. Dated 20 Jan. 1704. 1 page.
Jan. 20. 20. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of William Cleuland, commander of H.M. ship Mountague, as to the restitution of the value of a bale of silk confiscated, the customs on which had been paid at Plymouth; advising relief. Dated 20 Jan. 1704. With a minute agreeing thereto.
The petition and a permit. 3½ pages and a few lines.
Jan. 20. 21. Report of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer, as to a demand by the Comrs for Prizes for guns delivered into the Office of Ordnance. Dated 20 Jan. 1704–5.
Schedule relating thereto. 2 pages.
Jan. 22. 22. Report of Mr William Blathwayt to the Lord [High Treasurer] as to the furnishing ordnance for the province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, fortifications having been built in the harbour of Boston. There was no revenue in that province at Her Majesty's disposal. The revenue of 40,949l. 6s. 7d. raised last year was wholly appropriated for particular uses and carrying on the war against the French and Indians, who had invaded that country and burnt several towns. Dated Whitehall, 22 Janry 1704.
The order in council and an estimate of the value of the ordnance.
Minuted:—“Read 22 Janry 1704. To be p[ai]d for out of ye prize money in ye plantac[i]ons, if it appears (wn ye Comrs of Prizes make a return to ye direcc[i]on they have to lay an acct of wt prize mo is in ye plantac[i]on) that there is sufft for ye doing thereof.” 4½ pages.
Jan. 22. 23. Report of Mr William Vanbrugh to the Ld High Treasurer on the petition of Mrs Elizth Atkinson, “Mrs Laundress to her Majesty's person,” as to her travelling charges. Dated 22 Jan. 1704–5.
Her petition and a certificate.
There are three minutes on the back, the last of which is, “31 July 1706. Agreed.” 3 pages.
Jan. 22. 24. Report of Mr Wm Vanbrugh to the Lord High Treasurer on the Lord Chamberlain's list of customary and extraordinary allowances. Dated 22 Jan. 1704–5. 2 pages.
Jan. 23. 25. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer on the case of the town of Kingston-upon-Thames, which paid after the rate 4s. 4d. to the tax of 4s. in the pound, by reason that some of the land in the parish had been enclosed in New Park. Unless the Comrs could find that some paid less than 4s. in the pound and rated them with the excess, the agents could see no remedy except by a clause in an Act of Parliament. Dated 23 Jan. 1704.
Accompanied by “the case,” and copies of two legal opinions.
Minuted:—“29 March 1705. My Lord concurrs in opinion wth the agents.” 6 pages.
Jan. 23. 26. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of the Lady Bunbury on behalf of her husband, Tho. Whitley, Esq., one of the securities of the Recr Genl for Cheshire and North Wales, for stay of proceedings. They saw no cause to stay proceedings. Dated 23 Jan. 1704.
The petition. 2 pages.
Jan. 23. 27. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to Mr Lowndes as to certain wine in the prize warehouses at Buttolph wharf, which was not worth the duty; praying directions. Dated 23 Jan. 1704–5. 1 page.
Jan. 24. 28. Report of H. St John and two others to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of Col. Whetham relating to the musters and clearing his regiment, together with the report of the Duke of Ormond thereon. Dated 24 Jan. 1704–5.
Col. Whetham's “Report.”
Minuted:—“12th Feb. 1704–5. Agreed, but the money for the supernumerary men to be p[ai]d out of the revenue of Ireld. Wt signd.” 5 pages.
Jan. 24. 29. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord [High Treasurer] on a letter signed John Strangways reflecting on Mr Culliford, one of their number, charging him with doing what he could to ruin their name or kindred for opposition at an election, &c. Their opinion was that the letter was false, scandalous, and malicious. Dated 24 Jan. 1704–5.
The letter and three others on the same subject. 5½ pages.
Jan. 24. 30. Petition of Elizabeth, widow of Henry Winstanley, to the Queen. Her late husband, for the great preservation of shipping, expended in building the late lighthouse upon the rock called the Edystone, near Plymouth, about 5,000l., which was to have been repaid him with 50l. a year for 50 years as a reward for his extraordinary service and invention thereof, out of all such shipping as received the benefit. About 2,000l. only was reimbursed him before the late dreadful storm of wind blew the same down, when her husband lost his life; asking for the royal bounty.
Referred by her Majesty to the Lord High Treasurer 24 Jan. 1704–5.
Minuted:—“28 March 1705. Send this to ye Trinity House to state ye case, wth their opinion.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. 13, p. 243, 10 June 1706, is an abstract of what appears to be another petition from her. In addition to the above facts it states “the petr was recommended by the corporation of the Trinity House as a fit object of her Majesty's charity, and his Royal Highness, to whom her Majesty referred it, was of opinion that the lighthouse was of very great advantage to navigation, and that as her husband did very well deserve encouragement, so his widow, being left in very mean circumstances, was a fit object for her Majesty's charity.”
The minute made on this was:—“Speak with some of the gentlemen of Trinity House.”
She received 200l. of the royal bounty by warrant 27 Sept. 1707 (see King's Warrant Book, Vol. XVI., p. 256), and a pension of 100l. per ann. from Lady-day 1708 by another warrant of 25 June 1708 (see ib., p. 370). 1 page.
Jan. 26.]
31. Presentment of the Comrs of Prizes as to mismanagement at Portsmouth.
“Read 26th Janry 1704.” 1 page.
Jan. 29. 32. Abstract of treaties and conventions relating to the forces. “Entered Jany 29th 1704–5. p[er] Wm Martyn.”
With a table of contents. 17 pages.
Jan. 29. 33. Presentment of Mr Clayton to the Lord High Treasurer as to certain interest due under the Annuity Act, 1703, viz., whether it should be paid into the Exchequer upon his account. Dated 29 Jan. 1704.
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
Jan. 29. 34. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld [High Treasurer] on the petition of Thomas Briggs, who with another was bound as surety in 1,300l. for a collector at Lynn, who died insolvent. The petitioner's property was mortgaged, and it might be reasonable to accept the 200l. offered rather than contest the matter at law, &c. Dated 29 Jan. 1704–5.
The petition and two other documents. 7¼ pages.
Jan. 31. 35. Report of Mr William Blathwayt to the Lord [High Treasurer] enclosing states of her Majesty's revenues arising in America, &c., viz., in Massachusetts Bay, New York, Jamaica, Charibbee Islands, and the Jerseys, with his observations thereon. In the margin are the minutes. Dated 31 Jan. 1704. 13½ pages.
[End of
36. “Papers abstracted.” A paper so docquetted. They are the abstracts of various Treasury papers, with minutes in the margin. The papers are some of them in this Calendar, and many more will be found in the Reference Book, Vol. VII. 4 pages.
Feb. 2. 37. Report of S. Travers, Surveyor General, to the Lord High Treasurer, on his negotiations with the several persons who had an interest in Woodstock Park, in compliance with the address of the House of Commons. King Charles II. granted the office of lieut. of Woodstock Park, &c. to Sir Walter St John and others in trust for the Earl and Countess of Lichfield for life. The benefit of the trust was then for Lord Baltimore and his “son” Mr Calvert, who married the Lady Charlotte, daughter of the said Earl, and Charles Bertie, Esqre, the Lord Great Chamberlain's brother, acted in the lieutenancy as his deputy. Lord Baltimore, Mr Calvert, and Mr Bertie had valued the property at 15,000l. By others it was valued at 10,000l. All the parties concerned were content to surrender the letters patent or assign their interest for 7,000l. A lower value, viz., 6,000l., had been put on it, but it was when the Earl had differences and disputes with the Chief Justice in Eyre, and was under a cloud, being put into a proclamation for supposed disaffection to the government in the last reign. They finally insisted on 6,000 guineas and certain conditions. His Grace the Duke of Marlborough might think fit to employ Brice, one of the keepers, who was an excellent woodman, &c. The Earl of Lichfield had sent an account of 394l. due to him for disbursements about the park over and above the rent reserved by his patent, and prayed to be reimbursed, now his family were parting with their interest therein. He had seen none of the keepers except Brice till that morning. Their expectations were so very high that he doubted it would be difficult to reduce them to reason, &c. Dated 2 Feb. 1704.
Also memorial of John Tailer about taking off Woodstock incumbrances and the incident charges thereof.
Minuted:—“S. Manll for any sum not exceeding 12,000li wthout accot to John Tailer for making the wthin menc[i]ond purchase of Woodstock.” 3½ pages.
Feb. 2. 38. Warrant signed Godolphin to the Barons of the Exchequer for the discharge of Dr Cony from an assessment on his salary in the year 1697. 1 page.
Feb. 5.]
39. Petition of John Carter to the Lord High Treasurer. 2,340l. were due to him from the government, as the executor and son-in-law of Philip Lanyon, Workmaster General of the Fortifications. He had been minuted for employment; prays for an appointment or a pension.
Minuted:—“50li out of sec. service. Pd 5th Feb. 1704/5.” 1 page.
Feb. 7. 40. Report of Sir Edw. Northey to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of the Lady Wood and Mrs Stephens, and on a hearing of Cæsar Bradshaw, Esq., and Mr Wm Murrey; recommending the enlargement of the time for hearing a cause about the hearth farm. Dated 7 Feb. 1704–5.
The petition and two other papers, one of which is a previous report. 5 pages and 2 halves.
Feb. 7. 41. Report of Mr Henry Baker to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Thomas Skinner, who, having imported foreign silks, had compounded with the informer and sought to be excused from her Majesty's part; certifying that he had of late been very serviceable to the government, and that he might deserve very well for the future. Dated 7 Feb. 1704.
The petition. 2 pages.
Feb. 9. 42. Report of Jos. Tredenham and Arthur Moore [Controllers of the Accounts of the Army] to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of Sir Charles Hara in behalf of the captains in the Royal Regiment of Fuzileers, 200 of whom were ordered to Portugal in 1703, and no levy money issued till April 1704. There was no pretence for any allowance. Dated Controller's Office, 9 Feb. 1704.
Minuted:—“His Grace & my Ld are of ye same opinion with ye Comptrs in this case.” 1 page.
[? About
Feb. 9.]
43. Petition of the clothiers of her Majesty's Forces in Holland to the Duke of Marlborough, Captn Genl of H.M. Forces, for paymt of their arrears and for the better payment of the offreckonings.
Minuted:—“Read 9 Feb. 1704–5. Agreed.” 1 page.
Feb. 10. 44. “Extract of a letter from Mr Hill to Mr Pauncfort the 21st of Febry. S. N. 1704,” as to bills advised and advances according to treaty. 1¼ pages.
Feb. 12. 45. Warrant of the Ld High Treasurer on the report of the Comrs of Customs, ordering that the customs and other duties for the cocoa nuts therein mentioned should stand charged in the Queen's books, and a nolle prosequi should be entered. Dated 12 Feb. 1704. This is written on the report.
A petition and certificate connected therewith. 4 pages.
Feb. 12.]
46. Petition of Thomas Bathurst, gent., to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the surrender to the petitioner of a tally in payment for certain timber delivered at Chatham Dock.
Minuted:—“12 Feb. 1704–5. Mr Dodington to certify what objection he has to what is desired by the petr. Mr Dodington's report is annexed. July 18th 1705. Show the report to Mr Bathurst.” 1 page.
Feb. 14. 47. Letter of the Council of the Queen Dowager to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for a warrant to the Woodward General, &c., to mark and set out trees to be cut in the Forest of Whittlewood. Dated from her Majesty the Queen Dowager's Council Chamber in Denmark House, 14 Feb. 1704. 1 page.
Feb. 14. 48. Letter from Mr Thomas Everard to William Lowndes, Esq., asking him to peruse a paper enclosed, which contained a general abstract of her Majesty's revenue in Ireland, for nine years ending at Christmas 1703, making various observations on the same. Dated Custom House, Dublin, Feb. 14th 1704.
The paper not now with it. 2 pages.
Feb. 15. 49. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord [High] Treasurer on certain papers said to be in the name of the merchants of London, complaining of the officers of customs, reflecting on the board, and more particularly on two of them. They knew but of two Frenchmen employed under them, and they were men of probity and good officers, and they did not believe they were unfaithful, nor would they betray the shipping of this kingdom to the enemy. The surveyors protested against any confederacy as was suggested. The charge against the two Comrs of nepotism was groundless and scandalous. Dated 15 Feb. 1704–5.
The papers referred to. 4 pages.
Feb. 16. 50. Letter from Mr St John to Mr Lowndes about recruits for Col. Cunningham's regiment. Dated Whitehall, 16 Feb. 1704.
Another paper relating to the same regiment. 3 pages.
Feb. 19. 51. Memorial of the Controllers of the accounts of the army asking for a particular account of moneys issued to respective paymasters. They were then examining Mr Foxe's account. Dated 19 Feb. 1704–5. 1 page.
Feb. 19. 52. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to William Lowndes, Esq., sending a “state of the prizes” carried into the West Indies. They had begun a prosecution of Admiral Whetstone, Mr Collison, and Mr Hutchinson. Of all the prizes taken in the West Indies except the Ponchartrin, St Matthew, and Jolly, there had been no money accounted for to their office. Dated 19 Feb. 1704.
The paper referred to, another paper, and a list of agents.
Minuted:—“Send this wth the papers relating thereunto to Mr Blathwayte to peruse & advise upon ye severall matters therein containd what he conceives will be best for her Mats service & to make his rept as soon as conveniently he can.” 17 pages.
Feb. 22. 53. Order of the Lords of the Council to the Lord High Treasurer, for payment of the under clerks of the council a year's allowance, with signatures. Dated 22 Feb. [1704 in more modern hand on the back.] 1 page.
Feb. 22. 54. Report of Mr Borrett to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Mr Rolf under-sheriff of Sussex, for recompense for extraordinary services about the summoning juries to try Major Boucher, who pleaded guilty to the charge of high treason. He had received 20l. and claimed 82l. 16s. more. Dated 22 Feb. 1704–5.
The petition and an affidavit. His account is not now with these papers.
Minuted:—“21 May 1705. To be p[ai]d by the łres pat. dormt.”
Feb. 22. 55. Postmaster General's report about the auditor's allowance for passing the receiver's account. Dated 22 Feb. 1704. 1 page.
Feb. 22. 56. Letter of the Comrs for sick and wounded and exchange of prisoners to Mr Lowndes, enclosing their memorial to the Ld High Treasurer for the issue of a further supply of 2,050l., they being commanded to conduct to Nottingham and Litchfield, Marshal Tallard and thirty other French land officers, with their servants, prisoners of war; and further to fetch home about 600 English land soldiers, prisoners of war at Bourdeaux in France, the charge for which would be 1,500l. Dated 22 Feb. 1704–5.
Minuted:—“29 March 1705. My Lord cannot advise the Queen to grant a new precedent of this kind.”
The memorial named, and a further memorial from them relating to the taxes on them and their substitutes. 4 pages.
Feb. 23. 57. Letter of the Duke of Ormonde to the Ld High Treasurer, in favour of granting 3,000l. to the Earl of Abercorne, who would be deficient to that extent in the provision made by his marriage settlement, and had surrendered his letters patent and cast himself entirely on her Majesty's clemency. Dated 23 Feb. 1704.
For the petition of the Earl, see 1 Aug. 1704. The report of the Attorney and Solicitor General thereon is not now with it.
Minuted:—“Read 24th May 1705. Respited till my Lord speaks with the D. of Ormonde about it at his return into Engłd. 27th Augst 1705, 1,000li p[er] ann. for three yeares out of the Irish revenue.” 1 page.
[? About
Feb. 23.]
58. Report of the Comrs for alienations to the Lord [High Treasurer] relating to a rent charge of 500l. per ann. purchased by Sir John Astly, the lands being charged in both the counties of Salop and Stafford. [It appears to have been made on 23 Feb. 1704–5. See Letter Book, Vol. XII. p. 43.]
Minuted:—“Order them to take their p[ro] fine as for one 500li a year only.” 1 page.
Feb. 24. 59. Report of the Attorney and Solicitor General to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Mr Wolstenholme asking that proceedings on his bond for 2,000l. given for the execution of his office, as receiver of plantation duties, might be stayed. In favour thereof. Dated 24 Feb. 1704.
The petition and divers extracts from minute books.
Minuted:—“29 March 1705. Stay the process till the end of next Micħas terme.” 13½ pages.
[? About
Feb. 20.]
60. Remonstrance of Major Archibald Patton, late captain in the Earl of Donnegall's regiment, as to his hard usage in connection with subsistence money, &c.
Also a list of officers who died and were killed in Lord Donnegal's regiment, an answer to the remonstrance, and an affidavit.
Minuted:—“Read 26 Feb. 1704.”
Referred to Mr Henry Cartwright and Henry Vincent, Esq., to consider and certify. 6 pages.
Feb. 27. 61. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of William Burslem, Esq., receiver general for the co. of Stafford, as to an overpaymt made by him in his account of the land tax. Dated 27 Feb. 1704.
The petition and a certificate. 3 pages.
Feb. 27.]
62. Petition of Cornelius Parminter of Barnstaple, in the co. of Devon. In the election of members of the present Parliament a breach of law was committed by Mr Richard Ustick, collector of Customs at Biddeford, by writing letters to the petitioner to set up for the borough of Barnstaple Hugh Fortescue, Esq., in opposition to Serjeant Hooper, contrary to an Act passed in the former Parliament. Petitioner laid the letters before the Comrs of Customs. Ustick was suspended, but afterwards employed as surveyor of Plymouth, and exhibited a false accusation against the petitioner on which petitioner was dismissed; praying to be heard and restored.
Minuted:—“Read 27 Feb. 1704. He must apply himself to the Comrs of ye Customes.”
Copies of the letters referred to. 2 pages.
Feb. 27. 63. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Ld High Treasurer on the petition of Mr Mark Proudfoot, approving of his appointment as agent for prizes with the fleet designed for the Mediterranean, at the same rate as was allowed to Mr Window. Dated 27 Feb. 1705.
The petition and a subsequent report as to the allowance to Mr Window in the same office. 3 pages.
Feb. 28. 64. Letter signed Wm Clayton to Mr Lowndes, as to his claim for his trouble in paying the 5l. per cent. per ann. to such persons as advanced money upon annuities. Dated 28 Feb. 1704.
Minuted:—“3 May 1705. To have 100li for his own paines & ye charge of passing his accot.” 1 page.
Feb. 28. 65. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on the case of the merchants that are freemen of London compared with the unfree, whether English born or foreigners naturalized. They believe that many both English and foreign had presumed to colour the goods of aliens and entered them in their own names, to the great diminution of the revenue. Recommending a clause in an Act to empower the administration of an oath to merchants and importers. Dated 28 Feb. 1704–5.
With this are some other papers (some in duplicate) relating to the same subject, including—“The deplorable case of the mercht freeman of the citty of London compared with the mercht unfree, whether English born or foreigner naturalised.”
There is also a black letter copy of “the oath of every free-man of the city of London.” 11 pages.
Feb. 28. 66. Report of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer on an order of Council touching some canon and other stores which were desired by Sir Willm Mathews, Governor of the Leeward Islands, for the defence of those islands, transmitting an estimate of the value of the same, together with the yearly pay of the four master gunners, &c. Dated 28 Feb. 1704–5.
The papers mentioned. 4 pages.
Feb. 67. “An accot of the proceedings of ye late Commrs appointed & continued by several Acts to take, examine, and determine the debts due to ye army and for transport service,” &c.
This is a copy, and there is a duplicate. Both are much injured. Each 3 pages.
March 1. 68. Memorial of Dame Catherine Wyndham, relict of Sir Edward Wyndham, Bart., deceased, as to an arrear of 69l. 3s. 4d. to the crown as farmer of the hundred and bailiwick of Meer, in the county of Wilts. Sir Edward Wyndham bought of the heir of Sir John Coventry, deceased, a farm called Chaddenwick, near the town of Meer, and a demand of 8l. 12s. 11d. to the crown, as arising out of Sir John Coventry's estate, was inadvertently paid out of the farm. On inspection the farm was not chargeable with any such rent. Praying for the discharge of the arrear. Dated 1 March 1704. 1 page.
March 1. 69. Report of Mr Wm Borrett to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of William Burslem, receiver general of taxes for the county of Stafford. The report is as to whether the estate of Richard Taylor, extended on account of claims on him by the petitioner, was the same as that extended by Mr Borrett. He had 1,050l. in the Sword Blade Company, which stock was in a very sinking state. Dated 1 March 1704–5.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“12th Mar. 1704–5. Mr Attorney to attend on Wednesday next about this matter.” 2 pages.
March 3. 70. Letter of the same [perhaps to Mr Lowndes] as to the estate and effects of Richard Taylor. Dated 3 March 1704–5.
Minuted:—“16 March 1704. Mr Borret is to compell ye suretys forthwith to pay the sums they are bound for, and to proceed in finding out and recovering the effects of Taylor wth all dilligence.”
Also petition of Peter Gery and John Jenkins, securities for Taylor. 2 pages.
March 3. 71. Report from the same to the Ld High Treasurer on the petition of Mr John Birch and others. William Savile was tried, convicted, and fined 80 marks for a scandalous libel against two clergymen, 40 marks for assaulting the petitioner Heather, the constable in the execution of his office, 5l. for a riot, and 5l. for a trespass. The amounts were in the hands of the under-sheriff. The prosecutions were carried on at the expense of the petitioners. Dated 3 Mar. 1704–5.
The petition, an affidavit, and certificate.
Minuted:—“Direct ye sheriff to pay this into ye excheqr & a S. M. afterwards to give it to the petrs.” 3½ pages.
March 3. 72. Mr Auditor Harley's report to the Lord High Treasurer on the state of Sir Henry Bellasys's account, who was governor of the town and garrison of Galloway in Ireland, as to a super of 1,000l. remaining on him. Dated 3 March 1704–5.
The “state” referred to, and four other papers.
Minuted:—“A privy seal to be prepared for passing this acct.” 9 pages.
March 3. 73. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of Mr. John Newman concerning the London distillery, from which he was discharged for his unfaithfulness. Dated 3 March 1704.
The memorial. 2 pages.
March 3. 74. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Elizabeth Cocks, relict and executrix of Richard Cocks, Esq., late Recr General of Aids, &c. for the county of Gloucester, &c., for allowances. Dated 3 March 1704.
The petition and two other papers. 3 pages.
March 6. 75. Report of Sir Edward Northey to the Lord High Treasurer, conveying his opinion that it was not in the Queen's power to discharge any arrears of the first fruits and tenths, except of small livings not exceeding 30l. value, for the arrears, as well as the growing payments, were by her Majesty's charter of 3 Nov. last, for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poor clergy. Dated 6 March 1704–5. 1 page.
March 6. 76. Report of Mr Edwd Wilcox to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Wm Emerson and John Playle as to watering the roads in Hyde Park. Dated 6 March 1704.
Minuted:—“19 May 1705. 52 16 0 for last year to be p[ai]d.”
The petition and another paper. 3 pages.
March 7. 77. Mr Colby's memorial relating to the transport service, suggesting to the Lord High Treasurer various rules for managemt of that service. Dated 7 March 1704–5.
Minuted:—“A łre to ye Comrs for Transports to consider what instructions are proper to be given them, relating to the managemt of ye affairs under their care, that may be most satisfactory to ye dealers wth ym, & most for Her Mats service, & to present a draft thereof to my Lord wth all ye speed yt may be.” 5 pages.
March 7. 78. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Matthew Page of Warrington in the co. of Lancaster, to be allowed to ship and land merchandize at his wharf or salt work near Warrington, in a similar manner as was granted to Mr Patten's wharf. This question had already been reported on adversely by the officers of the port of Liverpool. The Comrs were of opinion that the grant was unnecessary, and a hardship upon Patten, and would be a needless increase of charge. Dated 7 March 1704–5.
The petition and four other papers. One of these is signed by a large number of merchants, &c. of Liverpool.
Minuted:—“March 7th 1704–5. Read.” 9½ pages.
March 8. 79. Letter of Mr H. St John to Mr Lowndes, transmitting a book containing the distribution of the bounty money which her Majesty bestowed on the land forces, who behaved themselves so gallantly in the late actions in Germany. Dated Whitehall, 8 March 1704–5.
The book referred to, with a note at the end by Mr St John, that it was prepared by order of the Duke of Marlborough, with the advice of the general officers, in pursuance of a letter from the Most Honble the Lord High Treasurer of England. 32 pages.
March 8. 80. Order in Council referring to the Lord High Treasurer a report from the officers of Ordnance, with an estimate of stores demanded by the Lord Cornbury for the supply of New York, and an extract from a report of the Board of Trade to consider and report thereon. Dated 8 March 1704.
Also the documents referred to.
There are two minutes on the back. The second is:—“Read 21 May 1705. Q. if there be enough of ye 30l p[er] cent. to satisfy this.” 6 pages.
March 9. 81. Docquetted:—“Copy of Lord Galways orders to ye Commissary at Lisbon relating to musters in Feb. & March 1704–5. Left at the Treasury by Mr Crawford, 18th Septr 1710.”
The second is dated 9 March 1704–5. 1 page.
March 10. 82. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Ld High Treasurer, on the petition of John Child, Esq., Recr Genl of the co. of Wilts, of aids, &c., with particulars of his extraordinary charges craved by him. Dated 10 March 1704–5.
The documts referred to. 4½ pages.
March 12. 83. Report of Mr Fox on Col. Etheridge's petition, as to his arrears of pay. Dated 12 March 1704–5.
Written on the back of the memorial.
There is also a memorial to the Queen in the same terms.
Minuted:—“Read 16 May 1705. A like wt as for Brigr Shrimpton.” 3 pages.
March 12. 84. Letter signed Le C. Maffin to the Lord [High Treasurer] as to the regulation of remittances of money to Turin, in accordance with the treaty. Dated 23 March 1704, N.S. 2½ pages.
[? About
March 12.]
85. Petition of William Conolly, of the city of Dublin, Esq., to the Lord High Admiral for payment of 46l. 4s. 1d. Petitioner was agent in Ireland for the receipt of pirates' goods and other perquisites of the Ld High Admiral. The debt in question was incurred by the appraisement of a vessel arrested at some place in the county of Cork.
Also an affidavit about the same, dated 12 March 1704.
Minuted:—“To be sent to Mr Dod to give an account how the fact is.” 2½ pages.
March 12. 86. Report of Mr Henry Baker to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Henry Sisterne, who was a prisoner in Dorchester gaol, having been concerned in landing some contraband goods. He was miserably poor, and maimed by wounds received in the war against Holland, and unable to satisfy the judgment against him. Dated 12 March 1704.
The petition and a certificate.
Minuted:—“A warrt to acknowledge satisfaction.” 2 pages and 2 halves.
March 15. 87. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Sir Jeoffrey Jeffreys, knt, and Capt. John Hide and others, owners of a vessel laden with provisions for Barbadoes, (which were much wanted there) on which an embargo was laid; not objecting to the removal of the embargo. Dated 15 Mar. 1704–5.
Also an affidavit. 2 pages.
March 15. 88. Another similar report on the petition of Christian Prissick. Dated the same day. 1 page.
March 15. 89. Letter by order of the Comrs of Trade and Plantations to Wm Lowndes, Esq., on the petition of Francis Gahlman, sent over by Col. Dudley as a witness against two persons, accessories to the piracies lately committed upon Portuguese ships, which accessories escaped by being taken by the French; recommending 50l. to be paid him to discharge his debts and return to New England. Dated 15 March 1704–5.
The petition is not now with it. 1½ pages.
March 15. 90. Copy of petition of Nathaniel Cary, merchant, in behalf of the province of Massachusets Bay in New England, to the Queen in Council, asking that the money (2,500l.) seized on Captain Quelch and his company, pirates, executed, might be bestowed on that province (exclusive of the charge of their prosecution), to purchase arms, &c. The expenses of the war in which they were engaged with the French and Indians were above 20,000l. per ann., and the distresses of it were so great that the 10th man in the province was last summer constantly under arms to defend it, and “140 odd sail of ships” had been lost. Dated 15 March 1704–5. 1 page.
March 15. 91. Report of Captn Henry Cartwright and Mr Heny Vincent, relating to the remonstrance of Major Archld Patten, as to pay, subsistence, &c., in connection with the Earl of Donnegal's regiment. Dated 15 March 1704–5.
Minuted:—“23 March 1704. He must pursue his remedy at law.” 1½ pages.
March 15. 92. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Lewis Oliver, declining to recommend him for employment as a surveyor of duties on houses and marriages. He was discharged for disaffection to the late government, and he was in great necessities, “and consequently not fitt to be employed in any business of trust.” Dated 15 March 1704.
His petition and a testimonial.
Minuted:—“21st March 1704. My Lord is of ye same opinion wth the agents.” 3¼ pages.
March 15. 93. Report of the Agents of Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the matters of complaint against Sir Hugh Everard, who was receiver of Essex. Dated 15th March 1704.
Five other papers. 7 pages.
March 16. 94. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer, on the petition of Joseph Bentley, collector of customs at Lancaster, who in Nov. 1688 had served as a guide to the Queen and her retinue, when she retired to Nottingham, when the roads were dangerous and the waters out. He also procured a coach when her Majesty broke down in going to Leicester, and afterwards promoted her interest, &c.; asking for some patent employment in the Customs; recommending him for the same. Dated 16 March 1704–5.
The petition, and a certificate in his favour signed by the Archbishop of York, the Earl of Derby, and others.
Minuted:—“Read 23th March 1704–5. If the petr deserves a better imploymt than he has at p[re]sent, the Comrs may take the first opportunity to preferr him thereto, till a pat. office becomes vacant.” 3 pages.
March 17. 95. Letter of R. Byerley to William Lowndes, Esq., asking him to intercede with the Ld High Treasurer to employ Christopher Dobson as a land waiter or tide surveyor. Dated March 17, 1704–5.
Minuted:—“My Lord saies men do not come into such places till they have had long experience in the customes.” 1 page, quarto.
March 18.]
96. “Extract of clauses with respect to fees of the Acts for licensing hawkers and pedlars, &c.” [? An enclosure.]
Minuted:—“18 Mar. 1704–5. My Lord doth not think fit to grant this, but the fees must be charged in the acct, and his lop had rather consider ym some other way.” 1 page.
March 19. 97. Letter from the Earl of Kent, Lord Chamberlain, to the Lord High Treasurer, signifying the Queen's pleasure that 300l. should be paid to Sir Charles Cotterell, master of the ceremonies, as a present from her Majesty to Count De Lesitreraine, envoy from the “Elector of Palatine.” Dated Cockpit, March 19, 1784.
Minuted:—“Speak wth Sir Charles Cotterel.” 1 page.
March 19. 98. Petition of Edwd Ebdon and John Steele to the Lord High Treasurer, for a reward for the seizure at Black Lion Stairs, near Hungerford Market, of dollars and plate to the value of 955l. 15s. 4d.
—“19 March 1704. 50li out of prize mony.” 1 page.
March 19.]
99. Petition of Thomas Moor, gent., to the Lord High Treasurer, offering to wharf in and improve some old ruined buildings standing on land at Eton near Windsor, if the crown would grant him a lease of the same.
Referred to Samuel Travers, Esq., her Majesty's surveyor general, 19 March 1704. 1 page.
March 20. 100. The answer of Anthony Parsons, auditor, to the Lord High Treasurer, concerning a petition from William Thornton, principal of Hart Hall, Oxford, complaining of the auditor's proceedings in relation to some exhibitions settled upon that “society” by the crown for the benefit of poor scholars. No proper receipt or authority for payment had been presented. The charge for admittance of a new exhibitioner might amount to near 31l. 6s. 8d., but he only took for his own fees 2s. 10d. for a debenture, and had been so far from defrauding the poor scholars, that he had often undergone some trouble and expense in procuring their exhibitions. Dated 20 March 1704.
The petition, which states “that heretofore a monck of Glassenby gave an estate to Hart Hall, which afterwards was taken from the said hall and vested in the crown, and in lieu thereof, five exhibitions each of 3li. 6s. 8d. per ann. were setled upon the said society by the crowne, to be paid out of the Exchequer, to be disposed of to such young men students there, as the Principall himselfe for that time being should think most deserveing.
“That the same hath been for many years paid by Parsons, Esq., one of the auditors of the Exchequer, but detaines the 6s. 8d. out of every exhibition, and refuseth to pay the exhibitions which were due last Micħas, whereby the poor schollars are in great want of their small subsistance.
“And your petitioner further sheweth that when any young man have an exhibition given him, his name is sent up to the said auditor, who then seizes on all the first year's profitts of the said poor schollars place of 3 6 8, so that the young man is defrauded of a whole year's due, which is a great hardshipp and unjustly imposed by the said auditor.”
Minuted:—“27 Apr. 1705. Direct ye audr not to intermeddle with ye rect or paymt of this money, but leave it to ye Recr (whose duty 'tis), & upon good vouchers ye audr is to allow his paymts.” 2 pages.
Mar. 20. 101. Letter of the Duke of Ormonde to the Ld High Treasurer. In the last sessions the House of Commons employed Captn Francis Nevill in a survey for making a canal from the “Loghneagh to Newry, in the north of Ireland, which was proposed as a public advantage. He performed his part, but the charge was computed at near 20,000l., and the House was not in a condition to proceed in it. The House made an address that the surveyor should receive 200l. for his trouble. A fresh application had been made by several gentlemen of the House of Commons, but no extraordinary charge could be paid without her Majesty's particular order, so he desired her Majesty's letter if she were inclined thereto. Dated Dublin 20 Mar. 1704–5.
The second minute is:—“4 Apr. 1705. A warrt to be prepared.” 1 page.
Mar. 20. 102. Letter of the same to the same. In the last sessions Parliament had resumed the consideration of the services of Dr George Walker, late Governor of Londonderry. In the preceding Parliament they had voted 2,000li for the support of his family, as they found the supplies would be deficient. They desired that the son of Mr Walker should be provided for until the kingdom should be in a condition to make good the 2,000l. The present Mr Walker was never bred to any military employment, so as he could not provide for him, and several gentlemen of the House of Commons had applied on his behalf, that he might receive some mark of her Majesty's favour, he proposed the same as in a similar debt to Mr Ricksy, the grant of a pension of 150l. per ann., or such sum as her Majesty thought fit. Dated Dublin, 20th Mar. 1704–5.
Minuted:—“29 March 1705. To be layd before ye Q.” 1 page.
Mar. 20. 103. Memorial of Mr Henr. Baker to William Lowndes, Esq., as to the removal of John Goldham from Seaford to East Bourne, and of Lewis Gilliart from East Bourne to Seaford. Dated 20 March 1704. ½ page.
Mar. 21. 104. “A second report of ye state of ye deficiency on annuities, as it now stands.” Dated Exchequer, 21st March 1704–5.
Signed:—“Peter Hume” and “Tho. Cremer.” 1 page.
Mar. 21. 105. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer, recommending the taking off the embargo from a ship. Dated 21 March 1704–5. 1 page.
Mar. 21. 106. Report of the Officers of the Works [to the same], on the petition of Matthew Roberts, plumber, who had been employed by the Earl of Portland as superintendent of the Hampton Court gardens, and Mr Talman as his substitute, to cast and make pipes for the use of the gardens and fountains; but before the pipes were laid the King died, and the pipes were afterwards used to repair the main pipe, which brings the water from Comb to Hampton Court House, without which the house would have been wholly destitute of water; recommending the allowances asked for in the petition. Dated 21 March 1704–5.
Minuted:—“Read 21th May 1705. To be paid.” 1 page.
Mar. 21. 107. Warrant from the Earl of Galway concerning the stoppage of the pay of a man in each company allowed to the colonels or commanding officers under the command of the Earl. Dated Lisbon, 1 April 1705, N.S. 1 page.
Mar. 22. 108. Extract from a letter of Mons. de Vryborge, Envoy Extraordinary from Holland, to Mr Harley, Secretary of State, touching certain transport vessels detained at Plymouth having two [Dutch] regiments on board, which had been prisoners in Portugal, and were then detained at Plymouth, because there was some Bourdeaux wine on board. Dated 22 de Mars/2 d'Avril 1704–5. 1 page.
Mar. 22. 109. Report of Mr Wm Borrett to the Lord High Treasurer, on the case of Dame Elizabeth Lawson, sole executrix of Sir Wilfrid Lawson of Iselt Hall, in the co. of Cumberland, Bart., who had left 600l. to her Majesty in satisfaction of such taxes as he ought to have paid to the Queen or the late King; recommending an English bill in the Court of Exchequer for recovery of the same, if the executrix refused to pay. Dated 22 March 1704–5.
Minuted:—“The mo must be recoc[i]oed for ye Queen. When she has it her Maty will dispose of it as she thinks fit.” 1 page.
Mar. 23. 110. Report of Mr William Vanbrugh to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of the gentlemen of the Chapel Royal, for payment of their arrears of salary and their travelling charges in the late reign. They claimed 4,133l. 3s. for arrears, and 6s. 3d. a day each for attendance at Windsor, and 5s. 6d. a day at Hampton Court. Dated 23 March 1704–5.
The petition. 2 pages.
Mar. 23. 111. Report of Mr William Vanbrugh to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Mr Thomas Charnock and Mr Benjamin Gregge, serjeants-at-arms to her Majesty, as to their travelling charges. Giving various precedents from the year 1663. Dated 23 March 1704–5.
Minuted:—“Read 29th Mar. 1705. My Lord cannot advise an addll charge by granting these travelling charges.”
The petition and three certificates.
Part of the last certificate is torn away. It has this minute on it:—“Ult. Julij 1706. My Ld will be ready to gratify them some other way, but doth not think fitt to allow travelling charges.” 5 pages.
March 23. 112. Letter from the Comrs for Prizes to Mr Lowndes, making certain propositions, (1) as to the sale of brandy out of the St Antonio at Plymouth, (2) as to the sale of linen, woollen, and other French goods out of the “Seine” prize. Dated Prize Office, 23 March 1704–5.
Minuted:—“26 Mar. 1705. Ref. the first part to ye Comrs of Excise, the last to ye Comrs Cust.” 1 page.
March 23. 113. An unfinished letter [?] to the Lord High Treasurer of England, giving some account of the proceedings of the Irish Parliament, just then adjourned. It states there were some expressions as to tithes upon flax lands mentioned in the linen bill, which gave great offence to the House, “as if they had the care of the civil rights of the clergy.” The address was a very full demonstration of the entire confidence the House had in his grace's administration. All people agreed that there never was a session carried on with less heat as to the public, or more good manners to one another. Dated Dublin 23 Mar. 1704–5. 2¼ pages.
March 24. 114. Letter by command of the “Prince” to Mr Whitfield, for application to be made to the Ld High Treasurer for money to recruit the marine regiments, which had had great losses by sickness at sea, as well as at Gibraltar. Dated Admiralty Office, 24 March 1704–5. 1 page, quarto.
March 25. 115. Report of Mr W. Petyt [Keeper of the Records at the Tower] to the Ld High Treasurer; Mr George Holmes and three other clerks had sorted vast numbers of records into the reigns of the respective kings, to be preserved in the method his Lordship's warrant directed, so that all the great baskets were filled, and there were no presses, drawers, or shelves as yet provided in the two rooms designed for them, occasioned by the Treasurer of the Ordnance not consenting to make a brick wall, which the House of Peers thought absolutely necessary for securing the records from fire. Very little further progress could then be made in that work. He had ordered the clerks to abstract and calendar the foreign rolls, &c., and enclosed specimens of the paper proper for the same, and a schedule of the prices, and asked for directions. Dated 25 March 1705.
The schedule and specimens are enclosed, and there are two minutes on them, the last of which is:—“27 Aug. 1705. The price is agreed to.” 2 pages and 3 blank sheets.
March 25. 116. Memorial of Captain Thomas Lloyd to the Lord High Treasurer, as to arrangements to be made for the clothing, &c. of the soldiers intended for the relief of the company at Newfoundland. The money intended for the subsistence of that company last year (471l.) was taken in the Coventry. There was money issued out of the Treasury to make it good, which was to be paid to Mr John Thurston their agent, but he had declined to render account and had resigned his agency. Prays to have the money paid to himself or his new agent. Dated 25 March 1705.
Copies of two other letters thereon. 3 pages.
March 25. 117. A few totals connected with the establishment and additional list paid by Edward Nicholas, Esq., for the quarter ended Lady-day 1705. ½ page.
March 25. 118. Letter signed Peter Skinner to Mr Lowndes. By some clandestine means it had been insinuated that he was not the real secretary to the Prince of Hesse, but an imposter, or at best but a messenger from his Highness. The bearer would produce undeniable testimonies in relation thereto. Asks for the royal bounty for his services and expenses, which had been very considerable. His return to the Prince, his master, was only retarded by that. His Highness told him (Skinner) at his departure from Gibraltar that in addition to the bounty, the publishing the plan of the place which he brought over, would be worth something considerable, but he was deprived of this, the same being already disposed of, and made public by another hand. Dated 25 March 1705.
Minuted:—“100li by the łres pat[entes] dormt for his service in bringing an express from the Prince.” 3 pages, quarto.
March 26. 119. Petition of Ursula, Countess Dowager of Plymouth, administratrix of Mary, Duchess of Buckingham, deceased, to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for the continuance of her grace's pension due at Michaelmas last, to pay her debts and funeral.
Minuted:—“26 March 1705. There is nothing due that could vest in an administratrix.” 1 page.
26 March.]
120. Petition of John Higgons, gen., and Alice his wife, to the Lord High Treasurer, in respect to their title to part of Chatham Docks, about which the Attorney General had reported.
Minuted:—“26 March 1705. My Lord doth not think it proper for him to give any direction in this matter.” 1 page, quarto.
March 26. 121. Petition of Thomas Combes, late one of the collectors of the Excise, to the Lord High Treasurer for stay of prosecution for an arrear.
Minuted:—“26 March 1705. Ref. to Comrs Excise.” 1 page.
[? About
March 27.]
122. Report signed J. Dod and J. Warters to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Thomas Warren, advising an allowance to him for his care and service about the rights and perquisites of the Admiralty in the ports of Dover, Deal, and the Isle of Thanet. Referred to them 27 March 1705.
Minuted:—“6 June 1705. Agreed.”
The petition, a list of ships and goods, and a memorial “of the officers of the Admty about ye Vigo goods.” 10 pages.
[? About
March 27.]
123. Petition of Paul Berthon, a French Protestant, to the Queen. Petitioner in effecting his escape from France by reason of the persecution embarked with his goods at Rochelle in the ship La Seine bound to Canada, and was taken by the Virginia convoy, to his inexpressible joy, and had obtained the royal permission to stay in her Majesty's dominions to enjoy the free exercise of the Protestant religion; prayed for his goods to be delivered up to him, or if that were impracticable that he might receive relief.
Minuted:—“27 March 1705. There is no room for any favour in this matter.” 1 page.
[? About
March 27.]
124. Petition of Captain Robert Thomson, late commander of her Majesty's ship Canterbury, to the Lord High Treasurer, for payment by the Comrs of Prizes of the captor's share of the French ship Ponchatrin, in the capture of which the petitioner was supposed to be mortally wounded.
Minuted:—“27 Mar. 1705. Ref. to ye Commrs of Prizes.” 1 page.
March 27.]
125. Memorial of Captn Lyndale and Captn Wentworth, commanding the two additional companies of Col. Handasyd's regiment, to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for certain respites to be removed.
Minuted:—“27 Mar. 1705. Ref. to Mr St John & ye comptrollrs.” 1 page.
[? About
March 28.]
126. Letter from Sir Theodore Janssen to the Lord High Treasurer, proposing to allow 18½ dollars for each hundred weight of tin on 120 tons being sent to Genoa and 120 tons to Leghorn.
Minuted:—“28th Mar. 1705. My Lord thinkes it better to do this by comission.” 1 page.
March 28.]
127. Petition of John Aston of London, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for the grant for 51 years of the forest or chace of Arkelgarthdale, alias New Forest in Arkelgarthdale, in the county of York, originally demised to Archibald Douglas, Esq., being concealed lands discovered by the said Archibald.
Minuted:—“28 March 1705. The former grants proved only vexatious.” 1 page.
March 28.]
128. Petition of Philippa Elliot, widow of Captain Christopher Elliot, commander of her Majesty's ship Dunwich, to the Lord High Treasurer. Her husband had been commander of the Granado bomb in the memorable action at Vigo, in the hottest part of the service, and was very much wounded, but received no recompense, though he was the only sea captain wounded; praying for the shares due to him as lieutenant and purser of that ship.
Minuted:—“28 March 1705. Ref. to Comrs of Prizes.” 1 page.
[? About
March 28.]
129. Memorial of Major Thomas Jones in behalf of the Rt Hon. the Earl of Barrymore's regiment, to the Lord High Treasurer. Three entire companies of the regiment were taken prisoners by the French fleet as they were going to the relief of Gibraltar, and were carried into Cadiz; particularizing their losses and asking relief.
Referred to the Controllers of the army accounts 28 March 1705. 1 page.
March 28. 130. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of William Burnaby, Esq., Sub-Commissioner for Prizes at Hull, advising that he should be appointed as agent for prizes on board the fleet going to the West Indies, and that his office of Sub-Commissioner at Hull should be abolished. Dated 28 March 1705.
Minuted:—“31th March 1705. Agreed, & ye Comrs to consider of proper instrucc[i]ons & p[rese]nt them to my Lord for his approbac[i]oon.”
Also the petition. 2 pages.
March 29. 131. Certificate of Sir Christopher Wren as to what was due to Richard Stacey, master bricklayer, for works done at the Earl of Albemarle's lodgings at Whitehall. Dated 29 March 1705.
With a note at the foot relating thereto. 1 page.
March 29. 132. Letter signed Ni. Harold to the Rt Hon. Robert Harley, Esq., one of the principal secretaries of state, as to the Queen's title to 300l. per ann. of Sir Maurice Eustace's estate, including the lands of Killmackeoke, in the county of Dublin. Dated Dublin, 29 March 1705.
Minuted:—“Mr Attorney sayes there is a saving for the Queen's right (if she have any) in the bill, so she can receive no prejudice. 25 Ap. 1705.” 1 page.
March 31. 133. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer as to the duty to be paid on certain brandy taken out of the St Antonio at Plymouth. The duties were only payable by virtue of her Majesty's declaration. Dated 31 March 1705.
Minuted:—“16th May 1705. A copy of this rept to be sent to the Comrs of Prizes.”
Also an extract from a memorial from the Comrs for Prizes on the same subject. 1¼ pages.
March 31. 134. Letter from Mr Southwell to Mr Taylor. Captain Wanless, he thought, would have no further obstruction in receiving what the Queen's letter intended. They were never the better for the 1,680l. for the recruits sent to Portugal on account of the exchange. He had not been able to give satisfaction as to the fees, and was 100l. out of pocket himself. Prays his favour for a poor relation. If they could believe the reports of the town and news letters, they would shortly be seen on the other side (i.e., in England). A great mistake had been made in sending, without the papers, the addresses from the House of Commons for a pension for Governor Walker's son, of Londonderry, and for 200l. for Captain Nevill, who had been employed in admeasuring a river in the north to make it navigable. It has this P.S.:—“Pray let me desire you to further the Primate's request about getting ye 500li in order for buying Dr Stillingfleet's library, unless you are afraid we should grow too learned.” Dated Dublin, 31 Mar. 1705. 3 pages, quarto.