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The text of original documents, contemporary with the events they describe.

Publications catalogue

Title Volume
Yorkshire Archaeological Society 1 volume
University of Manchester Historical Series 1 volume
Two Early London Subsidy Rolls Single volume
Thurloe, State Papers 7 volumes
The Rulers of London 1660-1689 A Biographical Record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London Single volume
The Journals of All the Parliaments During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth Single volume
The Inhabitants of London in 1638 Single volume
The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640 Single volume
The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912 Single volume
Sussex Record Society 1 volume
Statutes of the Realm 3 volumes
Staffordshire Historical Collection 6 volumes
St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603 Single volume
Rymer's Foedera 5 volumes
Rushworth, Private Passages of State 8 volumes
Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711 Single volume
Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londiniensis Single volume
Records of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters Volume I: Apprentices' Entry Books 1654-1694 Single volume
Records of the Burgh of Glasgow 3 volumes
Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh 4 volumes
Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 2 volumes
Proceedings in Parliament 1624: The House of Commons Single volume
Privy Council of England, Acts 46 volumes
Parliament Rolls of Medieval England Single volume
Navy Record Society 1 volume
Middlesex Sessions Records 4 volumes
Middlesex County Records 5 volumes
Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London Single volume
London Record Society 41 volumes
Livery Companies Commission, City of London 2 volumes
Lincoln Wills 3 volumes
Lincoln Record Society 1 volume
Lancashire Assize Rolls: 4 John - 13 Edward I Single volume
House of Lords, Journals 42 volumes
House of Commons, Journals 13 volumes
House of Commons, History and Proceedings 10 volumes
House of Commons, Grey's Debates 10 volumes
Historical Collections: Or, An Exact Account of the Proceedings of the Four Last Parliaments of Q. Elizabeth Single volume
Glasgow Charters 2 volumes
Final Concords, Lancashire 4 volumes
Feet of Fines, Tudor Yorkshire 4 volumes
Feet of Fines, Sussex 3 volumes
Feet of Fines, London and Middlesex 2 volumes
English Petitions 6 volumes
Early English Text Society 1 volume
Diaries of Thomas Burton, Esq 4 volumes
Cumberland Lay Subsidy Fifteenth and Tenth, 6 Edw. III Single volume
Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian 1 volume
Court of Husting, Wills 2 volumes
City of York, Register of Freemen 2 volumes
City of London War Loans 1642 Single volume
City of London Tithe Assessments 1638-72 Single volume
Church of Scotland Records 2 volumes
Chronicles of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London 1188-1274 Single volume
Camden Record Society Old Series 4 volumes
Camden Miscellany 1 volume
British Society of Franciscan Studies 1 volume
Bristol Town Duties A Collection of Original and Interesting Documents [Etc.] Single volume
Additional Material For the History of the Grey Friars, London Single volume
Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 Single volume
A Survey of London. Reprinted From the Text of 1603 Single volume