House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 26 April 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 26 Aprilis, 1624

Lincolne School.

L. 1. AN Act to establish a Free-school in the County of Lincolne.

Norwich Weavers.

L. 1. An Act for better Explanation of a Statute, made in the Seventh Year of Edw. IVth, for the Election, Oath, Authority, Searching; and Sealing, of the Wardens of Worsted-weavers in Norwich and Norfolke.

Somervyle's Estate.

L. 2. An Act to establish and settle the Estate of Sir William Somervyle: - Committed to Serjeant Towse, Sir Clem. Throckmorton, Sir Hen. Poole, Mr. Drury, Sir Antho. Forrest, Mr. Pym, Sir Jo. Stradling, Sir James Perrot, Sir And. Corbet, Sir Tho. Estecourt, Sir Simon Weston, Mr. Booth, Mr. Brereton, Sir Edw. Littleton, Sir Ar. Ingram, Sir Wal. Devorex, Sir Tho. Morgan, Mr. Whitwicke, Mr. Rolles: - Thursday, Court of Wards, Two Clock. The younger Brothers to have Notice.

Inns, &c.

Mr. Rolles reports the Two Bills for Inns and Ostries. The Amendments twice read. - Ordered, To be ingrossed.

Weymouth Writ.

Sir Rob. Philips: - One the Burgesses of Weymouth, dead. - To have a new Writ go. - Ordered.

Redferne's Estate.

Serjeant Digs reports Redferne's Bill. The Amendments twice read. -

Ordered, To be ingrossed.

Colchester Haven.

Serjeant Towse reports the Bill for Repairing the Haven of Colchester, and Paving of the said Town. Amendments twice read. - Ordered, To be ingrossed.


Mr. Carvyle reports the Bill for Regulating of the Chancery. The Amendments twice read.

Sir Edw. Cooke: - Additio probat minoritatem. A Rule in Heraldry. - Coram Rege, in the King's Bench; Coram Rege in Cance/laria. - That shews the Chancery to be the younger Brother. This Bill says, there is no Remedy to reverse Decrees, but in Parliament : That false. May be by a Commission of Review. - Throckmorton's Case. - To have the Bill re-committed.

The Bill, upon Question, re-committed: - To-morrow, Two Clock, Star-chamber.


Mr. Alford: - The last Parliament a Committee named, to take View of a 100 and odd Orders of the Chancery. That Court grown from 4,000, to 16,000 Writs in a Year. A Quaere, whether the Chancellor may judge of Matter of Fact. - Dislikes judging upon Reports: Sees not, how a Judge can safely do it. - Hen. V. Commons complained of One that brought Matters into the Chancery, that were triable at the Common Law. Giving of Money for Days of Hearing, another great Abuse. - All this Parliament hath not seen any Petitions against the Exchequer, King's Bench, and Common Pleas. - God maintain the Common Law. - To have a select. Committee take these. Things into Consideration.

Sir Dud. Digs: - Pity, these Things were not moved sooner. The Bell hath tolled twice, to bring this Meeting to a Session. - To have those that have the Chair entertain no new Businesses; but to prepare that which is already come. - To go on with the ingrossed Bills.

Sir Rob. Philips: - To proceed as far as we may in this. - A Committee already appointed, to view the Petitions preferred to Courts of Justice; and to think of some Redress.

Sir Tho. Hoby: - To have some Course taken for Briefs. - A great Grievance; and the Justices of Peace much to blame, that will set their Hands to these.

This referred to the Committee of Grievances; to be taken into Consideration, with as much Speed and Care as may be.


The Report for Grievances, To-morrow.

Virginia Company.

Mr. Ferrar delivereth in a Petition from the Treasurer, Council, and Company, of Virginia - Read.

Sir Rob. Philips, Sir Edw. Sandys, Sir Natha. Rich, Lord Wreithsly, Lord Cavendish, Sir Hen. Mildmay, Lord Lisle, Sir Hen. Poole, Sir Will. Herbert, Sir Edw. Peyton, Sir Fra. Seymor, Mr. Rich. Spencer, Sir Gil. Jerrard, Sir Dud. Digs, Sir Will. Spencer: And all, that will come : Those, that are of the Company, to be present, to inform, but to have no Voice : - Wednesday, Two Clock, Star-chamber. - Counsel of both Sides.


A Message from the Lords, by Serjeant Davies and Serjeant Finch :

The Lords have received a Bill from this House, intituled. An Act to enable Justices of Peace to give Restitution of Possession in certain Cases. They return it, with some few Amendments.

The Amendments twice read, and ordered to be inserted; and passed.


L. 3. An Act against Usury. -

Mr. Bateman: - The Labour of this House hath been to increase Trade. - Thinks, this Bill will decrease it. - Money in Spaine and Italy at a higher Rate. All our Monies will be carried thither.

Sir Fra. Nethersoll: - The Reason, why we are beaten out of Trade by the Low Country-men, is, because Money there at Six in the Hundred. -

Upon Question, passed.

Thames Navigation.

Mr. Whistler reports the Bill to make the River of Thames navigable to Oxford. The Amendments twice read.

L. 3. An Act to make the River of Thames navigable to Oxford. - Upon Question, passed, with the Amendments.


The Report for Continuance of Statutes, to be To-morrow Morning, Eight Clock, peremptory : And then the Names of Recusants to be presented.


The Debate of the pretermitted Customs to be on Wednesday next. Nine Clock.


The ingrossed Bills to be carried up to the Lords.

Exporting Wool, &c.

L. 3. An Act against Exportation of Wool, Wool-fells, Mortlings, Shorlings, Yarn made of Wool, Wool- flocks, Fullers Earth, and Fulling-clay. -

Chancellor Duchy: - To have a Proviso, that no Man shall be questioned by this Law, but within such a Time. -

Upon Question, passed, without any such Proviso.

Michaelmas Term.

Mr. Fanshaw reports the Bill for Abbreviation of Michaelmas Term. The Amendments twice read. -

Ordered, To be ingrossed.