House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 15 February 1610

Pages 393-394

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 15o Februarii, 1609


L. 1a. B. AGAINST Non-residencies, and Pluralities of Benefices.

Mr. Fuller preferreth a Bill against Non-residents.

Essex's Estate.

L. 1a. B. For the Sale of some Part of the Lands of Wm. Essex, of Lamborne, in the County of Berk. Esquire, &c.


Sir Henry Mountague, - touching Sir Herbert Crofts, Relation of an Instance. -

Adys, the poor Defendant, Carpenter Plaintiff; Cause Trans 10l. - The Marches Jurisdiction,

Were Neighbours. - The Fence between them. - Adys suffered them to lie open, -

Letters of Allegiance. - Answ. I will obey no Letters from that Court: - I will cause the Messenger to be laid by the Heels. -

Pursuvant; - Serjeant at Arms. - Not to be found: -

Prosecutes in the Common Place; - Pedibus ambulando:

- Against these Three.

After this, Intimation to the Lord Chancellor: -

Certified all the Proceedings from the President. -

A Pursuivant: - An Injunction from the Lord Chancellor. - Not Carpenters Case : - The King's Case.

The Lord Chancellor pursuaded him : - Offered him Mercy. - Scorned the Pursuvant: - Shut him out of Doors. -

Committed by the Lord Chancellor. - The Judges cannot bail him. -

Commandment of the Counsellor of a King is the King's Commandment: - Affirmed for Law. -

Bail taken before his Death : - Willed, he should go to his Friends House. -

This the Truth.

Sir Herbert Crofts: - Before the Suit a Treaty : - Offer made. -

Without Bill or Answer in Court, an Injunction granted. -

Justifies his Relation Yesterday : - Moves for a Committee to consider of the Grievance.


Sir Jo. Tyndall, Mr. Grymston: - The Lords understanding that the House was willing to meet, sent Yesterday; but the House was risen: - Desire it may be this Day, in the Painted Chamber. - Time and Place forgotten Yesterday.

Answ. That they will meet.

All the Privy Council, learned Counsel, all the Serjeants at Law, Cope, Hobby, Perkins, Challoner, Sir Edm. Bowyer, Aston, Berkley, Slingsby, Holcroft, Owen, Luson, Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir Fr. Popham, D. James, Sir Edw. Cecyll, Mr. Carleton, Sir Jerome Bowes, Sir ... Twysenden, Mr. May, Sir Wm. Strowd, Sir Dan Dun, Sir Jo. Bennett, Sir Geo. Carye, Mr. Yelverton, Mr. Staughton, Sir Ja. Perrot, Sir H. Savill, Mr. Brook, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Walter Vaughan, Sir Nich. Saunders, Sir Roger Wilbraham, Mr. Askue, Sir James Harrington, Mr. Calvert, Sir Rob. Moore, Sir H. Wytheryngton. Sir Tho. Mounson, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Jo. Sammes, Sir Nath. Bacon, Sir Gam. Capell, Sir Henry Bromley, Sir Henry Mansell, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Tho. Lake, Sir Jo. Hobart, Sir Jo. Heigham, Sir Wm. Strowd, Sir Rob. Hicham, Mr. Hyde, Sir Rob. Oxenbridge, Sir H. Poole, Sir Valentyne Knightley, Sir Jo. Scott, Sir Jo. Hungerford, Sir Charles Cornwallys, Mr. Corbett, Sir Barnard Whytston, Sir Edw. Sandys, Sir Jerome Horsey, Sir Geo. St. Poll, Mr. Hare, Mr. Overbury, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Tho. Smyth, Mr. Martin, Sir Lewys Lewknor, Sir Tho. Waller, Sir Tho. Lowe, Sir Tho. Somersett, Sir Wm. Godolphin, Sir Vincent Skynner, Mr. Ingram, Sir Geo. Manors, Sir Rob. Wroth, Sir Tho. Gresham, Sir Tho. Walsingham, Sir Rob. Cotton, Sir Rob. Johnson, Mr. Percyvall, Sir Tho. Edmunds, Mr. Crewe, Sir Henry Poole, Sir John Jeffreyes, Mr. Nanton, Mr. Alford, Sir Rich. Cecyll, Sir Jo. Hobart, Mr. Carye,

Mr. Yong, Mr. Alford, Mr. Tolderby, Sir Wm. Killigrew, Mr. Forsett, Mr. Fuller, Sir Warwick Heale, Sir Edw. Grevill, Sir Hugh Beeston, Mr. Hopton. -

Mr. Attorney, Mr. Solicitor, Sir H. Mountague, Mr. Serjeant Dodridge, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Mr. Yelverton: - Only to hear, and report.

Grievance - President of Wales.

Mr. Hoskins: - For a Committee touching the Matter of Wales.

An old Rule: - The King of England cannot foreclose his Subjects of a Trial at the Common Law.

Sir Roger Owen: - A Fable : - The Paynims, an Assembly of Gods, like a Parliament. - Jupiter Dominus; Mercury, a Speaker - Caduciator. - If the Giants did fight against the Gods: - If Neptune against AEolus.

No Lawyer to depart without open Leave at Nine a Clock.-

The House to be Called. -

Knights of the Shire, and the eldest Burgess of every Town, to be named at Committee.

The King's Stile.

Sir Wm. Morrice delivereth in a Bill for the Confirmation of his Majesty's Proclamation touching his Majesty's Stile of Great Brittaine.


Mr. Speaker justifies the Injunction sent by the Lord Chancellor against Adys.

Committee of Grievances.

Sir Edwyn Sandys: - For a Committee for Grievances.

- No Grievance, but first here proposed in Speech in the House.

A general Committee, and they to name a Subcommittee. -

The King's Privy Council, the first Knight of every Shire, all the Lawyers of the House, the first Burgess of every Borough, Sir Edwyn Sandys. - Any of the House to be admitted. - Monday in this House.


Shelley, Sir Rob. Wrothes, Man, - Saturday Sennight arrested.

Letter of Attorney - for a Debt to King to arrest him - in respect of a Debt owing him. -

The Party arrested sent to him to arrest him. -

Sir Roll. Wroth elected, but not returned.

Shelley to have Privilege.