House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 03 May 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, 3 Maii, 1641.


Army Cloathing, &c.

LORD Falkland, Sir Hugh Cholmley, Sir Philip Stapleton, Mr. H. Bellassis, Commissary Wilmott, Sir John Hotham, Colonel Ashburnham, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Strode, Sir Walt. Earle, Sir Jo. Merricke, Mr. Hollis, Sir Wm. Pennyman, and are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Inner Court of Wards, to draw a Letter, to be sent to the Army; and to present it to this House To-morrow Morning: And this Committee is to think of some Way of Provision of Shoes, Stockings, and Cloaths, if need be, for the Common Soldiers.

This Letter to be sent by an express Messenger.

None to go out.

The Serjeant at Arms is commanded to suffer no Man to go forth, without Leave.

Persons sent for.

Ordered, That Sir John Suckling, Captain Barry, and Captain Keyes, be forthwith sent for to the House; to give account of some things, that this House shall inquire of them.

King's Speech.

Mr. Speaker being commanded by the House, to report the King's Speech, delivered on Saturday last, in the House of Peers, to both Houses . . . .

Person sent for.

Ordered, That James Wadsworth be forthwith sent for to this House; to give account of such things, as he shall be required of by this House.

The Protestation.

A Preamble, with the Protestation, made by the whole House of Commons, the 3 of May 1641, and assented unto, by the Lords of the Upper House, the 4th of May.

We, the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, of the Commons House, in Parliament, finding to the Grief of our Hearts, that the Designs of the Priests and Jesuits, and other Adherents to the See of Rome, have . . . . of late, more boldly and frequently put in Practice, than formerly, to the undermining, and Danger of the Ruin, of the true, reformed Religion, in his Majesty's Dominions established; and finding also, that there hath been, and having Cause to suspect there still are, even during the Sitting in Parliament, Endeavours to subvert the fundamental Laws of England and Ireland, and to introduce the Exercise of an arbitrary and tyrannical Government, by most pernicious and wicked Counsels, Plots, and Conspiracies; and that the long Intermission, and unhappier Breach, of Parliaments, hath occasioned many illegal Taxations, whereupon the Subjects hath been prosecuted and grieved; and that divers Innovations and Superstitions have been brought into the Church; Multitudes driven out of his Majesty's Dominions; Jealousies raised and fomented between the King and People; a Popish Army levied in Ireland; and Two Armies brought into the Bowels of this Kingdom, to the Hazard of his Majesty's Royal Person, the Consumption of the Revenue of the Crown, and the Treasure of this Realm; and lastly, finding the great Causes of Jealousy, Endeavours have been and are used, to bring the English Army into Misunderstanding of this Parliament, thereby to incline that Army, by Force, to bring to pass those wicked Counsels; have therefore thought good to join ourselves in a Declaration of our united Affections and Resolutions; and to make this ensuing Protestation:

I A. B. do, in the Presence of Almighty God, promise, vow, and protest, to maintain and defend, as far as lawfully I may, with my Life, Power, and Estate, the true, reformed, Protestant Religion, expressed in the Doctrine of the Church of England, against all Popery, and Popish Innovations, and according to the Duty of my Allegiance to his Majesty's Royal Person, Honour, and Estate; as also the Power and Privilege of Parliament, the lawful Rights and Liberties of the Subjects, and every Person, that maketh this Protestation, in whatsoever he shall do, in the lawful Pursuance of the same: And, to my Power, as far as lawfully I may, I will oppose, and, by good Ways and Means, endeavour to bring to condign Punishment, all such as shall, by Force, Practice, Counsel, Plots, Conspiracies, or otherwise, do any thing to the contrary in this present Protestation contained.

And further, I shall, in all just and honourable Ways, endeavour to preserve the Union and Peace betwixt the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland; and neither for Hope, Fear, nor other Respect, shall relinquish this Promise, Vow and Protestation.

The Protestation.

Mr. Pyme, Sir John Colpepper, Mr. Martin, Mr. Hollis, Mr. Strode, Sir Philip Stapleton, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Robert Harley, * Nath. Fynes, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Glyn;

This Committee is presently to retire into the Inner Court of Wards, to prepare a Declaration of the unanimous Consent and Resolution of this House, for the Defence of the Religion established, of the King's Person, and the Liberty of the Subject; be it by Oath, or any other Way; and in such Manner as they shall think fit.

Person called in.

Sir John Suckling was called in, according to the Order of this House; and demanded some Question.


A Proviso to the Bill of Subsidies was this Day read; 1a & 2da vice; and Resolved, upon the Question, to be inserted into the Subsidy-bill, in the Place of that Proviso that is now there, concerning the Passing of this Act not to determine this Session of Parliament.

The Protestation.

Mr. Maynard reports from the Committee appointed to prepare a Declaration and the Protestation, in hac verba;

I A. B. do, in the Presence of Almighty God, promise, vow, and protest, to maintain and defend, as far as lawfully I may, with my Life, Power, and Estate, the true, reformed, Protestant Religion, expressed in the Doctrine, and according to the Duty of my Allegiance ... his Majesty's Royal Person, Honour and Estate; as also the Power and Privileges of Parliament, the lawful Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and every Person, that maketh this Protestation, in whatsoever he shall do, in the lawful Pursuance of the same: And, to my Power, I will endeavour to oppose and, by all good Ways and Means, to bring to condign Punishment, all such as shall, either by Force, Practice, Counsels, Plots, Conspiracies, or otherwise do any thing to the contrary of any thing in this Protestation contained:

And further, that I shall, in all just and honourable Ways, endeavour to preserve the Union and Peace betwixt the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland; and neither for Hope, Fear, nor other respect, shall relinquish this Promise, Vow, and Protestation.

Ordered, That the Protestation be recommitted to the former Committee; with the Addition of Mr. Selden, Ld. Falkland, and Mr. Vaughan: And they are presently to retire into the Committee-chamber.

Members to keep their Places, &c.

Ordered, That the Members of the House shall keep their Places; and none stir out of the House, without Leave of the House; nor speak to the Messengers.

The Protestation.

The Protestation, returned from the Committee, was now read; and then,

Resolved, upon the Question, That this Protestation, so drawn and agreed on, is fit to be forthwith made, by every Member of this House.

Conference desired.

A Message from the Lords, by J. Foster and J. Heath;

The Lords desire a speedy Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, in the Painted Chamber, so soon as it may stand with the Conveniency of this House.

Answer returned, by the same Messengers;


This House is now in Debate of Businesses of great Consequence, such as concern the Good of the Kingdom; and therefore will send Answer, by Messengers of their own, in convenient Time.

The Protestation.

Ordered, That Mr. Speaker shall first make this Protestation.

The Names of all those that made the Protestation following, May 3° 1641, 17 Car. Regis.

Mr. Speaker, Sir Edw. Bainton, * Ja. Campbell, Sir Tho. Heale, * Tho. Tomkins, Sir Jo. Finch, Ja. Lord Compton, Sir Hen. Anderson, Sir Harbottle Grinston, Sir Robert Pye, Mr. Arthur Capell, Sir Arthur Ingram, Ferdinando Lord Fairefax, Sir Hen. Mildmay, Sir Wm. Armyn, Sir Roger North, Sir Walter Deaveruxe, * Tho. Hatcher, Sir Christopher Yelverton, Wm. Lord Russell, Sir Philip Stapleton, * Hen. Pelham, * Hen. Cholmley, Sir John Hotham, Mr. John Pimme, Sir Ben. Rudyard, Mr. Wm. Herbert, Mr. Digby, Lord Geo. Digby, Sir Ra. Hopton, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Lord Ruthyn, Sir Nevill Poole, Sir Geo. Dalston, Sir Thomas Bowyer, Mr. Jo. Hampden, Mr. Denzill Hollis, Mr. Jo. Maynard, Sir Robert Harley, Mr. John Glyn, Mr. Jo. Selden, Sir Jo. Culpepper, Sir Tho. Barrington, Mr. John Vaughan, Lord Falkland, Mr. Wm. Strode, Mr. Nath. Fines, Mr. Henry Martin, Mr. Jo. Bodevile, Sir Patricius Curwyn, Sir Fra. Knolls, Mr. Edw. Mountague, Mr. Geo. Mountague, Mr. Rich. Shuttleworth, Mr. John Moore, Sir Symonds D'Ewes, Sir John Wray, Sir Christopher Wray, Sir Martin Lumley, Mr. Herbert Morley, Tho. Lord Grey, Mr. Roger Burgoine, Mr. Rich. Shughborrowe, Sir Edw. Hungerford, Sir Jo. Curson, Mr. Wm. Pierpoint, Mr. John Wastall, Mr. Hugh Owen, Mr. Wm. Stanhope, Mr. Norton Knatchbull, Sir Edw. Hales, Sir Edw. Masters, Mr. Jo. Coucher, Sir Wm. Strickland, Sir Edw. Boyse, Sir Tho. Walsingham, Sir Peter Wroth, Mr. Tho. Maleverer, Mr. Edw. Bainton, Sir John Pawlett, Mr. Oliver Cromwell, Sir Gilbert Pickring, Sir Tho. Widrington, Mr. Wm. Whitaker, Mr. Michael Oldsworth, Sir Jo. Harrison, Sir Hugh Cholmley, Sir Hen. Herbert, Mr. Isaac Pennington, Mr. George Peard, Sir Robert Howard, Sir Rich. Wynn, Mr. Wm. Pleddall, Mr. Hen. Vaughan, Mr. Edw. Kirton, Mr. Edw. Bagshaw, Sir Walt. Smith, Mr. Rich. Harding, Mr. Geoffery Palmer, Mr. Bulstrod Whitlocke, Mr. Wm. Price, Mr. Hen. Lucas, Mr. Gilbert Millington, Sir Tho. Hutchinson, Sir Wm. Morley, Sir Hen. Bellingham, Sir John Franclyn, Sir John Clotworthy, Sir Edm. Mountfort, Mr. Wm. Cage, Mr. Jo. Northcott, Sir Tho. Middleton, Sir Jo. Salisbury, Sir Robert Napier, Sir Ralph Verney, Mr. Tho. Lower, Mr. Fra. Gerrard, Mr. Peregrin Pelham, Mr. Tho. Fountaine, Mr. Charles Price, Mr. Hen. Vernon, Lord Lisle, Mr. Edw. Dowse, Mr. Robert Scowen, Sir Tho. Fanshawe, Sir Dudley North, Mr. Law/?/ence Whitaker, Sir Hum. Tufton, Mr. Hen. Hayman, Mr. Tho. Heblethwaite, Mr. Arthur Jones, Mr. Edw. Hide, Mr. Wm. Bell, Mr. John Harvey, Mr. John Ash, Mr. Geo. Gallop, Mr. Jo. Nash, Mr. Edw. Ash, Mr. Rich. Seaborne, Mr. Cornelius Holland, Mr. Edm. Dunch, Sir Wm. Widrington, Mr. Rich. Barwis, Mr. Hum. Hooke, Mr. Robert Trelawney, Mr. Rich. Weston, Mr. John Goodwin, Mr. Nath. Stevens, Mr. John White, Sir Edw. Griffin, Sir Fred. Cornwallis, Sir Ralp Sidenham, Mr. Fitzwilliam Connisbye, Mr. Baptist Noell, Mr. Rich. Albrough, Mr. Orlando Bridgeman, Dr. Samuel Turner, Mr. Ralph Sneade, Mr. Edw. Partridge, Sir Peter Temple, Mr. Rob. Holborne, Mr. Poynings Moore, Sir William Lewis, Mr. Peter Venables, * Hen. Killegrew, Mr. Jo. Harris, Mr. Jo. Moston, Mr. Peter Leigh, Dr. Tho. Eden, Mr. Wm. Glanville, Mr. Arthur Goodwin, Mr. Edw. Owner, Mr. Tho. Toll, Mr. John Poolewheele, Mr. Simon Thelwall, Mr. Oliver St. John Regis Solicitor, Sir Wm. Allinson, Mr. John Crew, Mr. Rich. Catlyn, Mr. Ro. Goodwin, Mr. John Blackston, Sir Wm. Brereton, Mr. Miles Corbett, Mr. Philip Smith, Sir Rich. Vivian, Sir Hall Ravenscroft, Sir Tho. Middleton, Mr. Rich. Knightly, Mr. Ralph Ashton, Mr. Wm. Fitzwilliams, Mr. Henry Bellassis, Sir Edw. Ascough, Sir Edm. Fowell, Mr. Tho. Chichley, Sir John Price, Rich. Boyle Lord Dungarvon, Mr. Edw. Poole, Sir Wm. Poole, Mr. Roger Hill, Sir Edm. Varney, Sir John Evelyn, Mr. Edmund Prideaux, Mr. Giles Greene, * Dionis Bond, Mr. Roger Matthewes, Mr. Roger Palmer, Mr. Zouch Tate, Mr. Jo. White, Mr. Rich. Moore, Mr. Rich. Rose, Mr. William Wheeler, Mr. Tho. Pury, Mr. Wm. Purefrey, Mr. Robert Jennour, Mr. Wm. Spurstow, H. Wilmott Commissary, Col. Ashburnham, Mr. John Ashburnham, Mr. Hugh Pollard, Mr. Simon Snow, Mr. Rich. Ferris, Mr. Edw. Thomas, Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Humphrey Salloway, Mr. Tho. Leedes, Mr. Wm. Harrison, Sir Gervase Clifton, Mr. John Coventry, Mr. Wm. Herbert, Sir George Went worth, Mr. Edw. Seymour, Mr. Hugh Rogers, Mr. Jo. Woogon, Mr. Wm. Mallory, Mr. Hen. Brett, Mr. Jo. Trevanian, Mr. Walt. Lloyd, Sir Rich. Leigh, Mr. John Upton, Sir Tho. Ingram, Sir Robert Crane, Mr. Jo. Arrundell, Mr. Jonathan Rashley, Mr. Rich. Arrundell, Mr. John Waddon, Mr. John Percivall, Sir Wm. Portman, Sir Theobald Gorge, Mr. Tho. Smith, Sir Martin Lister, Sir Tho. Cheeke, Mr. Tho. Hoyle, Mr. Antony Bedingfeild, Sir Tho. Smith, Mr. Ralph Ashton, Mr. John Potts, Mr. Francis Rowse, Mr. Peirs Edcombe, Sir Walt. Earle, Sir Wm. Massam, Sir Samuel Rolle, Mr. Jo. Gourdon, Mr. John Rolle, Mr. Tho. Arrundell, Mr. Joseph Jane, Sir Philip Parker, Mr. Arth. Anslowe, Mr. George Hartnall, Mr. Edw. Wingate, Mr. John Bellassis, Mr. Francis Newport, Lord Cramborne, Mr. Ro. Cecill, Mr. Treasurer, Sir Wm. Litton, Sir John Jennings, Sir Oliver Luke, Mr. Antho. Nicholls, Mr. John Broxam, Mr. John Alured, Mr. Geo. Buller, Mr. James Fines, Mr. Nicholas Weston, Mr. Benjam. Weston, Sir Beauchamp St. John's, Sir Rich. Anlow, Sir John Corbett, Sir Alexander Denton, Sir John Parker, Sir Ro. Parkhurst, Sir Ambrose Browne, Sir Samuel Owfeild, Sir Rich. Buller, Mr. Alexander Carew, Sir Nath. Barnardeston, Sir Harvy Baggott, Mr. Simon Norton, Samson Evers Serjeant at Law, Mr. Edmu. Waller, Philip Sidney Lord Lisle, Mr. Sydney Godolphin, Mr. John Alford, Sir Charles Williams, Mr. Rich. Herbert, Sir Edw. Alford, Sir Wm. Playters, Sir Guy Palmes, Sir George Wentworth, Lord Mansfeild, Sir Wm. Carnaby, Mr. Fra. Gamull, Sir Jo. Stepney, Sir Jo. Brooke, Mr. Jo. Fenwicke, Mr. Wm. Chadwell, Mr. Alexander Lutterell, Mr. John Burlace, Sir Hen. Slingsby, Sir Jo. Cooke, Mr. Tho. Cooke, Sir Wm. Pennyman, Mr. Tho. May, Sir Nicholas Slaninge, Mr. Tho. Jermyn, Sir Rich. Leveson, Mr. John Griffith, Mr. Matthew Davies, Mr. Jo. Fettiplace, Mr. George Loe, Mr. Rich. Edgcombe, Sir Edw. Rodney, Sir Edw. Deering, Sir Arthur Haslerigg, Sir Francis Barnham, Sir Tho. Gervase, * Robert Wallop, * James Rivers, * Wm. Haveningham, * Wm. Cawley, * Jo. Button, * Tho. Jervase, Sir Hen. Worsley, * Hen. Darley, * Valentine Walton, * Sam. Vassall, * Hen. Campion, * Jo. Merricke, * Herbert Price, * Tho. Earle, * Wm. Marlott, * Wm. Drake, Sir Edw. Littleton, Sir Hen. Ludlowe, * Rich. Harman, * Rich. Shuttleworth, Sir Jo. Dreyden, * Wm. Ellis, * Wm. Thomas, * John Pine, * William Jepson, * John Hotham, * Tho. Hodges, * Tho. Moore, * Godfrey Boswell, * Antho. Stapley, * John Moyle, * Wm. Hay, * Ferdinando Stanhope.

Mr. Maynard reported from the Committee, the Preamble to the Protestation; which was read: and afterwards, upon the Question, resolved to be the Preamble to the Protestation.

Ordered, That the Particulars contained in this Preamble shall be the Heads of a Conference to be had with the Lords, concerning the Desiring of their Lordships to join with this House in the Making of the same Protestation.

Lord Russell to go up with this Message;

To desire a Conference with their Lordships, by a Committee of both Houses, concerning great Businesses, that concern the safety of the Kingdom, so soon as will stand with their Lordships Conveniency.

Mr. Maynard, Mr. Hollis, Sir Jo. Culpeper, and Mr. Pymme, are to manage this Conference.