House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 13 June 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, 13 Junii, 1642.


Message to Lords.

ORDERED, That Sir Peter Wentworth do carry up the Names of Sir Edw. Boyse, and Mr. Browne, formerly approved of to be Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Kent; and likewise the Instructions given to the Committees of Lancashire; and likewise to desire a Conference concerning some Informations touching the Execution of the Ordinance of the Militia in Leicestershire.

Information against Wolseley, &c.

Ordered, That the Lords be acquainted with the Informations against Captain Wolseley, Ensign Dudley, and Jo. Lometon, Parson, of their Endeavours to hinder and obstruct the Execution of the Ordinance of the Militia.

Resolved, That Captain Wolseley, Ensign Dudley, and John Lometon, Parson of Ibstock, be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents, by the Serjeant at Arms, attending on this House, for giving Interruption to the Execution of the Ordinance of the Militia in the County of Leicester.

Deputy Lieutenants.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Edw. Peto, Godfrey Bosevile, Anth. Houghton, Esquires, shall be recommended by this House, to the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Warwicke, to be Deputy Lieutenants for that County.

Letters, &c. read.

A Letter from the Committee in Lincolneshire, of the Eleventh of June, from Boston, to Mr. Pym, concerning their Proceedings in the Ordinance concerning the Militia: and likewise a Letter from his Majesty to Captain Booth, to command him, upon his Allegiance, not to stir out of the County of Lincolne; and likewise an Information of Words spoken by Mr. Edw. Meddlemore; were read: And

Ordered, That the Lords be acquainted herewith.

Sir Peter Wentworth is ordered to desire a Conference concerning these Informations.

Arms at the Still-yard.

Information being given, that there were great Quantities of Granadoes laid up in a Warehouse at the Stillyard, which were made by the Appointment of Mr. Browne the Gunfounder: It is Ordered, That the said Mr. Browne shall give in to this House a particular List of those Granadoes, for what Places they are designed, and by whom bespoken: And that he deliver out none of them but by Order of this House: And to give an Account, if any of these Granadoes be already delivered out, and unto whom, and by whom.


Ordered, That Sir Edw. Littleton, Mr. Spurstoe, and Mr. Vassall, do give Notice to Mr. Courten, that he do not transport or dispose of his Salt-petre, in regard that this House intends to buy it of him.

Person sent for.

Ordered, That the Committee for Informations do send for Sir Selwyn Parker, to inquire of him what became of the Business between the Cavaliers, and the Serjeants that beat up Drums for Guards to come down to attend the Houses.

Corn for Ireland.

Upon the Report from the Committee appointed to consider of the providing of Corn for Ireland;

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Commissioners for Irish Affairs be desired to contract with no Merchant for any Corn, to be carried into Ireland, but such as shall be of the Growth of England or Wales.

Resolved, That this farther Business concerning the Transportation of Corn into Ireland, be laid aside for this present.

Arms, &c. for Lincolneshire.

Ordered, That Mr. Charles Dymock shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to carry into Lincolneshire divers Arms and Ammunition, whereof he presented a List to this House, into Lincolneshire.

Arms for Leicestershire.

Ordered, That the Lord Gray shall have a Warrant for the sending down of a hundred Musquets and Bandaliers, and a hundred Swords into Leicestershire.

Transactions with Scotland.

Two Papers from the Scots, delivered at a Conference with the Lords, about Wednesday last, concerning the Arrears due to their Soldiers, their Brotherly Assistance, and their Provision of Meal; and another concerning a Petition tendered unto them from some of their Countrymen in Northumberland, shewing that they were to be taxed in that County, per Poll, as Aliens and Strangers; which is a thing never heretofore practised upon any of their Nation.

Resolved, That Thirty-four thousand Pounds be paid unto the Scotts Commissioners, upon Account, out of the first Monies that shall come in, towards their Brotherly Assistance, and the Pay of the Arrears to the Soldier, and the Providing of Meal.

* Solicitor, Sir Tho. Widdrington, * Glyn, * Browne, or any Two of them, are appointed to prepare Commissions for conserving the Peace between the Two Nations of England and Scotland; and likewise concerning the Matter of Commerce and Trade between the Two Nations.

Ordered, That this House doth declare that the post nati of the Scotts, inhabiting in Newcastle, and the Northern Parts, ought not to be taxed towards any Payment as Aliens, but ought to pay as the rest of the English.

Merchant Adventurers.

That Sir Ro. Harley do know of the Merchant Adventurers, what part of the Thirty thousand Pounds they are willing to pay over, by Bill of Exchange, beyond Sea.


A Message from the Lords by Serjeant Ayloffe and Serjeant Finche;

The Lords desire a Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, presently, in the Painted Chamber, concerning Letters from the Lord Lieutenant of Lincolneshire; and concerning the Lord Lieutenant's going into Ireland.

Popham's Letter, &c.

A Letter from Mr. Alexander Popham, to his Father Sir F. Popham, of the Eleventh of June; and the Copy of a Petition inclosed, endeavouring to be presented, and to have Hands gotten unto it, which lays Imputations upon the Proceedings of Parliament, were now read: And Mr. Strode is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire, that, at this Conference, they may acquaint their Lordships with some Informations received from Somersettshire.-

Specie for Ireland.

Ordered, That the Committee of Adventurers for Ireland shall have Liberty to Ship Two thousand Pounds in Specie, to be transported into Ireland, for the Payment of the Soldiers.-

Popham's Letter, &c.

Sir Fr. Popham's Servant that brought the Letters from Sir F. Popham to the House, was called in; and did affirm the Letter from Mr. Alexander Popham to be written with his own Hand; the which says, That the Mayor and Aldermen of Bathe, told him, That the inclosed Petition was sent to Bathe by Sir F. Dodington.

Person sent for.

Resolved, That Mr. Cressy, the Lecturer at the Temple, be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent; and that he bring with him the Notes of the Sermon that he preached Yesterday, at the Temple.

Persons to attend.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir F. Dodington and Sir Charles Berkeley be forthwith summoned to attend this House presently.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Peter Wentworth brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Deputy Lieutenants recommended for Kent and Warwickshire; and to the Instructions to be sent into Lancashire; and will give a Meeting at a Conference, as is desired.


Answer returned by the same Messengers: That this House will give a present Meeting, as is desired.


Mr. Strode brings Answer, That the Lords do agree that the Information from Somersettshire should be a Part of this Conference.

Lord Gray, Mr. Pym, Mr. Holles, Sir Jo. Evelyn, Mr. Ashe are appointed Reporters and Managers of this Conference.

Sir W.Fenton.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Wm. Fenton be recommended unto the Committee for Adventurers, for a Reformado Captain of a Troop of Horse.

Not to publish Proclamations.

The Sheriff of Essex, who presented unto the House divers Proclamations, which he had received: The House takes it well at his Hands, that he came and acquainted the House with these Proclamations, as in Duty he was bound, they concerning the Proceedings of Parliament; and do injoin him to observe the Orders of the House, and publish them in the County; and not to publish these Proclamations, or any of the like Nature, that concern the Parliament.

Sending Dispatches, &c.

Mr. Hampden, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Cromwell, Mr. Arth. Goodwyn, Mr. Peard;

This Committee is to take care to send down the Dispatches, Orders, and Resolutions of the House, that are appointed to be sent to the Committees employed by the House.

Hull Contribution.

Ordered, That the Monies collected upon the Act of Contribution, in Hull, be paid unto Sir Jo. Hotham, upon Account, to be employed towards the Pay of the Soldier there.

King's Letter to Council in Scotland, &c.

A Declaration concerning a Letter from his Majesty to the Council in Scotland; and concerning a Petition delivered to the said Council, from the Boroughs; was this Day read; and, by Vote, upon the Question, assented unto; and carried up to the Lords by Mr. Hampden.

Impeachment of the Nine Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Holles be added to the Committee appointed to prepare an Impeachment against the Nine Lords: And that he do take some Care that the Committee meet this Afternoon, at Three of Clock, in the Inner Court of Wards: And that the Impeachment be brought in To-morrow Morning.

Committee added.

Ordered, That Mr. Arth. Goodwyn be added to the Committee for the Propositions, and that he take Care that That Committee meet at all convenient Times.

Conference, &c.

Mr. Pym from the Conference with the Lords, delivered a Letter from the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Lincolne, to the Earl of Essex; One from Sir Wm. Pelham; and One from Sir Ph. Tyrwhit, to the Lord Willoughby; One from his Majesty, of the Seventh of June, to the Lord Willoughby; and One from the Lord Keeper.


Resolved, upon the Question, That this Business of Lincolneshire be referred to the Committee of Lords and Commons, appointed to prepare the Declaration concerning the Business of Beckwith: And that That Committee do meet the Committee of the Lords this Afternoon, at Three of Clock.

Lord Lieut of Ireland.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House shall join with the Lords, to desire his Majesty to expedite such Instructions he shall please to give the Lieutenant of Ireland, that his Journey may not stay upon those Instructions.

Ordered, That the Propositions concerning the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland's going into Ireland, be reported To-morrow Morning, the first Business.

Money for Ulster.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Commissioners for Irish Affairs, to consider what Sum of Money is fit to be sent into Ulster, for the Payment of the Two Regiments there.


Ordered, That the Business of Newcastle be reported To-morrow Morning.

Persons in custody.

The House was informed, That the Printer and Designer of the Picture of Sir Jo. Hotham was at the Door: And

It was Ordered, That they should remain still in Custody; and appear here To-morrow Morning.