House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 29 October 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 29 Octobris, 1642.


Maimed Soldier.

ORDERED, That the humble Petition of Jo. Powell, a poor maimed Soldier, be referred to the Committee for Quartering of Soldiers: And that all Petitions of the like Nature, be referred to this Committee.

Horses discharged.

Ordered, That Mr Fisher shall have his Horse discharged.

Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant Creswell, a Member of this House, have his Horses discharged.

Plate restored.

Ordered, That Mr. Wilde have his Plate restored unto him, that was seized and stayed.

Cunningham's Petition.

The humble Petition of Sir David Cunningham, Cofferer to the Prince, and the rest of his Majesty's Royal Children, was this Day read; and nothing done upon it.

Person sent for, &c.

Resolved, That Mr. Henry Aiscough, now in the Custody of Geo. Potts, of St. Olave's Parish in Southwarke, a Constable, be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent: And that the Examination of the Business concerning his Carriage Yesterday, at Horsey Downe, be referred to the Committee for Examinations: and that the Witnesses, Tho. Green of St. Saviour's Dock, and Edw. Hamon of Gleane Alley in St. Olave's, be summoned to attend that Committee.

Merchant Strangers Loan.

Ordered, That Sir Gilbert Gerard, or any others, who had any Monies of those lent by the Merchant Strangers, be consulted with, about repaying the said Monies brought in by the said Merchant Strangers, and formerly assigned to the Scotts, and taken out for the Use of this Commonwealth: And that Mr. Trenchard, and Mr. Vassall, Mr. Rolle, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Spurstow, do treat with the Merchant Strangers, and use their best Endeavours for bringing in the Monies promised to be lent by them.

Billet Money.

Mr. Prideaux, Sir Wm. Brereton, Mr. Hebblethwayte, Mr. H. Pelham, Mr. Trenchard, Mr. Hoyle, are appointed to prepare a Declaration concerning the Difficulties of paying the Billet Monies at Yorke; the City being in the Condition as now it is.

Westminster Subscriptions.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Lords and Commons shall have Power to receive a Return of the Subscriptions of Westminster, and the adjacent Places and Suburbs of Westminster and London: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired herein.

Person to be summoned.

Ordered, That Mr. Wm. Gibson be forthwith summoned in safe Custody, to attend the House.

Prisoner discharged.

The humble Petition of Charles Metcalfe, Sailor, being read;

It is Ordered, That the said Metcalfe, now a Prisoner in the Marshalsea, be forthwith discharged from any farther Imprisonment.

Person committed.

Upon the Report from the Committee for Informations,

It is Ordered, That Patrick Barrett be forthwith committed a Prisoner to Newgate, there to * * * *.

Prisoner discharged.

Ordered, That Captain Michael Beresford be forthwith discharged from any farther Restraint.

Letter referred.

A Letter from Sir Jo. Gell * * * *.

Ordered, That the Letter from Sir Jo. Gell be referred to the Committee for Dispatches, to put the Desires in the Letter in present Execution.

Search for Arms, &c.

Ordered, That Captain Hen. Bell have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to search the Lord Herbert's House at Lambeth, for Arms or Ammunition; and likewise the Artillery Yard, at the Spittle, for Leather Ordnance: And that he be enabled to make diligent Search; and that all Constables and other Officers, be assisting unto him in his Search.

Westminster, &c. Colleges.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the King's Revenue, to consider of the College of Westminster, the College of Eaton, of Christ Church in Oxon, and Winchester, to provide for those Colleges; that none of their Revenues, assigned for the Scholars and Alms-men of those Colleges, may be stopped, or the Payment thereof interrupted, notwithstanding the Ordinance of sequestering the Rents and Profits of Archbishops, Bishops, Deans, Deans and Chapters; and to consider.. saving harmless the Tenants, that, in Obedience to the said Ordinance, shall forbear to pay their Rents, payable to the said Archbishops, Bishops, Deans, Deans and Chapters, their Receivers, or other Officers.

Payment to Edwards.

Ordered, That the Under Sheriff of the County of Herts do pay unto Mr. Wm. Edwards Ten Pounds, if so much shall be Overplus, upon the Sale of Mr. Tirringham's Horses or Goods, in his Hands, over-and-above what is due for the Four Horses that were killed in the Pursuit of him.

Payment to Vassal.

Ordered, That Mr. Wheeler do take Order to pay unto Mr. Vassall Thirty-eight Pounds Thirteen Shillings and Ten Pence; there being so much due unto him for Service done for the Commonwealth; as appears upon the Foot of his Accompt.

Manchester Garison.

Whereas the Garison in Manchester is still maintained at the Town's Charge, without receiving any Aid or Relief at all from the Publick Treasure in Guildhall, London; It is therefore Ordered, by the and Commons, That the Engineers, and Officers of the several Companies that lie in Garison in Manchester, shall have their Pay, according to their Places of Command, paid them out of the Delinquents Estates: and for Security thereof, in the mean time, shall have the Publick Faith.

Removing Guns, &c.

Ordered, That Serjeant Major General Skippon shall have Power to take and remove into the City of London all the Guns, and other warlike Ammunition, from the Lord Herbert's House at Lambeth.

Payment to Kirke.

Ordered, That a Thousand Pounds be paid to Mr. George Kirke, Gentleman of his Majesty's Robes, for Furnishing of his Majesty's Apparel, out of the Coinage Money; provided that the Money assigned for the Maintenance of the King's Children, be first discharged and satisfied: And if it shall fail there, then the said Thousand Pounds to be paid out of the Fines and Rents arising from the Court of Wards.

Members accede to Convenant, &c.

Mr. Waller, Mr. Pelham, declare themselves in the Affirmative to assist the Earl, of Essex, &c.

Mr. Waller declares, That he will freely contribute to this Cause One hundred Pounds, and Fifty Pounds a Month for Three Months.

This Money to be paid into the Chamber of London.

The House accepts it as a free and real Expression of his good Affections.

Letter from Wentworth.

A Letter from Mr. John Wentworth to Sir John Wentworth, making an untrue Relation of the Passages of the Fight between the King's Forces and the Earl of Essex his Forces, on Sunday last; was this Day read.

Wentworth committed.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. John Wentworth be forthwith committed to the Serjeant's Custody, there to remain during the Pleasure of the House.

Upon the Petition of * * *;

Customs on Tobacco.

It is Ordered, That the Petitioners may have their Tobacco delivered them, paying such reasonable Customs, and under such reasonable Conditions, as the Lords Justices of Ireland have granted to others in the like Cases: And that the said Petitioners may have Liberty to dispose of the said Tobacco in any Parts of the Kingdom of Ireland; provided that, under Pretence of selling Tobaccoes to the Rebels, they do not sell any prohibited Provisions.

And it is further Ordered, That all Petitions of this Nature be referred to the Committee for Customs, to make such Orders thereupon as they shall see Cause.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, upon the Question, That John Newman, Clerk of Radnell, Francis Atkinson, Vicar of Firle, Henry Shephard, Vicar of Kingston and Pendinghoe, Walter Dimbleby of East Aldrington, Antony Huggett, Vicar of Clinde and the Cliffe, Thomas Russell, Parson of St. John's in Lewes, shall be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents; for denying to contribute or lend any thing for this Service, in this Time of imminent Danger.

Scotts Commissioners.

That both the Safe Conducts to the Scotts be subscribed by the Speakers of both Houses.

That in both, a void Room be left for the Commissioners Names.

That in the Inscription of the Safe Conduct to the Commissioners of the Kirk, the Words "such Divines as shall come from the Realm of Scotland," be changed into these, "such Godly and Learned as shall come from the Church of Scotland:" And always thereafter, where those that come from the Church of Scotland are called "Reverend and Pious Divines," that it be made "Godly and Learned;" and the Word "Divines" omitted.

That Two Doubles of either be subscribed by the Speaker of both Houses.

Post Meridiem

Correspondence with Holland.

THE Answer of the States General to the Declaration sent from the Lords and Commons, in French, was this Day read; and ordered to be put into English by the Clerk; and taken into a further Debate on Monday Morning next.

Agent to Flanders.

Upon Report this Day made from the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland;

It is this Day Ordered, by the and Commons in Parliament assembled, That some fit Person should be sent from the Parliament into Flanders, as an Agent, to be Governor; to be continued there during the Pleasure of the Parliament: With Instructions to let the Governor know, That this State takes Notice of the Sending of Arms, Powder, and Ammunition, from thence, to supply the Rebels in Ireland; which is contrary to a Proclamation of the King of Spaine's in that Behalf: And that the said Agent be authorized to use all good Means to prevent the same from time to come: And that it be referred to the Committee of Irish Adventurers, chosen in London, to think of a fit Man for this Employment; and to report it to the House.