House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 11 January 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 11 Januarii, 1642.


Letter to Ld. General.

A LETTER from Mr. Speaker to my Lord General, concerning Acts of Violence done to Sir Wm. Drake, by one Lieutenant Colonel Browne, and Officer under his Excellency's Command, was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be signed by Mr. Speaker, and sent to my Lord of Essex.

Report re-committed.

Ordered, That Mr. Whiltacre's Report be re-committed, upon Information given, That some of these Ministers did in the Churches publish a Summons, and Notice for the Parishioners to meet to subscribe the Petition.

City Petition to the King.

The House being informed, That divers Citizens of the City were at the Door:

They were called in; and did present a Relation of the Committees deputed by the City to present their Petition unto his Majesty, of the Manner and Circumstances of the Delivery of the said Petition; and likewise a printed Book, under the Title of "His Majesty's Answer."

The which were both read.

And then the Gentlemen were called in again; and de- manded, Whether Mr. Herne, mentioned in the Relation, had delivered his Message; and whether this printed Book were agreeable to that Message. They answered, They could not tell; in regard he had not yet delivered his Message. They farther informed, That they had the printed Book from the King's Printer.

Ordered, That the Lord Mayor be desired to call a Common Hall, to meet on Friday Morning next at Nine of the Clock, to the Intent that they may receive his Majesty's Answer to the Petition, if any be offered; and that Consideration may be then had of the printed Paper presented to this House this Day, from the Common Council, concerning the said Petition.

The Citizens of London being again called in: Mr. Speaker told them, by the Command of the House, "That the House did hold it fit, That the Lord Mayor do call a Common Hall, upon Friday Morning next, at Nine of the Clock; to the Intent that, if any Message be presented from his Majesty, it may be received; and likewise to take into Consideration the Parts of this printed Paper."

Mr. Glyn, Sir Ph. Stapleton, Mr. Martyn, Mr. Pym, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Hollis, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Fynes, Mr. Mainard, Sir Hen. Vaine, Mr. Whitlocke;

This Committee is to consider of some Heads to be presented to the Lords at a Conference, upon the Debate this Day had, concerning the King's Message; and the printed Paper this Day read: And are to present the same to this House To-morrow Morning: And have Power to send for the King's Printer, and all other Persons, Writings, and Records.

Intercepted Letter.

A Letter intercepted, coming from Oxforde, by Colonel Goodwyn, in Buckinghamshire, containing Passages of dangerous Consequence, was this Day read; and Ordered, That so much of it as concern the Proceedings of Scotland, shall be communicated to the Scotts Commissioners: And that it be referred to the Committee for Informations, to inquire of the Information given this Day, concerning the Earl of Essex his Lady: And that the Truth of that Matter be inquired into.

Wigmore's Business.

Ordered, That the Business concerning Mr. Wigmore be referred to the Committee for Informations.

Escape of Prisoners, &c.

Ordered, That the Business, concerning the Escape of the Three Prisoners out of Winchester House, be referred to the Committee for Prisons, where Sir Ro. Harley has the Chair: And that the Escape of Captain Gilmore and Savage be like wise referred to that Committee: And that Mr. Strode be added to it: And are to meet at Four Clock, in the Court of Wards; And this Committee has Power for the Examining and Committing of Prisoners, as they shall see Cause; and to consider what is fit to be done for Relieving or Releasing of such of them as they shall think fit; and particularly of the Irish Prisoners that were sent out of Scotland; and to certify the House of their Doings herein.


Ordered, That such Members of the House who have any thing to tender, either concerning the Persons, or Propositions about the Customs, do bring them in to the Committee To-morrow Morning at Eight Clock, in the Treasury Chamber.

Ordered, Sir Ro. Pye do go up with this Message to the Lords; To desire them to concur with this House in the Displacing of the old Customers.


Ordered, That all those Prisoners that are committed for actual Levying of War against the Parliament, shall be committed close Prisoners: And if any suspicious Person come unto them, that the Keepers of the several Prisons do apprehend them, and acquaint the Committee for Prisoners therewith.for Prisoners therewith.

Seizing Money.

Resolved, &c. That the several Sums of Money remain- ing in the Court of Wards, the Exchequer, the Duchy, the First-fruits Office, or any other Office or Receipt of his Majesty's Revenue, be presently seized and sent down, and employed for the Service of the Army: And it is re- ferred to the Committee for the King's Revenue, where Mr. Rowse hath the Chair, to take Order for the Seizing of it, and to give an Account of this Service To-mor- row Morning: And are to this Purpose, to meet To-mor- row Morning at Eight of Clock, in the usual Place.

Loan from Merchants Adventurers.

Ordered, That Mr. Whittlock and Mr. Glyn do speak with the Merchants Adventurers; and represent unto them the great Necessities of Monies at this Time; and treat with them for the Loan of Twenty thousand Pounds for Supply of these great Occasions.

Restoring Horses.

Ordered, That the Two Horses, belonging to Mr. Dudley Palmer, of Graye's Inne, seized and taken by Mr. Beard and Mr. Browne, or some deputed under them, be forth-with restored to the Owner; as they, or any of them, will answer their Neglect or Contempt herein.

Persons to be summoned.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Browne and Mr. Beard be summoned to appear, to give an Account, Why the Order of the Committee, for Delivery of Mr. Dudley Palmer's Horses was not performed.

Propositions to the King.

Ordered, That the Proposition, concerning an Act of Oblivion, shall be committed to the former Committee for the Ninth and Tenth Propositions, with the Addition of Mr. Solicitor; to make some additional Savings and Provisoes unto it.

Resolved, &c. That the Three Propositions now stand- ing in the Middle of the Preamble, shall be placed in serie, together with the other Propositions: And it is referred to the former Committee to connect them with the rest.

Ordered, That the Proposition shall be taken again into further Consideration, To-morrow Morning, after the Conference ended with the Lords.

Fortifying Lynn.

Ordered, That the Treasurers and Receivers of the Subscription Monies, in the Town of Lyn, do detain in their Hands Four hundred Pounds, of the Subscription Monies collected in the said Town, to be employed towards the Fortifying and Defence of the said Town.

Loan from the City.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to prepare Heads for a Conference with the Lords, do bring in One Head for One Proposition to be made to the City for Loan of Monies.

Ordinance of Assessment.

Ordered, That Mr. Browne bring in the Ordinance, for Assessing of Monies through all the Counties of England.

Removing Prisoners.

Ordered, That the several Persons whose Names are hereunder annexed, now in the several Prisons of London House, Lambeth House, Winchester House, Lord Peter's House, Wood-street Compter, and the Poultry Compter, be delivered to Colonel John.Venn, or his Deputy, to be forthwith conveyed to the Castle of Windsor; there to be kept in safe Custody: And that Mr. Speaker grant his Warrant to the several Keepers of the said Prisons, to deliver the said Persons accordingly.

Whereas Colonel John Ven, now present Governor of Windsor Castle, is commanded to take into his Custody Threescore Prisoners, from several Prisons in and about the City of London: Which Place is not so well fitted for the Safe-keeping of them, as is requisite (the Quality of the Persons considered); in respect where of, some Money must be spent to repair the same; as also, that above Twenty Pounds must be bestowed for the safe Conveying of them to Windsor: It is therefore Ordered, by the Com- mons, in Parliament assembled, That the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom do grant their Warrant to Sir Gilbert Gerard, Treasurer at Wars, to pay out, upon Account, Fifty Pounds, unto the said Colonel Ven, to be employed for the Conveying of the said Prisoners, and make the Place fit and convenient for the Receipt and Safe-keeping of them.

Sufferers by Plunder, &c.

Resolved, &c. That in that Act it shall be provided, That, whereas divers Goods have been taken, Houses plundered, and other Losses sustained by Occasion of the War, for which it is just that Satisfaction should be made; it shall be left to both Houses of Parliament to award Satisfaction and Reparation, upon Complaint and Proof in Parliament; or else to award Commissions, to be issued into the several Counties of this Kingdom, to some in- different Persons to inquire, hear, and determine the same: Which Satisfaction and Reparation shall be made by such Persons, and in such Manner, as by both Houses of Parliament, or the Commissioners to be nominated by them, shall be ordered and appointed.

Resolved, &c. That it shall be provided, that this Act shall not extend to any Person or Persons, which hath or have had any Hand or Practice in the Rebellion of Ire- land; or which have or hath given any Counsel, Assist- ance, or Encouragement, to the Rebels there, for the Maintenance of that Rebellion; nor to any Action or Offence done or committed by any such Person or Persons.