House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 27 August 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Wednesday, the 27 th of August, 1651.


Records, &c. taken at Sterling.

A LETTER from Mr. Wm. Clarke from Sterling, the Nineteenth of August 1651, was this Day read.

Resolved, by the Parliament, That all the Records, together with the Regalia and Insignia, taken in the Castle of Sterling in Scotland, be brought into England, and placed in the Tower of London.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Council of State to consider of, and give Order for, the safe bringing over of the said Records, Regalia, and Insignia, taken in the Castle of Sterling, and bringing the same to the Tower of London, and be there placed, in such fit Place, as the Master of the Rolls shall direct.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Council of State to take Order for removing the Brass Guns from the Castle of Sterling, and placing some Iron Guns in their Room.

Grant to Skippon.

Resolved, That the Committee that brought in the Bill for settling Lands on Major General Skippon be revived; and that they, or any Five of them, do examine and consider of the Differences between the said Major General Skippon and the Committee for Sequestration in the County of Bucks, or any other Persons whatsoever, touching the said Lands and Premises settled on him by that Act; with Power to send for Persons, Papers, and Witnesses, and to hear, settle, and determine all Matters between them touching the said Lands, or any Thing thereunto belonging; and to see that the same be by him quietly enjoyed, according to the said Act, and several Orders of Parliament touching the same: And this Committee is to meet To-morrow in the Exchequer-Chamber, at Two of Clock, and so de die in diem.

Lord Broghill.

Resolved, That this Day Seven-night the Bill for the Lord Broghill be read.

London, &c. Militias.

Mr. Speaker, by Way of Report, acquaints the House of the great Appearance of the Militias of London, Westminster, Southwark, and the Hamlets of the Tower, on Monday last in Finsbury Fields, and their great Chearfulness and Readiness manifested to the publick Service, and likewise of the great Care and Affection of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, and Common-Council of the City of London, the Colonels, Officers, and Soldiers of the Trained Bands, and Volunteers both Horse and Foot; and especially the great Care and Pains of Major General Skippon in that Service.

Ordered, That the Thanks of the Parliament be returned to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, Sheriffs and Common Council of the City of London, and likewise to the several Militias of London, Westminster, Southwark, and the Hamlets of the Tower, and to the Colonels, Officers, and Soldiers, and to the Trained Bands and Volunteers, both Horse and Foot, for their great Affection to the Parliament in their chearful Readiness to serve the State, manifested at their last Appearance in Finsbury Fields, on Monday last; and that Alderman Pennington, Sir John Bourchier, Alderman Atkins, and Alderman Allein, do return the Thanks of the Parliament, accordingly.

Resolved, That Major General Skippon have the Thanks of this House for his great Pains and Care in the Business of the Militias on Monday last: And Mr. Speaker did give him the Thanks of the House accordingly.

Lady Loftue.

Ordered, That the Petition of the Lady Loftus be read on this Day Sevennight.

Army Pay.

Ordered, That the former Assessment of 120,000£. a Month for the Pay of the Army, be continued for Three Months from the Twenty-ninth of September next; and, That Colonel Downes do bring in a Bill to that Purpose on Friday next.

Military Affairs at Shrewsbury.

A Letter from Humfry Mackworth, Esquire, Governor of Shrewsbury, the Twenty-third of August 1651, from Shrewsbury; together with a Summons and a Letter directed to the said Colonel Mackworth, signed Charles R. for the Surrender of the said Garison and Castle; and the Answer returned by him thereunto: Which were all this Day read.

Reward to Mackworth.

Resolved, That Notice be taken by the Parliament of the great Fidelity and Courage of Colonel Mackworth, upon the Summons and Letter sent to him for surrendering the Garison and Castle of Shrewsbury; and that a Letter be written, taking Notice of the good Acceptance of the Parliament of his Fidelity, and returning the Thanks of the Parliament for the same: And that the Lord Commissioner Whitelock do prepare the Letter; and that Mr. Speaker do sign the same.

Resolved, That a Chain of Gold, with the Medal of the Parliament, to the Value of One hundred Pounds, be sent to Colonel Mackworth, Governor of Shrewsbury, as a Mark of the Parliament's Favour, and good Acceptance of his Fidelity: And that the Council of State do take Care for the providing the same, and sending it forthwith.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Council of State to make Provision for Colonel Mackworth, Governor of Shrewsbury, for making up the Works at Shrewsbury, according to his Desire in his Letter, as they shall think fit.

Letter read.

A Letter from the Lord-General, dated at Warwick the Twenty-fifth of August 1651, was this Day read.

A Letter from Mr. Scott and Mr. Salwey from Warwick, of the Twenty-fifth of August 1651, Monday Eight at Night, was this Day read.

A Letter from Mr. Lechmere from Warwick, of the Twenty-sixth of August 1651, was this Day read.

His Majesty's Declaration from Worcester.

A Declaration, intituled, His Majesty's Second Declaration, sent forth upon his Arrival at Worcester was this Day read.

Military Intelligence.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Council of State, to take Care, that such Intelligence be given, from time to time, unto the several Militias in the respective Counties, both touching the Parliament's Forces, and the Forces of the Enemy, and for preventing all false and malicious Rumours to the Prejudice of the State, as they shall think fit.

London Militia.

Ordered, That the Name of Stephen Oyles, in the Vote of the Parliament of the Twelfth of August instant, whereby several Persons were added to the Militia of London, be amended, and made Stephen Iles; and that the said Stephen Iles do sit and act as a Commissioner of the said Militia, accordingly.