House of Commons Journal Volume 9: 4 May 1668

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, 4 Maii, 1668.



ORDERED, That the Committee of Privileges do sit this Afternoon, and report the State of the Matter as to the Breach of Privilege in the Case of Sir Wm. Smith, To-morrow Morning.

Lords to be reminded of Bills.

Ordered, That Colonel Birch, when he carries up the Bill to the Lords for the Three hundred and Ten thousand Pounds, do put the Lords in Mind of the Bill for Continuance of the Act against Conventicles; and also of the Bill for the better collecting the Duty of Hearth-money.

Crown Land.

Ordered, That Sir Charles Harbord do make his Report concerning Lands alienated from the Crown, To-morrow Morning.

Monies due to the Crown.

A Bill for the better Payment of Monies due to the Crown was read.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill do pass: And the Title shall be, An Act for the better Payment of Monies due to the Crown: And Colonel Birch is to carry up the Bill to the Lords.

Sitting of the House prolouged.

Mr. Secretary Morice acquaints the House, that it was his Majesty's Pleasure, the House should sit a Day or two longer for Dispatch of the publick Business.

Privilege- Libellous Publication:

Serjeant Charlton report from the Committee of Privileges to which the Matter touching Throp the Bookseller of Chester was committed, to examine several Letters written by Robert Clavell to the said Throp, that, upon Examination of the whole Matter, the Committee were of Opinion, that Clavell was the Occasion of Throp's publishing the Intelligence contained in those Letters, and reflecting upon Mr. Secretary Morice; it appearing that Clavell was never Servant to Mr. Secretary Morice; or that ever he had any Relation to him.

And the said Clavell and Throp having acknowledged their Offence; and submitted themselves to the House; and also to Mr. Secretary Morice; who, being content to remit the Offence against himself; and moving they may be discharged: And it being affirmed to the House, that Clavell, for this Miscarriage, is turned out of his Employment in the Post Office:

Ordered, That, upon the Motion of Mr. Secretary Morice, Throp and Clavell be remitted of thier Offence, and discharged of their further Attendance.


Serjeant Charlton reports from the Committee of Privilege the Case of Mr. Scawen; That the Committee, upon the Examination of the whole Matter, were of Opinion, that Edward and John Herne were not guilty of any Breach of Privilege; and ought to be discharged.

Horton Inclosure.

The Amendments sent from the Lords to the Bill on the Behalf of Wm. Paston Esquire, were twice read; and, upon the Question, agreed; and the Amendments read the Third time.

Ordered, That Mr. Steward do carry back the Bill, with the Amendments, to the Lords.


Ordered, That the Order made for apprehending Sir John Stoyle, alias Stowell, do stand; but that the Serjeant at Arms be at Liberty to take Security for his Appearance at the next Meeting of the House after this Recess.

Spirits and Wine Trade.

A Petition of several Merchants trading in Spirits made of Wine, commonly called Brandy, was tendered.

Ordered, That the Petition be read To-morrow Morning; and that the Petitioners and Farmers do then attend, to be heard by Counsel, at the Bar of this House.

And then the House adjourned till Two of the Clock in the Afternoon.

Post Meridiem.

Lady Savile's Portion.

ORDERED, That the ingrossed Bill from the Lords, for raising of a Portion for the Lady Francis Savile, be read, with the Amendments, the Third time, To-morrow Morning, the First Business.

Stanley's Estate.

Ordered, That the Report of the Bill concerning Sir Charles Stanley be read To-morrow Morning.

Sir Wm. Penn's Impeachment.

The Answer of Sir Wm. Penn to the Impeachment, sent up against him to the House of Lords, was read.

The First Article of Impeachment, and the Answer of Sir Wm. Penn thereto, were read.

The Second Article of Impeachment, and Sir Wm. Penn's Answer thereto, were read.

The Third Article of Impeachment, and Sir Wm. Penn's Answer thereto, were read.

The Fourth Article of Impeachment, and Sir Wm. Penn's Answer thereto, were read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee formerly appointed to bring in an Impeachment against Sir Wm. Penn, to consider of the Articles of Impeachment, and the Answer of Sir Wm. Penn, and the Evidence from the Committee of Accounts; and to draw up a Replication upon the whole Matter, to be sent up to the Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Speaker do issue a Warrant of Summons to Cooke, Clarke, and *Grey to attend the House on Wednesday Morning, to answer their Failure and Contempt, in not attending the Committee of Privilege upon the Summons to them directed.

Serjeant at Arms.

Whereas Sir Roger Cuttance, and his Son Mr. Cuttance, were, by Order of Summons, to attend this House, at a Day long since past: And the Duty of the Serjeant at Arms attending this House being to send a Messenger with that Order, and other publick Orders of like Nature; and having made Default; but acknowledging his Error and Mistake therein; and craving the Pardon of the House; the House did remit this Offence: But ordered, that the Serjeant at Arms do, at his Peril, take care to discharge his Duty better for the future.

Persons to attend.

Ordered, That these Persons under-named be summoned to attend as Witnesses in the Matter appointed to be heard To-morrow Morning, upon the Petition of the Merchants trading in Spirits of Wine, commonly called Brandy; viz. Richard Wescomb, John Wadder, Fran. Heath, John Ruston, John Ewick, John Viner, Francis Soame, John Reeves, Jeremy Seaton, Rich. Walten, John Eldridge.

Privilege waved.

Sir Lancelot Lake having, by Writing, delivered in under his Hand, waved the Advantage of an Order of the Fifth Day of March last, made on his Behalf, for Stay of Proceedings in an Action brought by Sir Francis Roll Knight, against the Tenants of the Manor of Ashcot and Northlead in the County of Somersett, the House did, by his Consent, order that the former Order be set aside.

Impeachment of Pett.

Articles of Impeachment against Peter Pett, ingrossed, were read; and, upon the Question, severally agreed to: And the Title of the said Articles, and also the Close of them, being altered, and some Additions made thereto; the Title, and Close, and Prayer of the Articles, were as followeth; viz.

Articles of Impeachment, by the Commons of England assembled in Parliament, in the Name of themselves and of all the Commons of England, against Peter Pett Gentleman, late one of the Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy, for several High Crimes and Misdemeanours committed by him.

All and every of which Crimes and Misdemeanours are of dangerous Consequence and Example, if unredressed.

And the said Commons, by Protestation, saving to themselves the Liberty of exhibiting, at any Time hereafter, any other Accusation or Impeachment against the said Peter Pett; and also of replying to the Answer of the said Articles, or any of them; or of offering Proofs of the Premises, or any other Impeachment or Accusation as shall be exhibited by them, as the Case, according to the Course of Parliaments, shall require.

And do pray, that the said Peter Pett may be called to answer the said several Crimes and Misdemeanours, and receive such condign Punishment as the same shall deserve: And that such further Proceedings may be had upon every one of them, and used against him, as is agreeable to Law and Justice.

Which were again read;

Resolved, &c. That the whole Articles, as now amended, be agreed to: And that Mr. George Weld do carry up the Articles of Impeachment against Peter Pett, to the Lords.

Brunckard's Impeachment.

Ordered, That Sir Robert Brookes do bring in the Articles of Impeachment against Mr. Brunckard, Tomorrow.

Rebuilding London.

Mr. Steward reports from the Committee to which the Bill for better Rebuilding of the City of London was committed, several Provisoes, Amendments, Additions, and Alterations agreed to be made to the said Bill: Which he read in his Place; and after delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table.

Ordered, That this Report concerning the City of London, be proceeded in To-morrow Morning the first Business: And that the Hearing of the Matter upon the Petition of the Merchants trading in Spirits made of Wine, commonly called Brandy, appointed for Tomorrow Morning, be adjourned till Wednesday Morning next.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Eight of the Clock.