Cases before the Committee: December 1645

Pages 1040-1069

Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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December 1645

Laurence Bentall, Benthall, and James Lacon, West Coppice, Salop.

1 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 176 695
C. 176 689
R. 176 677
Bentall begs to compound for delinquency in allowing himself to be made a commissioner by Prince Rupert, for raising moneys for the King. 176 681
P.E. 180 162
229 165a
L. 180 154
27 Dec. 1645. Lacon petitions by Jonathan Andrews for return of certificate of his delinquency from the County Commissioners. Was taken prisioner at Shrewsbury by Col. [Thos.] Mitton. 180 159
4 March 1646. Bentall's fine 230l. 3 50
C. 176 730
6 May 1646. Both beg that having compounded severally for their respective estates in their mines and coal works, they may be suffered to enjoy them, producing a certificate signed by 29 master workmen and labourers employed on them, avouching the costliness and importance of the coal works. Beg that the County Committee may observe former orders, or shew cause why their request should not be granted. 176 693
14 May. Lacon's fine 554l. 3 108
6 August. Bentall's fine passed by the House 1 137
L. 176 699, 685
NOTE 4 25
R. 176 687
180 148
5 Jan. 1647. They complain of re-seizure of their coals and mines by the County Committee for Salop. Noted for the County Committee to obey orders or show cause. 67 584
27 March. Both petitioners admitted to a new composition 4 54
1 April. Bentall fined 1,725l., Lacon 1,425l. 4 58
L. 176 684
P.R. 4 207
D. 176 675
R. 176 673
23 June 1648. Bentall begs a review, the County Committee having certified his coal mines at an overvalue on mis-information. They have let them this year for 50l. Has been at great charges in getting coal, many years losing thereby; begs that the sequestration may be discharged. 176 679
P.R. 4 216
D. 180 152
R. 180 150
229 165b, c NOTE 6 200
7 July. Bentall to be allowed possession of the works, or the rental if they have been leased. 4 210
5 September. Lacon petitions to the same effect, and produces an affidavit that his share in the coal works is not worth more than 10l. a year. 180 161
C. 180 165 4 June 1650. County Committee to certify the value for 21 years, and in the meantime to allow Lacon the 10l. a year. 8 99
L. & D. 180 168 166
H. 11 97
3 September. Lacon Ordered to produce his acquittances and discharge. 11 138
6 September. Order for discharge of the coal pits, unless they are of greater value than the 10l. a year at which Lacon compounded for them. 11 147
22 September. The County Committee report that Bentall having lately died, and his widow being a recusant, they have seized ⅓ of her late husband's estate, vested in trustees for the benefit of his son; it was seized as her jointure, though the trustees allege she has no interest therein, but the committee think there is some mystery of concealment. 165 431
3 Jan. 1651. Lacon's additional fine for the 10l. a year on the coal works, 30l. 12 83
22 May 1655. Paid, and estate discharged 12 624

John Walker, Skinner and Alderman, Congleton, Co. Chester.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 82
P.E. 174 83
1 Dec. 1645. He appears before the Committee for Compounding, and enters his name to compound. 174 85
4 December. Begs to compound, having attended at the rendezvous of the Commissioners of Array, and joined the forces of the King. Has paid Parliament taxes; his personal estate is much wasted, and he has a wife and 7 children. 174 82
L. 174 87 20 December. Fine 37l. 3 8
R. 174 79 9 March 1646. Passed by the House 1 91
P. R. 11 234
P.E. 174 77
21 Oct. 1650. He compounds for an additional particular of debts due to him, 189l. 8s. 174 75
R. 174 73 22 November. Fine at 1/10, 19l. 12 36
23 November. Paid, and estate discharged 12 38

James Carrier, Helpstone, Co. Northampton.

2 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 223 605 Begs to compound for delinquency. Absented himself and lived obscurely. Holds by lease for years of Christ's College, Cambridge, Helpstone Rectory, Worth 30l. a year, after deducting out rents to the college, payments to the minister, and taxes to Parliament. All his goods were seized for Parliament, so that he has nothing left to maintain himself, wife, and children. 223 607
R. 173 129 9 Dec. 1645. Begs that whilst his estate is under sequestration, the County Committee may be required to pay the rents reserved from the rectory of Helpstone to Christ's College. Note that a letter be written to the County Committee of Northampton, to pay the next rent as desired. 72 821
9 December. Fine 60l. 3 2

Mich. Fawkes, Farnley, Co. York.

Vol. A No. or p.
PASS 85 15,
9, 31
C. 85 29
P.E. 191 169
L. 85 14, 10,
12, 7
R. 85 13, 7
D. 191 173
R. 191 167
L. & REC. 85. 8
CASE 85 17
P.R. 4 45
NOTE 85 8
D. 85 21
2 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound by Hen. Thompson, being aged and unfit to travel. His delinquency was sending a horse to the service of the King, when at York. His wife holds his lands of the County Committee, at 40l. a year. 191 172
12 Nov. 1646. Fine at 1/6, 360l. 3 286
December? Begs a review, being unable to pay his fine at 1/6, by reason of his great sufferings; preferred his petition before
1 Dec. 1645, and therefore should pay two years' value.
85 26
20 March 1647. Petition renewed. Begs allowance of a rentcharge of 5l. 19s. 10d. Has paid the moiety of his fine. 85 24
21 June 1650. His widow, Mary Fawkes, begs discharge of her jointure from payment of the second half. 85 2
21 June. The whole estate to be sequestered for non-payment of the fine. 8
L.C.C. 85 3 5 July. On paying the fine, her jointure to be discharged. The County Committee to certify for what they received the 40l. a year. 8 204
11 July. Estate discharged on payment of the remainder of the fine. 11
P.E. 12 32b 12 July. She begs that having paid the remainder with interest, she may have her husband's bond and the estate discharged. 85 6
12 July. The bond to be delivered up to her 11 14
22 October. Her estate discharged from sequestration 11 234
4 November. Her petition (missing) to compound for a debt of 363l. now in suit, and for a saving till it be recovered, referred to Brereton. 12 28
4 November. Michael Fawkes' fine being paid in full, the estate discharged from sequestration. 12 32a
16 Jan. 1652. Noted as having elapsed second payment of the fine. 12 394
7 Nov. 1654. Discharged on proof that the remaining 40l. of the fine was paid to the County Committee. 27 153

Sir Thomas Gower, Bart., Sen. and Jun., Stittenham, Co. York.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 192 601
P.E. 192 589
c. 192 615,
507, 611
2 Dec. 1645. Sir T. Gower, sen., begs to compound according to the Declaration of Parliament, giving liberty to all sequestered persons to come in by 1 December. Was in Newark at the time of the making of the said order, but as soon as he understood thereof, procured a pass from General Pointz to go into his own house, which he did 18 November last. 192 598
R. 192 585 9 Oct. 1646. Both admitted to a review, their particulars to be separated, and needful deeds produced. 3 258
NOTE 4 119 3 Dec. 1646. The father's fine 200l. 3 312
30 May 1649. The fine being paid, the estate discharged 229 168
PASS 192 603
P.E. 192 593
C. 192 605,
606, 614
D. 192 609
C.E. 3 258
R. 192 587
28 Aug. 1646. Sir T. Gower, jun., begs to compound on Oxford Articles for delinquency; had Sir T. Fairfax's pass. Is willing to take the National Covenant and Negative Oath. 88
3 December. Fine at 1/10, 730l. 3 312
4 December. Sir Thos. Fairfax to John Ash. I am engaged as a feoffee in trust for Sir T. Gower, jun., and recommend him to the Committee for Compounding, as one whose moderation towards the Parliament and their friends begat him a long imprisonment by the King, and as one who was also plundered by Earl of Newcastle; I request the Committee for Compounding to look on him as an object of mercy. 88 953
1647 ? The son begs abatement of 100l. in his second payment, on account of the detention of that amount of his rents by the County Committee for the North Riding. 88 958
4 June 1650. The son's fine being paid, his estate discharged 8 106

Ferdinando, Earl Of Huntingdon, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Co. Leicester.

Vol. A No. or p.
2 Dec. 1645. Attended the House of Peers as a member a year after he lost his estate in Ireland, when, being unable to subsist in London, he retired with leave of the House to his own house at Donnington Park, where he remained during his father's life, in which time Ashby-de-la-Zouch was made a garrison. 94 669
Went there after his father's death, in error of judgment, and stayed a long time, but neither bore arms, nor gave money, nor joined their counsels, and refused, though often sent for, to go to Oxford. Whilst at Ashby, the County Commissioners sequestered all his estate, and allowed him nothing for himself, wife, and 7 small children but what he compounded for, and he is heavily in debt. Has lost 1,000l. a year in Ireland, 646l. in England, and cannot bring up his children.
Is willing to take the Covenant, and begs such a reasonable composition as the smallness of his offence, and greatness of his charge require, that he may provide for his family, and pay his debts. Noted "The Committee for Compounding are of opinion that the petitioner is within the time of the Ordinance."
1646 ? Note that the Leicestershire estates of Henry, late Earl, were worth, 1,808l. a year before the wars, but only 900l. to Earl Ferdinando, by reason of the war, and 300l. of this is on lease for payment of an annuity. 94 670
C. 32 256 2 March 1653. The Earl (fn. 1) and Lucy, his wife, petition the Committee on Articles of War that by Dublin Articles, all Protestants of Ireland, not in the Irish rebellion, were to be secured in their estates and goods there. These articles were made by commission from Parliament, and approved by Parliament, yet the Irish Committee have ordered the seizure of lands held by the Earl in right of his wife, on queries: 94 673
1. Whether those who assisted in the wars in England, should have their estates in Ireland freed?
2. Whether those should be included who lived in England during the Irish rebellion ?
Has always been a Protestant, was freed from sequestration or composition by the Articles of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, and by the Act of Pardon, therefore, begs leave to enjoy his estates in Ireland.
2 March. The Committee for Compounding are to certify whether he has done anything to forfeit the benefit of the Articles of War. 94 671

Sir Rob. Markham, Bart., Sedgebrook, Co. Lincoln.

2 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 175 391
C. 175 408
L. 175 393
D. 175 411
R. 175 385
L. 175 409
2 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency, and to have time and leave to go into the country to procure a particular of his estate. Lived at his own house, and paid all dues to Parliament, till the King's garrisons of Newark and Belvoir grew so strong that he was forced to fly to Lincoln, then under Parliament, where he paid 300l. for their use. Was taken in Lincoln by the Earl of Newcastle, and forced to live there till 1 August last, Newark and Belvoir being blockaded. 175 387
2 December. Ordered to bring in particular of his estate, Moyer to prepare it. 175
December ? Fine 1,000l. 175 386
29 Jan. 1646. Mr. Hatcher testifying that he was never in arms, deductions allowed for rent-charges, and for tenths, interest on mortgage, &c. 3 28
3 February. Order to stay the felling of his woods as he submits to his fine. 3 31
31 July 1656. Order in Council on a letter from the Maj.-General and Commissioners on his behalf, for his exemption from the decimation tax, and on a letter for his discharge sent to them by the Protector, that he be discharged accordingly. I 77 295

Rob. Mason, Hidden, Berks.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 197 61,
P.R. 3 222
C. 197 63,
67, 68
R. 197 45
P.E. 197 55
P.R. 4 16
2 Dec. 1645. Compounds for delinquency. When 18 years old, was persuaded by one of the executors of Robt. Mason, late Recorder of London, his father, to ride in the troop of Sir Humphrey Bennett. Continued in the King's garrisons till taken prisoner at Devizes by Sir Wm. Waller. 197 66
2 Feb. 1647. Fine at 1/10, 740l. 4 15
4 February. Petitions for review, his estate being charged with 9,000l. legacies, beside the jointure of Hester Goddard, his mother-in-law, for neither of which any considerable abatement was made in his fine, although Rich. Goddard has compounded for his said wife's jointure. 102 202
R. 197 49 4 May 1649. Petitions to compound for being in arms against Parliament [in the second war]. 197 60
24 May. Fine at 1/6, 522l. 6 61
R. 197 51 22 July. Begs a review, having only the reversion for life of Tidworth Manor, co. Wilts. 197 54

Isaac Montaigne, and George, his Son, Westow, Co. York.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 189 304,
308, 311
P.E. 189 300
C. 189 291
D. 189 300
R. 189 279
2 Dec. 1645. The father begs to compound for delinquency in sending a horse 3 years ago to the King's army. His infirmities, old age, and the length of the journey do not permit his personal attendance. 189 297
31 July 1646. The son begs to be joined with his father in compounding. Was in arms against Parliament, and surrendered on Newark Articles. 189 301
R. 189 284 13 October. The father's fine 540l., the son's 250l., but if the son settle 91l. 13s. 4d. on the ministry, viz., 50l. a year on the church of Butter Cramb, and the rest on that at Westow, 500l. is to be deducted, and the total fine to be 290l. 3
P.R. 4 139
P.E. 189 295
R. 189 287
17 Nov. 1647. George Montaigne begs allowance of 500l. charged on his estate for his sister Isabel, and the benefit of Newark Articles, by which his fine should be at 1/6. Also to compound for lands come to him since, in right of his wife, worth 18l. a year. 189 289
With letter from Sir Thomas Fairfax, 8 November 1647, urging the equity of his demands, and adding "his wife is one to whom I am near allied, and could wish that for her sake all lawful favours and respect may be afforded to him." 189 289
1 Dec. 1647. Fine for the additional 18l. a year, 67l. 4
R. 189 285 10 December ? George Montaigne begs a review and abatement on fresh proofs. 105 519
10 December. His fine, formerly set at a moiety, reduced to 1/6, viz., 115l. 11s., as he compounded on Newark Articles. 4 148
16 Jan. 1652. Reported for non-payment of the latter ½ of his fine 12 394
12 May. Begs that 155l. 11s. may be received as the remainder of his fine, complaining that by mistake it was reported to be
357l. 10s.
105 525
C. 35 71
12 May. Discharged on paying 155l. 11s., with interest from the end of the 6 weeks after 21 Dec. 1649, 500l. being allowed for settlements. 12

John Newton, Highley, Salop.

3 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 176 173, 175
P.E. 176 177
L. 176 165
P.E. 176 167
R. 176 159
Begs to compound for delinquency in subscribing a warrant for impressing men for Prince Rupert's service. Has taken the Covenant. 176 164
24 Feb. 1646. Fine 320l. 16s. 4d. 3 43
25 April. His petition (missing) ordered to be filed 3 87

Sir Theobald Gorges, late M.P., Ashley, Wilts.

4 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 175 127
P.E. 175 130
R. 175 123
D. 175 135
Begs to compound for delinquency in going to Oxford, being compelled by the King's superiority in the county. Never took arms, executed commissions, contributed voluntarily, or concurred in any vote dishonourable to Parliament, in whose service he set forth his son at great expense. Came into their quarters before Oct. 1644, when he was required to go to London, where he has been 14 months imprisoned, till released by order of the House. 175 126
15 Jan. 1646. Fine at 1/10, 209l., and at ⅓, 520l. 3 19
1 Oct. 1649. Fine passed at 520l. 175 135

Henry Hoskins, Beaminster, and John, his Brother, Langdon, both Co. Dorset.

Vol. A No. or p.
PASS 186 694
P.E. 186 692
C. 186 670,
677, 678,
681, 682,
684, 697
L.C.C. 186 688
P.E. 186 799
C. 186 700
L.C.C. 186 690
C. 186 672
L.C.C. 186 674
R. 186 666
P.E. 99 802
R. 90 1131
4 Dec. 1645. Compound for delinquency. Henry was in arms on the King's side, but not within the last year and a half. John was never in arms, but acted as a commissioner for raising contributions for the King. Henry could not compound sooner, because his horse was taken from him for the public service. His brother is too ill to travel. 186 669
4 Sept. 1646. Fines 60l. and 511l. respectively 3 227
18 June 1649. John Hoskins begs to compound on his own discovery for the lease of Langdon Farm, inserted in his former particular as only his for one year, but in which he finds he has an interest for 9 years. 90 1133
5 July. On the discovery of Capt. Hamlyn that Hoskins has compounded at an undervalue for the farm and manor of Langdon, the discovery is allowed, and Hamlyn is to have the benefit thereof. 6 147
27 May 1651. The County Commissioners report that John Hoskins is dead, but has left a large estate, real and personal. 152 683

Wm. Owen, Pontesbury, Salop.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 186 830
P.E. 186 832
4 Dec. 1645. Compounds for delinquency. Was in the King's quarters, and in arms against Parliament. Begs letters to the County Committee to certify the cause of sequestration, and the true value of his estate. 186 829
C. 186 835
R. 186 826
4 Sept. 1646. Fine 150l. 3 227
October ? Begs abatement of his fine in regard of charges upon his estate. Noted as referred to the sub-committee. 186 839

Thos. Percival, Weston-in-Gordano, Somerset.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 186 267,
273, 275
C. 186 270
L. 186 277
R. 186 263
D. 112 337
4 Dec. 1645. Compounds for delinquency. Raised a troop of horse, of which he was captain, by the King's commission. 186 265
25 Aug. 1646. Fine 258l. 3 219
December ? Petition to the Committee for Compounding. I beg that Wm. Cox, attorney-at-law, may not be admitted to his composition till my case regarding him is examined. My father, James, Percival, of North Weston, co. Somerset, for refusing to appear amongst other gentlemen to meet Prince Rupert, at Durdham Down, near Bristol, was on Cox's petition to the King for a reference to Sir Ralph Hopton, summoned by Sir Ralph, and imprisoned till he got a bond of 300l. for payment of 150l. to the said Cox, for losses sustained by reason of this discovery. 112 335
Cox now puts his bond in suit against me as the counter security, and executor of my father, who died in prison for the Parliament's cause, upon a second imprisonment. Noted that the petition is to be filed with copies of the papers, in order that the committee may take notice of the matter when Cox comes to compound. 112 335

Leonard Scott, Jan., Merchant, Hull, Co. York.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 177 93
P.E. 117 91
D. 177 96
R. 177 87
4 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency in joining the Earl of Newcastle when he marched through the county; 5 months since, laid down his arms, and went into France. Has taken the National Covenant and Oath. 177 90
5 March 1646. Fine 74l. 10s. 3 51

Wm. Smith, Presly, Somerset.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 186. 400
C. 186 404
L. 186 398
R. 186 392
NOTE 186 406
D. 186 394
4 Dec. 1646. Compounds for delinquency. About 2 Aug. 1645, he with others of cos. Dorset and Wilts met to settle the articles of association for preserving their estates from the soldiery, when a party of Sir Thos. Fairfax's horse seized them as club men, carried them to Sherborne, and thence to London, where petitioner has been imprisoned in the King's Bench. 186 397
His estate was sequestered till of late, on his petition of submission to the Committee of the West, he was by them bailed, and bound in 1,000l. to make his composition.
28 Aug. 1646. Fine 140l. 3
2 Feb. 1648. On his complaint that though his sequestration was suspended on submitting to his fine, the County Committee distrain upon him for taxes due during the time of his sequestration, they are ordered to desist, such a proceeding being unreasonable. 4 166
PROT. 229 172 9 November. Fine paid and estate discharged 5 24

Wm. Winter, Clapton, Somerset.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 214 479
L.C.C. 214 477
D. 214 481
D. 214 437
P.E. 214 452
R. 214 455
4 Dec. 1645. Winter being imprisoned by the County Committee, petitions by Thos. Percival, of North Weston, &c., that they may be directed to certify his delinquency and accept bail, he never having been in arms against Parliament. Petition presented by Percival, who undertakes that he shall submit to his composition, and take the Oath and Covenant. 214 475
1 May 1649. Winter dying before his fine was set, and part of his estate for life only being discharged by the Committee for 214 458
NOTE 214 467
C. 214 461
D. 214 469,
464, 460
NOTE 214 450
P.R. 214 441
Sequestrations, Hugh Halsewell and Sam. Gorges, guardians of Henry and Grace, Winter's children, beg to compound for the part not discharged.
27 June 1649. Fine upon their discovery, 160l. 6 128
7 July. Sequestration suspended, they having paid or secured the fine. 214 451
R. 214 439 9 December. Estate discharged, the whole fine being paid 214 453
31 Aug. 1652. County Committee to give them notice to compound for their saving of 136l., debts of Wm. Winter, or shew cause within a month why the debts should not be sequestered. 12
4 November. Though the debts are desperate, petitioners beg leave to submit to a composition. 214 446
C. 32 182 4 Jan. 1653. Order on report that as the fine of 494l. was set on Wm. Winter the father, cause be shown why it is not paid. 17 564
16 February. Fine re-set at 1/10 349l. 5s. 4d., the 160l. to be part thereof, the rest 189l. 5s. 4d. to be paid within 6 weeks. 12 537
D. 131 375 24 March. Paid and estate discharged 24 1094

John Wrentmore, Glastonbury, Somerset.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 177 702
P.E. 177 700
L 177 706
R. 177 696
4 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency in executing the office of constable for the King's commissioners, during the prevalence of his power in the county. 177 699
26 May 1646. Fine 46l. 3 68
21 Feb. 1650. Paid and estate discharged. 7 23

Richard Wyche, or Weeche, Croyland, Co. Lincoln.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 186 657
P.E. 185 653
L. 185 656
R. 185 649
4 Dec. 1645. Compounds for delinquency. In 1642, when the enemy possessed Croyland, was by them compelled to take up arms against Parliament. Surrendered to Parliament in Feb. 1644, taking the Covenant and Protestation. 185 651
13 Aug. 1646. Fine. 50l. 3 206
16 Nov. 1648. Order to sequester him for not suing out his pardon revoked. 5 27

John Bragg, Crewkerne, Somerset.

6 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
Begs to compound, being comprised in the Articles of Exeter 83 187
24 July 1646. Petition renewed. Has Lord Fairfax's certificate that he should have the benefit of those articles. 83 192
P.E. 83 189
C. 83 193
P.R. 83 199
22 Aug. 1653. He petitions the Committee on Articles of War, complaining that he has often petitioned the Committee for Compounding, who, notwithstanding, keep his estate under sequestration, and that his name is in the last Act for Sale. Begs their order to the Committee for Compounding to set his fine on the said Articles. 83 199
C. 33 337 8 March. Report on enquiry that he has not forfeited the benefit of Exeter Articles. 25 309
O.T.T. 83 175 20 Jan. 1654. Discharge from sequestration of ¾ of lands in Crewkheme, Somerset, forfeited by him and bought from the Irish Trustees by Rob. Colby, of London. 18 924

Jas. Fawcett, Goswick, Northumberland.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 445
P.R. 174 449
229 173
O.T. 3 1
6 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency in taking arms for the King, his only alternative being to pay 500l., which was impossible. Deserted in 5 months, took the Covenant in Sept. 1644 before Lord Fairfax at York, and entered his appearance before the Speaker. Has also taken the Oath. Begs a letter to the County Committee to certify the value of his estate. 174 446
R. 174 443 27 Dec. 1645. Fine 360l. 3 11
18 Aug. 1646. Fine passed by the House 1 137
12 April. 1648. His estate being ordered to be re-sequestered for non-payment of his fine, the County Committee for Northumberland report that it lies in Durham. 229 175
24 Feb. 1649. He asks repeal of this order, because immediately after paying the first moiety of his fine, and securing the rest, he was arrested and imprisoned in the King's Bench, where he still is. By reason of the assessments and troubles in the North, has received no rents. Begs longer time for payment. 85 799
24 February. Former orders revoked, and no proceedings to be taken till further direction. 5 68
1651 ? Begs abatement of the interest on his second payment. His estate lies 4 miles from Berwick, has been wasted by the Cavaliers, the Scottish army, General Cromwell's forces coming and going, and Col. Wren's regiment, which last plundered him of all he had, to the amount of 300l. Has been forced to borrow in order to pay the rest of his fine. No order. 85 798

John Fretchville, Staveley, Co. Derby, and Sarah, his Wife.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 208 507
P.E. 208 503
142 219
6 Dec. 1645. Sarah Fretchville begs to compound for her husband's delinquency in arms, he having laid them down, left the King's Party, and gone into Holland. With note 26 December for the petition to be reported to the House for direction. 208 496
P.R. 5 43 26 December. John Fretchville petitions to compound 208 494
D. 208 498
26 March 1646. The wife's petition renewed. Her husband, before 1 Dec. 1645, upon Articles with the Parliament's forces in the North, laid down his arms, and surrendered the garrison wherein he was. 142 217
26 March. Mr. Stephens to move the House for direction, reporting that he has not taken the Covenant. 3 68
R. 208 489 5 Feb. 1649. Fine at 1/6, 595l. 16s. 8d. 5 56
6 August. Order that 308l. 6s. 4d. be deducted if. 30l. a year is settled on Holmesfield chapelry, co. Derby. 6
NOTE 242 228
D. 142 221
L. 142 227
C. 142 223
L. 142 225
10 Jan. 1655. On motion that his name be taken out of the list of fines unpaid, because in lieu of the latter moiety of his fine, he long ago settled so much of Staveley Rectory as amounted to it, 14 days given him to show that he has made the settlement, and that the profits have been paid to the minister, &c. 12 626
26 January. His name to be taken out, and an order of discharge granted him. 12 628
21 February. Fine being paid, his estate discharged 24 1172
22 February. Order for return of his bond 12 629
7 Feb. 1656. He petitions the Protector. Having shown his affection to the present government ever since his composition, he begs exemption from [the decimation tax] the penalty of disaffected persons. His Highness having made an order for his exemption, Council are requested to concur therein. I 92 148
29 April and 27 November. The case referred by Council to the Major-General and Peace Commissioners of co. Derby. I 77 87

John Neale, Clerk of the Spicery, Stanford Rivers, Essex.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 494
P.E. 174 495
O.T. 3 1
R. 174 491
6 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency in going to Oxford, which he did in execution of his office, according to his oath on admission. Never took up arms. Paid his fifth and twentieth parts and all taxes. 174 493
30 December. Fine 130l. 3 11

Edward Pelham, Brockelsby, Co. Lincoln.

6 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
PASS 184 401
P.E. 184 393
C. 184 395
L. 184 397
R. 184 381
6 Dec. 1645. Compounds for delinquency. Was Lieut.-Colonel to his father, Sir Wm. Pelham, for 1½ years, till his father's death, when he went to live in Newark, but did not bear arms. Voluntarily came in to the Parliament's quarters on 27 November last. Took the Oath before the Committee of Examinations, and subscribed the National Covenant. 184 389
Pleads youth and ignorance of his father's estate in excuse for errors in his particular, which he begs to be allowed to amend.
13 December. Having submitted to Parliament, he is released from attendance by the Committee for Examinations. 184 400
30 July 1646. Fine at 1/10, 3,000l., but the deed made 20 July 1643 to be reported to the House. 3
16 Jan. 1647. Allowed, and the fine to be 2,250l. 184 401

Edw. Williamson, Ingold Mells, Co. Lincoln.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 227 541
C. 227 537
R. 173 131
6 Dec. 1645. Compounds. Being within 8 miles of Mablethorpe garrison, was obliged to bear arms in its defence against Parliament in 1643. At its reduction, submitted to Parliament, and has subscribed the Covenant. Paid 25l. by order of the County Committee of Lincoln for his goods, and 6l. 13s. 4d. a year for his lands; 30 acres since come to him are nevertheless sequestered. 227 543
11 December. Fine 30l., but left to Parliament to abate it, in consideration of his 2½ year's service. 3 2
20 July 1647. Complains that the County Committee retain his rents. 227 535
20 July. County Committee ordered to comply with a former order of discharge. 4 112

Thos. Swinburne, Butterby, Co. Durham.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 338
P.E. 174 341
C.P. 3 9
D. 174 339
R. 174 335
Begs to compound for delinquency, having been compelled, in 1642, by the Earl of Newcastle, to lend the King 30l., and also to attend the then High Sheriff to Barnard Castle, where there was a treaty between the gentlemen of Yorkshire, Westmoreland, Cumberland, Northumberland, and the Bishopric of Durham, about taking measures for the safety of those counties, which treaty produced only some propositions, nothing appearing to the prejudice of Parliament. 174 337
Was named in the Commission of Array, but refused to execute it, or to sit on a committee for raising moneys, and disarming the disaffected, which was prejudicial to Parliament.
30 Dec. 1645. Fine 320l. 3 11
15 Dec. 1647. Complains that whilst he has been in London on his composition, the County Committee have sequestered the poor remainder of his goods. Begs redress. 121 403
15 December. An order for sequestration, granted because he was not suing for his pardon, revoked, as he is prosecuting it. 4 151

John Horner, Kingston-on-Hull, Co. York, 3rd Son of Wm. Horner, of Middlesmoor, Co. York.

11 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
O.T. 3 2
C. 91 866
Begs discharge, being but a common soldier and not worth 200l. He was apprenticed for 300l. to Matthew Toppin, late of Hull, who was turned out by Sir John Hotham 3 years ago, and went to York, then the King's quarters, where petitioner served his apprenticeship and bore arms against Parliament. On the surrender of York, went beyond seas, and did not return till 8 November last. No order. 91 865

Sir Henry Poole, Sapperton, Co. Gloucester, Anne, his Widow, and William, his Son. (fn. 2)

11 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
11 Dec. 1645. The County Committee of Gloucester to certify whether they have taken an inventory of Sir Henry's personal estate, and if so, to send it up, and state whether they have received any money by way of composition. 3 3
C. 198 100, 97
P.E. 198 83
D. 198 85–95
R. 198 77
26 December. Wm. Poole compounds for delinquency. Both he and his father were forced to comply with the King's party whilst they prevailed in their county; never acted anything, nor was ever employed in any command against Parliament. Begs the benefit of the declaration of both Houses. 198 82
11 March 1647. Fine at 1/10, 1,494l. 6s. 6d. 4 37
C. 32 16 18 Feb. 1652. Anne, widow of Sir Hen. Poole, petitions that Oakleigh Woods were settled on her as dowry by Wm. Poole, her husband's son and heir, before his delinquency or composition, but now orders are issued for seizing the lands, and depositing the money raised by sale of woods, though the cutting and selling thereof is her chief livelihood. Begs a recall of the order, as if there be any undervaluation, the other lands of Poole are sufficient to answer thereto. 229 175a
18 February. Order that she give in a particular of her dower estate, and Brereton report thereon; also that the County Committee cut and fell the woods as usual, but keep the moneys undisposed of till further orders. 229 175b
Claimants on the Estate.
31 Dec. 1651. Dr. Walter Walker, D.C.L., and Gab. Beck state their case, that they purchased lands of Poole, who compounded for lands in Sapperton, &c., value 635l. a year, and old rents 37l. 2s. 0d. Also for the reversion after his mother, Anne Poole, widow, of lands worth 120l. a year. They bought in the whole lands of him, worth 500l. a year for 99 years, and lent him 4,335l. 16s. 0d. for payment of his fine, to clear which his other lands are liable to be sold by them. 128 475
They have since discovered that he had only a reversion in part of the lands, and that they were mortgaged by Henry, his father, to Sir Rich. Tracy, on delinquency of whose son, Sir. Hum. Tracy, they were given by Parliament to the city of Gloucester. Mr. Collett, on behalf of himself and Maj. Yenn, informed of an undervaluation in Poole's composition, but untruly. They beg discharge of the old rents, and allowance of a portion of the lands as specified, total 755l. a year, having purchased them, and paid all Poole's fine.
31 December. Referred to Reading 128
P.R. 15 163 L.C.C. 156 357 10 Feb. 1652. They beg stay of the felling and sale of woods on the estate, and a speedy hearing of the report. Granted. 128
A 11
NOTE 128 443 2 March. Order on report that the purchase by Walker and Beck is valid, and that the County Commissioners discharge the old rents and lands to the value of 635l., and the reversion of the 120l., but reserve such parts as are not in the purchase to satisfy the undervalue complained of, on which Walker and Beck may examine witnesses, and Collett is to give in their names. 128

Sir Rob. Thorold, Harrowby, Co. Lincoln.

Vol. A No. or p.
O.T. 3 2
C. 177 177
P.E. 177 177
L. 177 171
R. 177 163
11 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency in going to the garrisons of Belvoir and Newark, near which his whole estate lay, when they were held by the King, and in taking up arms afterwards, when the Parliament's forces prevailed, his whole estate being by them plundered and wasted, and he having no means of subsistence. Petition noted "Sir Anthony Irby avers to his knowledge, Sir Rob. Thorold came into the County Com- mittee 2 or 3 weeks since, at the yielding up of Worton House, which he yielded up, being governor of that house." 177 169
7 March 1646. Fine 1,300l., half in hand, the rest in 6 months; if the country be not cleared, to move for longer time. Mr. Stephens to report his case to the House. 3
7 April. Allowed to receive money by the sale of his wool (sic) to meet his fine. 3 74
28 Jan. 1648. Order to re-sequester his estate revoked, on his engaging to pay his fine shortly. 4
R. 177 161
C. 32 91
11 May 1649. Begs to compound for an omissions in his former particular of the moiety of the lease for 21 years, made in 1641, in reversion after the late Earl of Worcester's death, of Oundle Manor, co. Northampton, the inheritance of Edward, Lord Herbert, 500l. being paid by the petitioner and John Barker, of Stanford Rivers co. Essex; the money was the portion of Wm. Roper, an infant of 12 years. Begs remedy at law to recover the debt. 177 176

Wm. Colston, Ponteland, Northumberland.

12 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 167
P.E. 174 157,
160, 177
Begs to compound for delinquency in being in Newcastle during the siege; surrendered 29 Nov. 1645. His personal estate is all seized, and he in debt 350l. 174 166
23 Dec. 1645. Fine 133l. 6s.8d. 3 8
R. 174 155 27 Jan. 1646. Begs that he may perfect his composition, having come in before 1 Dec. 1645. 174 164
NOTE 174 164
174 160
31 January. Noted that he is respited till he bring Mrs. Procter's will, or a copy under the registrar's hand. 174 164
9 March. His fine of 133l. 6s. 8d. accepted by the House 1 92
24 March. Fine reduced to 93l. 6s. 8d. 3 65
7 Feb. 1650. Fine remitted, as he has made over 40l. a year for 5 years to Newcastle garrison. 7

Fras. Fry, Iwerne Minster, Co. Dorset.

Vol. A No. or p.
L. 174 377
C. 174 371
P.E. 174 375
C.P. 3 9
R. 174 367
12 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency. Has taken the National Covenant and Oath. 174 370
27 December. Fine 220l. 174 367
18 Aug. 1646. Passed by the House 1 137

John, Lord Poulett, Hinton St. George, and Sir John Poulett, Courtaweek, Co. Somerest, his Son and Heir.

Vol. A No. or p.
NOTE 184 769
L. 184 773
C. 184 772
P.E. 184 777
D. 184 775,
781, 786
L. 184 783
R. 184 757
D. 184 767
12 Dec. 1645. Note that Sir John appeared, had his name entered, and was examined; with letter to prove that he wished to come in before 1643. 184 769
20 December. Report that Sir John Poulett was an M.P., had license to go into the country, went to Oxford and sat in the Assembly there, but not when the vote passed that the Parlia- ment were traitors, and laboured to return and submit to Parliament; 3 years ago last September, he went into Wales, and surrendered to Sir Thos. Fairfax 15 July 1645. He has taken the Negative Oath and National Covenant. 184 759
24 July 1646. Ordered by Parliament to perfect his composition before 1 Aug. Next, or his estates will be sequestered. 1 183
5 August. Fine 9, 400l. 3 194
20 December. On a letter from Sir Thos. Fairfax—that he hoped that upon his earnest request to the House of Commons, Sir John Poulett's fine would have been wholly remitted; but that as that request was not granted, he desires that Sir John should not fare the worse for that letter, but be allowed the benefit of Exeter Articles, which was of right due to him, as was likewise affirmed by the Lieut.- General,— the Committee for Compound- ing order the fine to be drawn up accordingly, and presented to the House. 184 765
R. 184 759 December ? Fine reduced to 3,760l. 12s. 184
22 April 1647. His fine being paid or secured, his sequestration discharged, provided he sue out his pardon. 229 177
23 June 1648. The rents to be suspended in the tenants' hands 4 207
28 August. Returned as not having paid the second ½ of his fine 1 196
5 March 1649. Parliament remits his fine, out of respect to the Lord General. 199 723
10 March. Order thereon, that all commissioners and officers con- cerned are to allow him to enjoy the profits of the estate, and to leave the rents in the tenants' hands. 5 76
C. 199 740 30 April 1646. Sir Thomas Fairfax to the Speaker. Having settled the West, I beg the House to look upon Lord Poulett. whom I there found, not as one in the highest and last rank of offenders, but capable of mercy and composition. Not only nearness of relation to him, but confidence that he and his are resolved to conform, emboldens me to make this request, the first of its kind, the granting of which I shall ever acknowledge as an extraordinary mark of the favour and goodness of Par- liament. 199 737
2 May. Lord Poulett admitted to compound by order of the House of Commons, according to the wishes of the General. 199 735
2 May. Such composition is to be made with him that the Corporation of Lyme Regis may have reparation, in lands to remain in the said corporation for ever, for their fidelity and constancy to the liberties of the Kingdom and the Protestant religion. Col. Ceely, late governor of Lyme, to be considered for his losses. 1
P.E. 199 727
R. 199 719
H. 3 185
12 July. Lord Poulett petitions the Committee for Compounding to be admitted to compound for his estate on Exeter Articles. Acknowledges that he was in arms there for the King. 199 725
24 July. Ordered by Parliament to perfect his composition without delay, on pain of sequestration. 1229 183
4 August. Granted 14 days to produce his witnesses 3 192
H. 3 344 23 December. Not to be molested by the sale of his goods or otherwise, whilst he is prosecuting his composition. 3
NOTE 3 361 2 Jan. 1647. The County Committee ordered to abstain from felling his woods, defacing his house by pulling up the leads, tearing down the wainscot, &c. 229
O.C.C. 229 184 With note by John Ash, to Mr. Leech, "let another letter be written, and leave out the pulling down the wainscot, &c., and mention only the felling of the woods and the defacing the house, for this may exasperate the committee, &c."
21 January. Letter written accordingly 3
H. 4 34, 40
P.E. 198 5
6 February. Order renewed, to apply to all his woods 4 18
9 March 1647. Case respited till the General's letter be brought up from the clerk of the House. 4
2, 8
15 March. Sir Thomas Fairfax pleads that at the treaty for the surrender of Exeter, it was much urged on his lordship's behalf that he might be capable of those Articles, but that he was, by vote of the House of Commons, a person excepted; the House was afterwards pleased to take his name out of the list of excepted persons. Asks favourable consideration for him. 199 731
24 March. His case having long depended, and being now referred to both Houses, he is not to be prejudiced by the delay, but the sequestration is suspended, and the rents to remain in the tenants' hands. 4
27 March. On request of his son, Sir John Poulett, allowed possession of his mansion house of Hinton St. George, unless it appear that this would prejudice the State. 4 54
O.P. 109 849 20 March 1648. Having settled 200l. on the corporation of Lyme, the County Committee are to suspend the sequestration. 4
27 March. Note that—the Committee for Compounding finding that Lady Ellen Drake had lost 6,000l. by the burning of her mansion house at command of Lord Poulett, (fn. 3) —Parliament ordered that Lord Poulett settle 200l. a year for ever on the Corporation of Lyme, to which he consented, and his son, Sir John also; his fine on Exeter Articles at 1/20 was 2,743l., but as member of the House of Lords at ½ 10,432l. Both fines were reported to the House, but they dismissed the case till the 200l. a year was settled on Lyme, only the rents were detained in the tenants' hands. 4 194
28 August. Reported as not having paid the second ½ of his fine- 1 196
10 October. Rents to remain in the tenants' hands till further orders. 5
1648 ? Note that the fine is to be 2,742l., besides the settlement of 200l. a year on the inhabitants of Lyme, and 1,500l. to be paid to Lady Drake. 199 740
24 June 1649. He writes to complain that some of his tenements are let at 1/5 of the value, the wood cut down, and the houses ruined, and begs redress. 109 801
25 December. On motion in behalf of the inhabitants of Lyme, complaining that the tenant put into Duntish Farm, settled on them, detains possession thereof from them, order that Lord Poulett be restored to the possession thereof, that he may deliver it to the inhabitants aforesaid. 6 256

Philip Gill, Surgeon, Fleet Street, London.

13 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 175 240
C. 175 240
O.T. 3 3
R. 175 235
Begs to compound for delinquency in leaving his house. Went to York Midsummer 1642, to attend Major Geo. Lower, and so continued in the King's quarters. Has a wife and 3 small children. 175 237
24 Jan. 1646. Fine 50l. 3 25

Edw. Page, Oundle, Co. Northampton.

16 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 177 230
L. 177 221
P.E. 177 223
Begs to compound. Was 3 years in the King's quarters, whence he came out by the Speaker's pass. Has never acted against Parliament. His father died since the wars, and petitioner does not know what his estate is, all the evidences, &c., being carried away to Guildhall. Begs order for their restitution. 177 217
D. 177 232
R. 177 211 C.C. 3 130
229 187
C.C. 3 130
229 187
7 March 1646. Fine 500l., reduced to 100l., if he allow 40l. a year to the minister of Oundle. 3 52
5 May. County Committee reproved for continuing the sequestration, though he has paid his fine. 3 98
26 November. Order for repayment to him of 80l., the ½ year's rent of Oundle Rectory, due at Midsummer, but seized by the County Committee, and for their conformity to orders. 3 306
20 March 1647. The inhabitants of Oundle petition that, though Page was ordered to settle 40l. on their minister, who has only 20 marks, he has not done so, and it is now a year since his sequestration was taken off. They beg the Committee for Compounding to effect what they have ordered, have the arrears paid in, and the maintenance settled on trustees, and recommend therefor Sir John Dryden, Bart., of Canons Ashby, Sir Gilb. Pickering, Bart., of Titchmarsh, Sir Edw. Nichols, Bart., of Faxton, and 11 others. [47 signatures.] 108 207
20 March. Page ordered to settle the rectory within a week, or show cause. 229 188
NOTE 4 99 20 April. Required to consult with Rich, and make the settlement on pain of re-sequestration. 229 189
O.C. 4 102 20 July. He having done nothing, in spite of repeated orders to settle 50l. on Oundle Rectory, the suspension is taken off, and his estate to be re-requestered. 4 111
P.R. 5 72
R. 177 213
3 March 1649. Begs reduction of his fine, having in his former particular made several mistakes, his evidences being seized by the Committee for Compounding. 177 216
12 May. Petitions that his fine was set at 500l., which he paid by settling 40l. a year for ever out of the impropriation of Oundle, which counted for 400l., and by paying the remaining 100l.; but that notwithstanding, the County Commissioners, without cause, reserve 80l. of his rent, which they promised the Committee for Compounding to pay him, but have since refused. Begs to have a rateable allowance for the said 80l. out of the said 40l. a year, before it be settled. 108 909
C. 35 36,
21 June. Order that he settle the rectory, and then 52l. 10s. of the fine be abated. 6 113
6 August. His estate being lodged in trust in Jas. Bunce, who is beyond seas, begs leave to give security that within a fixed time, the conveyance by which 40l. a year is settled may be executed. 108 907
PROT. 11 291 6 August. Three months allowed, and sequestration suspended meantime. 6
8 March 1650. The augmentation of 40l. to Oundle to be paid by the tenants to the trustees, and by them to Mr. Resbury, the present, or any future minister. 7 40

Sir John Penrddock, Compton Chamberlain, Co. Wilts, and John, his Son and Heir.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 229 192
175 541
C. 175 533,
536, 540
O.T. 3 4
R. 175 531
229 193
16 Dec. 1645. Both beg to compound on the late ordinance, for delinquency in attending His Majesty's commands at Oxford. Sir John is very sick at Oxford, but will compound when recovered. John has not been with the King since Easter, and has taken the National Covenant; his estate is in cos. Wilts and Essex. 175 537
16 December. Fine on John Penruddock, 1,000l. 3 4
31 Jan. 1646. John's fine to stand, but report to be made how the land is settled. 112
14 February. John's fine accepted by the House, his estate being
300l. a year in reversion.
1 85
March 1646 ? John begs mitigation of his fine, because the rentcharge of 300l. a year is for his life only, and as the times go, is only worth 150l. a year, and he is but tenant for life in part of his estate. Noted by Mr. Ash: "Mr. Alexander—when this gentleman shall repair unto you, I pray you give him a dispatch." 175 534
18 May. His pardon granted 1 115
C. 193 487
P.E. 193 491
D. 193 493
R. 193 479
12 November. Sir John begs to compound on Oxford Articles, for leaving his habitation and adhering to the King's forces. 193 483
8 December. Fine at 1/10, 890l. 3 321
20 March 1647. Begs a review of his fine, his son having compounded for 300l. annuity and 400l. a year reversion, on proof of which the Committee for Compounding had promised to reduce the fine to 490l. Begs to pay in 245l. as the moiety of his fine. 193 485
21 July 1648. Re-sequestration ordered of John Penruddock for non-payment; and from the rectory of Compton Chamberlain, 30l. a year to be paid to Edw. Falconer, minister of Britford, and a report sent in of other churches near and unprovided for. 4 212
C. 32 59
34 98
229 194
8 May 1649. To be allowed 250l. from his fine, if he settle 50l. on the minister of Bradline [Bradley ?] Sir John's fine reduced to 490l. 6
C. 112 221 2 Aug. 1650 P Edw. Falconer, minister of Britford, Wilts, begs payment of arrears due on an order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers of 10 June 1647, granting him 20l. reserved to the Dean and Chapter of Sarum from Britford Rectory, and 30l. more from that of Compton Chamberlain, sequestered from Sir John Penruddock, delinquent, the vicarage being only worth 40l. a year; begs ratification of the order, the estate being now descended to John Penruddock. 86
Has long appealed in vain to the Committee for Plundered Ministers, and having a wife and 8 small children, has had to petition the County Committee. With note that when Penruddock compounds, notice will be given of the charge on his estate.
23 Sept. 1651. Falconer complains of the loss of Penruddock's annuity with 60l. arrears, through his composition. Has appealed in vain to the Committee for Regulating the Universities. Begs 30l. a year from the estate in Wilts of Sir Fras. Englefield, recusant, sequestered in another county, discovered by him. 86 166
23 September. Case to be considered, if Sir Francis show no reason against the sequestering of the estate. 15 28

Thos. Pigott, Butley, Co. Chester, and Jas. Renshaw, his Son-in-law.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 112 221
P.E. 112 219
O.T. 3 5
16 Dec. 1645. Pigott begs to compound for delinquency in executing warrants of the Commissioners of Array sitting at Adlington House, a garrison for the King, being high constable for Macclesfield hundred; lent a large sum on the propositions, was never in arms, and his only son serves Parliament; both have taken the National Covenant, and have a reference from the Commissioners for Sequestrations, before whom prosecution of their cases is too chargeable. Renshaw never bore arms, but has maintained a man in arms for Parliament for 4 years. 112 218
C. 62 343 18 December. Pigott fined 30l.; Renshaw 12l., paid for him by Pigott. 3 5

Sir Rich. Wingfield, Tickencote, Rutland.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 175 291,
293, 305, 307,
16 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency; his whole estate being under the power of the enemy, was forced to join them. 175 292
O.T. 3 4
P.E. 175 293
D. 175 299
R. 175 289
D. 175 303
P.E. 131 191
175 295
S. 3 53
P.R. 3 55
20 Dec. 1645. Sir Wm. Balfour, propounding him as a delinquent discovered by himself, begs to have his composition, in part payment of the 2,000l. allowed him by Parliament order of 11 Nov. 1645. 3 7
24 Jan. 1646. Fine 746l. 3 26
7 July. Ordered another letter of suspension 3 165
9 July. Fine accepted by the House 3 165
7 Dec. 1650. Note of a suit between him and Valentine Gregory 175 297

Sir Walter Wrottesley, Bart., Wrottesley, Co. Stafford.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 176 185
O.T. 3 4
P.E. 176 189
L. 176 195
D. 176 199
R. 176 181
C. 35 51
16 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency, his estate lying wholly in the enemy's power. Tendered his house to the County Committee to garrison it for Parliament, for whom he has spent 800l., observing which the enemy have plundered and damaged him to the extent of 2,000l. 176 184
24 Feb. 1646. Fine 1,512l. 10s.; if he settle 15l. a year out of his tithes on the vicar of Tettenhall, 12 years' purchase to be allowed, if the House approve, and the fine reduced to 1,332l. 10s. 3 43
3 September. The County Committee to return the names of fit persons to be feoffees. 229 195
27 May 1647. Sir Jno. Wollaston, and 10 others, to be trustees, and to receive all arrears since the composition. 229 196
3 Feb. 1649. Order that he be re-sequestered for not having settled 15l. a year out of Tettenhall Rectory for maintenance of a preaching ministry. 229 197
24 February. Order revoked on his compliance 5
27 February. The arrears to be paid by the trustees to the minister of Tettenhall. 5 70

Geryase Hollis, late M.P., Grimsby, or Burgh-in-the-Marsh, Co. Lincoln.

18 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
O.T. 3 5
P.E. 185 950
C. 185 947
D. 185 953
R. 185 935
H. 3 358
L. 162 153
P.R. 12 572
185 939
P.E. 185 943
Compounds for delinquency. Living at Newark at the beginning of the wars, and for two years before, accepted a commission for a regiment of foot. Served 13 months, during which he protected the Parliament's friends. Voluntarily laid down his commission two years since, and surrendered to the Earl of Manchester. 185 946
20 Aug. 1646. Fined 738l. 3 210
20 May 1652. Elizabeth, his wife, begs allowance, with arrears of her 1/5 from her husband's estate, which has been long sequestered for delinquency, but she has received nothing. Granted. 92
26 Oct. 1653. Gervase Hollis begs to compound on the resolves of Parliament of 3 Sept. 1653, not having been able to pay the fine, which was set at ⅓. 92
2 December. Fine 860l. 12 584
Claimants on the Estate.
O.C.C. 79 289
L.C.C. & D. 79 283 –287
L. 162 277
R. 79 271
14 May 1651. Isabella, widow of John Dand, of Leicester, petitions that, in 11 Charles, Gervase Hollis demised to her son John lands in Burgh, co. Lincoln, for 22 years, for 540l., which John re-demised to Hollis for 21 years, at 40l. rent. 79 267
In 1640, her son assigned the demise to her for 231l., but in 1646 the estate was sequestered by the County. Committee. The Commissioners for Sequestrations, on appeal, allowed her title, with arrears, but she is interrupted on the late instructions. Begs confirmation of orders, and the last ½ year's rent.
14 May 1651. County Committee to certify, and Reading to report 14
15 Jan. 1652. The report being ready, but no hope of a hearing because of the number of causes, she begs to have the premises on security, with return of the receipts since seizure. Granted. 79
6 May. The rent of 60l. allowed during the remainder of the lease, with arrears since Dec. 1649, and the County Commissioners to improve the lands to the best advantage. 16 367
5 Jan. 1653. She petitions that, her rent, being 4½ years in arrear in 1647, she had the estate, from which she received 100l. a year for 3½ years, when the County Commissioners took it, on pretence that she had received her due. On the late order, the County Commissioners report that 200l. was due to her before Dec. 1649, which by the order they cannot allow. Since then she has received 71l. 3s. 4d. overplus. 79 266
She begs payment of the balance of 128l. 16s. 8d., having lost 300l. in interest. Is very aged, and this is her whole estate.
L.C.C. 162 279
79 298
D 79 299
C 49 291
ACCTS. 79 305
162 281
5 January. The auditor to examine the account, and the County Commissioners to certify. 17
25 May. Order that she have the arrears due before Dec. 1649, they being taken away on general instructions,—the order of the Commissioners for Sequestrations notwithstanding,—and her annuity in future, and that the County Commissioners pay her the 128l. 16s. 8d., deducting their 1s. in the pound for what is paid in to the treasurer, and the proportion of taxes. 19 1093
23 Feb. 1654. She complains that the County Commissioners demand 1s. in the pound for her annuity, as well as for the arrears, and 11 years' taxes, though she paid the taxes till 1650. Begs redress. 79 265
23 February. County Committee to deduct taxes only from the stop of the annuity, and the 1s. only for moneys paid in, and not to put the petitioner to further trouble. 25 299

Wm. Swanton, Wincanton, Co. Somerset.

Vol. A No. or p.
18 Dec. 1645. Note that he came up with Sir T. Fairfax's pass to compound, but Katherine, his wife, certifies that on his journey to town he fell sick at Morley Green, near Staines. Appearance suspended till he recover his health. 2 131
2 Jan. 1647. He begs to compound for delinquency. Was a captain in the King's party, but quitted his commission two years ago. Begs a license to stay in town to prosecute his composition. No order. 121 309

Col. Sir Matthew Appleyard.

20 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
Begs to compound at 1/10, having no real estate, being a soldier of fortune, only possessed of 160l., left in the hands of his sister-in-law, Grissell Williamson. Has taken the Covenant. 62 341
20 Dec. 1645. Fine 20l. The money to remain in the hands where it now is. 62 341

Rich. Brereton, Ashley, Co. Chester.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 189,
191, 193
P.E. 174 187
20 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency. Misguided by the King's declarations, retired 26 Jan. 1643 to Chester, where he was constrained to pay several sums, above his ability, in the King's defence, and to appear as Commissioner of Array when summoned, yet never advanced money nor acted as commissioner. 174 182
He left Chester in Sept. 1644 for Bangor, where, on reading his Majesty's letters taken at Naseby, he became fully persuaded of an intention to re-establish Popery; thereupon, embracing Parliament's propositions for a well-grounded peace, he submitted 27 Nov. 1645. Is 55 years old, and "of a crazie body, but resolved to spend the remnant of his few days in all faithful service to the Parliament, and in earnest prayers for their happy success."
R. 174 179 23 Dec. 1645. Fine 600l. 3 8
14 Feb. 1646. Passed by the House 1 85
P.E. 174 186 18 May. Estate discharged by Parliament 1 115
NOTE 1 87 16 June. Complains that the County Committee refuse obedience to the letters of suspension. Finds he has omitted several small items in his particular, owing to the loss of his evidences and rentals, which he begs may be included. Notwithstanding he has paid his fine and passed his ordinance of Parliament, he is at a stand because the Lords have not yet agreed to the form of pardon. 174 184
L.C.C. 229 199 16 June. Estate discharged, with arrears from 28 Feb. 1646, but Parliament has not yet agreed upon a form of pardon. 3 138
14 and 16 July. The County Commissioners to repay him 18l. received since his composition. 3

Sir Alex. Culpepper (late), Hollingbourn, Kent.

Vol. A No. or p.
REC. 176 713
P.E. 176 727,
743, 743a,
D.176 747
R. 176 707
20 Dec. 1645. Fras. Kennard and Rob. Hope, his executors, and his creditors beg to compound for the estate of Sir Alex. Culpepper, who was never any housekeeper, but always sojourned, and was, about March 1643, drawn down to Oxford and Bristol; since that time he fell sick of the dead palsy, and made his will, constituting petitioners his executors, along with Jas. Wilcox; and, being 1,100l. in debt, died in August last, at Bridgwater, aged 75. He never bore arms, nor aided the King against Parliament. 176 734
5 March 1646. Fine 550l. 3 51
C. 3 59
L. 176 739
P.E. 176 745
NOTE 3 90
L. 176 735
R. 176 729
9 April. No letter to be sent to the County Committee to refrain from cutting the woods till he has brought in an inventory that will stand. 3 75
16 April. Having brought in the inventory, the case to be reported to the House. 3 78
18 April. Order on an order in the House of Commons of 23 February, that the County Committee forbear cutting the woods, and return the rents received since composition, or the case will be reported to the House. 3 82
11 June. Hope complains that the County Committee will not discharge the sequestration without a Parliament order. He also adds to his particular 90l. a year for 10 years to come, lately discovered. 176 731
11 June. 90l. added to the fine 3 135
6 August. Fine passed by the House at 640l. 1 137
19 November. County Committee to show cause in 10 days why they do not free the estate, or they will be reported to the House. 3
REC. 176 711
D. 176 723
L. 176 715
D. 176 719
R. 176 709
5 December. County Committee question the validity of a conveyance, in 1639, of Mayfield Parsonage, Sussex, from Sir Alexander to Sir John Culpepper. The sub-committee to report thereon. 176 715
19 December. Committee for Compounding confirm their former order for stay of Proceedings against the estate. 3
14 March 1647. County Committee to discharge the sequestration, the fine being paid or secured. 229 203

Sir Jas. Philipps, Bart., Winchester, Hants.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 361
P.E. 174 365
R. 174 353
20 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency. By compulsion joined as Captain Sir Wm. Ogle, who married petitioner's mother, and held a garrison for the King. Surrendered to Sir Wm. Waller before it was besieged. His mother's estate has now come to him. 174 358
C.P. 3 9 30 July 1646. Fine 700l. 3 186
12 December. Complains that while he was attending in the City to make his composition, the County Committee for Westminster removed his deed of settlement and still detain it. Begs order for Captain Guest, who has it in custody, to deliver it to him. 111 685
19 December. Order for a letter to be sent accordingly 111 665
R. 174 351 27 Feb. 1647. Begs that his fine may be set as for a bare estate for life, with no power to cut off the entail, or make his wife a jointure, or raise money to pay his fine. 174 354
D. 174 347
R. 174 343
8 May 1649. Begs allowance from his composition fine of the proportion paid for Leckford Abbot and Leckford Abbess, co. Hants, which, having lost his writings, he believed to be his, but which are claimed by his father-in-law, Sir Wm. Ogle, who has compounded for them. 111 687
22 May. 54l. abated, leaving his fine 646l. 6

Rich. Walker, Merchant, Southampton, Hants.

Vol. A No. or p.
20 Dec. 1645. Compounds for discharge of his sequestration. By leave of the Governor of Southampton, went into the King's quarters to recover some debts. In his absence, the County Committee sequestered his house, and let it at 14l. a year. Appealed to the Commissioners for Sequestrations, who referred him to the Committee for Compounding. Has taken the Covenant, and contributed on the first propositions. 223 847
23 December. Fine 20l. 3 8
9 March 1646. Passed by the House 1 92

Sir John Goodrick, Bart., Hunsingore, Co. York.

22 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
Petitions the House of Commons for his release from the Tower, where he has been 3 years, and for leave to compound for his sequestered estate. Promises never to act against Parliament. 177 249
C. 177 254 22 Dec. 1645. Referred by the House to the Committee for Compounding, who are also to report to the House Mr. Stockdale's losses. 3
L.& P.E. 177 253,
2 Jan. 1646. Note of an order to the County Committee of the West Riding to forbear to cut Sir John's woods. 177 249
D. 177 269 6 January. The County Committee having sequestered his estate, and Parliament allowing him to compound, he begs an order to them to certify its value. 177 251
S. 3 44 17 February. Ordered a copy of the certificate returned from the country, which he is to subscribe. 3 42
4 March. He pleading that he never lived during the wars with Thos. Stockdale, M.P., who had his estate, and that his wife returned to Mrs. Stockdale the cattle seized by the King's soldiers, he is to answer about his allowance for the rectory. 3 50
NOTE 88 88 7 March. Fine 1,508l. 14s. 8d.; but if he settle 40l. a year on the curate of Hunsingore, then to be 1,200l., and 150l. 14s. of this estate is to be reported, as settled in his conveyance. 3 52
O.C. 3 67 23 March. Parliament order that Goodrick's fine be accepted, and that Thos. Stockdale, M.P., have the 1,200l. towards his losses for the public cause of 5,216l. 1
24 March 1646. No money to be paid to Stockdale till Goodrick's release, which the House is to be moved to grant. 3 66
P.R. 177 246
R. 177 239
6 August. Fine passed by the House 1 137
7 September. The armies still being in those parts, Goodrick allowed a longer time for the second half of his fine. 3 229
9 October. Ordered to pay in 14 days, or show cause 3 258
22 Nov. 1650. Begs to compound for additions to his estate, on the votes of 2 Oct. 1650. 177 246
22 November. Fine at 1/10, 143l. 10s. 12 37

Geo. Strode, Eling, Hants.

23 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 140
P.E. 174 135
CASE 174 133
Begs to compound for delinquency in acting as sequestrator for the King. Had commissions as captain and commissary from the Marquis of Hertford and from Sir Ralph Hopton, but did not act on them. Has submitted to Parliament, and taken the National Covenant. His personal estate is all lost, his debts amount to 220l., and he has a wife and 7 children. 174 138
D. 174 141
R. 174 131
14 March 1646. Fine 40l., half at once, and half in 6 months 3 54

Hum. Walcott, Walcott, Salop.

24 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 385
P.E. 174 391
R. 174 379
O. 3 53
Begs to compound as coming within the letter of the ordinance of delinquency. His estate being in that part of the county which was wholly under the King's power, he endured much hardship from that party, and was imprisoned by them in Ludlow, till he ransomed himself with a great sum of money, but was never dis-affected towards Parliament, only acting in self-defence to save his estate from utter ruin. 174 384
25 Dec. 1645. Fine 947l., but an abatement to 500l. recommended to the House. 3 9
NOTE 3 68
O.C. 3 343
229 206
C. 35 48
9 March 1646. Fine passed by the House at 500l., provided pe- titioner allows 40l. a year to each of 4 ministers in the parish of Clun. 1 88
18 May. Parliament order that 170l. paid for his 1/5 and 1/20 part be allowed in part-payment of the remainder of his fine, and his pardon granted. 1
9 Feb. 1648. Order for his re-sequestration unless he settle the money on the rectories. 4

Sir Edw. Moseley, Bart., Hough End, Co. Lancaster.

25 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
PASS 184 149,
141, 139,
155, 122
P.E. 184 138,
NOTE 184 145
c. 184 144, 161
35 14
O.T 184 120
D. 184 142
R. 184 117
NOTE 184 164
D. 184 133
L. 184 128
133, 153
135, 129
NOTE 3 66
Compounds for delinquency in being in the King's quarters at the beginning of the wars; he then residing at Rolston, co. Stafford, within 2 miles of Tutbury, a garrison of the King, without his knowledge, was named a Commissioner of Array for the King, but never acted in it, nor was ever in arms. Was imprisoned for not contributing to the King, and has lost 10,000l. and had two houses pulled down. 184 120
Having obtained Col. Sydenham Pointz' pass to go into the Parliament's quarters, went to Manchester, where he was imprisoned on suspicion. With great difficulty, obtained the Speaker's pass. Has taken the Covenant. Acknowledges that he furnished the King's garrison at Chester with 50l.
10 Jan. 1646. Fine 4,000l. 3 17
17 January. Letters to be sent to cos. Lancaster, Chester, Derby, Stafford, Leicester, and Lincoln, to certify the value of his estates. 3 21
D. 184 123
C. 184 126
R. 184 113
NOTE 3 166
D. 184 159
H. 3 128
R. 184 111
H. 3 177
O.C. 4 70
L. 101 949
23 July 1646. On returns from the several counties of omissions and undervaluations, the fine is set at 4,874l., but if he settle the impropriation of Etwall, co. Derby, worth 64l. a year, on the ministry there, the fine to be 4,200l. 3 179
5 April 1647. To be re-sequestered for not settling the rectories, unless within 10 days he give satisfaction. 4 63
21 October. Exception made in favour of any lands which he sold to Sir. Sam. Sleigh, to raise money for his composition. 4 129
3 November. County Commissioners reproved for favour and connivance, because they have not sequestered him for nonpayment of the latter ½ of his fine. 4
22 November. On Sir Edward's appearance and declaration that he has conveyed Etwall Rectory to Sir Sam. Sleigh, and on his engagement to pay the remainder of his fine, the order for re-sequestration is revoked. 4
O.C. 4 150, 151
229 218
L. 184 166
31 March 1648. Sequestration suspended and rents stayed in tenants' hands, as he has really endeavoured payment of his second half. 4 195
8 September. His fine being paid, estate discharged, especially Etwall Rectory, the settlement of which is made void on passing his report in both Houses. 5
H. 6 78
101 969
9 November. Committee for Compounding to the County Committee for Derby. On report to Parliament of Sir Edward's composition, the Houses accepted the fine for the rectories of Etwall and Burnaston, without allowance, or requiring the same to be settled, whereby the deed of conveyance is void, and he admitted to that estate, as well as to any other for which he compounded. You are therefore to admit him to the profits. 5
8 May 1649. Sir Samuel Sleigh to bring in the deed of conveyance to the Committee for Compounding. 101
21 June. Rich and Reading to report on the matter of fact touching Etwall Rectory. 6 112
C. 101 967
R. 101 955
13 July. Sir Sam. Sleigh summoned to join with Sir Edw. Moseley in the conveyance of the rectory. 6
C. 101 953
D. 101 952
5 Dec. 1650. Brereton to examine what orders have been made in the case of Sir Ed. Moseley. 10
24 July 1651. He is to have Etwall Rectory, the conveyance to Wm. Heycock and others, in trust for the vicar of Etwall, being declared void, not having been made according to the directions of the then Committee for Compounding. 14 223
22 Oct. 1652. Thos. Bakewell, Minister of Warburg, Derby, complains that he is deprived of an augmentation of 30l. a year out of the impropriation of Burnaston by Sir Ed. Moseley. 65 114
22 October. Hearing ordered 17 353
NOTE 101 940 25 May 1653. Sir Edward begs that the deed of grant of Etwall Rectory may be delivered to him, as he cannot dispose of the rectory for payment of his debts without it. 101 937
25 May. Mr. Rich producing the deed, it is again declared void, and ordered to be delivered to Sir Edward. 25 80
26 May. County Commissioners to hand over to Sir Edward any moneys received by them out of the rectory. 25 81

Sir Gerard Napper, Bart., Moore Critchell, Co. Dorset.

Vol. A No. or p.
25 Dec. 1645. Note of certificate of 22 Oct. 1644 of the County Committee of Dorset, that he was sometime a member of the House, and 20 Sept. 1644 freely submitted to the Parliament, voluntarily took the National Covenant, and advanced 500l. for relief of Parliament garrisons. 3 10
Whilst under the enemy's power, he was no ways active to the prejudice of Parliament, and since the time of his submission, being a person of quality, has much furthered the Parliament's service. He has also sustained much damage by the plundering of the King's party, by whom his estate has been sequestered.
NOTE 3 10 Also note of a like certificate of 27 Oct. 1645, that he has advanced 700l. in addition to the sum aforesaid.
26 Dec. 1645. His petition and particular of his estate (missing) delivered to the Committee for Compounding. 3 10
20 Aug. 1646. Allowed a month to go into the country to prosecute his composition. 3 214
19 December. Fine at 1/10, 3,514l.; the House to be moved for the allowance of the 1,300l. (sic) lent to the governor of Weymouth and others. 3 332
21 June 1649. Being allowed 1,250l. paid for the use of the county, and having paid 507l. more, he is abated 988l. out of his latter moiety. His bond to be delivered to him on his paying 769l. more. 6
C. 32 45 13 May 1656. His petition and certificate, praying discharge from the decimation tax, and from giving bond to the majorgenerals, referred to the Major-General and Committee for co. Dorset, to act as they think fit. I77 113

John Davies, Pangbourn, Berks.

26 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
PASS 175 4
C. 175 10,
11, 6
P.E. 175 13
WILL 175 15
R. 175 1
229 224
Begs to compound for a moderate fine. Served as captain under the Marquis of Hertford, when he was the King's general in the West, and then under Lord Hopton, but in Dec. 1644, had leave to retire, and has done nothing against Parliament since. Wishes to live in Pangbourn, but his estate is in the power of Wallingford garrison. 175 8
8 Jan. 1646. Fine 382l., his land being charged with 500l. 3
D. 79 725 February ? Being ordered to pay 182l. now, and 200l. when Wallingford is reduced, pleads that he has had no profit from the estate, as it is in the King's power, and he owes 372l. of the purchase money. Begs reduction of 37l. 4s., being the 1/10 thereof. 79 723
17 May 1650. He begs to compound for a desperate debt of 232l. 8s. 6d., for which he is going to law. 79 713
17 May. Ordered to bring in a particular of the debt, when it will be considered. 8 54

Rich. Davy, or Davies, East Winterslow, Wilts.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 190 128
P.E. 190 130
L.C.C. 190 133
R. 193 123
26 Dec. 1645. Compounds for delinquency. Quitted his command of a troop of horse under the Marquis of Hertford a year since, submitted to Parliament 25 November last, and surrendered to the County Committee, in pursuance of the vote of 4 October last. 190 126
27 Oct. 1646. Fine at 1/10, 170l. 3 270
8 Aug. 1650. His license (to stay in town) renewed for 8 days 11 69

Wm. Maynard, Low Leyton, Essex.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 409
R. 174 405
26 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for being at Oxford. Never bore arms, but left at the earliest opportunity. His only estate is at Coopers Hall, Essex, bequeathed by his father, which his elder brother claims. Is 30l. in debt. 174 407
27 December. Fine 50l. 8 11

Thos. Pelrce, Yeoman, Bosham, Sussex.

26 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 174 543
C. 174 539
R. 174 535
26 Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency, being in arms against Parliament with Edw. Ford, in Chichester. Has long since taken the National Covenant. 174 538
30 December. Fine 20l. 3 11

John Tregonwell, Sen., Anderson, Dorset.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 181 57, 67
L. 181 69
C. 181 71, 61
D. 181 65
R. 181 55
26 Dec. 1645. Compounds for his delinquency in leaving his house. Lent 500l. upon the propositions, part of which being paid after the enemy had the power of the county. Ashburnham threatened him "with imprisonment and plundering, and that his bones should lie by it," unless he contributed five times that amount to the King; so was obliged to retire from his usual place of abode, being 80 years old and very infirm. His house, stock, and goods were then taken away by the Parliament's forces. Never acted against Parliament. Begs stay of felling and selling his timber. 181 59
9 June 1646. Fine 3,735l. 3 132
6 August. Paid, and his pardon passed by the House 1 137

Adam Claypoole, West Deeping, Co. Lincoln.

27 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 589
O.T. 3 10
P.E. 174 585
R. 174 581
Begs to compound for delinquency in being in arms for the King under Lord Loughborough for the last 3 years, being under 21. Received his pass from Col. Gell, governor of Derby, 26 November last. 174 584
30 Dec. 1645. Fine 600l. 3 117
18 Aug. 1646. Fine passed by the House 1 137

Sir Wm. Farmer, Bart., Son and Heir, and Anne,

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 178 663,
662, 659
P.E. 178 657
C. 178 669
R. 178 667
27 Dec. 1645. Sir William begs to compound for delinquency in acting for 6 months as captain of a troop of horse. Has taken the National Covenant. 178 656
1 April. Lady Farmer begs to compound for delinquency in paying 50l. to Mr. Stafford, a captain in the King's army, he being her ward, and bringing her a warrant under the King's hand. She never left home; has taken the National Covenant. 178 671
18 April. Her fine 840l., her son's 1,400l.; a moiety down, the rest in 6 months. County Committee to notice this. 3 80
9 May. Statement that the Committee for Compounding have allowed the will of Sir Hatton Farmer, by which his son Sir William is bound to raise several portions from the estate. 3 107
23 May. Like allowance of deeds whereby Lady Farmer settled her lands in co. Bedford in trust for payment of annuities, debts, and legacies. 3
6 August. Sir William's fine passed at 1,400l., and his mother's at 840l. 1 137
14 May 1651. His estate in co. Rutland being sequestered, the County Committee are to give him a copy of the charge, and leave to examine witnesses. 14 119
D. 86 61
O.C. 86 56
19 June. Statement that after composition, he married a wife who brought with her 300l. a year. 86 59
19 June. The Committee of co. Rutland, having secured the rents in March 1651 on general instructions, are required to certify the cause of seizure, petitioner meantime to receive the rents on security. 14
4 September. The County Committee complain of this order, as obtained under a false pretence; the lands, late Hen. Noel's, and now Sir William's by his marriage with Mrs. Noel, are responsible for a debt to the State for 1/5 and 1/20, and Sir William has 255 87
not compounded for 4,000l. personalty come to him. With note of order to Sam. Baker, one of the late County Committee, to produce their books for better discovery.

Edmund Neale, Wollaston, Co. Northampton.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 174 427,
439, 441
L. 174 431
C. 174 436
CASE 174 737
R. 174 413
C. 106 425
27 Dec. 1645. Begs allowance of his composition with the County Committee. His only delinquency was that he took part in the insurrection at Wellingborough, for which, by the sequestration of his estate, he has lost 3,000l. Has taken the National Covenant. 174 439
27 December. Fine at 1/10, 746l. Passing of the report to be respited till he takes the Oath of Abjuration. 3 11
30 July 1646. Begs a review; his fine was fixed high, for want of deeds to prove the engagements on his estate, since allowed on a reference from the Committee for Sequestrations to the County Committee. 106 423
O.C.P.M. 134 3 1 Nov. 1647. County Committee ordered to account for his enjoying his estate, his fine being unpaid, and no compliance with the order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers, directing him to settle 40l. a year on the minister at Wollaston. 4 133
21 Jan. 1648. Order by the Committee for Compounding that, when Neale pays in the moiety of his fine, he be treated with to settle 40l. a year on the minister, and that the County Committee satisfy the said allowance from the date of the order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers. 4 163
21 January. John and Paul Harriatt, for themselves, and the parishioners of Wollaston, co. Northampton, complain that, by reason of Neale's composition for the impropriation, they could have little benefit from the order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers, yet that Neale has paid no part of his fine, nor taken the Oath of Abjuration, is suspected of being a Papist, and his impropriation re-sequestered. Beg confirmation of the allowance, the vicarage being worth but 30l. a year, and the parish containing 500 communicants. 174 415
21 January. Mr. Neale to be treated with when he comes to compound. 4 163
C. 174 433 16 February. Neale begs that, as his creditors have entered on his estate for a debt of 1,735l., and the Committee for Sequestrations have allowed the engagements on his lands, he may, after paying the first moiety of his fines, have an abatement of the rest; and that notwithstanding an order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers, he may compound for his impropriation, it being above ¾ of his real estate. Has a family and 10 children to provide for. 174 423
16 February. Ordered to settle 50l. a year (sic) granted by the Committee for Plundered Ministers on the minister at Wollaston. 4 176
21 February. Submits, and begs that meanwhile his estate may not be meddled with. 174 425
21 February. Order that if ha deposit the moiety of his fine with the treasurers, the County Committee be required to forbear all proceedings; and if he, within 3 months, settle the said 50l. a year, so much of the said moiety shall be repaid as his allowance for the same amounts to. 4 179
19 May. Rich is to attend to the settlement of Wollaston Rectory 4 203
R. 174 422
174 417
9 June. Any impropriation in the county not disposed of be to settled on Wollaston. 4 204
14 June. The sub-committee to report what allowances should be made to Neale. 174 419
7 July. Fine on review 582l., 164l. being allowed in abatement, if the remainder be paid within 10 days; if not, then it is to stand as before, 746l. 229 226

Sir Henry Knollys, Bart., Grove Place, Hants, and Thomas Knollys, of the Isle of Wight, his Brother and Heir.

29 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 177 157
P.E. 177 147,
149, 155
D. 177 156
R. 177 145
C. 229 227
L.C.C. 251 83
Sir Henry begs to compound for delinquency in complying with the King's party, in whose power his estate in the Isle of Wight then was. Submits on the order of 4 October last. Has taken the National Covenant. His estate is but for life, is charged with annuities, and has been much wasted in the service of Parliament. 177 152
7 March 1646. Fine at a tenth, 1,250l. 3 52
2 Aug. 1650. On motion on behalf of Thos. Knollys, proceedings stayed till the resolution of the House is known. 11 66
13 September. On request that as Sir Henry is dead, the estate, being entailed, may be freed, the security is to attend this committee, and Reading to examine the claim. 11 166
D. 97 46–48
C. 97 47
R. 97 41
1 Jan. 1651. On Sir Henry's death, his brother and heir, Thos. Knollys, moves for discharge of the sequestration. Complains that the Commissioners in the island have, for his brother's non-payment of his second moiety, sequestered petitioner's estate, settled on him by his father, in which his brother had only a life interest, and that as his brother had an estate in reversion, which he willed away, petitioner ought not to be charged with the remainder of the said fine. 97 45
1 January. Case respited till report 10
16 September. The treasurers ordered to sue the bond for nonpayment of the second moiety. Battingborne Manor to be sequestered, the other estate discharged on security. 15 20
16 Jan. 1652. Noted as having lapsed payment of the second half of his fine. 12 393
L.C.C. 167 373
D. 167 375
29 June. George Searle, of the Isle of Wight, begs reference to counsel of his claim to Battingborne Manor, Isle of Wight, lately sequestered for non-payment of the second ½ of the fine of Sir Hen. Knollys, who is long since dead, and never had any right to the manor. 116 314
29 June. The County Commissioners to examine the cause of sequestration, and Brereton to report on the deeds by which Searle claims the estate. 16 606

Ed. Trimlett, Bosham, Sussex.

30 Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
C. 174 551
P.E. 174 553
R. 174 545
Begs to compound for delinquency in joining Edw. Ford in Chichester against the Parliament. Has long since taken the National Covenant, and has lived in Parliament quarters. 174 548
H. 174 545 30 December. Fined 40l. 3 11
Claimant on the Estate of Hugh Haughton.
R. 223 897 Marg. Ward, widow, of Toxteth Park, co. Lancaster, begs to compound for Childwall House, which the Earl of Derby, by indenture of 16 September, 6 Car., leased to Hugh Haughton for 21 years, or for his life, that of his wife Isabel, and his daughter Frances; rent 40s. a year. For 100l., Hugh Haughton assigned his interest to petitioner; and not long after, became a delinquent, and died, and the premises were sequestered, notwithstanding an order by the County Committee for her to be satisfied her money. With note that Major Joseph Rigby undertakes on her behalf to pay such fine as the Committee for Compounding set. 223 899
Dec. 1645 ? Fine 15l. 223 897
22 June 1652. Note that the years being expired, nothing is done in it. 223 902

Hubert Hussey, Sidlin, Dorset.

Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
L. 178 807
P.E. 178 809
C. 178 805
R. 178 799
NOTE 1 135
L. 178 815
P.R. 3 193
O.C. 3 202
Dec. 1645. Begs acceptance of 200l. paid to Weymouth garrison, in lieu of composition, his children being many, and debts great. His delinquency was that he acted as High Sheriff of the county at the King's request, when in fear of his life. 178 804
Jan. 1646. John Every begs for him sufficient time to repair into the country to obtain a certificate. Note that he is to procure a certificate that Hussey has taken the National Covenant. 178 814
23 April. Fine 217l. 3 83
4 August. Begs a review of his case, as when it came to be reported to Parliament, it was recommitted, on grounds not known, to the Committee for Compounding. Wishes to answer any obstructions, being prejudiced by the delay. Noted, the case to be heard on Friday, and the gentlemen of Dorsetshire to have notice. 93 496
August ? Note of reduction of fine to 156l. 4s. 178 818
3 Oct. 1648. Note that he appeared, completed his fine, and sued for and had his pardon. 5

John Jeffery, Maypowder, Dorset.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 175 223
C. 175 243
s. 3 19
C.P. 3 23
Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency, being a month in arms against Parliament. "The error of his judgment produced an error in his actions, for which he hath given a large demonstration of sorrow." Is "convinced in conscience of the justice of the Parliament's cause, and not by rule of their prosperous success"; left the enemy's quarters in Feb. 1645, and freely took the National Covenant. 175 248
R. 175 241 24 Jan. 1646. Fine 240l.; for the debt of 1,100l. from Col. Thos. Ceely, and 50l. from Mr. Rose, if he is allowed to compound by the House, the fine is 115l. more. 3 25
7 July. Fine of 240l. accepted by the House, and pardon directed 1 134
P.E. 175 252
R. 175 249
10 Aug. 1649. Petitions that he sold an estate to Col. Thos. Ceely, with power of re-entry on non-payment of purchase money 1,300l., and receiving but 200l., re-entered; but Ceely, having friends in Parliament, in 1644 procured an order for its restoration, and keeps both money and land; inserted the money in his composition particular in 1645, but by Ceely's means, was not allowed to compound for either money or land. Begs redress. 175 246
13 August. Fine at 1/10, 150l. 6 201
H. 7 88 12 April 1650. Ceely's request for revocation of the order allowing Jeffries to compound for this 1,100l.,—Ceely having discovered the debt, and it being disallowed on a former report,—granted, and he is to give security for payment of the 1,100l. if demanded. 7
L. 152 683
O.C. 95 1049
NOTE 12 391
C. 95 1063
10 May. Jeffery begs that he may be allowed to pay the second ½ of his fine of 150l. for the said estate. 95 1060
10 May. Refused, and the order of 12 April to stand 8 35
19 May 1652. He renews his request to be allowed to complete the payment of his fine, and of 5l. for a debt of 50l., his estate being again sequestered. 95 1061
19 May. He is to deposit the fine if he chooses, and Col. Ceely is requested to pay the 1,100l. according to his bond, and all the estate to be discharged except Hogchester and Crouchland. With the letter to Col. Ceely. 12
25 May. Reading to peruse the papers relating to Col. Ceely's claim touching lands in Hogchester and Crouchland, mortgaged to him by Jeffery, and report; and meantime Ceely is not to be disturbed in enjoyment thereof. 16 448
C.P. 16 587
C. 95 1053
11 Aug. 1652. Jeffery petitions for leave to pay, and have the business determined. 95 1055
L. 95 1052 11 August. Committee for Compounding to Col. Ceely. The lands being mortgaged to you for 1,100l., and on your discovery there- of, Parliament having disallowed Jeffery's composition for them, we request that you will pay the 1,100l., or show cause. 17 154
31 August. Ceely replies. I am to pay the 1,100l. when Parlia- ment requires it, and not at the order of the Committee for Compounding, the bond was ordered to check Jeffery from compounding without giving me notice; but Jeffery, when the committee were full of business, obtained an order to compound for the mortgaged lands and prosecuted it, and thereon I was ordered to give in the security for 1,100l., to prevent him from a double advantage. 95 1057
1 September. Order that on Jeffery's payment of 75l. balance of fine, and 5l. for a debt, in 6 weeks, and on Ceely's payment of 3 years' rent of the premises at 75l. a year in 6 months, the sequestration be taken off, and Ceely's bond restored. 12 497
11 Jan. 1655. Col. Thos, Ceely petitions that Parliament, consider- ing his losses and service, especially in the memorable seige of Lyme by Prince Maurice, ordered him in recompense 2,000l., for which he was engaged to several delinquents then in arms, but he could not obtain the passing of the order. These de- linquents have since compounded, and he has been forced to pay 100l. to John Harvey, to Rich. Bragg 350l., and John Browne detains lands of his worth much more, on a mortgage for 400l. 116 327
John Jeffery endeavoured to compound with Parliament in 1646, for lands mortgaged to him by petitioner for 1,100l., but Parlia- ment would not permit it; yet in 1649, he compounded for them at Goldsmiths' Hall; but on presentation of the order of Parliament, the composition was revoked, on petitioner's being bound to pay the 1,100l. when demanded by Parliament. In 1652, Jeffries made an additional composition for the lands, when petitioner was obliged to sell them to pay him the 1,100l., but could not get back his bond, unless he paid 225l. for rent from the date of the revoked order in 1649.
R.C. 33 403 Often appealed to Parliament, his Highness and Council, but could get no relief, and now his bond is returned into the Exchequer, and his surety is sued for payment, though the 1,100l. is repaid to Jeffery, who now sues him for interest. Begs relief and indemnity, and if in justice, the bond must be levied, begs that it may be on his person and estate, and not that of his friend.
11 January. Referred to Reading, and the registrar to make out a certificate of all proceedings in the case. 27 248

Anna, Widow and sole executrix of Thos. Leigh, Sen., Adlington, Cheshire, and Wife and Widow of Col. Alex. Rigby, Baron of the Exchequer.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 176 21
Dec. 1645. Anna Leigh begs to compound at 1/10 for the remnant of her husband's estate, chiefly debts; long before his death, she came into Parliament quarters. 176 31
7 Feb. 1646. She being no delinquent, order that the case be reported to the House. 3 35
10 February. Fine 676l., 80l. in hand, and the rest as the debts are got in. 3 38
17 February. Paid, and sequestration discharged 3 43
1647 ? She presents a particular of debts, amounting to 30l. 10s. 176 24
C. 5 1 8 Sept. 1648. Col. Rigby presents a further particular of debts, which was accepted, and ordered to be added. 5 1
Oct. 1648 ? She having exhibited particulars of her husband's debts and goods, value 2,076l. 10s. 8d.,—240l. being goods, and the rest debts, some of which are desperate, and some in suit, and being admitted to compound at ⅓ for the goods, and such debts as can be got in,—has paid to the Goldsmiths' Hall treasury 340l., part of 692l. 3s. 6½d., being the ⅓ of the said 2,076l. 10s. 8d., and Col. Alex. Rigby having undertaken that the rest shall be paid as the debts come in, order to request the House to grant her the goods. 176 27
L. 253 64
ACCTS. 113 915
28 May 1650. Order, on motion of Baron Rigby, who has married Anne Leigh, widow—that a late order for re-sequestering the estates of Thos. Leigh, for non-payment of the latter half of his fine, be revoked. 8
19 September. Order on report in the case of Anne Leigh, widow of Baron Rigby, lately deceased,—it appearing that the estate to be compounded for was 2,107l. 1s. 0d. debts, whereof 1,691l. has been received, for which the fine is 563l. 7s. 0d., of which 523l. 7s. 0d. has been paid—that she have a discharge on paying 40l. more, and giving an assignment of the 417l. yet unpaid. 11 176
26 September. She deposing that the 417l. are desperate debts, is allowed a discharge on paying 80l. instead of 40l. 11

Thos. Lister, Bradford, Co. York.

Vol. A No. or p.
C. 100 124 Dec. 1645. Submitted to Parliament before the siege of Bristol, and has taken the Covenant and late Oath, and hearing that his father is dead, and some estate may descend to him, begs time to enquire into it. Note for a letter to the County Committee. 100 126
1 April 1652. Certificate that no proceedings have been taken against him. 32 8

John Miller, Wallop, Hants.

Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 105 247
C. 105 251
D. 105 249
R. 105 243
Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency in absenting himself from his dwelling, to which he returned when the county submitted to Parliament. Went into the West with his wife, who suffered ill-treatment from soldiers and miscarried. Has taken the National Covenant and Oath. 105 246
March 1646 ? Fine 372l. 12s. 0d. 105 243

John Rives, Barrister-at-law, Hanford, Dorset.

Vol. A No. or p.
L.C.C. 229 230
P.E. 175 79
229 231
C. 175 77
R. 175 71
NOTE 1 134
Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency in executing a commission for raising contributions for the King. Never bore arms. 175 73
10 Jan. 1646. Fine 200l. 3 17
7 August. Confirmed after re-committal 3 202

John Sandys, Langham, Co. Notts.

Vol. A No. or p.
NOTE 174 25
C. 174 21
P.E. 174 23
R. 175 17
Dec. 1645. Begs to compound for delinquency in serving for the King under Col. Sandys. Laid down his arms 1½ years ago, surrendered 21 November last to Major Poyntz. Is 600l. in debt, and being but a younger brother, his estate is small, only a lease for 3 lives of 6 or 7 score acres of marsh and meadow land subject to floods. 175 20
8 Jan. 1646. Fine 78l. 3 16
9 July. Accepted by the House 1 135

Thos. Story, Chesterton, Co. Cambridge.

Dec. 1645. Vol. A No. or p.
P.E. 185 489
C. 185 493
R. 135 485
Dec. 1645. Compounds for delinquency in being in arms on the King's side. Pleads his youth. 185 488
12 Aug. 1646. Fine 280l. 3 203
18 June 1650. Paid, and estate discharged 8 152


  • 1. This petition, by a clerk's error, is said to be of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon.—Ed.
  • 2. See this case also in the Committee for Advance of Money Calendar, p. 430.
  • 3. See the case of Lady Drake, as connected with Lord Poulett, 28 Sept. 1644, p. 38 supra.