Errata and corrigenda

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Errata and Corrigenda

Introduction, p. II [Martyrdom of Abp. Elphege in the Husting, omit "when he entered the City in 1012, and, refusing to obey the commands of a rabble army," and read—in 1012, when, refusing to pay the ransom demanded by the Danes, he was led to their Husting.

Introd. p. XXIX, note I, for "pp. 106-7" read pp. 26-7.

P. 14, will of Geoffrey de Ambresbure, line 8, for "monks" read nuns.

P. 24, will of Martin de Amyas, line 1, for "monks" read nuns.

P. 101, note 3, for "S. Dunstan West" read Whitefriars Church.

P. 188, after will of Henry de Neuport insert "Roll 35 (97)."

P. 223, for the will of "Roger" Osekyn read Robert.

P. 242, for the will of "Julian" Perceval read Juliana, and for "he," "his," read
she, her, throughout.

P. 316, will of Thomas de Burton, line 4, for "ascetic Scholars" read Scholars of

P. 397, will of Nicholas de Farndon, line 3, for Nicholas "his" son read Nicholas
herson; and in note 6, for Nicholas his "son" read grandson.

P. 483, note 3, for "Caxton (?), co. Cambridge," read Canston, co. Norfolk.

P. 525, will of Johanna Weston, for "he," "his,"read she, her, throughout.

P. 579, will of Adam Pykeman, line 7, for "Matilda" his mother read Edith his

P. 602, will of Robert Pykeman, line 2, for church of "S. Gregory" the Martyr
read S. George.

P. 648, will of William de Grantham, line 5, for S. Mary de "Vaucherche" read

P. 685, will of Gilbert de Steyndrop, line 4, for "S. Mary"le Quern read
S. Michael.

∵ A Court of Husting was last held on 16 October, 1888, after note4, p. VIII, had passed through the press.