Churchwardens' accounts: 1518-19

Pages 300-304

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1518–19.

Iohn Woulff Wardens.
Thomas Clayton

Obit List. Quitrent List. Chantry Accounts. Church Rents. Quitrents and Payments.]

* * * * *
(fn. 1) paid to Mestres Sygemond for money that she lent to þe chirche, to be paid at ij fest, þat is, our lady day & Mighelmas. Summa v l'i
paid for a basket for the dust of the chirche j d ob.
* * * * *
paid for papur for this boke & the Rentall' boke ij d
* * * * *
paid to William Bankes for ij days copyng of the stone wall' at the Est end of the greate chircheyerde and plastryng of the walles of the same howses. Summa xvj d
* * * * *
paid for dyggyng and Rakyng and makyng clene of þe greate chircheyerd, and ffyllyng vpp of Mr Roches howse, to Kyng the porter and Sawndyr henre childes man ij s viij d
paid for settyng of hey seed, to a porter ij d
paid for makyng of a Ryng and mendyng of the lok of þe cofer in þe quere iij d
* * * * *
paid for Nayles for the clampis for the baners, and þe henges of the pewe dores & the Irons ij d
paid to Ioh'n fight Ioh'n for makyng of the parclosse abough't the crosse in the greate chirch'yerd:—
first iij quarters of bourde xx d
paid for iiij quarters, the pece ij d. Summa viij d
paid to hym for nayles for the Same iiij d
paid to hym for a pece for the fframe þat stondith on þe lede for palme sonday viij d
paid to hym for iij days labur & for settyng on of clampis in the chirch' & wourkyng in the chirchyerd ij s
paid to Sutton, ffounder, for ij holywatur stoppis; þat he had in metall' xxxiiij ll', the ll' ij d. Summa v s viij d, And in money iij s iiij d. Summa ix s
(fn. 2) paid to benet, Mason, & his seruaunt for a day & di. for makyng & mendyng with copyng of the north wall' in the greate chirch'yerd. Summa xx d
* * * * *
paid to a smyth for hokes & staplis for the iiij Angelles on þe sepulcre and a clape of Iron on the Rood lofte vj d
paid to the Smyth for iij clampis of Iron for the pewys before the pulpet, and for nayles x d
* * * * *
paid for watur on shrofthursday & on Estur Even for þe fount j d
* * * * *
paid for a quytaunce made to Ioh'n Austhorp and William Meryell' for the dyscharge of the goodes of William proyne and Margrett Noneley which' was bequested to þe chirch' of Seint Mary at hill' iiij d
paid for ther brekefast at þe last Resseyte of þat money iiij d
paid to Smart, Carpenter, the ixth day of Maii, for the howse in the North' chircheyerd xl s
* * * * *
paid for ledder thonges for the stavys of the canape for þe sacrament j d
paid for beryng of viij torches on corpus christi day which' was this yere Midsomer Eve, the torche j d. Summa viij d
paid for a step of stone at þe sowth dore next þe parsonage xij d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) paid to a Mason & his laborer for ij days labor to make Redy the place for Mr Russelles Tabernacle, þe day xiij d. Summa ij s ij d
* * * * *
paid for makyng of a fote of glas in the upper store in the Middyll' Ile iiij d
* * * * *
paid to Baleham for makyng clene of þe lytell chirch'yerd j d
paid to the Carvar and paynters for a Reward for bryngyng home þe Tabernacle of þe trinite þat Mr Russell' gave xx s
* * * * *
paid for a bourde for the shop of partrych', boch'er v s iiij d
paid for pavyng before the stall' & for gravell' & stone xvj d
paid to Mr Doctor for a clampe of Iron of vj ll' to the Est chirch' gate next þe parsonage, price vij d
paid to Weston, carpenter, for his labur in pullyng vp the Tabernacle & for oþer labur þat he dyd at ij tymes viij d
* * * * *
(fn. 4) paid for Brede, wyne and ale set at high' festes in the chirche this yere for the quere, of the whiche Ress' of Mr Doctor iiij s. Rest j s v d
paid to Ioh'n Smyth' for makyng of Irons for the Baners stavys in the chirche ij s
paid more to a Smythe for a Newe key for þe chest next Seint Katheryn & for ij hokes for our lady & for a barr of iron for the bell' whele ix d
* * * * *

(fn. 5) The Clarkis wagis and the Bemeligh't.

Ress' this yere of the Gadryng of the clarkes wagis viij l'i xiij s
Ress' of the pascall money this yere xiij s ij d ob.
Summa of thes parcelles, ix l'i vj s ij d ob.

Paymenttes of the same.

Paid to Ioh'n Snowe, Clerke, for a hole yeris wagis vj l'i
Paid to William wylde, Sexten, for his hole yeris wagis xl s
Paid to Robert Redknap, Condukt, for his tyme beyng xxvj s viij d
Summa of thes paymenttes ix l'i vj s viij d.
The paymenttes excedith þe Resseittes v d ob.

Casuell Resseittes this yere.

Ress' for the Buryall of William huskham ij s
Ress' for the Buryall of Alis Clark ij s
Ress' for the Buryall' of a straunger from the gonn xij d
Ress' for the Buryall of Mr Thorney and for his knyll' xx s
Ress' of Ioh'n Coveney for the hauyng of þe yeres in his howse xl s
Ress' of Sutton, fownder, for xxxiiij ll' of metall' for ij holywatur stoppis, the ll' ij d. Summa v s viij d
Summa of the Casuelles, iij l'i x s viij d.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]

* * * * *

(fn. 6) Memorandum . . . . vj s ij d that was gadred of dyuers persons for the helpyng of the wages of Robert Redknap, condukte

* * * * *

(fn. 7) Articles foloyng for the Chirch'e.

(fn. 8) ffirst, that the chirchwardens shall pay for the chest and that it may be in the Revestry for Chesiblis & Tonecles.

(fn. 8) Item, that euery prest shall syng with his ffounders vestementtes. And ther chestes to be at þe awturs Ende next where they syng.

Item, yff ser Thomas Asshbourne will kepe his Chambre, that then he shall haue none of our prestes to ocupy his chambre wherby that our chambris to stond vacant.

(fn. 8) Item, that the howsold stuff þat is in the Revestry shal be sold and the money therof to come to þe chirch' box.

Item, as towchyng the tabernacles, trymmers, is that a wourkman shall se them & he to shew his best advice in it.

(fn. 8) Item, that Mestres Mongeham shal be spoken vnto by Ioh'n Austhorp, Andrew Evynger, with the ij Chirchwardens, for such' money as is in her hondes þat it may come to þe vse of þe chirch'.

(fn. 8) Item, þat the gutters in the North Chirche yerd may be conveyed in the best maner by wourkmen owte of þe chirchyerde.

Item, that the Clerke & Sexten Swepe the chirche and to Cast watur in the Swepyng of it.

Item, that the Clerke in his owne person Reuerently shall distribute the holy wax Candyll'.

Item, that the Clarke or the Sexten sett the greate holy wature stop at the quere dore that the holy wature may be made beffore Matens begynnyth.

(fn. 9) Item, that the money of the Almes box be made Acompt of.

Item, that the Tabernacle þat Mr Russell' gaue shal be Regestrid in the chirch' bokes.

Item, that the lokkes, kayes, glasse and latesses of the New bildynges shal be Regestred in the chirch' bokes.

Item, that þe chest wherin the wrytinges lyeth in the Revestry shal be locked & shitt.


  • 1. leaf 433, back. The Accounts now and for several years following are very beautifully written, apparently in the same handwriting as regards the main body of the Accounts for each year.
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  • 3. leaf 434, back.
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  • 5. leaf 435, back.
  • 6. leaf 437.
  • 7. leaf 437, back.
  • 8. This item is scratched out.
  • 9. This item is scratched out.