Churchwardens' accounts: 1530-1

Pages 353-358

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1530–31.

Ioh'n Bird Wardens.
Thomas Goodneston

Obit List.

Quitrent List.

Chantry Accounts with Porth's.

Church Rents.]


(fn. 1) paid to the Orgon maker for a ffee euery yere xij d
* * * * *
paid for Mendyng of Sensurs of Syluer xij d
paid for papur to Edmond and for pryckyng therof vj d
* * * * *
paid for settyng on of viij parelles vppon viij Albys viij d
* * * * *
paid to a porter for beryng of stresse from þe bell at towre hill ij d
* * * * *
paid for papur for the profettes on palme sonday in þer hondes j d
paid for clothes for the Towre on palmesonday xij d
paid for heres, Berdis and garmenttes on palme sonday xij d
* * * * *
Paid to the Smyth for a dogg of Iron for þe Roodloft, wayng viij ll' and a halff, the ll' j d ob. Summa. xij d
(fn. 2) Paid for a Sqvyer for the same, weyng iij ll' & a halff vij d
paid for ij Stayes for the same, weyng x ll'. Summa xx d
paid for iiij Oylettes for the pulpet iiij d
paid for a Stay for the Same pulpet ij d
paid for a hoke and a wegge for the same ij d
* * * * *
paid for leyng of stone in the Middill Ile ouer foxleys Chyld xx d
paid for pavyng of þe grave of ffoxleis childe iiij d
* * * * *
paid for wayng of þe plate þat Ioh'n port shuld haue iiij d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) paid for Mendyng of a payre of Trestilles þat longyd to þe church vj d
paid for a plank for þe pulpet by the quere iiij d
paid for a steppe for the same pulpet iiij d
* * * * *
paid to them þat blowith Orgons, for lij Sondays, þe weke ij d. Summa viij s viij d
* * * * *
paid for iij galons & vj pynttes of Malnesey for a yere, for our lady Mas. Summa iij s ix d

[Many Allowances, etc.]

(fn. 4) The Clarkis wages and the Beame ligh't.

Rec' of the Clarkys wages this yere as apperith' by the Rowle of the Gatheryng of the same vij l'i xv s x d
Rec' for pascal money and Beame ligh't this yere xj s vij d ob.
Summa, viij l'i vij s v d ob..


Paid to Edmond Matryver for a yeres wagis x l'i
paid to Mighell Grene, Clerk, for a yeres wages vj l'i xiij s iiij d
paid to William Patten, Conducte, for a yeres wages viij l'i
paid to Baltasar, Conducte, for ij quarters & di. & xiiij days v l'i vj s viij d
paid to Donnstone Checheley for a quarter at Mighelmas xl s
paid to Thomas Monden, Sexten, for a yeres wages iij l'i vj s viij d
paid to William Wylde for a yeres wages xx s
Summa of theys paymenttes, xxxvj l'i vj s viiij d.
And so
The charges is more then þe Receptes xxvij l'i xix s ij d ob..

(fn. 5) Casuell Recepttis this yere.

Rec' of Mestres ffoxley for the buryall of her ij Children in the Sowth' Ile and the north' Ile of þe church' xiij s iiij d
Rec' of Robert Ryvell for the buryall of his mayde in the pardon Church'yerde ij s
Rec' of the Churchwardens of Seint Georges in Botolphe lane for theire part of a partable guttur betwene Mr Burlaces and Nevelles. Summa iiij s j d ob.
Summa of theis parcelles, xix s v d ob..

[Wax Reckoning. Rehearsal.]

[The following details respecting the sale of certain articles of the property left by Mr. John Porth belong probably to this year or the next, in both of which Thomas Goodneston held office as warden. The full Inventory is printed at p. 36.]

(fn. 6) Sowld that halff dossen spo[nys ?] (fn. 7) to Master gam [?] viij onces (fn. 7) at iij s ix d the on[ce ?]. Summa xxxiij (fn. 7) wharof payd to Thomas port to (fn. 7) ffull of his dewty [with ?] þat he had o[uer ?] the vestre iij s ix d; so Remayns In the chest (fn. 7) xxix s vij d

Item, that ther whas delywert to Iong port the xxvj In [ffefferyll' ?] anno 31 ffor the bequeest of Master port:—

ffyrst, a gyltt gobylyt with a kewer way[ng] xxxvj onces quarter & di., at iiij s þe once, amount vij l'i v s vj d
vij sponnes of the postylles way[ng] xij vnces & halff, at iij s viij d, amount xlv s x d
a masar with a kewer vij vnces di., at ij s vj d, amount xviij s ix d
a Ryng with a ston for viij s
Item, mor, delywert hem a skarlyt gown, ffore with bygge, prys xvj s
Item, a gown, ffore with ffyttews, prys xx s
Item, a dobylyt of crymsen Satten, prys iiij s
Item, old dobylyt of blake satten, prys viij d
Item, a old Iakyt of blake velvet & damaske iij s iiij d
Item, a old Iakyt of tawny chambylyt xvj d

+ (fn. 8) anno 1531.

Th[ese] parselles of plat ffollowyng whas delywrt vnto Wolston Wyn by a vestre ffor that the cherche whas dew vnto hem þe 25 day of marche 1531.

Item, a Saltt, parsell geltt, with a kewer, way[ng] xiiij once, at iij s x d liij s viij d
Item, vj sponnes way[ng] vj onces iij quarters, at iij s x d þe once, amount xxv s x d ob.
Item, a masser with a fott, way[ng] xj onces & halff, at iij s iiij d þe once xxxviijs iiijd
Item, þat ther whas delywrt vnto the sayd wolston wyn In Redy monny:—
ffyrst xxvj s vj d
[?] xxiij s
mor delywrt hem by thomas goodnyston In monny iiij s
amount all'e, xliij s vj d
Summa totallis amount, viij l'i xvj d.

This parselles of plat whas thelywert vnto Thomas goodnyston the xxv day of marche Anno 1531 In party of payment of xviij l'i v s iij d which that he had layd owt In the Reparacyon of the cherche Rentes, as dothe aper by his boke of aCownt.

Item, a geltt standyng coppe with a kewer, wayng xv onces quarter, at yower prys iiij s vj d the once, amount iij l'i viij s vij d ob.
Item, a Saltt with a kewer, parsell gelt, wayyng x onces iij quarter, at iij s x d the once, amount xlj s ij d ob.
v l'i ix s x d

owt this v l'i ix s x d payd to wolston wyn at yower assynmen[t], iiij s. So hawe I, Thomas goodnyston, Receyued by this ij parselles v l'i v s x d at yower praysment.

(fn. 9) Ihesu anno 15 (fn. 10)

Item, that ther whas Sowld at thomas (fn. 10) trappes by the handes of Robart Rewell & th (fn. 10) & me, thomas goodnyston, the xxvij day of (fn. 10)
Item, a gyltt challyes with the patten [?] (fn. 11)
Item, ij paxes, gyltt, which wayd all' with the challys xxxvij onces & halff, at iiij s þe once vij l'i (fn. 11)
Item, mor, Sowld another challes with the parsell geltt patten & ij small' krewytes & a hally water styke, way[ng] all' xxiiij onces & halff (fn. 12) a quarter, at iij s x d the once amount iiij l'i xiiij s iiij d
Summa xij l'i iiij s iiij d
Item, þat the cherche ys dew vnto thomas goodnyston of this aCownt xv s j d


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