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Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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C. R.—Council Records of the City.

C.R. Adv. Lib.—Volume of Extracts from the Records of the City, preserved in the Advocates' Library, and marked 34: 4: 9.

Register of Burgesses, &c.—Register of Burgesses and Guild Brethren of the City, commencing 17th May 1487, and ending 12th February 1579.

Lib. Stat. Burg.—Liber Statutorum Burgi de Edinburgh. A collection of Acts relating to the Police of the Burgh, extending from 8th October 1529 till 19th October 1531. This collection forms the second part of a volume titled on the back "Court of the Dean of Guild,"— "Burgh Court, 1529-1531."

John Foular's Protocol.—Protocol Books of John Foular, Notary-Public of the Burgh, extending from 9th March 1500 to 3d October 1534; 4 volumes.

V. Strathauchin's Protocol.—Protocol Books of Vincent Strathauchin, Notary-Public of the Burgh, extending from 7th December 1507 to 16th September 1553; 4 volumes.

John Stevenson's Protocol.—Protocol Books of John Stevenson, Notary-Public of the Burgh, extending from 2d December 1547 to 6th June 1549.

Inventory of City Charters.—Inventory of the Writings in the Charter-House of the City; 6 volumes.

Reg. Mag. Sig.—Registrum Magni Sigilli, in the General Register House, Edinburgh.

A.P.S.—Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland. (Record Edition); 11 volumes.

Balfour's Practicks.— Practicks, or a System of the more Ancient Law of Scotland, compiled by Sir James Balfour, of Pettendreich, late President of the Court of Session, 1754.