Extracts from the Records: 1541

Pages 102-110

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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10 January 1540-1.

Villa, Leith.

The quhilk day, the prouest and baillies sittand [in] jugement, decernis and ordanis Jhonne Kar and Patrik Loch in Leyth to remane in waird within the tolbuth ay and quhill thay lose thair hering and guddis confessit schippit be thame in the Lytill Vnicorne within the schore and havin of Leyth, nocht fraucht and the saymn within the toun as vse and consuetude hes bene in tymes bygane, and the said Jhonne protestit for remeid.

17 February 1540-1.

Villa, Leith.

The quhilk day, the prouest and baillies sittand [in] jugement, Thomas Richertsoun duelland beyond the brig of Leith confessit that he become souertie to Robert Watsoun, thesaurer of the gud toun, for payment of pittye customes of all guddis awing to the toun and passing out of thair havin of Leith in his boit to Jhonne Sandis schip at this vayege, and of his awin consent to gyf in writ the hale guddis and names of the awneris thairof send furth of the said havin to the said schip, sua that the said thesaurer may resaue his dewiteis for the gude toun and pittye customes thairof.

Villa, Leith.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale, sittand in jugement, decernis and ordanis Florence Cornetoun, induellar in Leyth, to content pay and deliuer to Robert Watsoun, thesaurer of this burgh of Edinburgh, for his petit customes of viij lastis hering and ane half confessit be him enterrit in our Souerane Lordis customaris bukis of this burgh, and passand furth of thair port of Leith in this vayege, the sowme of (blank), because he confessit that thair wes sa monye lastis pertenyng to him and enterit in the Kingis customaris bukis of the burgh and ladyn furth of the havin of Leith, quhilk sowme the said Florence payit to the said thesaurer in jugement.

The quhilk day, in presence of the prouest [andj baillies sittand in jugement, Florence Cornetoun allegit that he had payit his petit customes clamyt fra him be Robert Watsoun thesaurer for viij lastis and ane half hering ladyn furth of thair port of Leith, and pertenyng to him in the Kingis fre burgh of Anstruther, and thairfor sould nocht pay the samyn petit customes double to the gude toun.

Villa, Leith.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement, thay decerne and ordanis Jhonne Kar induellar in Leyth to content pay and deliuer to Robert Watsoun, thesaurer of this burgh of Edinburgh, for fyve lastis hering confessit ladin and had furth of this [Port] of Leyth at this vayege for his petit customes thairof awin to the gude toun xxx s., quhilk sowme he instantlie payit in jugement.

(Memorandum—Thair wes tua decretis obtenit before the Lordis of Sessioun be the toun this day aganis the thre personis aboue expremyt, viz. Thomas Richertsoun, Florence Cornetoun, and Jhonne Kar, that ane decernyng thame to pay thair customes on the yond syde of the brig, and that vther that the toun is juges to thame as the decretis proporttis maid vpoun thair supplicationis gevin in againis the toun allegeand thame fre of payment of customes, and that the gude toun sould nocht be juges to thame thairanent, etc. (fn. 1)Tr.)

14 March 1540-1.

Act of Parliament. For policy in Edinburgh.

Item, tuiching the reparationis and mending of difformyteis within the town of Edinburgh, and specialie quhair thair is commoun passagis and enteressis, quhairby all strangearis and vtheris our Souerane Lordis liegis passis and repassis, it is thocht expedient, and als it is ordanit, that the provest, baillies, and counsale of Edinburgh gar warne and charge all maner of personis that hes ony landis biggings and waistis vpoun the west syde of Leith Wynde, that thai within yere and day big and repare honestlie thair saidis waistis and ruynous housis, and that thai begin to the samin within thre monethis, and that thai end the samyn within yere and day, or ellis sell the samin to vtheris to be biggit within the said space; and to charge thame that ar knawin personalie and all vtheris be oppin proclamatioun at the merket croce of Edinburgh, with certificatioun to thame and thai failye the saidis provest and baillies sall caus the saidis landis tenementis and waistis to be apprisit and sall sell the samin to ony that will by thame and pay the prices thairof to the awnaris, and giff na man will by thaim it salbe lefull to the saidis provest and ballies to cast doun the saidis waist landis and with the stuff and stanis thairof big ane honest substantious wall fra the port of the Nether Bow to the Trinite College; and it sall nocht be lefull in tymes cuming to ony maner of persoun to persew thame nor thair successouris thairfor for pretend ony rycht or enteres thairto in tyme tocum, nowthir for the principale land nor for anuellis awing furth thairof. And because the est syde of the said wynde pertenis to the abbot and convent of Halyrudhous, it is ordanit that the baillies of the Cannongait gar siclik be done vpoun the said est syde. And als becaus of the vilite that cumis be slaying of flesche be the flescheouris, duelland on the est syde and temyng of interellis of beistis, generand corruptioun, it is therefor ordanit that the samin be forbidden be the provest and baillies of Edinburgh and Cannongait, vnder the pane of confiscatioun of all sic flesche slane be thaim in maner forsaid.

Act of Parliament. Anent the mele merket of Edinburgh.

Item, becaus the merkett of mele aud vtheris wittalis off the town of Edinburgh, is commoun vpoun the hie gaitt to the sicht of all maner of personis strangearis and vtheris, and that ane multitude of vyle vnhonest and meserable creatouris convenis to the said merket daily to gett thair sustentatioun and leving; tharefore it is thocht expedient that the said meile merkett be removit of the hie gaitt in sum honest ganand and convenient place quhair the nychtbouris of the said toun and vtheris the Kingis liegis may convene for selling and bying of sic vittales in tymes to cum.

[Parliament of this date passed two acts (1540, §42 and §43) anent the selling of bread and flesh, in the same terms as the acts 1526, § 2 and 3, printed in Vol. I., pp. 228-9.]

2 April 1541.

Stapill; Doungetting of the xij. d. in France.

The quhilk day, the prouest, baillies, and counsale of the burgh of Edinburgh, with the commissaris of burrois vnderwrittin, that ar to say, the comissaris of Aberdene, Perth, Striueling, Linlithqu, Dunde, comperand anent the materis concerning the commoun weill of the haill burrois in the Tolbuth of Edinburgh, and in speciall anent their stapill: Consentis and thinkis at the nixt mercat to pass to the port and toun in Flandaris of the Dukis landis that will gyf and grant to thame maist and greitast priuelegis; and gyf it war the Kingis Grace plesour erar to Myddilburgh nor Campheir, sua that the toun of Campheir grantit nocht nor gaif thame larger priuelegis nor Myddilburgh. And anent the doungetting of the xij. d. and new impositioun maid in France thairof upon ilk frank, consenttis that gif ane greit personage be directit fra the Kingis Grace to the King of France for doungetting of the saidis xij d., that they sail extent thairfor as efferis; and gyf ane personage of les degre beis directit, consenttis till do thairin as the burgh of Edinburgh, thay being referrit thairto; and thinkis expedient till advertice oure Souerane Lord for expeditioun in the mater, because it concernis the hale burrois and commoun weill thairof.

30 April 1541.

Frauchting of schippis— stapill at Myddilburgh.

The quhilk day, the provest baillies [and] counsale ordanis the skipparis of Leyth and all vtheris frauchtit be the gude toun to Flandaris at this vayage to pas to the port of Myddilburgh with thair schippis and guddis and that they tak na mair fraucht bot samekle as thay ar frauchtit for in the townys bukys, that is to say fra Scotis men xx s. greit the mortcharge and xxj s. greit the lycht guddis, and the Flemyngis xvj s. greit the mortcharge and xvij s. greit the lycht guddis, as thay will ansuer to the gude toun, vnder the pane of tynsale of thair frauchtis and pvnisching of thair personis at thair returnyng, because the men of gude with the prouest baillies and counsale convenit vpoun the stapill vpoun this vayege hes declarit and found expedient to pas to the said port of Myddilburgh, and souertie foundin for the priuelege and gevin be James Henrisoun in the said townys name; and the skipperis consentit to the fraucht aboue expremyt.


The quhilk day, in presence of the prouest baillies and counsale Leonard Cornelius oblissis him to pas with his schip to the port of Myddilburgh at this vayege and lose the guddis at the samyn port under the pane of ane hundreth pundis greit to be payit to James Henrisoun in the townis name to be furth cummand to thair commoun gude.

5 May 1541.

Rex, villa, staple.

The quhilk day, the provest baillies counsale and communitie sittand in judgement, my Lord Cardinale of Sanctandois etc. producit oure Souerane Lordis lettir of the tenour following direct to him under his graces signet and subscriptioun: Cousing we greit you weill: forsamekle as we vnderstand that thair is pairt of oure burgh of Edinburgh coact and constrene ane vther mair pairt of oure merchanttis to pas by thair fre will and plesour to havynnis and townys quhair thay like and constrenis als the skipparis in semblable maner, oure will is heirfor and we pray yow that ye call before yow oure prouest of Edinburgh and communitie of the samyn and gif ye fynd ony constrenyeing of oure merchanttis and skipparis by thair awin fre will that ye in oure name relax and discharge the samyn and gyf thame fredome to pas quhair evir thay pleis best, conforme to oure priuelege granttit vnto thame like as we haue written to the Duke of Arscott Erle of Berre of the samyn. This ye failye nocht till do as youre singular traist is in yow and for eschewing of murmure that may rise heirupoun gif ye leif this vndone; and God keip yow. Writtin at Striveling vnder oure subscriptioun and signett the third day of Maij and of oure regnne the xxiij yeir. And efter the articlis gevin in before in the name of the toun of Myddilburgh wes agane red and lang tretit of the staple in presens of my Lord Cardinale, the prouest baillies counsale and communitie than present desyrit my said Lord Cardinale to deliuer and pronunce his mynde as he had found in the mater conforme to the saidis letteris; to the quhilk the said Lord declarit that he fand the votis of the prouest baillies counsale men of gude and communitie halelie applyit to the toun of Myddilburgh and fand na contradictioun amangis the hale nychtbouris bot be tua personis, that is to say Hew Douglas and Gilbert Lauder than instant than present ganesayand, and declarit he sould aduertise oure Souerane Lord as he had found in the mater.

20 May 1541.


It is statute that na regratoures be sene in the butter merkat, cheis merkat, meill mercatt, fische mercatt, nor byand ony vther stufe in the mercats before 12 houris at none, and fra 2 houris after none quhill 6 houris at evin, vnder the payne of escheitting of the stufe that thai by and birning of thair cheik als oft as thai be fundin for the first fait, becaus thai haif bene swa oft dischargeit and forbeiris nocht.

20 June 1541.

Salt escheit, losit vnenterrit.

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest and Archibald Williamsoun baillie sittand in jugement, Nicholace de Atro put him in the townis will and become in the samyn for losing of his schip laidnyt with salt vnenterrit, and disponyng and selling of the samyn, nocht makand price with the officiaris of the toun thairof, according to the actis of perliament, and efter the laidnyng of his said schip the samyn nocht beand frauchtit with the toun as vse is, and William Adamsoun younger is becumin souertie that the said Nicholace sail fulfill the said will.

9 July 1541.

Biging of the park.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale sittand in jugment, oblissis thame and thair successouris to content and pay to our Souerane Lord or ony vtheris to quhome his Grace pleissis gyf command, the sowme of jm merkis betuix this and Witsounday nixt tocum for the sowme of jm merkis now borrowit fra his Grace be thame, and resauit fra his Grace's thesaurer for expeditioun of the bigging of the park.

14 July 1541.

Rex, Villa.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale of this burgh of Edinburgh oblissis tharne and thair successouris to content and pay to our Souerane Lord the sowme of ijm li., vsuale money of this realme, betuix this and Mertymes nixt to cum, for the tua thousand pundis lent be his Grace for the hale burrois, and deliuerit to my Lord Cardinale for expeditioun and doungetting of the custome and new impositioun of xij d. throw all the pairttis of France, new taikin fra the merchanttis of this realme of ilk frank waryt.

23 August 1541.

Villa, Myddilburgh, Veyr.

The quhilk day, in the presens of the provest baillies counsale and men of gude and dekynnis for the communitie, comperit James Henrisoun, and offerrit as ane of the commissaris direct fra the toun of Myddilburgh in thair names to find souertie within this burgh vnder the pane of xm li. to deliuer the articlis superaddit to his last articlis ellis confirmyt vnder thair seill to the gude toun within ane moneth, and to that effect that the saymn salbe obseruit in tymes cuming vnder the said pane that the souerteis salbe haldin to rispond for the falye gyf ony beis and the panis to be applyit conforme to his articlis, and thairby allegit that the commissaris of the Veyr, viz., Symon Patersoun and Maister Gelys Bras offerrit nocht to fynd sic souertie, and thairfor desyrit thair wisdomes to considder the priuelegis and commoditeis gevin in be thame bayth and as thay find for the common weill to do thairintill.

29 August 1541.

Rex, villa, staple. The kingis writing to the tonne.

Prouest baillies and counsale of oure burgh of Edinburgh, we greit yow weill: Forsamekle as we haue auisit and considerrit the questioun anent the reparing of oure burrois and mercbandis towert the pairttis of Flandaris, that the haill merchandis of oure realme except ane pairt of yow ar condiscendit till pas to the toun of Veyr and na vther pairttis as toun and port maist convenient to thame, and we think it oure honour and commoun weill of oure burrois that the hale natioun pas to ane place, and rather to the Veir than ony vther, as maist commodius and convenient to thame and plesour to ws in satifactioun of oure freindis: Heirfor we pray yow in our maist effecteous maner that sen we ar nocht of mynd to hurt the libertie granttit to yow of before for yowr awin weill, and in contemplatioun of this oure speciall desyre, ye will condiscend and grant glaidlie till pas and repair with the laif the merchanttis of oure realme to the port and toun of Veyr and nane vther, quhair ye sail be weill resauit and tretit with commoditeis and proffittis mair than hes bene in tymes bipast, and that ye solist and induce the remanent of oure said burrois till satifie ws in this behalf to the effect aboue written; with certificatioun and we fynd yow wilfull and of vther mynd at this tyme we ar determyt to prouide remeid vther wayis. And forther, we haue ordanit oure familier counsalaroris, the clerk of our register and Maister Henry Sincler persoun of Glasgow, till declair yow our mynd in this behalf to quhom ye sall gyf ferme credence. Gevin vnder oure signet, and subscriuit with our hand, at Striueling the xxix of August, and of oure regnne the xxviij yeir.

15 October 1511.

[Nuns of the Burgh muir.]

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis of craftis thinkis expedient and consenttis to gyf xiiij bollis beyr and quheit, togidder with thair pece waist land be eist the nunnys of the Burro mwre, to thame for thair croft within the wallis of this burgh.

27 October 1541.


It is statute that all maltmen dwelland within this burgh sell thair malt commonelie fra this houre furth to all our Souerane Lordis lieges for xxxvj s. the laid mesure vsit and wont, and na derrare; with certificatioun to thame and thai failyie thairin thai will strik vp thair girnellis and mak the samyn patent to all persouns of that pryce.

8 November 1541.


The quhilk day, the baillies counsale and dekynnis consenttis and thinkis expedient to tak fra the the Sisteris of the Senys thair arrable croft lyand within the wallis of the toun be eist the Grayfreir Port heretablie in fewferme, and till pay thairfor yeirlie fowrtene bollis victuell, that is to say viij bollis quheit and vj bollis beyr, mercat gude and mercat mett, at ane terme for payment of vic tuell and fermes vsit and wont, and als to gyf to the said systeris the pece grene of thair commoun mwre now foundit about with dike as the samyn is ellis limitat.


  • 1. Both these decrees are printed in the volume of Charters relating to the city of Edinburgh, Vol. I. pp. 210-11.